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This is the character thread for the RWBY roleplay. Please give the basic information like:
-name and color background
-age (usually 17 for students at huntsmen academies)
-race (human or faunus; if faunus, then also what kind)
-aura color
-semblance (if complex, then waste some words on explaining it, please)

Please also either give a description of their appearance or provide (a) picture(s). Feel also very free to put more information on their personality, background, strengths and weaknesses. This part is rather free, though, so decide how much you want to tell us in advance and how much you want us to find out while roleplaying ^^ (if you want to make sure your char is okay, you can also pn someone else with the details; this does not have to be me, btw! It is a group roleplay, after all ^^)

I will post my char when I am finished translating the sheet; go ahead and upload yours whenever you want!

Edit: Here is the team:

OSSI (Odyssey), White Kings
Oceanos Zapher
Sumire Yamashita
Séanadh Fírinne
Isern Vargr
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Tactical Operations Meido
Name: Sumire Yamashita
Meaning: "Purple/Violet" in Japanese
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Aura Color: (wait for it) Purple/Violet. Note: Sumire's Aura capacity is well below average, but what quantity she has regenerates exceptionally quickly.
Emblem: A serpentine dragon with an unpainted eye

Semblance: Flow - Sumire's semblance manifests in the form of being able to see exactly how lines, shapes, movements, and trajectories fit together in a scene. Combined together, she can read the flow of combat, giving her a preternatural situational awareness and guiding her attacks consequently.

Weapon: Modular Adaptive Ballistic Blade - "Kofude" - A combination sword/rifle, Kofude exists currently mostly as a proof of concept of what Sumire wants her weapon to be, limited by how few engineering resources she was able to scrounge up from her family's archives. Cartridges are carried in an internal, fixed capsule magazine that wraps about the receiver of the rifle, loaded via a hinging port on the right hand side, and fed one by one into the chamber via a conventional bolt action. Like many other dust-based weapons, Kofude will accept elemental based rounds to confer different effects upon the projectiles heading down stream; thanks to a presence of a magazine disconnect, switching to a particular round can be done as quickly as the next shot. When the situation calls for melee combat, the grip and stock straighten out, the forearm slides back into a hilt, and a single-edged blade telescopes around the barrel, forming what is best described as a "rough approximation of a katana". The rifle part of the weapon can still be fired and reloaded in this mode, albeit with far less controllable recoil.

Background: Sumire hails from the Kingdom of Mistral, a member of the wealthy Yamashita family, a powerful clan that has roots very far back in the history of Mistral. The younger of two daughters, from the very beginning it was clearly apparent that her elder sister was the favored child of the household, as she clearly possessed the grace, poise, and willingness to adhere to a strict formal code necessary to carry on the family tradition of becoming a Huntress and bringing honor to the family name that Sumire did not. Sumire was at best, treated as an afterthought. Though she also desired to become a Huntress, all family efforts went towards promoting her sister, grooming her to enter Haven Academy with private tutors and near limitless resources. When her sister passed her exams, Sumi thought momentarily that she might finally be given the same privileges her sister had received, but instead her family turned its attention turned towards how to further her sister's efforts at school to exemplify her as a showpiece for the clan, in order bringing greater fame and reputation to their house.

As such, Sumi never received as much attention as she went through her own attempts to learn the ways of combat. Nearly all of her technique was self-taught as best as possible with limited help, and albeit effective against training dummies and targets, without the oversight of a proper teacher nor her family allowing her sister to teach her anything from school lest a training accident ruin their perfect heir, it wasn't enough to satisfy Haven's instructors. Three years after her sister flew through her entrance test to the Academy with flying colors, Sumire, was deemed "with artistic or technical merit" and disallowed entry.

At this point, the Yamashita family head, her father, placing the blame solely on Sumi's shoulders for not miraculously being able to manifest a lifetime's worth of kenjutsu instantaneously, chose to remove this embarrassment from the picture. Pulling quite a few strings and making more than a few "donations" to the coffers in Vale, he forcibly inserted Sumire into the upcoming year's roster at Beacon. She was quickly and quietly shipped off after that, and told not to return until she was no longer a disgrace.



Sumire stands on the shorter side of heights, and is physically slight — very much the kind of girl who tends not to make much of a presence in a crowd. She wears her dark violet hair long with messy bangs in the front, just clearing her blue wistful eyes.

