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Fantasy Realms of Aldaan ~Lore~

The Nations


The Lore King

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  • ironcrown.png

    Located on the West coast of the Aldaan continent, the Kingdom of Ironcrown is renown across Aldaan as one of the most powerful and influential nations in the world. Led by the loved and feared King Marshall Aurelius Ironcrown III, the kingdom's population is mostly made up of humans with a plethora of other minor races making up a smaller percentage as second-class citizens and slaves. The kingdom has the strongest military of the realm, enough so to make real the ambitions of the crown and deter other more brave or foolhardy nations from encroaching on their interests. It is widely understood that if it was not for the Tribal Expanse and the Ruins of the Eclipse cutting off direct access to the Eastern lands or the ravenous Drannid hordes to the South keeping their military busy, Ironcrown may have conquered the entire continent by now.

    Ironcrown's military is one that is feared across the realm. With a bottomless pool of patriotic citizens willing to lay down their lives for the crown, the kingdom's manpower is never in a shortage for able-bodied fighters. Through the wisdom of the royalty before, its economy is strong enough to field and support a considerably sized force - its armies always well-equipped and well-drilled in combat effectivenesss and strategy. The commanders of the Ironcrown armies are all highly skilled in many fields of warefare; from promoting morale to levying soldiers to advanced military tactics to efficient logistical practices. It is with the venerated guidance of King Marshall Aurelius Ironcrown III that has allowed the kingdom to flourish with such aggressively expansive might. Many agree that without the king, Ironcrown would not have been able to grasp the otherwise impossible ambitions that has led them to prove as successful as they currently stand.

    In the past, the Kingdom of Ironcrown was a small nation in the West when the world stage was more chaotic and tense. With numerous nations sharing a border with each other, tensions over territory were always on a steady rise and often boiled over into outright war. Without the proper infrastructure and leadership to rise above the rest, Ironcrown toiled for many centuries clawing at scraps of land from their many competitors and enemies. It was during this time that the people of Ironcrown experienced many invasions and occupations, often under the ruling fist of the other races of Aldaan. And although they always broke free from their oppression eventually, each time left yet another scar on its peoples' hearts. In these dark times, might in warefare was everything and the kingdom simply did not have the guidance it needed to bloom in such an environment. It was a time of bloodshed, suffering and anguish for many.

    It was not until the coronation of King Marshall Kon Infidus Ironcrown I that the kingdom found new purpose in Aldaan. With his rise to power, King Marshall I swiftly set out an expansion plan to revolutionise Ironcrown's industry with a series of mining colonies to further expedite the economy's capability into a more militarised format. The kingdom's manpower had suffered severely in the past years due to the series of wars it had fought for the previous king. This unfortunately meant that King Marshall I's colonies were not able to keep up with the predicted production targets as expected, and the threat of further war ever-looming over the horizon meant that time was inevitably running out.

    To solve this dilemma, the new king instead sought to outsource his manpower. To gain more workers for the mines, King Marshall Ironcrown I began using slaves captured from the many wars they had fought to bring his colonies up to maximum production efficiency. The culture in those times demanded that all enemies be slain and no quarter given, but it was the king's wisdom that saw fit to reject this ideal in favour of preparing the kingdom for a more grand future. After a brief period of commerce and trade, where Ironcrown sold the equipment they had forged from the materials found in the mining colonies, Ironcrown was able to bolster its agricultural economy to field and support a much larger force than would otherwise be capable of a nation its size.

    After almost a decade of industrialisation and wealth creation, King Marshall Kon Infidus Ironcrown I declared a grand crusade of imperialism to expand the borders and horizons of the kingdom. In the years to come after that, Ironcrown more than quintupled the size of its territory and earned itself a reputation for fearsome prowess in battle. The decision to field a greater proportion of cavalry than one would normally expect in an army served not only to surprise the kingdom's foes, but also excelled on the terrain that its armies normally fought on. The king was also known to be somewhat of a prodigy when it came to both administration of the kingdom and utilising cunning strategies during military campaigns. With all the new territories and resources being added to the kingdoms, King Marshall I saw fit to release a few of these lands to close and trusted retainers, who were honourably promoted to lords and given holdings and armies to command in the name of the crown. The king also passed down the knowledge of leadership to his lords and was able to avoid the trap of overextension that many kingdoms and empires had fallen victim to in the past.

