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nedamir felt rather smug with himself.

the necromancer he was studying under, ulyna, was off for a week long conclave in the nearby town, so he had the whole tower to himself. the whole tower. for a week! she told him to watch the place and not cause any trouble, and the ever dutiful student as he was, he listened.
to say nedamir threw a riot would be an understatement; he almost set the crypt on fire three times, tried to fight ulyna's skeleton monster (he'll win next time, damn it) and swung on the chandelier before promptly falling off it.

so basically, things were going great.

currently, he was draped over ulyna's super cool, very badass throne made of bones, wearing his biggest shit-eating smirk. he could get used to this; the view was nice from the throne, nobody was there to boss him around and he could do all the forbidden blood rituals he wanted. now, if he could get only get his teacher's undead army to listen to him...
yes, he felt rather smug, indeed. everything pointed towards him having a lazy week of doing whatever he wanted; except, that really weird, suspicious boom! he just heard, causing him to almost fall on his face in suprise. for a few second, nedamir panicked and thought it was an explosion, but after a few second, frustration replaced his fear. it had to be his neighbour again, that weirdo. was he making some potion or something?
with no small amount of disgruntlement, the boy grumbled all the way to the window, a sour expression on his face. why must he have such a crappy neighbour, anyway? his teacher didn't really care either way, but nedamir couldn't stand the guy living next to them. herbalists are all weird, the lot of them.
''if i have to tell that hippie one more time- hey! HEY! KEEP IT DOWN!'' he threw a small rock at the neighbouring tower's window pane, feeling much like a pissed off crab. wait, what are those suspicious and foreboding clouds that are creeping over the sky...? nah, that sounds couldn't have came from them. they probably aren't dangerous, at all.

(ajsjejh this is bad bUT! also what should we name the big bad?? i'm thinking.... evillus....)


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juniper was having a relatively good day, despite his teacher, vale, having left him alone in their tower for some elite wizard conclave. he had done exactly as vale had asked him to do before he left, just as a good wizard would do. he thought of his neighbor, knowing full well that his mentor had left him alone in their own tower and the boy was likely to create chaos. no, juniper was a good wizard. he may not have understood too much of this wizard magic, being more experienced as a warlock and simply a plant lover, but whatever vale asked of him, he wasn't going to turn around and do the opposite. tch.

without vale around, juniper was lonely. ever one to talk, he had turned to the array of plants and herbs and shrubs and - a lot of plants - for company. this time he chose asplenium ebenoides, or dragon-tails fern, as the plant looked very similar to a spiky dragon's tail. he had finished growing the fern only a couple days before, the day before vale had left for the conclave. grabbing a roll of cannabis and quickly lighting it - a neat little trick vale had shown him - juniper put the roll between his lips and hopped onto their makeshift couch, that had really just been a tree branch that had fallen in their tower and crafted into a bench. it was then that he had heard a rather large loud bang, but the young wizard thought nothing of it. living in a community of young wizard's, explosions were rather common, after all.

juniper had named the fern spike, an appropriate name he thought, considering the spiky appearance. "hi, spike!" he had just begun speaking, giving the plant a baby voice. he placed his hands on his cheeks as he spoke to the plant, waiting for the reply that would never come. "how are you tod-" clank!

june had heard something thrown at his window, neglecting spike has he quickly stood up and ran to the window. he expected rock - he assumed - to have been thrown by his neighbor, and june was excited. he had been trying to befriend his neighbor for a while now, but nedamir insisted on being his usual sour self. would today finally be the day nedamir realized how cool he was and befriend him? he waved enthusiastically as soon as he had reached the window, looking like the crazy person he always did. his hair unbrushed and assortment of leaves and small branches tangled in.

no, june realized as he finally met nedamir's gaze and saw that he didn't intend on finally befriending him that day. instead, he looked almost, angry? he couldn't place why. usually nedamir only got onto him when he caused an explosion, or if a stray vine had nearly ended up escaping into the neighbouring tower, or -

oh, yes. the explosion. dropping the roll of cannabis out of his open window, he gave his neighbor an accusing look. "THAT WASN'T ME!" as he yelled at his neighbor, he too noticed the dark clouds circling above them, knitting his brows in confusion. could that be where the explosion came from? he didn't think it was possible, but he shot nedamir a glance anyway, nonverbally asking him if that's what he thought as well.