Color-coord outfit 1: Black skirt over purple leggings, black boots with purple laces, a purple tanktop and a long flowing black coat with purple lines around the edges. She accessories with black fingerless gloves with purple trim, a purple utility belt that holds her weapon and spare ammunition as well as several pouches, and a single red hairpin in her forelocks.

Personality: Quiet, reflective, anxious, but enduring. A lifetime of being second-best has pretty much put her permanently on the back foot socially, and she tends to be someone who bottles everything up and talks to herself more than those around her, much to her dismay. As such, while she may appear muted on the outside, the truth of the matter is there is constantly a storm of emotions whirling about inside her. She desperately seeks some outlet to be able to express these emotions, which has resulted in a proclivity of artistic endeavours on her part, none of which have garnered her any respect among her family. Nevertheless, as in everything in life, she persists.
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Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
Also has a wolf like tail.
Name: Isern Vargr
Nickname: N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Faunus (Wolf)
Weapon Name: Cwellere
Weapon Description/Type: Cwellere is a two handed danish axe. Simple as that. While it lacks any form of ranged fighting, it makes up for in close quarters stopping power.
Bio: Isern has had a relatively simple life. He was born into the small outer town of Borgund, with a couple of Huntsman to protect it and everything. Isern's semblance showed itself rather early, and it was only a matter of time until he was sent off to a Huntsman Academy for proper training. He had passed his Introduction to Hunting classes, if barely in some subjects. Hopefully his teammates will help him succeed and even excel in the courses.
Personality: Isern exudes confidence. That whatever he wants to do, he will do regardless of what others say. This has, of course, gotten him into trouble in the past. However, Beacon is a clean slate for him, maybe he won't get into to much trouble.
Semblance: The Fire Burns comes in a series of stages that can be quickly and easily tracked by his aura color.
  1. Black: Highly defensive, stage Black is the starting stage of the The Fire Burns. With his naturally strong aura, once his feet are planted it is hard to remove him.
  2. Orange: Having warmed up and gotten a feel for his opponent, Vargr is not afraid to start taking some swings and getting hit.
  3. Blue: Frustrated with his opponents unwillingness to simply give up, Vargr forsakes all pretense of defense and goes into an all out assault, his aura dropping dramatically as he uses it to empower is strikes.
  4. White: When Vargr has had enough, and wants the fight to end, The Fire Burns transitions into stage White. Hovering just above zero, Vargr uses his aura to propel himself across the battlefield and to empower his strikes.
Misc Info: Some of these words appear made up, but they are in fact Old English.
  • Isern means 'Iron' in Old English.
  • Vargr is often used in reference to Fenrir and the two wolves that chase the sun and moon, Hati and Skoll
  • Cwellere is the Old English word for murderer or executioner
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Oceanos Zapher (Oceanos: Greek titan, father of all river gods; Zapher: Originates from sapphire, a typically blue gemstone)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Aura color: Dark blue
Emblem: A sea horse

Semblance: Telekinesis – Oceanos has the same semblance as Glynda Goodwitch. Of course, his expertise is not even close to hers. He uses his semblance mainly to manipulate his weapons. Additionally, he can produce telekinetic missiles like those Glynda used against Cinter’s/Roman’s helicopter, create a shield to protect himself or others, or use telekinesis to move objects on a basic level (throw stuff at enemies etc.). Oceanos is not capable of repairing damage like Glynda frequently does, and also does not know how to combine his semblance with dust to conjure icicle storms or stuff like that.

Weapons: Scylla & Charybdis – Oceanos wields a pair of chakrams. He can use these in direct close combat (i.e. hold them in his hands) or go into a mid-ranged combat, throwing them at enemies and controlling them with telekinesis. The chakrams do not have a secondary form; there is no kind of gun hidden inside them. This means that when forced into long-range combat, Oceanos can only use his semblance, attack with his chakrams at long range which is not really an effective fighting method, or use their dust mode.
The chakrams can use dust in two ways.
One is fueled by either the small dust crystals embedded into the creatures decorating Scylla and Charybdis or by applying powdered dust onto the blades. This allows the blades to take on properties depending on the dust type – bursting into flames, becoming freezing cold, electrified etc.
The second option to use dust in conjunction with his chakrams requires Oceanos to use dust crystals externally. By rotating one or to chakrams in front of him, then putting a crystal into the center of the ring, the chakrams can shoot projectile-like bursts of the respective element, create spread elemental cones or emit focused beams. If only using one chakram, Oceanos cannot focus the dust as strongly. By aligning both chakrams (like two lenses, one rotating in front of the other), the cone-like attack can become more wide-spread, allowing for a large area-of-effect. Projectiles and beams become more focused and can be shot at a longer range.
At the beginning, Oceanos will only (be able to) use fire, ice and lightning dust, as he only ever had access to these three types; the rest was to rare and expensive. At some point, he will modify his weapons to also handle the other types.

