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  1. (Hello it is me again this is where we will post our rp)
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    Cathal McKay
    Nobody had ever asked Cathal to be part of the welcome wagon, but he’d been visiting Camp Half-Blood since he was big enough to walk, and anyway, his mother had drilled hospitality into him for as long as he could remember. Moving in had never been scary for him, but it was for the new kids, especially the ones who didn’t know very much about any of this, and even if he was a stranger too he was a stranger with cookies. That usually helped. The older kids, the ones who’d been here before, knew to expect him and his cookies, and he’d spent the better part of the morning flitting between cabins, passing out chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles and catching up on what everyone had been up to over the year and helped a few new kids find their cabins.

    Cathal supposed he should have known better than to expect Gwen to use move in day to actually, you know, move in, but here she was, already busy tinkering with something or other. Even the hustle and noise of her half-siblings moving in around her didn’t appear to disrupt her any. Cathal set what was left of the cookies down where he was sure they’d be finished off and crept up behind Gwen. She didn't notice him, or pretended not to notice him, and he pulled magnets and paper clips out of the pockets on his jeans and carefully began sticking them to her, keeping count.
  3. Noah Drear

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    Mumbling and dragging his feet, Noah walked through camp to welcome any new campers. He was late, as usual, due to sleeping in. While many of the other demigods complained about Noah's tardiness, he couldn't bring himself to change as sleep is something he holds dear to his heart being the son of Hypnos. Typically, Noah would help ant of the newbies who are a little too roughed up from their journey. A good day's sleep could help alleviate any mental trauma a demigod may experience on their way to Camp Half-Blood. Thunk, Noah had just walked into a cabin. A bad habit of his when he tries walking around with his eyes closed rested.

    Rubbing his eyes, Noah looked around his current surroundings. He noticed a tray of cookies sitting by itself. From the smell of it, maybe some Hestia cabin kids made them. Taking one, Noah looked around to see a Hestia child, probably the one who made the cookies, taking advantage of another person's inattentiveness. Noah walked over to Cathal as she was sticking magnets and paper clips onto some other distracted camper.

    "Have you broken your high score yet, Cathal?" Noah asks as he yawns and a few crumbs of cookies fall out of his mouth.
  4. [​IMG]

    It wasn't that Jay hated helping newcomers into the camp, it was just she hated all the work that went into it. Getting the kids signed up for cabins and trying to figure out who they're parents were and such. But being one of the counselors, well, that came with the territory. Usually, if they didn't know who their godly parent was, they all just got pushed into one cabin. She was just happy she was the only kid of Zeus, otherwise she'd have to throw a fit. The thought of sharing a space with someone else isn't necessarily something she EVER wanted to do. She liked things a particular way and having to teach someone what that way was was just too exhausting. But alas, she was never sure if she was the only kid so this day was always nerve wrecking. What if a kid turned up and it turns out that they were related? Then she'd have to bond and share her luxurious cabin. But the odds of that happening were slim to none.

    She left her cabin after calling her mother, letting her know she was safe and alright and all of that nonsense. There were so many people walking around and she could tell which kids were the new ones and which were Half-Blood veterans. Spotting a group of newbies, she walked over to them and took out her clip board, taking down names. Some already knew what this camp was but had never attended. Some already knew who their parents were and so she directed them to their cabins. Taking down such information was so boring and she needed a pick me up and that's when she remembered. There was one person who seemed to always do the same thing whenever newbies entered the camp and that was bake cookies. Jaylene made her way over to Cathal's cabin and swiped a cookie. "You know, I think this may be the best thing about orientation. Cat's cookies."
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    Damian Westerian
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    Damian woke up early - or rather, he didn't sleep at all thanks to his little problem with insomnia. He stretched his arms as he walked outside. He squinted his eyes when he stepped out of his cabin. After all, his cabin was really closed down with only one window that was far away from his bed and something he rarely looked out of. He let out a small yawn as he made his way to the entrance of Camp Half-Blood where the welcoming ceremony thingy they had every year. Most of the time, really, he did nothing in this. He is a counselor considering he's the only person in the Boreas Cabin but the other counselors had it covered. But he decided to bring a clip board and pen just in case they need any help.

