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Within the Depths of a Dream
A Castle in the Mist Rules and Guidelines
The content listed below is both enforced here onsite and within the discord server.
General Rules[div=margin-top: -10px;]
  • Above all you are held to RpNation's Official Rules
  • Being polite and courteous to others. This includes (but is not limited to) avoiding: generally hostile/aggressive behavior; abuse or harassment of other members; threats or derogatory statements; and OOC calls to excessive violence towards other players or their characters.
  • No spamming or trolling. Keep your memes classy.
  • No advertising of other discord servers or roleplays.
  • Everyone in this Hosted Project is here to play some games and have fun – no one has the right to ruin that for another person. Anyone found to be disrupting the experience of another player or the Hosted Project as a whole will be removed.
In-Character[div=margin-top: -10px;]
  • No cheating. This involves fudging dice rolls and character statistics.
  • No metagaming, or using information learned out-of-character, in-character. This ruins the game for others and generally isn't fun to do. If you aren't sure what your character has learned so far on their own, ask your DM!
  • No murder-hobos. You can be evil if the campaign allows it (our CoS campaigns do not) but you are expected to play the role within reason. Stupid villains don't get far.
  • Calls to excessive violence or gore for its own sake are off-bounds.
  • Ask and discuss with your group before you consider PvP or other forms of inter-party hostility (or, towards friendly NPCs). The default answer is “no”.
  • If you’re considering mentioning a sensitive topic, even if it is within RpNation's guidelines, mentioning it to your party is always a good idea.
You are responsible for your character’s actionsA DM’s ruling is final in-game, roleplay moderators and its owners are final everywhere. If you disagree it can be discussed civilly, but any hostile or argumentative behavior is grounds for removal.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to a roleplay moderator if you have anything to say – whether it be a suggestion or a report of concerning activity. We try our best, but the Hosted Project has grown significantly from its humble roots and we’re not omnipresent. It’s only from the combined effort from all of the lovely people here that we can continue to make this Hosted Project an awesome and welcoming place.
ViolationsIf an RpN Rule is broken... You will face consequences onsite as well as within this Hosted Project, which would most likely be removal and ban from the Hosted Project and discord server all together.
If a A Castle in the Mist rule is broken... You will face consequences within the Hosted Project as well as the discord server.

Possible Punishments within A Castle in the Mist[div=margin-top: -10px;]
  • Removal from game you offended in
  • Restriction of OOC privileges (such as joining non-canon games and general chat channels)
  • Removal from Hosted Project entirely
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