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Polis, a City in Turmoil (RP thread)


Year 389
The beginning of a new year is celebrated across Polis, though the festivities do not drown out the city’s dire situation. The land of Vathacia is broken and divided, the last remnant of unity remains in Polis vested in the hands of the Polemarch. What remains of the Vathacian states have fallen under foreign spheres, those that haven't pay little recognition to ancient Polisian Hegemony over the region. Trade routes over land are in a state of neglect and disrepair. Bandits roam the countryside, making any exchange of goods between states extremely difficult over land. To the north, barbarians encroach ever further south, threatening the core of the Vathacian world. Across the sea, foreign kingdoms carve up what remains of Vathacian territories and perhaps what remains of Vathacia itself.

The authority of the Polemarch remains unchallenged across Polis, having subdued the Periochi in the years prior. The tightening of Polemarch control of the city grows by the day. At the beginning of 389 the Archons are summoned and directed to elect 3 of themselves to serve as direct advisors to the Polemarch. The 3 Archons would make up what is to be known as the High Assembly. To disobey the Polemarch’s directives would be unwise.

Oreusian-Decelean Agreements
The Oreusian-Decelean deals originate from the end of the civil war that engulfed Polis. In accordance with the deals, the Periochi of Oreus must provide Decelea with a payment of no more than 2,000 Polisian Drachma (2 AP) or a years worth of raw iron per year.

Foreign Sails

With the dawn of a new year, new ships fill the Polisian ports. The markets of Decelea and the inner Periochi are filled with a myriad of merchants selling exotic goods and wares. Among these ships is a fleet owned by the Crystal Sea Company, a prominent group based in Myridios. The Company was founded in Vathacia before the formation of the Vathacian Empire. They remain an influential figure on the world stage, fighting conflicts through their small private army or through the use of mercenaries. The company mainly trades and exports goods from the lands of Amidia. The most notable of these goods are slaves, horses, iron, and gunpowder. Their wares are for sale to any man with the means to pay.

You may post your actions and RP as you see fit. Please bring any questions to me


Her Majesty Victoria
Archon Arcaeus of Decelea spends many tens of thousands of silver Polisian Drachma (22 AP) on constructing a dockyard in (SECTOR 2). In order to complete the ambitious project by the beginning of next year, he accepts the proposal of Archon Julius of Oresus, putting the eight thousand Polisian Drachma (8 AP) to use in finishing the structure.
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The people of Thespiae were ones of bitter hearts and far reaching, long remembering minds. They never forgot a grudge, and nor did they pass up opportunities to take a swing at those who had done them wrong.
And these days, that was the people of the Inner Periochoi. Once upon a time, Thespiae was the greatest among them all, controlling Argos in addition to what they had now. But in the fight, all was lost except the land they had now. To the city boys. Men who had never worked a proper day in their lives. Hades, they probably didn’t even know how to ride on horseback. They were disgraceful.
So to have a leader like Demetrios at the helm, their trusted Archon, they knew that they could do great things. One day, they would take their revenge on the Inner Periochoi, and show them just what it means to be Thespiaen. For now, though, they would have to show the Outer Periochoi the light, the reason. The Inner City couldn’t function without food, and if they couldn’t function then it would be much easier to claim what is rightfully theirs…

Demetrios watched as the men of Thespiae drilled, the horses riding to and fro, the medium hoplites perfecting the art of the spear… He had them trained up to the standard, with bronze armor and weapons at their side. He did not deserve them. The army, his largest bastion of support… if they knew how he truly was, would they still follow him? The thought laid heavy on his mind, as he took another sip of the fine wine he had gotten from some struggling vineyard or another in the countryside. He enjoyed supporting those smaller vineyards owned by Thespiaens and other outer periochoi.
Stepping away from the balcony, he went back into his villa, laying down upon the bed and pouring himself a second glass of wine, even as he wasn’t done with the first. “Bring me a report on how the construction is going,” he ordered to a servant, who promptly dipped his head right out of the room. The stagnation of the Thespiaen economy was shameful. Even in his newly purchased seat, as an Archon he felt the weight of his failure down upon his shoulders. With another sip of wine, he clapped his hands together and sprang to his feet, as some of his advisors shuffled into the room. “Come on then pick up your pace! We have work to do, and those city boys aren’t going to do it for us, ha!”

