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Nation Building Rules for BoN Act 3:Modern Age



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Unit Information

Unit Types

-Land Vehicles/Monsters

In previous iterations tiers didn't play a huge part in the game with only a few people taking advantage. As such we are looking at the system. For starters, we have moved from tier numbers to clearer names shown below:

-Basic - Starting Tier
-Elite - Unlock at level 3 settlement
-Legendary - Unlock at level 5 settlement

Below is some brief information on the unit types:


-Standard infantry units.
-Up to one positive keyword or one negative.
-Cheapest unit type

Land Vehicles

-Anything from ramshackle trucks to tanks, sheep riders to trolls.
-Up to two positive keywords but must have one negative keyword.


-Same as vehicles regarding Keywords
--May only travel X hexes from nearest friendly settlement.
-When attacked by non-AA weaponry, counts as Def 3
-Starting defense is -2.
-Max HP hardcapped at 2 so by no means can ever exceed


-Same as vehicles regarding Keywords
-No penalties to movement on water but cannot move on land
-The idea would be that all land based units can move on water but at reduced movement and with little to no combat capability versus an actual navy unit.


When leveling up to Elite and Legendary you can create a new unit type based on a unit from the previous tier. You then choose one of the below options to stack ontop of that unit template:

-Option 1: Gain or remove a keyword AND have 2 extra stats points to distribute into Off and Def.
-Option 2: Gain 1HP or 1 attack.
-Option 3(Legendary upgrade only): Gain a trait.

So example below:

Basic: Infantrymen - 1/1/0/0 - 1 keyword - Starting option
Elite: Grenadiers - 1/1/1/1 - 2 keywords - Chose option 1
Legendary: Special Operations - 1/2/1/1 - 2 keywords - Chose option 2

Units do not upgrade automatically and must return to a settlement for retraining. Resource cost to do so is X.


Keywords either add or subtract from the cost of the word.

Armor Piercing (5) [Ignores Saves]
Heavy (5) [9+ Save]
Light (5) [+1 Movement]
Robust (10) [+1 HP]
Hatred (5) [+1 damage against selected unit type (Infantry/Vehicle/Air/Naval)]
Anti-Air (0) [Prioritizes Air Units, Negates Flying Defense Bonus]
Anti-Armor (0) [Priotizes Vehicles]
Anti-Infantry (0) [Prioritizes Infantry]
Civilian (0) [Non-Combatant, No Upkeep]
Militia (0) [Half-Upkeep, may not leave settlement they are created in]
Ranger (0) [Ignore Negative Terrain]
Flying (10) [Ignores Terrain, gain +1 (or 2) defense, can only move within generated fuel radius, must select 1 'Air' Keyword]
Long Range (10) [May attack up to X hexes away, may not fight on the tile on which they are located]
Advanced Weaponry (5) +1 Offense
Advanced Armor (5) +1 Defense
Aged Weaponry (-5) -1 Offense
Poor Armour (-5) -1 Defense
Specialist (X) May take a trait - Can only take once per unit. X is the cost to be decided by The Council with Trek having final say.

Meatshield (5) [Must be Targeted First]
Guerillas (0) [May attempt to flee *before* combat begins]
Paratroopers (0) [May move from a friendly settlement to any tile in the air range. -1/-1 upon moving in this manner].
Marines (0) [May attack over, and from, water tiles as if they were plains]

Transport (5) [May give 2/3/4 infantry units its movement (dependent on tier of transport)]
Amphibious (0) [May attack over, and from, water tiles as if they were plains]

Fighter (5) [+1 against Air]
Ground Support (5) [+1 against Infantry/Vehicles]
Strat Bomber (10) [May attack settlements, roll a D10 for each building at the end of the combat round, on a 10, its destroyed. Gain +1 to this roll, to a maximum of 6+ for each additional strat bomber used]

Transport (5) [May give 4/5/6 ground units its movement and allow them to travel over open water]
Screening (5) [Must be Targeted First]
Coastal Bombardment (5) [May attack units on coastal tiles]
Carrier (10) [Produces an air radius like a settlement. Size of radius depends on tier]


Units may have traits as normal if they do not take the full amount of keywords. Traits can have a multitude of effects outside of keywords, however where possible, for non-characters players should look to use keywords.

Character traits are inherently more powerful and can even overflow to other units. However, unlike previous iterations of BoN, the targets of what shall be called an Aura, can only be limited to a certain unit type.