    With the early creation of feudalism, the Kingdom of Ironcrown's expansion continued until almost half the continent had fallen before its might. However, the kingdom's fiery journey to imperial glory was interrupted by the forming of the Hend-Expanse Alliance. The Hend Kingdom was perhaps one of the only nations in the East that stood a chance of beating back the warpath of conquest that Ironcrown had been ruthlessly going down. The wild tribes to the North were in agreement with Hend that the Kingdom of Ironcrown needed to be stopped before the whole continent succumbed to its vastly superior armies. Many years passed as Ironcrown waged war against the Hend-Expanse Alliance with little success being met. It seemed that the choice to field more cavalry meant that Ironcrown's armies were ill-suited to the tree-clogged terrain of the Tribal Expanse. This led to a stalemate in the North, leading the kingdom to focus more of their resources on assaulting the Hend Kingdom. However, this too ended in stalemate once again due to the disadvantaged terrain Ironcrown's soldiers found themselves in. The arrays of mountain ranges meant that Hend was able to form a series of chokepoints that were strategically unadvisable to assault without the expectation of suffering huge losses.

    With this awkward stalemate at hand, multiple slave colonies decided to use this opportunity to declare independence while the majority of Ironcrown's soldiers were preoccupied with the war effort. Several small nations broke away from royal decree and in a series of rebellions. At the same time, an insidious threat was discovered to the South. Creatures called Drannids had taken residence in the mountainous area in the South-Western continent, manhunting monsters that seemed to embody as much voracity for sustenance as efficiency in tearing apart its victims. With these problems placing strain on the kingdom's economy, King Marshall Kon Infidus Ironcrown I made the decision to end hostilities with the East in favour of focusing on the much larger threats that cropped up in his homelands.

    In the following decades, several more nations broke free from Ironcrown's reign. King Marshall I struggled to reclaim the lands he had lost in these insurrections and instead chose to divert his resources to maintain the hold he had over his other territories. While the kingdom's borders may have grown smaller, its stability was vastly more important to the king and eventually order was finally restored. This do not solve the ever-growing problem of the Drannid incursion. Simply named the Drannid Hives, the steady expansion of volcanic territory was encroaching on Ironcrown's borders every day. The only solution was to construct a series of fortresses along the Southern border to stay the endless tide of ravenous Drannids. While this seemed to work for a while, it soon became apparent that it was having a drain on both the manpower and economy of the kingdom. While it would not cause a noticeable decline in the kingdom, it did mean that waging war would be a more costly effort due to the need to divert forces between multiple war fronts. This left many displeased and wanting for the old imperial glory days, but the kingdom was at least able to enjoy a long period of peace.




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The Magicks


The Lore King

Cool Text - Aldaan Magick 387630592381622.png
All magic is derived from mana, the mystical energy produced by the soul for the sole purpose of fuelling spells. To cast a spell, one requires the necessary training and direct line of sight or medium of contact. There are various schools of magic across Aldaan, each with their intrepid strengths, weaknesses and uses.

Spell Types:

All spells are divided into three types to determine the caster's method of magic activation.
  • Incantations, as most spells exist as, only require a spoken passage to activate instantly.
  • Runes may be used instead, requiring the caster to draw the passage on a surface. Due to their nature, runes take 1.5x longer to cast than incantations. You may activate a rune at a later date, but the mana used won’t regenerate until activation.
  • Enchantments take a long time to complete, but allow spells to be imbued into an object for later activation. All enchanted items can be used by anyone, but must be recharged with mana once used up. (Enchanting items is NPC-use only.)

Spell Attributes:

Spells also possess attributes that help to more easily categorize their effects and properties.
  • Natural Spells create a physical effect that is neither good nor bad.
  • Blessings apply positive effects to a target.
  • Curses apply negative effects to a target.

Combat Class Info:

All creatures in Aldaan have a magical potential that determines up to what Class (or strength) of magic they can learn. Players get a base of Third Class, but this may be altered through race, combat class and affinity. An affinity refers to one’s natural talent for a school of magic. You learn spells from this school faster than others and your magical potential for it increases by one.
  • Mages may choose one or two schools to learn. If you choose one school, you may pick four spells from First, Second and Third Class each - as well as one Fourth Class spell. If you choose two schools, you may pick three spells from both schools each for First and Second Class respectively - as well as two Third Class spells from each school. Additionally, your magical potential is increased by two levels.
  • Spellswords may choose one school. You may pick three spells from First and Second Class each. Spellswords benefit from a magical potential increase of one level.
  • Fighters do not get to pick a school of magic at the start, but may learn magic along their journey. They also do not benefit from changes to their magical potential.