(no, it was GOOD! and yes. that's perfect. it sounds exactly like a bullshit name they'd make up for him)
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oh, good to know his neighbour is still a complete and utter weirdo. he was almost afraid that juniper somehow turned normal overnight and got those damn twigs out of his hair. seriously, must he look like he escaped the jungle at all times?

and then juniper even had the absolute gall to act like it wasn't his fault. then what was it that caused the sound? the suspiciously large cloud? pfft.
"uhuh, suuuure it wasn't you. like that time your plant ate my zombie and it wasn't your fault either!" nedamir yelled back, voice tight with annoyance as his expression fell even more. it was still a sore spot; he worked on reviving that zombie for weeks.
nedamir was about to yell some more, when he paused momentarily by the nonverbal question, glancing from juniper to the cloud and back to juniper again with a raised eyebrow.
what, did juniper think the cloud made the noise? nedamir rolled his eyes in the most dramatic fashion possible, about to state the fact that clouds do not, in fact, explode, when the cloud in question, well, exploded.

nedamir gaped. blinked once. blinked a few times more to make sure he saw it right; yeah, that cloud was exploding with flashes of lighting.
aaand it was getting close. really close.

"...is it just me or is that cloud weird?"

(ajshejhjs i'm. Big Love juniper + i'm n mobileo so sorry if it looks funky!)


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well, nedamir was still the sour puss june knew. he frowned, disappointed in the fact that he hadn't changed over night and suddenly wanted to be his friend. nedamir acted like he was crazy! always yelling at him and giving him strange looks. he wasn't crazy. nedamir was just a judgemental butt. pouting, june rested his chin in his hands, glancing up at the clouds above.

when nedamir brought up the zombie incident, june let his jaw drop in surprise. "okay, first of all, my plant didn't eat your zombie. plants don't have mouths, ned." june gave the other wizard a matter-of-fact stare, as if he were dumb. "second, it was your fault! tell your zombies not to explore my front yard and the vines won't get to them!" vale and him had grown some moonflower vines in front of their tower as a security system of sorts. anything that neared it was bound to be - as nedamir put it - eaten. the vine simply wrapped the zombie up until the zombie was basically zombie pudding. "besides, that zombie was so annoying! all it did was moan all day."

rolling his eyes at nedamir's dramatic antics, the young wizard returned his glance to the sky. if he hadn't caused the explosion. and nedamir hadn't caused the explosion. and their responsible neighbors probably hadn't caused the explosion. that left one thing - the clouds. "okay, but seriously-" he began, his tone less accusatory and more sincere. "what caused tha-"

the cloud had exploded, answering his question. similarly to nedamir, june gaped. his mouth hung open as he tried to process what was happening. he'd seen storms before, but nothing this big, loud, and scary. not to mention the fact that the clouds seemed to get closer by the second.

"uhh..." he answered, not lifting his gaze from the clouds. "should we... hide?"

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nedamir let out the most dramatic gasp possible when juniper called his zombie 'annoying', sending him a death glare as if he was already planning the other boy's funeral. ''that zombie,'' he hissed, ''was cooler than all your dumb flowers combined! yes, even that parrot flower you planted last time!'' the zombie was reanimated from various body parts stitched together, which was an art form a hippie like juniper couldn't even begin to comprehend. all he does is water some ugly plants and smoke them!
''maybe keep your weeds under control then!'' nedamir was about to argue his point that herbalism was for dorks and necromany was the superior craft, when another explosion from the cloud reminded him that there are better things to worry about than juniper's vines killing his zombie (well, it was already dead, but... more so.)
the cloud seemed to shift in colors, ranging from pitch black to light grey and purple. which again, clouds aren't really supposed to do; nedamir was about to say that maybe it would be smart to hide, when a guttural, almost animalistic voice echoed from the sky.
''you foolish mortals... today is the day you worms learn what true power is like! cower beneath the might of evillus!'' the cloud only seemed to widen as the voice started to laugh maniacally. and with a flash of light, it exploded; except, this time, a lighting bolt hit the town centre. even from the towers, it was eas to see the pillars of smoke rising from a quickly spreading fire. ''this land will be mine! and then, chaos will rule!'' with one last evil laugh, the cloud slowly disintegrated, leaving behind clear skies.
slowly, very slowly, nedamir turned his head away and stared at juniper, eyes wide like saucers.
''did that cloud.... just set the conclave on fire?'' nope. nah. couldn't be. this was all just a dream. man, that's so crazy!


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"excuse me," june began, the offence very evident in his tone. he held a hand to his heart, genuinely offended by the fact that nedamir believed his lame, smelly zombie was cooler than the parrot flower he had grown last month. he had spent forever bringing the parrot flower to life! literally! and when he finally had, that parrot flower was the coolest damn thing he'd ever seen in his life! it could even fly. could ned's zombie fly? june didn't think so.