Cap Number of Heroes-
Max Number of Heroes based on Double the Level of The Capital

Stat Lines now- HP/Attacks/Offense/Defense
E.G. 1/1/0/0

Units target same level units or lower. E.g. Elites target elites, then if no elites, target troops. If there exists nothing equal or below, those unit types will attack up one type. E.g. Elite attacks Legendary. If then no Legendary, Attacks Monster or Hero, etc.

Unit Recruitment:

Units can be recruited as a single action as long as they have the funds to recruit the units and space in the unit cap based on Capital Level.

Unit Upkeep:

Unit upkeep will be half the cost of recruitment every turn. E.g. Troop costing 10 Resources to train will cost 5 Resources to upkeep every turn.
Units can be disbanded as a free action the turn after they are recruited. If units upkeep cost is not paid for, roll a d10. On an 8+, that unit turns to Banditry.

Unit Movement:

Movement from a Nation’s settlement to another of that nation’s settlement only counts as a single Move

At Character Creation, choose Land, Sea or Air. Pick 2 Options from that Single List

Built Ground Tough : Ignore all non magical terrain penalties
Gotta Go Fast: +2 Land based Movement
Hold The Line: Ground Based Units get 0/+2 in Rough Terrain tiles
Ration Hoarding: Ground Units cost half resource upkeep

Travel Where the Wind Takes Us: +2 Sea Based Movement
Neptune’s Bounty: Settlements built with direct access to the Water gain an extra 20 Resources a turn
Davy Jones Locker: Deal an extra 2 Damage to Sea Monsters
Swear Like A Sailor: Settlements near water gain a Boost to Happiness Rolls, but a Penalty to Order Rolls

Air Raid: Air Units count as an Extra 3 for Sieging a settlement
The Eagle Has Landed: Planes are able to transport 4 units instead of the normal 2
Fuel for Days: Increases base fuel for an extra 3 Tiles of Radius
Air Shows: Happiness starts at +1

New Actions:

Overwatch/Intercept: As free action, armies may be set to overwatch. They cannot move or conduct any other actions the same turn. They will remain this way until any other action is taken by them.

If an enemy unit moves within X hexes of an army in overwatch, the overwatch army may move to intercept the army. X is the armies maximum movement. If an army has long range attacks, it may instead fire those attacks instead of moving. In that case X is the distance of their long range weapons.

If the enemy unit orders an attack against a friendly unit the attack order would be as so:

-Long Range attacks from all overwatch armies.
-Attacking enemy and defender
-Overwatch units that have moved to intercept. These units cannot be targeted unless the defender is completely defeated.


Each player can participate in 1 Auction every turn. Things up for Auction will be Items, Heroes, Weapons, Armors, Mercenary Contracts, etc. You may not move to a different auction if you are outbid so choose your item carefully.


All advancements are directly tied to the settlement they are created in. If that settlement is captured or destroyed, the benefits of those structures are lost.

Structure Advancement - Limited to 2 per settlement. It increases with every level improved on the settlement. 2->3->4->5->6. A structure gives a Flat direct Bonus or Ability.

Non Physical Advancement- Added to units up to a max of 3 per unit or as overarching settlement based decrees

Government Types:

Anarchism- Not affected by Order Penalties, can recruit troop type units from nations with Low Order (-1 or lower)
Capitalism- Not affected by Happiness penalties. Civilian units cost 10 extra resources
Banana Republic- Increases Order Penalties, but improves resources by 20 from subjected natives settlements
Communism- Civilian units cost 10 less resources. They will cost an additional 5 less per additional Communist Nation. Military units cost an additional 10 resources
Despotism- Military units cost 10 less resources. Increase in Happiness Penalties
Feudalism- Begins with a free hero unit (A Lord) with land that they rule over (Extra starting tile). Increase Order Penalties
Monarchy- Military units start with an extra keyword. Civilian units cost an extra 10 resources
Democracy- Start with 2 civilian units. Civilian units cost 10 less resources. Increase in Order Penalties
Socialism- Settlements can only be 1 level off each other. Happiness and Order are boosted when Public Services are constructed.
Tribalism- Troop units cost 10 less resources. Any nations that have contact with this nation can recruit their troop type units at normal cost.
Oligarchy- Choose either 1 extra building slot per settlement, Extra Keyword on Military units or No cost for Militia. Increase Penalties for Order
Theocracy- Can declare Holy War on another Nation. If that happens, gain an extra 10 resources per settlement converted to Nation Religion and all military units gain Hatred (Enemy Nation) during the Holy War. During Holy War, Happiness Penalties are Greatly Increased.
Federation- Not affected by Order Penalties. Cities have 1 extra Building Slot. Spies are more likely to succeed in their tasks within.