Schools of Magick

All spells have either a Low, Moderate or High mana cost to cast. Each spell you learn adds its mana cost to your total mana pool, however the time it takes to learn each spell varies. Spells are also divided into classes to determine their power, influence or usefulness in the material world. To learn a spell of a particular Class, you must first learn three spells from the Class prior. First Class magic is considered the lowest, while Tenth Class magic enters into the realms of Divinity.

  • The igneous art of mastery over fire. Destructive and powerful, Flamecasters often serve as offensive battlemages capable of delivering explosive damage with great speed. For the average adventurer, picking up a spell or two from the School of Flame could be the difference between picking off the elven archer sniping your team from afar and dying with three arrows in your crotch.

    First Class

    Candle (Low/5s) - Produce a small flame from your fingertip. It can light your way, but a breeze may snuff it out.

    Warm (Low/5s) - Heat emanates from your palm, warming a surface. Perfect for enjoying a nice mug of schlogg on your travels or warding off the biting cold in the Cryikk Wastes.

    Kindle (Low/5s) - Point at a location within 2ft and start a small fire. Useful in some scenarios, less so when you burn your house down.

    Blazing Will (Low/5s) - Set your eyes alight in a fiery passion. It looks cool, but that’s about it.

    Pyrochromatica (Low/5s) - Place your hand over a small flame and alter its colour. Rainbow flames!

    Dancing Candles (Low/5s) - Conjure a tiny figure made of fire in your palm. You may move it at will, having it act in any way. Look, tiny dancer!

    Second Class

    Minor Fireball (Low/5s) - Conjure a small ball of flames and toss it at someone you don’t like. Careful, they may not appreciate it.

    Searing Whip (Moderate/15s) - Summon a lash of dripping fire to ensnare an opponent. Burns quite painfully and limits mobility, as any good whip should.

    Lantern (Low/5s) - A bright ball of fire floats above your head, illuminating your path. Try not to stare directly at it.

    Sear (Low/5s) - Your palms are deadly frying pans and become exceedingly hot, capable of boiling water and flesh alike. People won’t want to high-five you anymore.

    Sense Heat (Low/5s) - Your vision changes, allowing you to detect nearby sources of heat. Looks trippy, right?

    Minor Hot Domain (Low/5s) - Heat up your surroundings within a 5ft radius. The closer to you, the higher the temperature rises. Become one with the fireplace.

    Detect Fire (Moderate/15s) - Place your hand over an object and detect if any fire spells or enchantments are being used. Who knows, maybe your rival has set a nasty trap for you?

    Flame Skin (Moderate/15s) - Your body takes on a fiery glow, protecting you from light blows and granting you the Heat Resistant skill. Looking hot bro.

    Burnt Step (Moderate/15s) - Empower your feet with the swiftness of fire. Move with the acceleration of combustion literally at your heels.

    Summon Molten Dagger (Low/5s) - Conjure forth an embering dagger of fire. Not the most threatening of armaments, but hurts like hell nonetheless.

    Kindled Shell (Low/5s) - Apply a layer of fire to a small object without burning it. Lasts for a set duration, after which the object will begin to burn. Setting things on fire without setting things on fire.

    Flare (Low/5s) - Shoot a bright bolt of fire into the sky, which shines brightly for all to see. Not quite a firework, but it can be seen from a fair distance away.

    Third Class

    Summon Molten Blade (Low/5s) - Conjure forth a flaming sword of fire that can launch slices of fire over a short distance when swung. Fun fact: regular swords can't melt through other swords.

    Summon Molten Spear (Moderate/15s) - Conjure forth a flaming spear of fire that can melt through light armour and defensive spells up to Third Class. Bet you’ve never seen imminent death this pretty.

    Summon Molten Mace (Low/5s) - Summon a flaming spiked mace of fire where each strike can be accelerated with fire for a more impactful hit. Bonk!

    Summon Molten Shield (Low/5s) - Conjure forth a flaming shield of fire that flares out flames when blocking attacks. Functions like a normal shield, but also on fire.

    Summon Molten Shortbow (Low/5s) - Conjure forth a flaming small bow of fire that shoots fire bolts capable of slowly melting through surfaces hit. You can block it, but it’ll get you eventually.

    Ignite (Low/5s) - Point at a location within 10ft and start a fire. Your enemies may take getting “hot-headed” a little too literally.