normal.pngScylla Charybdis WorkInProgress.pngdust.pngdust.pngOceanos.pngnormal.png


Scylla Charybdis WorkInProgress.png

Background: Oceanos grew up in a small farming village to the south of the Kingdom of Vale (outside of the kingdom). Because of its small size, the village never attracted the attention of bandits. Also, being surrounded by fields and the forest only beginning in some distance, the villagers would have some time to prepare themselves in case of an attack. While none of them were actual fighters, most knew to use a bow, and the wooden palisade surrounding the village helped them drive back the occasional small Grimm attack.
When Oceanos was five, a retired huntsman named Pardus decided to settle in the village, further contributing to the fact that it stood as long as it did. He also greatly contributed to Oceanos’ dream to become a huntsman himself, frequently giving in to the boy’s pestering and telling him stories of mighty adventures.
At ten, Oceanos started to spend much of his free time helping the local blacksmith, and at thirteen, with his help, crafted his weapons. He had found the general design of the chakrams in a book about a variety of unusual farming tools, and decided they would be a perfect fit, allowing him not only to fight, but also use them when working on the fields. The old huntsman soon realized the boy had potential and began training him. In time, Oceanos developed his semblance, and he and his mentor became the central defense of the village against attacks. Pardus intended to train Oceanos until he was seventeen, then bring him to Beacon Academy, being confident that with practice and the old huntsman’s recommendation, the boy would be accepted.
This plan was thoroughly crossed when finally, one night, a group of bandits decided to attack the village. Being more coordinated than Grimm, they managed to break through the palisade. The villagers managed to defeat them, but at no small cost.
Next came the Grimm. Drawn by the mixture of bloodlust, fear and grief, a much larger number of the beasts attacked only hours after the bandits had been defeated. Oceanos, after having to witness his parent’s, friend’s and mentor’s deaths and the total destruction of his home, managed to escape from the slaughtering. Since then, he has been fighting through the forests of Southern Sanus, thinking of nothing but surviving and reaching Beacon.

Oceanos is tall and has a very muscular built, shaped by years of work on the fields and at the anvil. He has blue-black hair that is styled to somewhat resemble waves and blue eyes. He dresses rather casual in a t-shirt, blue hoodie and jeans and comfortable sneakers. He also always wears a sea horse-shaped pendant around his neck which was given to him by his mother when he was young, but hides it under his t-shirt, feeling embarrassed and fond of it at the same time.
He uses his semblance to wear both of his chakrams at his back at all times, having gotten so used to this that it does not require the least amount of concentration anymore. Additionally, he carries some dust crystals in a small pouch, as well as some powdered dust with him. Over his journey towards Vale, he has used up most of it.
Contrary to the impression his stature might give, Oceanos’ fighting style does not rely on brute strength, instead consisting of quick and fluid motions. In close combat, he fights not unlike Pyrrha, Blake or Lie. In middle-ranged combat, he utilizes his chakrams similar to Penny controlling her blades, being able to keep several opponents busy and blocking bullets by rotating the chakrams in front of him. If attacked from a distance, he will try to close in quickly or use his semblance. Using dust is more or less his last resort, because he always only had limited access to it. While Pardus trained him well, Oceanos has lots of experience fighting Grimm, but much less experience against humanoid foes, only ever having been able to fight against Pardus.
He is good with weapons and living in the wild, but has no experience with any kind of advanced technology, meaning that he will treat scrolls the way the average granny might treat a computer…

The chakrams were heavily inspired by a video game I played. See here for an example:

(Edit: Found a better link)
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Archetype of Steel
(But with Violet eyes)