Capital earns 20 Resources at lvl 1 with 10 resource increments at each level. Settlements earn 15 Resources at lvl 1.

Natural Resources on map can generate resources or Special Resources for Players to Fight over control
Cap on resource gain has been adjusted to the below:

20 + (20*sum total of all settlement levels)

This in essence caps all players at 40 Resources per turn from game start. We will adjust as needs be if we see any particular issue.

Quests and Events

Quests and events are ways to earn bonuses whether items, resources or even characters.

Quests are exactly how you would know them from other types of RPG. You have a goal and upon completion, you get a reward. The difference here however, is that once you complete a quest, you partake in a one to one roleplay with the GM. The outcome of the quest is determined by your actions and your choices. In particularly unfortunate situations where dice rolls are against you, you may well have something negative occur.

Events occur automatically each turn and are included in each update. It is important to pay attention to any events because sometimes they may well be hiding some important information. The outcomes are decided by the Dice Gods themselves.

There are special events that occur throughout the game that anyone can interact with, such as invasions by NPC factions or maybe even weather events.


Each turn a random event can happen in a settlement that potentially provides benefits or negative effects so make sure you pay attention to each update because in some situations, events can grow out of control if not dealt with.

Quests are unique storylines for each nation where you will need to complete each objective to progress it. This will involve roleplaying on Discord with the GM and can provide powerful benefits, doubly so if you see the entire quest to completion.

There are other ways to unlock one off quests such as interacting with unique locations on the map, NPCs, items from the Auctioneer and several others.


Items are found through random events, quests and the Auctioneer. They provide buffs and sometimes debuffs to heroes and leaders when equipped to them. They can only ever be equipped to characters and a character can only equip as much as they would reasonably be able to carry.

E.g. If a character has full plate armor then they wouldn't be able to wear any other armor. If they have a leather jerkin, then they'd be able to wear greaves or gloves as well.

NPC Nations

This act will see far more NPC nations than any previous act. They will come in a wide variety of types, some peaceful, others warlike, but each will have their own unique flavor.

You can have diplomacy with the nation's or just attack them outright, it's entirely up to you.


Each turn you will be able to undertake three paid actions and any number of free actions:

Free Actions
  • Army based actions​
    • Move: May move an army stack up to their basic movement. Each stack can only take a single move action each turn off with the option to move up to three extra hexes but at a cost of -1/-1 to the armies unit for each additional hex.​
    • Attack: Declare an attack against an enemy army or settlement.​
    • Overwatch: As long as an army doesn't move they can be set into overwatch.​
  • Diplomacy: Conduct Discord based diplomatic conversations with other players or NPC nations.​

Paid Actions
  • Build/Upgrade Settlement​
  • Recruit​
  • Build Structure​


Players can build structures in their settlements and capital as an action, which will provide benefits to the nation as a whole. Unlike previous acts, each structure created must be assigned to a specific settlement. This means that if that settlement is captured or destroyed, you will lose the benefit of those structures.

Players can, as with previous acts, create structures themselves or put a name and description of a structure and allow the Council to create rules for it. We have also created a list below of some generic structures for people to consider. Multiple buildings of the same type can exist in a settlement but in some instances restrictions may be put in place.

Barracks - May recruit 1 extra infantry unit per recruitment action at host settlement.
Garage - May recruit 1 extra land vehicle unit per recruitment action at host settlement.
Airfield - May recruit 1 extra flying unit per recruitment action at host settlement.
Drydock - May recruit 1 extra military ship unit per recruitment action at host settlement.​
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Roleplay Type(s)

-Paid for action
-Doesnt require units to be in place
-Random effect vs a chosen enemy settlement from the below:

• Resource theft
• Happiness/order penalty
• Random enemy structure in settlement has no effect following turn

-Outcome can also be negative resulting in penalty to own happiness/order and an increase to targets own happiness and order.
-Effect can also result in your nation being outed IC as scum.
-Roll required for success heavily dependent on city level, garrisoned units and any anti espionage structures or abilities.
-Nations specialising in espionage may choose the outcome of their roll on a success.
-Natural 1's are always a critical fail and 10 is always a critical success.



-Free action for an army
-May only be used with a maximum of five units
-On a success gain resources (more than Espionage) and possibly inflict penalties to order/happiness depending on the roll.
-On a failure options could be:

• Gain nothing
• Combat initiated versus defenders/units die
• Raiding party destroyed

-Modifiers to roll for success could include how much natural movement a unit has left on arrival, representing them still being fresh and able to withdraw, settlement levels etc.