    Fireball (Low/5s) - Conjure a ball of flames and toss it at someone you don’t like. Particularly dangerous if you happen to be a douchebag.

    Minor Firebolt (Moderate/15s) - Shoot a thin streak of speedy fire from your fingertip at a target to sear it. May pierce through light armour and defensive spells up to Third Class. It’s like lightning, except on fire.

    Heat Barrier (Moderate/15s) - Generate a wall of fire to protect you from harm, not including up to Third Class piercing spells. Sets things that touch it on fire. Pretty good in close-combat, if you couldn’t already tell.

    Animate Fire (Low/5s) - Move a patch of fire within a 15ft radius. Do you wanna build a fireman?

    Major Sear (Low/5s) - Your palms are deadly frying pans and become exceedingly hot, capable of slowly melting through metal and flesh. Proven to be one of the most painful ways to die, you're told.

    Minor Explosion (Moderate/15s) - Conjure a small swirling mass of volatile fire that explodes either on contact or at will. Capable of hovering slowly towards a target, it cannot move quickly but packs a bigger punch than a fireball. It's like a cute tiny sun of death!

    Summon Raging Skulls (Moderate/15s) - Summon three flaming skulls that float after and bite your foes. Permanently has Minor Hot Domain They can cast Minor Fireball and Sense Heat. Devilish-looking buggers, aren’t they?

    Fourth Class

    Firebolt (Moderate/15s) - Shoot a streak of speedy fire from your palm at a target to sear it. May pierce through medium armour and defensive spells up to Fourth Class. Pretty good at going through shields and people, if that’s what you’re into.

    Totemic Blaze (High/50s) - Summon a large pillar of fire to cut and burn through your enemies. Will slowly melt through metal too, so it’s better than a sword… or a wall.

    Flame Armour (Low/5s) - Plates of solid fire clad your form and protects you from harm, as well as flames, not including up to Fourth Class piercing spells. For that fresh new “being on fire without being on fire” look.

    Major Heat Barrier (Moderate/15s) - Generate a large wall of fire to protect you from harm, not including up to Fourth Class piercing spells. Sets things that touch it on fire. Now much larger and able to withstand more punishment.

    Warm Domain (Moderate/15s) - Heat up your surroundings greatly within a 10ft radius. The closer to you, the higher the temperature rises. I wouldn’t stand too close if I were you...

    Burning Brand (Moderate/15s) - Touch and brand a target with a palm-sized symbol of flame. The target will start to experience an intense fever - directly before the spell ends the symbol bursts into flames. Quite a nasty little flamecaster, aren’t you?

    Major Burnt Step (Low/5s) - Empower your feet with the enhanced swiftness of fire. You’re going so fast you can even glide a little when you jump.

    Pyro-Slash (Low/5s) - Let loose a wave of fire that slices and burns in a direction of your choice. Not so bad if you know how to do the limbo.

    Major Detect Fire (Low/5s) - Reveal within a 25ft radius if any fire spells or enchantments are being used nearby, ignoring concealment magic of Third Class or lower. Because there’s always a chance someone hid a fireball in your shoe…

    Summon Elemental (High/50s) - Summon a fire elemental to fight at your side. It can cast Fireball, Heat Barrier, SMB, SMS and Pyro-Slash. Your best friend for all destructive adventures!

    Lesser Emblaze (High/50s) - Set yourself ablaze and gain a boost to your strength, dexterity and acrobatics. The longer the spell is active, the more it destroys your body. What will you sacrifice for power?

    Fifth Class

    Major Fireball (Low/5s) - Conjure a large ball of flames and toss it at someone you don’t like. This could get quite explosive so maybe don’t use it indoors.

    Major Firebolt (Moderate/15s) - Shoot a wide streak of speedy fire from your hands at a target to sear it. May pierce through heavy armour and defensive spells up to Fifth Class. If your enemies use this, better hope you packed some Drannid armour.

    Summon Blazing Greatsword (Moderate/15s) - Summon a greatsword bursting with potent fire. Will disperse swathes of flames at your enemies with every strike, which looks terrifying even if you’re standing behind the wielder.

    Summon Blazing Tower Shield (Moderate/15s) - Summon a tower shield bursting with potent fire. Build heat for every attack blocked and release it in a towering wave of fire in a direction. Dare to knock down the wall, rue when it falls upon your heads.

    Major Pyro-Slash (Low/5s) - Let loose a large wave of fire that slices and burns in a direction of your choice. You ever see a guy get cut in half, top to tail, punk?