Name - Spinel Violett / Spinel: Violet coloured gemstone / Violett: German for--uhh--yeah.
Age - 17
Sex - Male
Race - Human
Aura Colour - Violett (That's German for violet!)
Emblem - The Roman Numeral: XIII

Semblance - Hands of Time: Spinel has a near supreme dominion over time; however, his ability to influence it around him in his environment is limited. He has immediate precognition (think Spidey-Sense; Visions from Xenoblade), but can extend his knowledge of the future through meditation and some forms of dust. As for how he can effect the environment, he can create localized spheres that distort time in such a way that the fabrics of reality have a hard time processing what's happening--effectively slowing down time with an area of effect (think Ragtime from Devil May Cry V). These do not last very long, only ever around ten seconds. In addition, anyone who is trapped inside has their perceptual senses dilated in a similar vein; in short, as opposed to feeling yourself get slower, everything else just appears to get faster. When activating his semblance, Spinel's normal eyes project a clock face off of them and people close-by or in his stasis fields can hear low and quiet choir voices and clock gears ticking.

Weapons - Temporal Edge and Sun Dial: Two identical chakrams with clock faces depicted in the designs. Spinel holds them at centre. The two were forged with a special metal created by infusing it with a combination of Lightning, Hard-Light, and Ice dust; while this gives them no elemental properties, their synergy in the blades resonate with Spinel's Hands of Time. This allows him to influence time around his chakrams in such a way that he can recall them to his hands from any point, as the re-materialize in a flash of violet light. What's interesting is that when this happens--as for any time Spinel uses his semblance--you might see that the light distorts your perception of the weapon, making the XII on the clock face appear to be a XIII.
They also mecha-shift into dual SMGs that use hard-light projectiles--the only thing it retained from the dust poured inside.



"For those who think, think big."
Sable Marigold, or 'Black Flower'



Faunus (Cat)

~Aura Color~
A sky blue that fades to white on the edges


(He looks like this, except that he has a single white cat ear on the left side of his head)

Shatter Step: Sable's semblance is quite the unusual thing, allowing him to almost instantaneously teleport to a different location within a maximum of five yards of himself. Upon use it emits a small blue flash and a sound similar to glass breaking, as Sable visibly shatters and disappears, reappearing on the other end of his teleport while accompanied by a reversal of the breaking glass.
Interestingly enough Sable doesn't necessarily have to see where he's going. If necessary Sable can simply jump to a random location nearby, although the only guaranty is that he wont teleport into something when he does, and is in the same position he was before teleporting. However, when Sable does use his sight to direct his semblance he is able to pick where he appears, and even change the direction he's facing when he does so.

Elizabeth: Simple, elegant, efficient. Sable's gun of choice, Elizabeth is a revolver with several dust modifications added on over the years he's owned it. Due to a special detactable dust chamber, it is capable of firing all sorts of elements with it's rounds, from exploding fire to pounding gravity to shattering ice, as long as only one type of dust is inside the gun at a time. As a trump card, a special mechanism allows it to eject the entire chamber's worth of stored dust in a single shot, though while this can be a powerful move it comes with risks. Using it tends to result in the gun becoming inoperable until repaired and cleaned, as well as potentially backfiring and harming Sable.

Silvia & Jasmine: A pair of twin swords, both appear at first glance to be simply pretty swords, adorned with many patterns and artworks that one would expect from a classic spoiled noble brat. In actuality those patterns are capable of channeling Dust, with a small Dust chamber located in the hilt of both swords. The primary fault of the chamber is that each is only designed with one Dust type in mind: Fire for Jasmine, ice for Silvia. However, it still does a good job in hit and run tactics all the same, and is perfectly serviceable without any Dust augmentation, a rarity in more modern Hunter weapons. There is also a rather simple clip that allows the two blades to cling together at the hilts, forming a double edged sword.

While Sable doesn't speak much of most of his family or his life, it really isn't hard to place his last name. The Marigold's are a rather rich family in the Kingdom of Mistral who occasionally try and influence the state of affairs, but usually keep to themselves and tend to their best quantities of money, expanding it through the family business of transportation. Suffice it to say, your classic rich family, complete with many of the issues and pride that comes with it, although the Marigold's aren't as bad as most.

