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With the release of xF2.0 comes the much anticipated return of tabs! What are tabs you ask? It's a feature that allows a user to connect multiple threads together, without having to constantly manually link them in a post. This helps keep your roleplays organized.

What can be tabbed?
You can create tabs for the following threads:
  • Main
    • This is where the roleplay magic happens, the In Character thread.
  • OOC
    • All Out Of Character discussion for your roleplay.
  • Characters
    • A thread to host the characters for the roleplay.
  • Lore
    • Extra things, such as lore.
  • Other
    • For an extra thread you may need.

So, in total you can connect up to for separate threads via the tabs feature.

How can I tab threads together?
When you create a new thread in a roleplay forum, click 'more options.' At the bottom of the post text field, you will see four text fields where you can place the threads you want to connect.


Here is the trick though, you need the thread urls in order to create these tabs. This means the threads have to be created first, then tabbed together.

I would suggest first making all the threads you want to tab (refer to the list of what you can tab above), then going back and editing each post, pasting the url from the threads into the correct text-field.

Can I label my own tabs?
No. You cannot change the label of a tab. So you cannot change the Extra tab into say, RP Rules. It will only show as Extra.

Where do the tab links appear?
They are at the top of the first post of a thread, right above it.
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Awesomesauce! Now, the question is... do y'all plan on adding the option to Label tabs? Or maybe, add the option to put "Extensions" on the labels? Like, for example, side-text for the labels that describe what they are in better detail?

Main - "This is where the main RP takes place. Please remember to read it prior to making new characters, so you don't miss out on the lore!"
OOC - "This is our OOC Channel. Please keep OOC there!"
Characters - "This is where you can apply for your character! Please wait until approval THERE before posting HERE!"
Extra - "This is where we'll keep the Key Lore-Related Elements, such as current progress of each character, goals, etc.. For those of you who aren't willing to read through 50+ pages on the Main Thread, here's the BASICS you need to know!"

The "- 'Witty Remark.'" would be the thing the users type in, while the blue text would be the default links to the URLs.


To me, adding "witty remarks" is too cluttered, when it can simply be explained within the first post of the thread itself. As far as allowing custom labels, I'm not sure. We tend to use addons and software features. I don't think it'll be implemented any time soon by the developers.


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Hey new to the forum and very confused, I'm a semi literate role-player but I'm used to using amino and geeking, so how do I use this?

I really like quest kind of roleplays, like anything with an end goal. I really enjoy supernatural kind of roleplays (not like the show, but things involving aliens, werewolves, witches, etc. ), apocolyptic, and post-apocalyptic (or even post-post haha), anything to do with a dystopian society (I love world-building), fantasy, but ya know, honestly i'm up for anything as long as it has a plot and chances for good character arcs.

Haha, I'm really happy I'm back! I really miss the community, though I've never really been a fan of forum-style roleplay (but I'll get used to it)


thank you, thank you!! i'm excited to be here, now i just need to figure out how to do everything.... i'm sure i'll catch on quick

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