Medium Hoplites trained (8 AP- 4 + 1 + 1 + 2)
Medium Hoplites, Bronze Weapons, Bronze Armor, Standard Training
Lumber Yard construction in Sector 37 (5/20 AP)
13/13 AP used​
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Though he was a man of war, there may be another solution.

After hearing his advisor's opinions, Lucretius decided to proceed with his letter. The Decelean trade years have tormented his people for years, cruppling his economy. The letter requested the exemption of Oreus from Decelean trade deals for the upfront payment of 8,000 Polisian Drachma (8 AP).

Lucretius expresses his good will to his Thespaien neighbors, and hopes for a long and prosperous friendship between the two Peroichi

As for his administrative duties, Julius granted 4,000 Drachma for the construction of a new iron mine north of Pictus Street(sector 30)
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Kleones, Archon's palace

Palaemon is sitting at his desk, marking the last changes to the new dockyards plan. He already has plans on course his Periochi takes in near future development. Key point to these plans was creation of new dockyards, which will be the gate for resources to swim into Kleones. Next steps would be construction of barracks and getting the gunpowder foundry back up and running. Still, before any of these would become useful, dockyards will need to be finished. Revenue from dockyards will allow for upkeep of soldiers stationed in barracks. Gunpowder foundry on the other hand, will become active thanks to resources bought from Crystal Sea Company. Getting militart foundry into shape will be tougher. Palaemon will need to somehow convince the Polemarch to cease occupation of this building to create weapons there. Still, no matter what will be done in the future, dockyards have to be created in Kleones. With this thought, Archon took two scrolls from his desk and stood up. After walking out from his office, Palaemon called a Messenger and gave him two scrolls.

"Take these to the building office. Tell them come to me with any doubts."

Begin dockyard construction in sector 16; +10 AP (10/30)
Begin construction of barracks in sector 17; +6 AP (6/25)
AP used 16/16
White Phocis wide.png
Phocis, Consul Hall (Sector 9)
In a large hall, adorned with marble, silk and gold, a group of men dressed in white were stood and sat in a half circle. They had been having small discussions in various groups but now their Archon had stood and moved to the centre of the open space in the middle of the room. "Representatives of Phocis. The tide of power is changing. The pillars of civilisation are still weak from wars past. I cannot tell you which way the power is moving but it is indeed shifting. We stand now neutral to the politics of the City and the world but I say this. If we do not make our resilience and determination known, when change comes we will either be swept away or forced into the wake of a raising power. Both of those options will lead to less self governance and more power leaving our hall, our Periochi, perhaps even our city." At this point he stopped as many were attempting to shout over each other to have their voice heard "We cannot stand idle!" one voice rang up above the clamour "What evidence! The Polemarch is keeping the peace" screamed another "Surely you are not suggesting Civil war and incitement?" roared a third. The Archon gestured for quiet and the screamings turned to talk and then continued as mere mumblings. Continuing over the quiet discussions still continuing on he said "No. I do not suggest war. However, Urellious is correct, we cannot stand by idly as events happen around us. The Polemarch is keeping the peace but many of my fellow Archons seem restless with his rule. Many are making quiet murmurings of such things, even some going so far as to suggest war. The best outcome is the Polemarch wins the Archons onto his side and hostile actions against or within the city never undertaken. We can guarantee nothing. I do not have the ear of many of the Archons, some listen, some do not, but none are loyal to me. If war is to come we cannot take action if we are unequipped. To this aim, I suggest we recruit a train a number of individuals to act as guards for our Periochi and help keep down crime, support the Polemarch in maintaining peace within our region and-" he was cut off by shouting once more "We should not need to risk our lives for this Polemarch!" was one, another was "We already has soldiers collecting tax in our own Periochi!" and a third was "Would this not be seen as an act of aggression by the Polemarch!?" He again gestured for quiet, which came much swifter this time "If war comes, the Polemarch may not see the value in our defence, we need to ensure that ourselves, as for risking our lives for the Polemarch, what better way to ensure they are not seen as a threat then to use them to his aid? We want the Polemarch as an ally not an enemy! Let us vote! Those in favour raise their hands" with that the vast majority of the representatives raised their hands, a great deal reluctantly but they could see the value there. "If we are to be taken seriously then we must also build a foundary to produce weapons, weapons we can then sell to the Polemarch. Then atleast some of the Tax we pay may find its way back into our hands and our own forces can be better armed against the threats we face!