Sable has six siblings: three older brothers, one older sister, and two younger siblings, a brother and sister. While his parents are both caring individuals, his father, Argent Marigold, was strict, firmly believing that his children should be 'brought up and taught how to properly carry themselves with honor'. This resulted in all seven of the Marigold children being trained in at least rudimentary fighting skills, along with etiquette, history, politics, and a whole range of other studies.
Sable, unlike most of his siblings, was less interested in the finer aspects of politics, and instead favored his skills with blade and gun. This was meet by his father with a less then ideal reaction, as Argent believed that his children needed to receive a proper education, and not become some silly warrior. This difference in belief caused the two to butt heads many times over the years, and they disagreed almost constantly.

Then one day something happened. No one is quite sure what occurred, as the Marigold's refused to reveal the details to the press, but whatever it was it resulted with a 14 year old Sable finding his semblance, and losing one of his Faunus cat ears. After that, Sable put more effort into the studies he had ignored before, and thus learned what he could about politics and such things. At the same time, Argent relented in his constent battering of Sable, instead choosing to let his son practice his fighting skills, even going so far as to use his minimal influence to get Sable an invitation as a potential student at Beacon.

Aleph Null

World Voyager
Name: Cronan Dracula
Meaning: Cronan: Dark/The Dark One. Dracul: The son of Dracul. Meant to be interpreted as The Dark Son of Dracul.
Nicknames: Cron, Cronny, Vamps
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Aura Color: Dark Red
Emblem: The Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl eating its own tail in the form of a circle.

Semblance: Flash Point: Cronan's Semblance Flash Point allows him to generate and manipulate explosions. This can be done by generating the explosion directly out of the palm of his hand and sent it at an enemy or via touch to make it so that anything he comes in contact with immediately explodes or mark something or someone with a touch and then detonates it later or with a timer regardless of the range between him and that person/object. The Size and power behind the explosion depends on the amount of aura he puts into it and can be very taxing on his aura reserves. it is possible for him to also propel himself outwards or upwards with his explosions or can even use them to make maneuvers in the air or break what could be an otherwise fatal fall.

Weapon: Cronan's weapon, Artemis Piercer is a large mechanized compound bow that can fire off normal and dust infused arrows. His bow's limbs are made out of dual blades that, while are curved in order to act parts of his compound bow, are fully capable of becoming rigid broad swords due to being mechanical in nature. The grip, arrow rest, and window of his bow can be rearranged to form a powerful handgun.

Bio: At a very young age Cronan was already interested in the idea of exploring the wild and dangerous and to see many famous and historical sites for his own eyes and create life-like paintings and drawings of these places to bring home to his family and friends, but never really intended on becoming a hunter until one faithful night when his village on the outskirts of Vale was attacked by a large pack of beowolves. It was by sheer luck they managed to get out of it unscathed as a skilled hunter ended up deciding to stay the night at the village on the very same day and teamed up with some of the local hunters to take down the pack. Seeing just how vulnerable his village was Cronan along with a group of others his age decided to enroll in the signal academy to and graduated combat school in order to gain the skills necessary to defend their village against the forces of grim. while a few of them ended up going back to the village right after graduating, and handful decided to stay and see if they got get enrolled into a hunter's academy and Cronan managed to get accepted into Beacon where we would aim to become a licensed hunter.

ruby oc image.jpg

Personality: Cronan is an introvert at heart, always preferring to keep to himself and not exactly being the best at human social interaction. He can be described as kind, passionate, intelligent, and a bit geeky. He also tries not to let his social awkwardness get the best of him but this can often at times be seen as a losing battle. He is openminded, quick-witted, and extremely good-natured, although there are people who find him very annoying at times.
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Arson on the Orient Express
Rain ver 3 highlights c full.png

Name: Rain Olympia

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Aura Colour: Pastel Green

Emblem: A stylized 3 headed dog (it’s on her breastplate and shield)

Semblence: Bend - Raine is able to bend things, it doesn't matter what they are whether they are an uncooked piece of spaghetti or an iron girder she can cause objects to easily bend at angles that would normally be impossible for it. While material makes no difference to her, she has a size limit to what she can bend, for 10 minutes after she has bent something it will remain as it was but after the time passes it will no longer be forced into the bent position. Some things may stay bent however others that were bent at angles that defy physics will likely break due to the altered centre of gravity. Raine has no limit to the number of things she can bend at a time and can put multiple bends into items and even bend non-physical concepts like the trajectory of something she throws.