    Furious Vortex (Moderate/15s)- A small vortex of fire whips around you in a 5ft radius, buffeting all that touches it with burning flames. A good panic button if you don’t feel like running away.

    Solar Flare (High/50s) - Shoot a bright bolt of fire into the sky, which shines brightly for all to see. Rain small balls of fire down over an area, peppering your enemies with holes. Not exactly the golden shower they were hoping for.

    Major Warm Domain (Moderate/15s) - Heat up your surroundings greatly within a 25ft radius. The closer to you, the higher the temperature rises. You could start to melt, so be careful.

    Sixth Class

    Immolate (Low/5s) - Point at a location within 25ft and start a large fire. Pretty much guaranteed to engulf someone in flames, much to their dismay.

    Greater Fireball (Moderate/15s) - Channel your mana to conjure a massive ball of fire capable of causing a building to explode. Every arsonist’s dream come true.

    Greater Pyro-Slash (Moderate/15s) - Channel your mana to throw forth a giant wave of flame to slice through anything that stands in your way. It makes up for its lack of distance with impressively gruesome cutting power.

    Greater Heat Barrier (High/50s) - Channel your mana to summon forth a colossal wall of fire to protect you from harm, not including up to Sixth Class piercing fire spells. Spews fire down onto approaching enemies with eagerness.

    Greater Burnt Step (Low/5s) - Channel your mana to infuse your feet with the essence of fire. A shining blur of flames is all your enemies will see as you flash by them.

    Greater Detect Fire (Low/5s) - Channel your mana to reveal within a 50ft radius if any fire spells or enchantments are present, ignoring concealment spells of Fifth Class or lower.

    Summon Major Elemental (High/50s) - Summon a large 10ft fire elemental to fight at your side. It can cast Burnt Step, Fireball, Major Fireball, Firebolt, Heat Barrier, Major Heat Barrier, SMB, SMS, SBG, SBTS, Pyro-Slash, Major Pyro-Slash and Furious Vortex. Incineration incarnate.

    Emblaze (High/50s) - Set yourself ablaze and gain a large boost to your strength, dexterity and acrobatics. The longer the spell is active, the more it destroys your body. Burn bright and fast, not dim and slow.

    Seventh Class

    Avatar of Flame (High/50s) - Your body is wrapped in thick swirling swathes of fire, protecting you from harm, not including up to Seventh Class piercing spells, and setting everything around you on fire. Your strikes may blow away houses and you may hurl fiery waves. If being untouchable were a spell...

    Greater Firebolt (Moderate/15s) - Channel your mana to conjure a powerful bolt of fiery energy. May pierce through stone walls and defensive spells up to Seventh Class, a destructive trail of flames being all that’s left standing. You really don’t want to be the person getting hit with this.

    Summon Sword of Eternal Fire (High/50s) - Summon a giant floating sword of flames and cleave through all in your path with righteous fury. Gods help all that try to meet this head on.

    Furious Hurricane (Moderate/15s) - A hurricane of fire shifts around you in a 25ft radius, picking up stray objects and people in the fiery throes of burning gales. If running away wasn't your first decision, you deserve to get caught in this.

    Spontaneous Combustion (Moderate/15s) - Point at a location within 50ft and start a massive fire. Some people just want to watch the world burn…

    Greater Warm Domain (High/50s) - Heat up your surroundings greatly within a 50ft radius. The closer to you, the higher the temperature rises. Burn, all of you - burn!

    Eighth Class

    Negate Flame (Low/15s) - Cancel the effects of any fire magic of Eighth Class or lower. This spell cannot be cancelled or blocked. This can also affect regular fire, so don’t feel special okay?

    Sun Flare (High/50s) - Channel your mana into a giant ball of fire above you. Everything nearby will be exposed to an all-encompassing heat and combust. Finish off your foes by dropping Solis herself upon them.

    Furious Tornado (Moderate/15s) - A tornado of fire blazes around you in a 50ft radius, sucking in people and buildings with little effort. Armageddon has truly arrived on this day...

    Soul Brand (Moderate/15s) - Coat your hand in ethereal flames, grasp a person’s soul and brand it. A branded soul will have trouble generating mana and casting magic, their body growing weaker as their lifeforce lessens.