- Training Standard Trained Crossbow units with T0 Armour and Weapons
9AP/20AP - Invested in a Military Foundary in Sector 10

The marketplace is in uproar. After Andronikos was able to defeat his rivals and win the election, Zenos the Demagogue disputes the legitimacy of the result. "The VERY FACT that we have a fool and an invalid in charge means the Gods MUST be displeased with this foolery we call democracy. We need a single strong man to take power, throw out the evil money-makers and make Argos great again. We must cease appeasement and become a self-sufficient district. We WILL find a way - a way, I tell you! So I say throw them out! We will not have peace or justice except by the blood of our so-called rulers!'

Zenos, speaking in a district with a long culture of democratic civic service, finds little support in the citizen populace - the uproar is due to them throwing him out, rather than him rousing any kind of rebellion, but he still may find support among foreigners, slaves and the dispossessed. Andronikos therefore decides the best way to combat his new rival is through a series of great public works to reduce unemployment and create material prosperity.

Work on the marketplace is begun to help increase trade. Declea is approached for a trade agreement that will see safe and free trade flow freely between the two districts. 8,000 drachmae (8 AP) is put into this in the initial building, and more is expected to follow.

100 men are trained as the 'Sacred Band of Argos.' They are given elite training. (10 AP.) At the moment their equipment is quite basic, but they will be given the finest equipment also. These are intended to be the finest hoplites in the Polis.

1,000 drachmae is put into an 'officer training scheme.' This attempts to find leaders among not only the sons of the nobility, but also the rank and file of the newly raised Sacred Band. Most of all, it is hoped a prominent general will emerge to take command of Argos' forces. With a strong upper middle class, it is expected that the Argives will have a strong officer class. (1 AP)
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Year 390
Time moves forward, a new year has dawned on Aegos and the land of Vathacia. The election results of 389 have been tallied and the High Assembly selected. On the first day of the New Year a messenger arrives in the following Periochi with letters addressed to their Archons, Decelea, Phocis, and Thespiae. The letters congratulate the Archons on their victory in the election and summon them to the Polemarch’s palace.

The First Decree
The coming year brings with it international strife and conflict. Surrounding states shrugging off Polisian hegemony in the Polemarch’s words “threatens the security of our great city”. The Polemarch’s small army of bureaucrats issue The First Decree to remedy the matter. No less than 100 men and 1,000 drachmas are to be collected in full from every Periochi. Payment is expected to arrive from every Archon by the end of the year.

Construction of the dockyard begins in full, the abundance of funding speeds the project as the new year dawns the dockyards are finished. Foreign and Vathacian vessels alike pour into the docks, bringing with them wealth, culture, and ideas.

A strange foreigner begins preaching in Decelean markets, he seems to be a radical calling for occupation of the outer Periochi’s.

The Hoplites are raised without issue, an exceptional recruit by the name of Adeimanthos stands out to Thespiaen officers. The Archon is made known of his presence.

Work on the Lumber yard begins, the labourers notice the area posseses exceptionally fine lumber.

Work on the Iron mine begins without hassel, nothing exceptional is discovered regarding the site.

Upon hearing news of the Archons decision to pay Decelea an upfront payment of 8,000 Drachma the citizenry plunges into controversy. Two clear sides emerge one supporting the deal and another opposing it, as the year draws to a close the Periochi teeters on the edge of chaos.

Construction of the dockyard and barracks begins without issue.

A letter arrives in the Archon’s palace, addressed to Palaemon.

The Crossbow infantry drills throughout the year, they are largely deemed ready for combat by the New Years.

Construction of the military foundry begins without issue.

‘The Sacred Band’ receives thorough and extensive training throughout the year. Their reputation quickly grows quickly and many suspect they are the finest warriors in Polis. Upon finishing their training, a letter from the Polemarch himself arrives, congratulating the men.

The funding allocated to finding new officers for the military is met with varying degrees of success. Many of the upper class and nobility see themselves above the unproven armed forces and respectfully decline.


