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Yūka let out a small sigh as she patiently waited for her maid to finish tying the white sash around her black kimono. As luck would have it, another troublesome guest had made his way to the palace and was disrupting the natural balance with his usual chaotic shenanigans. She knew that this person was making these trips due to some sort of obligations. Now, whether he actually enjoyed coming here and spending time in the Fire Nation was an entirely different story.

Regardless, she had no idea why her cousin continued to entertain this buffoon, or why this particular individual kept lingering within the walls of the palace. Well, she had her suspicions, but they were none of her business.

"All finished Yūka-sama," her maid said, putting the last touches on her silk garment. Looking at the body-length mirror, she saw that her state of attire was immaculate as usual. "Would you like me to go over the itinerary for the day?"

The black-haired female softened her posture and nodded back in response.

"Due to the esteemed guests that have arrived today, all lessons have been canceled. Instead, they require Himari-sama to play hostess, and for you to assist her in this endeavor."

Yūka sighed once again as she had expected this to be the case, still, she had hoped against all odds that it would be different this time. Of course, just like the usual trends of her life, luck would not be on her side - again. Just as she was about to fulfill her role as the dutiful 'familial connection to the heiress', a peculiar item caught the corner of her item.


"Yes, Yūka-sama?"

Picking up the white fox mask, the aforementioned female stared at it for a few seconds before asking, "Are there any important meetings I have to attend?"

"No. And no, you do not have any gatherings, appearances, or parties that are expected of you today."

Himari's cousin wordlessly donned the mask over her face. Walking over to the door, she made sure that the disguise was rightly secured before beginning to step out from the room.

"The usual then, Yūka-sama?" her maid called out, watching his mistress wave back nonchalantly. "Understood."


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Yūka and her maid, Suyin, began leisurely strolling through the town, enjoying the semi-peaceful scenario that was presented to them. These were one of the few rare moments to which she was able to somewhat understand the 'stability' the current regime wanted to uphold. However, she knew that what her eyes beheld was merely temporary, and one misfortune was all it took for everything to change in an instant. Still, she didn't mind basking in this incremented sample size of the instance - even if it was from a skewed perspective.

However, as is the inclination of her fortune, mishap had come to pay her a visit.

The debacle had all began when one of the palace's esteemed guest had somehow managed to stumble upon her maid, knocking him straight into her, thus causing the mask to fall to the ground. With these events unfolding in rather rapid succession, she was not prepared for a proper reaction, thus making the poor girl lose her balance. Once this had been triggered, she had unfortunately stepped on the mask that was covering her face.

"Oof...ah, sorry! Are you okay? I should have been watching where I was going.”

Another sigh escaped from Yūka's lips as she looked down at the broken disguise.

"Oh..hey wait a second! Aren't you...Suyin right?"

Himari's cousin was honestly surprised by the conversation that her maid and this boorish man was having, but it appeared as though the two were in a somewhat friendly and cordial relationship. Since when did this happen? Still, since the day had been ruined, she figured that now was a good time to return to the palace.

"Um...if you don't mind me asking, Nomura-san, what are you doing here?"

A playful and almost mischievous grin appeared on his face as he replied, “Playing hooky. Shhh, don’t tell.” Looking around, he then asked her back. "So, what about you? What are you doing here?"

Rolling his eyes, the maid was about to answer when Yūka stepped forward and cleared her throat.

"Suyin?" The black-haired female tugged her maid's uniform and softly spoke, "Let's go." Smoothing out the skirt, she calmly began to walk towards the opposite side of where Nomura was standing.

"Ah, I'm so sorry Nomura-san!" The maid sighed and shook his head before shrugging. "We were about to do some errands, when Yūka-sama misplaced something."

Creasing his brows, the Royal palace worker crossed his arms and pouted. It was apparent that the attendant was having trouble formulating what he wanted to say. "Oh! So! Because as my lady would say, 'It's too troublesome', we decided to just go back and do it another day! So if you'll excuse us~"

The maid respectfully bowed at Nomura before making his way to where his mistress was walking. The pair began to head towards the palace when they heard the aforementioned male shout at them.

