Regretting death (song )

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    Na na...the light dims.. spirit low

    i count to ten your gone once again

    feeling for you are just not the same


    i die young...maybe light will bring me back toniiight 

    in the truck buried down hoping light shines thru

    so the light dims the spirit is low 

    but as i dream in a low low sleep 

    one day i'll count again and bless my name.

    so when i die young burn me to ashes and lay me down and bless my name 

    so that ill never be lonely again....

    but your so right you tear me down and throw my ashes and leave me on the ground 

    but why you go away..a a a 

     so...once you go my spirit lingers crying on my own grave.

    but once your gone you can never come back for redemption 

    take a stand call me again i wanna see your handsome face once agaaaain

    i miss you hope you miss me i was dead wrong to be left asleep

    Dont wanna bear the weight I have for eternity 

    put me back asleeeep.

    im sorry i was selfish couldn't stop 

    bless my naaaameeee

    give me back my life i was selfish suborn hateful pitiful but i can change for you

     so....when i die young...burn to ashes..lay me down and bless my name forever...and ever once again
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    wording is nice. not sure if it would translate well in music form.

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