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Not sure why I'm doing this but here goes wooo poems


Time can do a lot of things.
It erased the feel of you-
the smell of cigarettes choking my lungs
As you walked through the door.
And though it wasn't smoke that lingered
It's the only way to describe the burnt taste
Left in my mouth every time I've greeted you.



My eyes have bled into this page,
I've stared at it for so long.
Accepting my reality on sleepless nights,
And choosing to stitch myself back together with my pen.


White Halls

The room is white-
It's blinding.
It hurts my eyes, but I can't look away.
It surrounds me, white hot flames licking the walls.
I cover my eyes to forget,
But I still see it, the everything which is so plentiful
It means nothing.



Before moments of harmony
That brush away bitter tears,
It's sometimes needed to look into the abyss.
To fall and to cry,
And to face the agony within oneself.

In the stillness of ourselves,
Reflections of memories are drifting by,
Floating along like water lilies.


Old friends sing softly,
Carrying chilled farewells on the wind,
Brushing away mournful tears,
With the softest of touches.

I like seeing your smiles in the summertime.
Happy and bubbly and sweet,
like a fizzy soda on a nice warm day.

Playing in the flowers outside
and scraping our knees.
It feels like daylight will never go away!

But the sunshine doesn't last forever,
with it's warm grazes against my cheeks
eventually leaving, wilting blossoms, taken by the shade.

Little rain cloud up above, taking away my sunshine-
were you lonely up there by yourself?
It's okay, little teardrops! Tomorrow we can pretend autumn never came.

I'll push you on the little swing set,
in the yard we used to play.

But it doesn't change the sun from setting,
drooping down as I close my eyes.

Tomorrow we'll make it even better, forever with you and I.

(A friend asked me to do this little challenge with her, where you make poems in the style of the girls from DDLC. This one was for Sayori's style :P)
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(oh jeez I need to remember to post here ahah woops)


These absent memories pierce into me,
needles pushing their way
in and out
to fill in the gaps.


I'm floating along in a world I cannot change,
drifting with flower buds in the water,
and lingering with silence straying by my side.


I'm giving my sadness a voice.
To scream, to shout,
To sing,
And when silence rings,
and cries hush to whispers,
The sorrow will learn to smile beside me.
(cruddy lil vent thing I did hah)


I always tell myself it'll be tomorrow.

Tomorrow is when things will be better.
Tomorrow is when things will change.
Tomorrow is when I will change, because sometimes that's the only thing one can adjust.

It's always tomorrow.

It never seems to come.
I never seem to let it arrive, to let it see the light of day.
I never seem to be able to let things go.

It's always on my mind.
You're always on my mind-
like a dream gradually fading that I can't seem to shake-
little water droplets on my skin.

It's never tomorrow.

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