    Someone tugged his sleeve and a younger person was there. Oh? This was a newbie wasn't it? Yeah, she was. He began taking down her name and then directed her to her cabin. It was good that she already knew who her Godly parent was and she knew all about Camp Half-Blood, must have known about the camp before. He was then approached by other newbies, much to his dismay. After some time, he finally broke away and escaped. His nose caught on something delicious smelling - the smell of cookies. Was it Cathal's cookies?

    He followed the scent and found himself near the plate and another person there.
    "Heya Jay. You managed to escape all the boring stuff too huh?" Like him, she's been here for a while. He then picked a cookie up and then began to eat it. "These cookies really save the day for me." He kept his distance from her as to minimize the chill the Child of Zeus would feel coming from him. It was instinct for him now - to not stand by someone too closely as to not make them uncomfortable with the sudden change of temperature.
  6. Gwen was working on something incredibly important: A toy. Well not a normal toy by any means she was trying to fit as many gears and moving parts off a single spring wind up as she could. While hopefully being humanly possible to actually wind. It was over complicated, inefficient and a lot of fun to build. And she did it instinctively, she was nervous. It didn't hold as much meaning for her anymore, being a year round camper, but for new discoveries and many, many old faces (Some appreciated some not so much). So the night before she hoped to ease her nerves she worked. An indeterminate amount of time later she was nearly done. It was a mechanical centipede, simple in appearance but with 4 different points of articulation per segment, with only one tension spring for powe. But she got annoyed it kept falling on things so she spent a lot of time making drips and twists until it was an all terrain bug (ATB). Finally at least somewhat satisfied she leaned back and rubbed her face (Unknowingly getting oil all over it). Time to hit the sack and be relaxed for the campers in the morning! Reaching for her water bottle she grabbed a cookie and munched on it absent mindedly.
    Wait. Why were there cookies in their cabin? Cathal's cookies? He only made them on opening day. Curiously, she looked behind her to find the offender, "Bloody hades Cathal!: She said calmly, "What time is it? You're supposed to wait til morning to bring the welcome cookies ya daft master baker."
  7. Cathal McKay​
    "It's noon," Cathal said. "I have put fifty-six paper clips and thirteen magnets on you." He reached up and patted Gwen's head. "It is not a high score," he added for Noah's benefit. "You moved too soon. Did you make me a present?" He leaned over Gwen's shoulders and looked at what she'd been working on. "It's a bug and it has legs! Can it move?" He wiggled his fingers at it.
  8. "Oh so..." Gwen said slowly realizing she had only been awake for thirty hours. She could do so much more before sleep took her! "Someone must be handling new campers that's good. I'm glad they decided not to bother me while I was working but it might have been important..." She was the counselor of the Hephaestus cabin, which meant two things: 1
    1. The responsibilities of a camp counselor
    2. The ability to ignore those responsibilities to make really cool stuff.
    So hopefully one of her younger siblings had taken charge and gone to greet the campers. Sure enough, the pile (Paperwork and other official things that seemed to be sucked into the corner of the workshop) was missing the greeting clipboard.
    "..Not as important as this though! it is a bug! A all terrain centipede! I've been working on it all night apparently! Wind it up will yah? Wait did you stick metal all over me again!" A quick look confirmed she did, "You cheeky... I told you not to use magnets! They're to hard to get off and too easy to count! Oh and G'afternoon Noah, what got you out of bed?"
  9. Noah Drear

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    Noah smirked as Cathal announced her score. He was surprised that the Hestia demigod had managed to put even more on previously. For Noah, being drowsy all the time makes it hard for dexterous work. Noah peered at the contraption Gwen had produced. He wasn't quite good at invention so the things that Hephaestus cabin members could whip up amazed Noah. Though, Noah wasn't sure what was so useful about the "ATB" as Gwen called it. A super comfy bed; now that would be a device of sort applicable function.