Weapon: Stytryx -a 2.5m black spear, the head of the spear has a T shape running down it that can be loaded with dust, most commonly fire dust, allowing for both explosive strikes and jet-assisted throws. The spear can extend into a whip and extend further into a chain whip, lined with several sets of multi-coloured dust blades along its length. She also has an almost-circular shield which has a cut out to allow her to take up a hoplite stance.

Rain ver 3 highlights c armour.png
She is 6'2 and in colder seasons she wears leggings a light blue zip-up jumper and a great beanie, and possibly purple mittens.

Bio: Born and raised in the city of mantle Raines family were the rare exception to the desolate city, not being controlled by the monopolizing Schnee dust company. Raines family had one of the oldest private dust mines in all of Remnant Their home brand dust shop had enough customers for the family to live a relatively comfortable life while having a low enough clientele to not dry up the old mine. Their business has also been the target of many attempted buyouts, Jacque Schnee being relentless in his pursuits. All the while Raine has been enamoured by the legendary presence of huntsmen and huntresses, their family has often hired small bands to keep their mine clear. Raine held less interest in joining the Atlas academy, however, as she felt they were too militaristic and boring. Instead, she turned to Beacon as her school of choice.

Misc She carries a satchel with dust blades into battle as they can break in combat, they can be replaced as easy as changing a lightbulb.
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Different timezone, who dis

Name: Ebony Araignée (Ebony is a black coloured hardwood. Araignée is French for Spider which are all black or dark colours)
Nickname: N/A
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Spider Faunus
Symbol: A completely Black spider, surrounded by a whip that’s shaped to be a circle.
Affiliation(s): Beacon Academy
Status: Alive
Occupation: Huntress in training
Handedness: Ambidextrous

Ebony often has an air of calmness and fanciness about herself, which means she can come off as haughty and stuck up to newly made friends and strangers. When people get to know her more, they find that she is actually a very approachable although very composed and uses flowery language to get her point across. While she keeps up the appearance of an emotionally stable and composed woman, if she bottles her emotions up to much, she breaks down and it’ll either come down as her screaming her head off at people and scattering her stuff all over the floor or she just has a crying meltdown and it can take hours for her to recompose herself. She loves to make new friends, although between her being a Faunus and her accidental stuck upness when meeting new people she has a very hard time actually making them. When it comes to fighting she is constantly on high alert and fakes bravery so that people don’t have to worry about her, although this also leaves her with an itchy trigger finger.

Fear(s): That people will hurt her or her family because she’s a Faunus and Clowns.

Likes: Tea, Sweets, Studying

Dislikes: Coffee, Birds, Cats, Super Spicy food
Habit(s): Whenever Ebony feels threatened or is angry her fangs involuntarily come out of her mouth.
Fatal Flaw(s): Whenever she loses control of her emotions she is much more unpredictable, especially to her teammates.

She has an identical set of the weapons
Weapon Name: The Black Duchess’

Semblance: Ebony forces a lot of her Aura onto her feet and she can walk or run on nearly any surface as if it’s a clean neat path, things she can walk on include but are not limited to walls, roofs (inside and out), Ice, Water, Mountains, etc. Like other people putting Dust into her weapon changes the Semblance, Wind Dust increases her speed, Ice Dust places ice where she stepped and the same with Fire Dust.

Brief History: Ebony didn’t know much about her birth parents since her mother died from her birth and her father is currently missing. Ebony grew up in an Orphanage in Mistral where she was constantly left alone by both the adults and other kids there due to having fangs, because of this she learned to be quicker and sneakier than the other kids otherwise she wouldn’t be getting anything to eat. Despite this, when she was around 8, a rich family by the name of Araignée had decided to adopt her simply because of how cute she was and not really caring about the fact that she was a Faunus, although they taught her to hide the fangs when she could, so that people would actually approach her. When she was taken to her new home, she was amazed by how luxurious it was, she was quickly enrolled into school, was given etiquette lessons at home and a decent amount of pocket money. When she was able to she decided to enroll at Beacon, since it would allow her to see somewhere else other than Mistral. Both her and her parents want each other to be happy.