"Oy! Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today.”
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Yūka had no idea what he meant by those words or what he was even trying to portray to her. She was really hoping to avoid going out to the public now that her face was exposed. She had come out here in the first place to avoid Himari's friend, and get some fresh air at the same time. Just him being here defeated the purpose of her small excursion.

Still...she really really wanted to visit the shop.

In the end, the look of pittance from her maid, on top of the strong temptation and her unwillingness to go back to the palace had ultimately won.

Stopping in her tracks, Yūka turned back around and stood in front of Nomura. She coldly gazed at the man and crossed her arms before saying, "Don't come near me."

"Oh come on now, here, I'll help you with whatever it is that you were going to do." Flexing his arm, he winked and added, "I even have two arms here, one for each."

"Don't touch me."

As the black-haired female began to stroll away from the son of Sokka, the maid came around and let out a small giggle. "Don't mind my mistress, she tends to act all fussy, but underneath is a-"

Before palace worker could finish, Yūka came back around and stared daggers the assistant.

"Well!" Suyin said, linking arms with Nomura, "Even if Yūka-sama won't, I'll accept the offer! Lead the way!"

The pair plus Yūka began to make their way toward the shop that she wanted to visit. During the small journey, it was clear that whoever they seemed to pass were either trying to stay clear of the black-haired female, or were doing their best to ensure that she wasn't in their field of vision. A few of them even muttered what seemed to be obscenities under their breath.

All of this aimed at the one labeled as Azula's daughter.

Eventually they had come to the entrance of the store, only for them to put up the close sign. Yūka closed her eyes and counted down from ten before dully opening them back up again. Covering the lower half of her face with the long sleeves of her kimono, she hardened her eyes before looking straight down the road and began to go back to the palace.
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"All finished Yūka-sama, do you need anything else?"

The black-haired female shook her head, "Go attend to Himari."

The blond-haired maid mimicked his mistress, "Someone else is helping her right now."

The daughter of Azula gave a nonchalant shrug and waved off the palace worker. Having been dismissed, Suyin began to walk towards the worker's resting quarters when he heard an excitable voice call out to him.


The blonde maid blinked and looked toward the direction at where he heard his name.

"Just the girl we were looking for! Could you come here for a moment?"

Letting out a sigh, Suyin shrugged nonchalantly before walking over to the small group of gossiping women. Stopping before them, he bent his knees onto the grass before going into a sitting position. He smoothed out the hem of the skirt and then looked at the other attendants.

"So, what do you guys need?" the blonde maid asked in a cheerful demeanor.

"Well...we had a debate over Yūka-sama, and since you are her obvious favorite, why don't you dish out some dirt on her?"

Suyin hesitated on this request and wondered if they had any idea what they were trying to insinuate. Not wanting to complicate matters for the moment, he put the information away for a later date. For now, he was going to do his best to muddy the waters. He pretended to ponder for a bit before clapping his hands together and replied,

"So! Let me sing a light tune for you all, it might be a little off since my main partner isn't here to help me, but that's alright." Nodding, he cleared his throat before his voice went up another octave while holding a very airy tone to it.

"This song is about two~
These two were not the only who
Would meet
But on this day, they had a seat

This was so rare!
Oh indeed it was I swear!

Now on this day
It was very cold, to their dismay
Each of them had sported a frown
But then tragedy struck down!"

Suyin paused to dramatize this moment before bringing his voice down a bit.

"After the storm had cleared
It seemed like there was nothing to be feared
When all the heads were counted for
Almost everyone was present but sore
Except for those two that were missing
And this was when everyone was..."

The blonde maid let out a small hiccup and giggled.

"Sorry, I'm a little tired singing solo. Anyways, they eventually found those two, but when they did one of them looked really furious, while the other looked downright annoyed. Well, I need to start leaving now, I have duty rotation soon!"

One of them shouted out, "Wait! Who were they and what exactly happened?"

Stopping in his steps, Suyin crossed his arms and tapped his heels on the ground before answering "Let's call them uh..." Rubbing the back of his head, his eyes slanted to the side before continuing, "Zuka and Yhao! Gotta go! See ya!"

One of the workers muttered, "But...they literally skipped the part we all wanted to know..."

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