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Fandom Power Ranger Crystal Guardians Character Template


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Name: Joshua "Josh" Drake
Age: 19
Ranger Color: Green
Personality: Joshua is generally easygoing and can take a lot of things in stride. He is not the most book smart and knows it, but a good part of it is caused by apathy when it comes to studying. He has a tendency to take rash decisions. While not the greatest cook in the world he does enjoy cooking.
Background: When he was ten years old Josh's mother remarried. At first he didn't really like his new stepfather but tried to get along with him, even though the two of them never got as close as his mother would have liked. Once it became clear that his issues at school were due to him not really trying his parents signed up for the boy scouts. It didn't really work out and he quit after about three months, though he did pick up his interest in cooking thanks to the camping trips.

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