Her Majesty Victoria
Archon Arcaeus of Decelea spends many tens of thousands of silver Polisian Drachma (20 AP) on constructing a new military foundry in (SECTOR 1). In response to the historic first decree, he sends in a generous eight thousand Polisian Drachma (8 AP) sum rather than the Polemarch's proposed tithe. In an effort to diminish the impact the often radical marketplace preachings of the strange foreigner may have - he publicly denounces suggestions of 'occupying' the outer Periochi whenever pressed.
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Kleones, Archon's palace

New tax has been sent to Polemarch. One hundred volunteers gathered from Kleones populace and a messenger carrying one thousand drachme. Seeing how this new expense might be the start of more taxes, Palaemon decided to speed up the construction of dockyards. He was about to write orders to construction office, when one of the servants entered Archon's office.

"My lord, a message has arrived. Its for you."

"Thank you." Palaemon responded "Put it on my desk, I will read it after I am done with this."

With that, servant left the room, leaving Palaemon with documents.

Send tax to Polemarch (-100 populace, -1 AP)
Loan of 10,000 drachmę sent to Oreus (10 AP)
Allocate all remaining resources to dockyard construction (5 AP) 15/30 AP
AP used: 16/16
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"So, Adeimanthos," Demetrios questioned, eating fig before washing it down with a fine glass of wine. "They tell me that you're quite the soldier."

The man nodded respectfully. "Yes, Archon. I learned from my father. He had been a lieutenant of the Archon during the time when the Polemarch came to power. Led his lines." Demetrios nodded in respect of the man's lineage, before motioning to him. "Then I would like to offer you a position in the front of my lines. You'll bolster the men's spirits with your presence. Just be there, and the men will naturally rally to you. And of course," he said with a small smile, "there's drachmae in it as well for you. What do you say?"

The man was silent for a moment, considering the more dangerous position he was being thrust into... but also the glory it would achieve. Adeimanthos gave a nod, and Demetrios clapped him on the shoulder. "Good. Then we'll announce it in a week in front of everyone. Thank you, Adeimanthos."

As the man left, Demetrios took the wine he had been carefully nursing and downed it in one gulp, before moving to his balcony. Things were going well for Thespiae. It would perhaps be good to get started on bows and gastraphetes and make use of that wood from the lumberyard being built... They said it was rather good. Later, however. First they would need room for those men. And to finish the damn yard as well.

2,000 drachmae (2 AP) is sent to the Polemarch as a gesture of Thespiae's commitment to his cause.
The 100 Hoplites trained in the previous turn march to join his army.
11 AP put into the lumberyard (16/20)

13/13 AP used​
White Phocis wide.png
"Please ensure the people or Oreus have a platform to debate. I fear the region could fall into some civil strife otherwise. Let the two sides talk and share their opinions" Decleus said to one of the representatives of peoples near that gates that lead to Oreus "Let them come to our halls and debate their opinions, we can't let this discourse get out of hand. Not only could this effect the stability of the City and, by extension, the teetering empire but it could spread to other regions of the city, We can't let this create any more problems then it already has." he added before heading to attend to the matter at hand, the Tax requested by the Polemarch.

Decleus sits at his desk and writes a letter to the Polemarch. In it he states that 1,000 Dracmae is to be sent in accordance to the Tax as well as the 100 men, he also sends a further 2,000 Dracmae and managed to find a further 400 volunteers to serve the Polemarch in defending the empire from threats both within and without as a token of his desire that the coming war against the Vethican states to the south goes in the Polemarches favour.

He also ensures that the Military Foundry is finished and work starts on a a new military foundry in Sector 9

ActionsStarting AP: 16
Added to 9AP resulting in 20/20AP for Military Foundary
Tax to Polemarch
2AP Given to support the Empires military
2/20AP put into starting another Military Foundary In Sector 9
500 Pop
recruited from Sector 11 donated to Polemarch

StatsSector 9: 94.5k Pop | Level 2 Academy
Sector 10: 115.5k Pop | Development 1, Military Foundry 1
Sector 11: 73k Pop | Development 1
Sector 12: 84k | Development 1
Total Pop: 367k | Other: Polemarch Tax Center
Military: 1 Unit Reg 0W 0A Crossbow​


As for his administrative duties, Julius further invests 10 Drachma for the continued construction of the iron mine (4+16/20)(sector 30)