"they aren't weeds! they are plants. beautiful, amazing plants who don't need to be associated with your negativity!" herbalism was obviously the superior magic. plants could be use as medicine! as weapons! as air-fresheners! what could necromancy be used for? bringing back stupid zombies who did nothing but stink and moan. lame.

just as june had opened his mouth to defend his poor plants from the cruel words of the necromancer, another explosion had echoed from the clouds. perhaps, june thought, they'd just have to fight letter. he was growing more and more scared as the clouds got closer and closer. he was a little high, sure, but he was pretty sure he wasn't high enough to completely imagine something that insane on his own. besides, nedamir seemed to be experiencing the same thing. he squinted, watching as the clouds rapidly changed colors.

hiding was beginning to sound like a great idea. june had turned around, ready to retreat inside and hopefully master some protection spells in the next, say, five minutes. but before he could, a voice boomed from the clouds. as much as june's instincts seemed to scream "hide!" june was captivated, listening to the rather villainous voice of the clouds.

june was confused. this was evident by the face he wore - eyes squinted as he tried to process what he had seen and mouth open. he watched as the clouds vanished, leaving the atmosphere looking rather beautiful if it weren't for the raging fire in the center of town. a flat "what" was all he could mutter as he tried to process, meeting nedamir's eyes as the two wondered just what the hell had happened.

"the cloud called us worms." june blinked once. "and it - it set the conclave on fire." he rubbed his eyes before reopening them, making sure he wasn't having some strange cannabis-induced dream again. he wasn't. this was real. either that, or he was really, really high.

"nobody calls me a worm. definitely not some dumb cloud," june announced, already planning how he would bring the stupid evillus or whatever the stupid cloud called himself down. it was evident in his tone and on his determined face - june planned on travelling to the town centre and teaching that cloud who's boss.
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it seems like they will have to continue their argument later (which, by the way, nedamir was totally winning) considering that clouds are becoming evil and sentient. oh, and setting powerful wizard conclaves on fire like it's nothing. you know, the usual.

for a few long, very long seconds, nedamir waited for his brain to wake up from it's reverie. he couldn't have been more shocked if june had just thrown the before mentioned parrot plant at his face. an evil cloud. setting towns on fire. planning to take over the world.

huh. whaddya know.

"i think you might have your priorities wrong." was it just nedamir or was he hyperventilating? because he's feeling kinda short on breath. "did you not just see that it set the town on fire?!" he hissed, eyes wild. how can june be more worried about being called a worm than that? wait, why does nedamir even ask. considering how weird he was, it's not even a question.
but it seemed they both had the same idea; no way is nedamir gonna let that pass. who does this evillus think he is? nobody sets the town on fire, unless it's nedamir. nodding in his resolve, he looked at juniper, a mix of worry and anger on his face. "we have to go there, now!"

without another word, the boy sprinted his way out of the room, down the stairwell, out of the throne room, down the three collective stairwells, beyond the blood ritual room, down another stairwell and finally, the second floor. except, there was also a stairwell down there and nedamir grumbled all the way down it. whoever decided the tower should have this many stairs was now his mortal enemy.

(why did i imagine evillus just looking like this, waiting for there two to stop fighting so he can have his evil monologue)


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all june could do in reply was shrug. he wasn't the type to worry unless he had directly seen a reason to worry with his very own eyes. that probably had to do with the cannabis, though. all he cared about at the moment was the fact that that dumb evillus cloud had called him a worm! june wasn't sure what he had done to make the cloud so mad, but june was offended! nobody calls him a worm. nobody!

in former high states, june had seen stranger things. evil clouds that wanted to take over the world for the sake of chaos? been there, done that. he supposed he hadn't been freaking out as much as nedamir had because of this reason. june still wasn't even sure if this evillus cloud thing was real. strangely, he had often hallucinated things. cannabis was a funny plant! it made him feel magical even when he hadn't used magic on the cannabis at all. the only reason he even believed evillus had been a real evil cloud was the fact that nedamir was there witnessing it himself as well. normally, june was all alone when he encountered strange things.

