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inconsistent heartache
My Genshin oc and some Kazuha photos I took!! I’m saving up for xiaos rerun because anemo supremacy and I accidentally got kazu with no pity/third single pull (,: I guess it was just fate for me to collect every anemo character <3

r a m u n e

inconsistent heartache
a little half-assed comic i made of these two dorks <3
these guys are from a rp with @//holdie !

also~ making an animation of these buddies with a jack Stauber audio ! i cant wait to show you all, it's almost finished


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inconsistent heartache
here are some doodles!! the boy with the blue hood is my new genshin oc, haven't decided on a name yet!
and the black-haired buddy is @//sharkbucket's oc from a roleplay we're doing ^^/

silas.pnggenshin oc male.png

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inconsistent heartache
Silas is contemplating whether or not he should give Koru a kiss on the cheek....
The boys are stargazing!! I’m not talented at backgrounds at ALL but I thought this would be a nice idea!!
silas is the red-themed guy, once again @//sharkbuckets oc!! <3
Koru is my little boy...he is sweet

koru and silas stargazing.pngkoru and silas 2.png

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inconsistent heartache
I think I'm going to attempt to clean up this bad boy thread ^^
I have been on this site since 2017 and every single year people have been so kind and warm to me...it means so much! Thank you for taking the time to look at my doodles, I'll do my best to make everyone proud <3
thank u sm omg.png

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inconsistent heartache
Meet Cecilia, a local Mondstadt mystery! An adepti from Liyue who resides in Mondstadt after meeting a certain lively bard who gave her the vision of anemo. She spends most of her time following Venti around, usually keeping him company as a loyal friend, and tends to stay away from the main city. She feels slightly out of place at times, being from Liyue, but keeps a cheery disposition as well as she can. Cecilia is really pretty shy...
Her real name is Fen, but when she moved to Mond she took on the name Cecilia after finding that was the name of the flower on Starsnatch cliff, a place she frequents.
She loves citrusy foods and the clouds!
My genshin OC !! I love her! I've also got my cute boy from Fontaine but he doesn't have a ref yet hehe~
cecilia ref.png

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