4 Ap I spent to build a T1 military foundry (6/20)

A loan has been taken from Plaamon of Kleonis 10 Ap interest is 14 Ap

Enraged, Lucretius Julius speaks to his Senate about the recent discontent among the people concerning his offer to the Deceleans. The war with Decelea is over and the people now freed of their burdens, Oreus will rise up and regain it's prosperity. Oreus will make history. Any opposition to the Peroichi's decision is considered to be an act of treachery and punished harshly.
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Zoe of Argos had taken much abuse from the moment she married the, at that time, Archon election candidate. A beautiful woman from an impoverished family in Kleones, rumours swirled that Andronikos was a born fool with no brains - what else could a stutterer, limper and twitcher like him be - and that, therefore, there was some kind of subversive power behind the Archonate...a power many think to be her. The great history from which Andronikos first gained his fame is said to be a work of fabrication - the stolen glory of an unknown author - and any kind of supposed intelligence or divine favour from the Archon is and must be very obviously mistaken.

That is, according to the Demagogue, Zenos. But Zoe had done her womanly duty by giving her husband a child - a daughter, unfortunately. The daughter was named Helen and was cared for personally by her parents - a stance also receiving much criticism, for what kind of self-respecting wealthy mother wouldn't hire nurses to raise her children for her!? These are the kind of problems you get when your Archon marries lowborn filth! And from Kleones to boot! But Andronikos' recent actions in the assembly and the raising of the Sacred Band endear him to many people; the next election will be an interesting one indeed.

-Archon Andronikos has a daughter by his wife, the controversial commoner, Zoe.
-Andronikos raises 100 more hoplites of rushed training. (4 AP) These are sent to the Polemarch as requested. The requested sum (1 AP) is also paid.
-An investigation is launched into the infrastructure of Polis - the sewage, roads, the city gates, and so forth. The investigators are looking for any possible improvements that could be made on a city-wide level, such a new main road across the city to facilitate trade, or something of that nature - a project to benefit the whole city.
-The academy readies itself for the upcoming Polisian games agreed to by the assembly. Music and poetry are composed and festivities readied.
-Further resources are put into the source for a suitable general or suitable officers for the army. Now, paid incentives - not just an appeal to civic duty - are used to entice recruits to sign themselves up for officer candidacy. (2 AP - mostly I want some form of general who will be his own character and a leader on the battlefield.)
-12,000 drachmae are put into developing Sector 6. (12/40)

AP: 19 spent of 19.
Population: Sector 4 - 132,300, Sector 5 - 110,250, Sector 6 - 99,225.
Military: 100 Sacred Bandsmen, elite hoplites with stone/fur armour and weapons. (Spears)
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The heart of ephesus began to pound as an insurgence of workers had come to build a new agora for the district after the news that a new campaign would begin. It seemed to be all anyone could talk about was the impending fight, who? For how long? Excitement rose as they asked the more important questions: What boon would they aquire? How many slaves? What new beasts would adorn their streets when it was done?

Every hailed the great men who had already signed up to take on such a task and now made sure they were fit... all hands that were willing and able were working on the new Market place for it was in their honor. A new place for them to hold triumphs and sell what came of their reeving and raping.
Year 391
Time moves forward, a new year has dawned on Aegos and the land of Vathacia. To the southeast, tensions brew. A southern coalition known as the ‘League of Tylus’ has declared full succession from what remains of the Empire. Civilians and scouts alike flood into the various Periochi. They speak of a gathering army to the south, intent on preserving the league’s independence.

From across Vathacia, the calls of the Polemarch are not left unanswered. Ships and armies alike march arrive in the city, the outer fields are turned into a nearly permanent camp where foreign troops are housed and fresh recruits train.

Construction of the Military foundry proceeds smoothly, as the year ends Decelean blacksmiths are fashioning fine works of metal.

The strange foreigner continues his fanatic teachings, a small following seems to have grown around him and now his rantings and ravings draw large crowds.

Construction of the Lumberyard begins without issue, estimates suggest it will be finished within the next year if funding continues.

Work on the Iron mine begins finishes, and construction of a military foundry begins without hassle

With no immediate solution to the Decelean deal, several groups rise up in rebellion against the Oreusian government. The Polemarch, fearing complete anarchy and lacking faith in Oreusian forces intervenes. 500 Hoplites march into the Periochi and thoroughly dispatch the rebel groups. A payment of 1,000 Drachma is asked of Lucretius in exchange for Phalinos’s services.