    Summon Elemental Incarnate (High/50s) - Summon a giant fire elemental to fight at your side. It can use Major Fireball, Greater Fireball, Firebolt, Major Firebolt, Major Heat Barrier, Greater Heat Barrier, SBG, SBTS, SSEF, Pyro-Slash, Major Pyro-Slash, Furious Vortex, Furious Hurricane. Permanently has Avatar of Flame. And Hell walked the realms as a giant...

    Ninth Class

    Rumoured to be the height of mortal capability, it is unknown what kind of spells can be cast at this class.

    Tenth Class

    Only spoken of in legends of the gods. No mortal is capable of casting this class of magic.

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The Skills


The Lore King

Cool Text - Aldaan Skills 387861448058264.png

There is a wide variety of skills and practices the people of Aldaan take up to make a living. From honing their artisan crafts to training their combat ability, people will always pay for a skilled professional’s expertise. As time goes on you will learn new skills an trades to aid you on your adventures, shaping you from your experiences into a more confident practitioner of your abilities.

Skill Levels:

There are four levels to one's ability in a skill that determines how effective they are at using it.
  • Unskilled refers to those who have not committed time to training a skill and thus are either bad or entirely mediocre at it.
  • Expertise is the ability to use your skill at a somewhat professional level.
  • Mastery, as one would assume, is reserved for those that have complete control over their skill like no other.
  • Divine skills go beyond what mortals are capable of. It is unknown what is truly capable of those with this level of skill.
Skill Types:

Skills are also grouped into five types to more easily categorise their effects.
  • Weaponry Skills, as the name implies, involves all training to do with handling weapons.
  • Combat Skills are techniques, stances or other advantages that can be directly applied during a fight.
  • Innate Skills involve training the body or mind beyond average capability.
  • Artisan Skills are the numerous jobs and crafts that people learn to make a living and get by.
  • Knowledge Skills are things that require extensive theoretical or practical study and experience to master.
Combat Class Info:

Learning skills takes time and some in Aldaan take to learning them more swiftly than they would magick. As a general rule of thumb, those who pursue the expertise of skills possess stronger bodies than those who immerse themselves in arcane study.
  • Fighters are unburdened by the task of devoting their time to the studies of magic and thus pick up more skills in their lifetime. A fighter is generally in better physical condition than the other classes, but does not have as much potential for magick. Start with five skills and gain an extra Weaponry Skill for free.
  • Spellswords have found a good equilibrium between the arcane arts and reliable bladework, allowing them to pick up some skills in their travels. Spellswords have decent physical fitness and possess some talent for magic. Start with three skills.
  • Mages spend the majority of their free time pouring over scholarly texts and practicing incantations, and so often possess less skills as a result. Mages generally have weak bodies in comparison to the other combat classes but instead have a large aptitude for the studious arcane arts. Start with one skill and the Scholar Skill for free.

  • Dagger Expertise - You have honed your skills with the dagger and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Smol hack n’ slash!

    Sword Expertise - You have honed your skills with the sword and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Hack n’ slash!

    Spear Expertise - You have honed your skills with the spear and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Gae Bolg! (also allows you to spearfish, fuck you Fishing skill)

    Polearm Expertise - You have honed your skills with the polearm and can wield it with a degree of finesse. From waaaaay downtown-

    War Hammer Expertise - You have honed your skills with the war hammer and can wield it with a degree of finesse. You didn’t need that armour, right?- Actually I did.

    Handaxe Expertise - You have honed your skills with the handaxe and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Your enemies hate when you hook their shields.

    Axe Expertise - You have honed your skills with the axe and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Shield? What shield?

    Shield Expertise - You have honed your skills with the shield and can wield it with a degree of finesse. You hope they don’t have an axe.

    Whip Expertise - You have honed your skills with the whip and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Good for taming wild beasts, or flaying skin from flesh.

    Flail Expertise - You have honed your skills with the flail and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Tricky to use, trickier to dodge.

    Mace Expertise - You have honed your skills with the mace and can wield it with a degree of finesse. You finally get to be an Ork!

    Staff Expertise - You have honed your skills with the staff and can wield it with a degree of finesse. These actually really hurt, believe it or not.

    Unarmed Expertise - You have honed your skills with your body and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Can be applied when using gauntlets. You are the weapon.

    Bow Expertise - You have honed your skills with the bow and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Your arrows will blot out Solis!

    Sling Expertise - You have honed your skills with the sling and can use it with a degree of finesse. Prepare for physical trauma, boys!

    Crossbow Expertise - You have honed your skills with the crossbow and can wield it with a degree of finesse. Bow-lite.
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