"oh, ok," june had said when nedamir suggested they go there - right now. he did plan on going, of course. that stupid cloud was going to have a piece of his mind whether he liked it or not. the "we" had surprised him though. nedamir, who had always insisted he was incredibly annoying and bickered with him constantly wanted him to go with him? june let a large, toothy grin spread on his face. "i knew you loved me," he said in a giddy voice, blowing nedamir a kiss. before the other could react, june too had sped out of his room.

june had been outside, waiting beside nedamir's tower before the other had gotten out. much unlike the other's tower, his tower did not have many stairs. the room was incredibly large and open - full to the very top with a variety of plants and odd plant-like creatures. instead of stairs, his tower had a much cooler way of transportation, if he did say so himself. he had stepped onto a large oak tree branch and let the tree carry him down, making sure to grab his cloak and bag on the way out of the door. he had run, excited that nedamir was finally realizing how cool he was and inviting him on some adventure to the town centre.
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it's official, the cloud has won. this evillus only had to set a town in fire and he's already won, because if nedamir has to save the world with this idiot, they might as well give up now. june is probably just going to get distracted by a butterfly and fall into a hole before they even reach the town. there wasn't much hope; but still, they have to try. with nedamir's superior intelligence and awesomeness, they might even make it.

nedamir almost recoiled when june blew him a kiss, but right when he got his shoe off to throw it directly at the other's forehead in a sudden murderous rage, the boy has already disappeared. oh hell no. he's so going to kill juniper the second he gets out of the stairwell purgatory and not even the gods can help the boy now. nedamir almost forgot to grab his stuff before running out in his anger, but remembered at the last second; his backpack was filled with necromancy essentials (demon's head, chalk, blood knife, teeth of dubious origins,... oh, and a book about ducks for some reason?) and he grabbed some of his own stuff as well, rushing outside.

june was already waiting outside, since his tower wasn't cool enough to have that many stairs. looking like a very angry, very red and very embarrassed lobster, nedamir send him a glare that would make him combust if looks could kill. "just so you know," he hissed, pointing at juniper accusingly, "i still don't like you and we aren't friends. but we have to work together, even if i don't like it!"


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(hi!!!!! i am so sorry for the delay. i've had a hundred zillion replies to catch up on and only now got back to this one. forgive me!! :'c also this post sucks bc i'm drained sorry skkhfskh )

how exciting! nedamir was finally warming up to him. june was going on a grand adventure (probably) with his new best friend! the young wizard couldn't stop smiling, finally thankful that he had managed to perform his own necromancy but reviving nedamir's dead, dead heart and helping him realize what a good friend he was going to be! it warmed his heart already to think of all the fun they were going to have. they'd try cannabis together! they could make zombie plant hybrids! they could make flower crowns and give them to his skeletons! oh, june was going to show him what fun he could be.

imagine how heart-breaking it was to find out nedamir didn't want to be his friend at all. why had he asked him on the quest then? it didn't make one bit of sense to june. but still, june was sad. very sad. if he wasn't too prideful to give nedamir the pleasure of seeing him cry, he was sure he would have cried right then and there! sniffing, he gave a dismal nod. "okay," he said, his voice completely lacking the optimism it had only minutes before. nedamir would warm up to him eventually, june was sure of it. either that or he and vale were going to have to move towers again. june wasn't sure he could manage to live beside someone with such negative energy.

"i guess we should begin walking then..." he suggested, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his dirt-stained cloak. and in the next moment, despite the completely melodramatic frown june had before, june broke into another grin, lighting up completely as he realized just where the town centre was. "do you think we will see vale!?" he asked excitedly. he didn't seem to put the fact that the conclave was likely set on fire and that vale was a part of the conclave together. vale was practically immortal, after all, and the coolest wizard june had ever met in his entire life. completely forgetting about the incident before, he turned around to grin at nedamir, waving him to hurry with him. "let's go!"
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(ajsksnehdjgj dON'T WORRY take all the time you need! cx reply at your own pace!)

despite his earlier dramatic outbursts, nedamir couldn't help but feel guilty as he saw june's optimism go out the window. sure, the boy was annoying like hell, but he didn't deserve that either, right? nedamir wasn't some heartless monster to make people cry for fun. still! why does he have to apologise! june's the one keeps annoying him! nedamir looked at the ground as june sniffed, suddenly very interested in his shoes, idly kicking a rock. for a few moments, he considered if he should or shouldn't apologise; but it seems it didn't matter.

june seemed to have forgotten all about it, more interested in the prospect of seeing vale. wooow. just when nedamir was starting to feel emotions and stuff, june is back to his excited puppy self. he could physically feel his irritation returning full force, his frown deepening. "are you actually dumb...?" nedamir mumbled, more to himself than actually replying.

still... it was a fair question, more or less. he wanted to know the same thing about ulyna; concern filled him at the thought of his mentor getting injured... or worse. no, no way! ulyna was super duper poweful, she has to be alright. but, what if both vale and ulyna got hurt in the fire...? for a few moments, nedamir was quiet, unsure of what to say. "...maybe. i hope so." he couldn't quite keep the concern out of his voice, shaking his head. only one way to find out; with that thought, nedamir picked up the pace and ran after june, determined to reach the centre.