Construction of the dockyard continues without hassle

Construction of the first military foundry finishes, but it has no raw resources at its disposal

Work on the second foundry proceeds

The equipment commissioned for ‘The Sacred Band’ leave many confused as no military foundry's, or raw resources are anywhere to be found.

The infrastructure investigation leaves many interesting conclusions. The gates and roads are in various levels of condition, with many being maintained well enough. The sewers have fallen mostly into neglect, no man really wants to go down there.

A skilled commander from the civil war period named Iphitus steps forward. He is widely known as a bit of a local legend in Argos. During the civil war he was responsible for many of Argos’s victorys, claiming the territory they hold today.

No AP expenditure given?

The Polemarch personally requests that Ephesus assumes control of the cities security in his upcoming absence. A force of 500 hoplites are put under the command of Ephesus’s leadership


Her Majesty Victoria
Archon Arcaeus of Decelea spends many tens of thousands of silver Polisian Drachma (20 AP) on constructing a new military foundry in (SECTOR 2). In response to the small but growing following of the strange foreigner, he becomes silent on the issue for now, waiting for it to grow or weaken with time until he addresses the matter once again.

The t1 iron mine is completed (sector 30)

8 Ap I spent to build a T1 military foundry (8/20)

The first form of the Oreusian Legionnares is forming, the very light unarmored infantry are well trained (Regular) they are equipped with stone Kopis swords.(4 AP)

The loan taken from Plaamon of Kleonis 10 Ap interest is 14 Ap(1 turn old)

"Respected Plaamon of Kleonis,

I am for ever grateful for your grant of this loan, as I ensure that is it put to good use, Oreus will become the economic powerhouse it was long ago, and in time you will receive your full payment back, with interest. I hope for a bright future for your people.

Lucretius Julius of Oreus"


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Kleones, Archon's palace

Palaemon has already finished allocating resources for this year. This wasn't hard, considering how only major project going on in the Periochi was dockyard construction, and with the resources allocated this year, there is no doubt dockyard will be finished this year. Happy with this situation, Palaemon picked up this year's register from taxation office. Recent growth in population has brought in more taxes than expected. This year there was nothing meaningful that could be done with such amount of cash, but in the next years, it will prove very useful.

Finish dockyard construction (15 AP) 30/30 AP
Tax for Polemarch (-100 people, -1 AP)
AP used: 16/17

((Sorry just been super busy will flower it up and make a nice dialogue but I got stuff to build cnat lose a turn of AP))
18AP spent to finish second Foundary
2AP spent to upgrade Unit to T1 Armour and Weapon
-Iphitus is sworn as commander of the Argive forces.
-A more detailed investigation of the sewers is made: how could sanitation in the city be improved and for what price?
-Bronze foundry built in Sector VI. (20 AP). Provides 4 AP.

AP: 20 spent of 20.
Population: Sector 4 - 138,915, Sector 5 - 115,763, Sector 6 - 104,186.
Military: 100 Sacred Bandsmen, elite hoplites with stone/fur armour and weapons. (Spears)
Year 392
Time moves forward, Vathacia remains in turmoil. News from the south continues to worsen. The league of Tylus continues to marshal its forces, preparing for what many suspect to be a siege of Polis. Nonetheless, the grand army of the the Polemarch marches south as spring arrives. In his stead, the High Assembly will govern the city as well as the rest of the Empire. With no response from the Archon of Ephesus, a force of 500 hoplites are given to the Assembly in order to preserve order.

Construction of the Military foundry proceeds smoothly

The strange foreigner’s fanatic teachers continue to plague the Periochi. More and more of the populace begin to follow this radical’s teachings

The Polemarch demand he be paid for his services in quelling Oreusian riots.

All construction continues as planned

All construction continues without hassle.

The Polemarch thanks the Archon for his taxes, even though he didn't ask for it.

The new equipment is distributed to the men

Work on the second foundry finishes

Construction of the foundry is finished without hassle

A more detailed report of the sewers is compiled, early analysts believe there's not much to be improved upon besides general maintenance and expansion

12 Ap I spent to build a T1 military foundry (8/20)

3 AP is sent to Palaemon of Kleonis

1 AP is sent to the Polemarch along with a letter of thanks

The loan taken from Plaamon of Kleonis 10 Ap interest is 14 now 11 Ap(2 turn old)

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