Other: She has two teeth that are pointed and come out of her mouth as well as mandibles that hide on the inside lining of her cheeks. Her aura is a dark purple



Matte is rather tall for his age, with a toned runner's build. His whole look is sleek and powerful, as one would assume from being part predator feline. Has multiple ear piercings, and they change daily.

While his outfit always includes his high necked black duster, complete with cutoff sleeves, his clothing also changes daily. Handmade clothes in various neutral colors, and all rather form fitting.

It should be noted that Matte is extremely pale, and his unruly silver moptop contrasts sharply to his raven black body and facial hair.

Matte Schwarz "Nightcloak"
Jaguar Faunus
Aura Color:
A dark blade pointed downward, in front of a faceless hood of darker color. His happens to be deep emerald greens, the insignia of a Schwarz family huntsman. His emblem is located on his coat, on a patch above his heart.

Shadowdance - Matte can teleport between shadows. To initiate, he must be physically touching the shadow he's going to enter, and it must be of a certain minimum size. Then he reappears outside of a different shadow within eyeshot of the first. Momentum coming out of the shadow is determined by momentum going in.

Matte carries a single sword into combat, but it's more than enough. It can switch through multiple forms, using the scabbard and blade to form combinations of longswords, short swords, daggers, and a claymore.

Matte is a serious soul, bowed by responsibility and his own impossible standards for himself. Quiet confidence, sometimes to the point of cold arrogance, radiates off of him just as much as his actual aura does.

He's social enough, if a bit reserved. Seemingly allergic to huge gatherings. Usually has his nose in a book, or doing some seemingly pointless exercise to keep himself sharp.

Matte was born deep in the Mistral mountains to the nomadic Schwarz family during a deep blizzard, his albino mother passing during childbirth. His father, a Jaguar Faunus who married into the family, raised him as a warrior, passing the mantle of swordmaster to his son over the course of a decade, before his passing while out on a mission.

The Schwarz patriarch, an ancient man named Nero, adopted the boy as his thirty-third child, and decided Matte's fate for him. Matte was to replace one of the six clan huntsmen, and range the world far and wide in search of obscure knowledge.

Not that it ever really mattered to him. Matte only joined Beacon because it was easier than resisting. Really he just wants to be the strongest. Be a real swordmaster, similar to his talented father.​

Grim Wraithe Stjerna

The Víkíngr, reaver of the sea, hunter of Pirates.
Name: Séanadh Fírinne, people call him Sean (pronounced SH-awn) and is a variation in the gealic word for chartreuse.
Age: 17
Gender/Sex: Male/Straight
Race: Human
Aura color: Green
Emblem: None
Apperance: View attachment 643405

Personality: He is a generally carefree person who happens to enjoy competition and conflict, though he would not consider himself very extraverted. He has had few friends, but not because he can't make them, but because he chooses to make them count. If he thinks of you as a friend, you have no one better to watch your back.

Weapon: Boomstick - This pump shotgun folds into a six foot bo-staff, but can be split in two eschrima sticks. It can only be fired when it is in the shotgun configuration, and loading different dust cartridges into it will give it varied effects based on the type of dust loaded. Blasts from the shotgun can be powerful enough to propel the user short distances.

Power/Semblance: Weight Manipulation. ((Might change the name))
The user can manipulate the placement of their body weight. This means that while the entire body always weighs the same amount, the user can make parts of themself weigh more by making other parts of themself weigh less. The parts that have increases in weight have to bear the full burden of what their given, so it's recommended that the user not shift significant weight into a single point for any prolonged period of time, or else they might risk damaging it.

Backstory: Sean does not come from a linage of huntsman, he is in fact the first (that he is aware of). His family were woodcutters and farmers for the most part. Which he was content to follow in their footsteps and continue the family trade, that is until Grimm attacked the village. Sean ran towards the cries for help and pain, without a second thought and did his best to stop the Grimm. When he showed an interest in protecting the people of his village and helping those in need, his parents encouraged him to apply to Signal and then eventually to Beacon. It was while at Signal that he was able to refine his skill and improve techniques. He was not the star student, he was what you might call an average student when it comes to scholarly pursuits, but on the hunt or the arena is where he picks up the extra credits to not flunk out, and earn admission to Beacon Academy.

Insignia: None.

Extra: He has what some might consider an irrational fear of spiders. Sometimes it causes him scream and leap away, and other times he might try to blast them.

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