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june was so excited to see vale! it had been like three days since he had last seen the other wizard and june was starting to miss him! well, not starting to. to be fair, june had missed the other mere seconds after vale had left him alone in their tower. he was his best friend! what did you expect? the plants were nice company, but most of them couldn't talk. believe it or not, june could only talk so much before he started to grow bored and tired. sure, it took him a whole lot of talking to get to that point, but it did happen.

june skipped ahead, humming some song to himself as he did. very loudly. he wasn't trying to get on nedamir's nerves. ok. maybe he was a little. he made sure to hum very loudly and very annoyingly as he skipped, occasionally giving nedamir very obvious stares to see how he would react after the other wizard had caught up. this continued on for a good five minutes before june grew bored. looking ahead at the pillars of smoke in the air, it was obvious to june that it would take a good while before they reached the town centre. by foot, anyway.

stopping his dramatic humming, june let out an exasperated sigh and sent nedamir a side-glance. attempting to be less annoying and break the ice, june bumped the other's shoulders with his own, giving him a smile. "so you like dead stuff, huh?"

why did nedamir feel bad about yelling at june, again...? suddenly, it seemed as if his earlier outburst was justified. the boy could feel his eye twitch as june started to whistle oh so obnoxiously, his irritation only growing worse as it went on. and the little dork was doing it on purpose, too! "gods, do you ever shut up!" he sneered, waving his arms in frustration. seriously! maybe juniper should reconsider learning herbalism and become a professional annoyance. he would be the best at it.

by some small mercy, it seems like june finally got bored of being a nuisance and stopped. with that thought in mind, nedamir let out a relieved sigh and continued walking, feeling blessed that there was finally some silence. except, when do good things ever last? june seemed to take it upon himself to annoy nedamir again. the boy shot him a dark glare to counter june's smile, letting out a dismissive snort. he was half considering hissing that he did indeed like dead things, because at least they don't talk, but no. as dumb and uncool as it was, nedamir knew they would have to work together. so he might as well try to talk with june.
"i guess." he sniffed, narrowing his eyes. "and you like weed. and plants." and killing innocent zombies.


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june was a pretty positive guy - that was easy to see. it was incredibly difficult to actually upset him. as someone who was carefree and only lived for fun and happiness, june didn't usually concern himself with negativity and emotions. but when nedamir asked him if he ever stopped talking, june was upset! how could nedamir be so annoyed when all he was trying to do was be his friend? "do you ever stop being a big, fat meanie pants?!" he sneered himself, hands on his hips as he glared at nedamir. "no!" he answered for him, sticking out his tongue and turning back around. he pretty much threw any hopes of befriending nedamir out the window. this journey was going to be long, he realized. very long.

he had finally fallen quiet. that was, until he grew bored again and tried striking up a conversation with nedamir. again. "excuse me, ned, they aren't weeds," june huffed, hands once again on his hips. "they prefer to be called cannabis. and yes, i do like them! i like them a lot." unlike the smelly dead things that nedamir hung out with, his plants were actually cool. sighing heavily, june looked ahead, shielding the sun from his eyes with his hand. "when are we there?" he asked. though he formerly wanted the adventure to last forever so he could have some quality bonding time with his neighbor, june just wanted to see vale at this point. vale wasn't a heartless meanie.

how can juniper even get offended when nedamir yells at him, when june was the one being purposefully annoying! and then, he insulted the necromancer with such foul words, even going as far as to call nedamir a big meanie. the boy almost bristled, sending the herbalist a dark glare. "at least i'm not a dork who talks to plants!" seriously! if plants had legs, they would surely run away from june. and now nedamir wasn't going to talk with him either. with a huff and cross of his arms, the boy frowned dramatically into the distance as he walked.

... okay, he was bored. yeah, he did call june a dork (which was just the truth), but it was either the dork or talking with himself. and even if nedamir was highly intelligent and oh so cool, he couldn't talk with himself for the whole journey. "how do you even know what they prefer to be called? it's just a plant." he mumbled the last part, scrunching up his brows in part confusion and part vexation. did june talk with plants via telepathy or something...? that's so lame. it's like the world's most useless superpower.
nedamir narrowed his eyes at the horizon, trying to see past the strong light of the sun by sheer will alone. he could see the towers and roofs of the town; a few minutes more. "we should be there soon, i think?"

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