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Construction of a new settlement is 50 Resources and 3 Actions
Upgrading a Settlement to level 2 is 20 Resources. Upgrading a settlement to level 3 is 40 resources. Upgrading a settlement to level 4 is 60 resources. Upgrading a settlement to level 5 is 80 resources. This uses 3 Actions
A building costs 20 Resources. This uses 1 Action
A Basic Troop and vehicle/monster default costs is 20 Resources + or - based on keywords


Capitals start out gaining 20 Resources a Turn which improves by 10 with every level upgrade.
Settlements start out gaining 15 resources a turn which improves by 10 with every level upgrade.
Resource Gaining Civilian Units can gain up to 10 resources a turn, but are limited to 3 per building that they are associated with.
Natural Resources on Map at variable Resource Gains

Other Actions
Crafting a new template costs 1 action, but no resources. Can use Positive and Negative keywords that already exist or attempt to write others (These will be subject to balancing however. Additional negative keywords are being constructed for the list.)
Unit Training/Construction is 1 Action

Cap on Resources is based on Capital Level+ Settlement Levelx20
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Trying to summarize a bit. Turns, for the most part, in the timeline happen 'same time'. Movement/Attacks do not.

Turn starts:
Income/Upkeep [If this happened at the end, you'd need to wait till AFTER combat to find out how many units were left. This isn't so]

Movement/Attack. In order to avoid endless chasing, the person who post first gets his processed first. The inherent balance is the second person can now *react* to that person.

Resolution. Units being built, cities upgraded, whatever.


Happy Necromancer
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Roleplay Type(s)
Turn starts:
Income/Upkeep [If this happened at the end, you'd need to wait till AFTER combat to find out how many units were left. This isn't so]

Movement/Attack. In order to avoid endless chasing, the person who post first gets his processed first. The inherent balance is the second person can now *react* to that person.

Resolution. Units being built, cities upgraded, whatever.


Espionage table

1- Captured! - Your target discovers your operative and fully knows you have attempted to conduct underhanded activities against them. In addition, you lose 20 resources and they gain as they use the spy to conduct counter espionage.
2- Discovered! - Your target discovers your operative and fully knows you have attempted to conduct underhanded activities against them. In addition, you lose 10 resources and they gain as they use the spy to conduct counter espionage
3 to 6- Nothing - Spy is embedded and planning their next move.
7- Money for the Poor - Steal 10 resources
8- False News Campaign - -1 happiness
9- Anti-Government Rally - -1 order
10- Great Theft - Steal 10 + 3D10 resources from your target. This occurs at the start of the next turn prior to anything else.


Order and Happiness effects trigger every 3rd in game turn.


3- Gain a free random advancement from the people
2- Gain a free random unit from the people
1- Gain a free Resource Gain from the people
0- Everything is fine
-1- Lose Resources from Disgruntled workers
-2- Random unit defects or disbands
-3 Random settlement revolts and forms a new NPC Nation

3 - Receive free action on a 9+ roll of D10 each turn
2 - Receive free action on a 10 roll of D10 each turn
1 - +25% resource production
0 - Everything fine
-1 - -25% resource production
-2 - -50% resource production
-3 - Random settlement revolts and forms new NPC nation


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Additional Keywords

Hulking (-10): Unit goes last in initiative, even with other units that go last.
Displacer (15): Unit creates mirror images of itself to deflect attacks away from itself. Unit gains a diminishing save of 8+. Each attack that is prevented this way reduces the save by one until it is depleted. (8+, 9+, 10, nothing). Unit cannot benefit from other types of saves.
Hulking (-10): Unit goes last in initiative, even with other units that go last.
Fragile (-10): On 8+ on die roll, unit takes an additional point of damage from an attack that already damages them.
Like Glass (-15): On a 7+ on a die roll, unit takes an additional point of damage from an attack that already damages them.
Bulky (-5): Consumes two transport slots over one. Only applicable to land and naval units.
Cumbersome (-10): Cannot be transported whatsoever. Only applicable to land and naval units.
Lacks Weaponry (-20): Cannot Attack.
Fuel Guzzler (-25): Reduces Fuel range by 2. Only applicable to air units.
Inaccurate (-5): Attacks randomly.
Limited range (-5): Cannot attack air units.
Sitting Duck (-10): Air units gain attack bonus against this unit.

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