    "Oh, I suppose I was supposed to help with the welcoming... But my preferred sleep schedule got in the way." Noah said groggily. One thing he certainly didn't understand about Gwen was her lack of sleep. She loves to stay up and tinker, but to Noah, being up for more than 12 hours is borderline torture. Close by, Noah could sense a sleep deprived camper. A hint of curiosity crossed his mostly lazy face and excused himself before walking around to find the poor, tired, camper.

    Noah spots two campers near the tray that Cathal had left. He for sure could tell that one of them certainly could use shut eye. Walking over, Noah recognized Jayla, one of the rare Zeus cabin members. The other was a little tougher to remember...uncommon parent... Something with wind... Oh yes! The soon if Boreas, Damian.

    "Sorry to intrude. I'm Noah, Hypnos cabin. I can't help but tell one of you seems to be in need of sleep?" Noah asked trying wake his face up and seem more friendly. "As being descended from the god of..." Noah pauses to yawn, "... sleep, I would hate for anyone in camp being unable to get some rest."
  10. Cathal McKay​

    "Byeeee~" Cathal said, waving after Noah. "But the magnets are so cute," he told Gwen. "They have sun flowers on them. And snails." He peeled one off and showed her the cartoon snail on it. "Look at how cute that is." He papped it gently on Gwen's cheek and then went to wind up the centipede before freeing it to explore the mess of Hephestus' cabin's floor. "Also were you really yelling at me for bringing cookies too soon? What is wrong with you?"
  11. [​IMG]

    The sudden sound of a voice behind her made her shock herself and almost drop her cookie. She juggled with it for a minute before successfully holding it in her hand. It wasn't just the voice, but also the source. She should have known who it was anyway, feeling a sudden chill in the room. "D-Damian! You can't sneak up on me like that." She stammered before gaining back her cool. "Actually, I helped a whole group of young ones to their cabins today. I deserve a cookie and a break." For a second, she hesitated to take another cookie but decided the work it would take to burn it all off wasn't worth and she didn't. Just as she was going to speak, Noah came over, yawning. It was too late for her to look away when she caught the same train of yawns. "Noah! Yawning is freakin contagious." She said in the middle of a yawn, covering her mouth with her hand. "But, to answer your question it might be him. I feel totally rested." Nodding her head over to Damian she crossed her arms. "Why don't the two of you ever get enough sleep?"
  12. "I am not angry at you for bringing cookies. No never mad at the cookie bringer. Im just frustrated that I have adorable magnets all over me. While I am proud of your accomplishments, I have to spend time taking magnets off me now. But enough of that! Bug!" Happily she took a key and wound up the bug. After about 30 seconds of winding it was ready to go and with no hesitation she put it on the ground. The bug kicked to life and scuttled along the floor and out the door. "IT WORKS PERFECTLY!" Gwen cried and jumped up, pilling even more grease and oil on her.
  13. Damian Westerian
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    Damian couldn't help his lips from grinning when Jay almost dropped her cookie but she managed to save it. The subsequent flustered reply only made his grin wider. It wasn't everyday he managed to shock the girl like that. "I'm surprised you didn't notice the coldness in the air as I approached you." He pointed out, though he felt like she already knew that. He showed the clipboard he was holding and the names and cabins on it. "Surprisingly enough, same here." He then gulped down the cookie he was eating and then took another one, not even hesitating one bit unlike his fellow camper.

    Upon seeing Noah approach them, he already knew what was coming. He gave the Child of Hypnos a small wave. When he yawned and then Jay yawned, he couldn't help but yawn as well. Such a contagious thing.
    "Mhm, that's me. Yesterday night wasn't the best night for me." He said while raising his hand before popping the cookie into his mouth. He chewed it well before swallowing it. "I blame insomnia for that." He answered to Jay's question. He then turned to Noah. "But nah, I'll fall asleep later when I sit down so I don't need help with that. No worries."
  14. "If you did not sit so still it would not be so tempting," Cathal said. "Also I am a terrible awful person." He watched Gwen wind her centipede up, and cheered with her as it fled the cabin. "Maybe. Maybe we should follow that," he added, and bounced up to chase it. It would be a shame if Gwen's new toy got lost or broken or stomped on right after she'd worked on it.
  15. Noah Drear

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    Noah felt goosebumps rise over his body as he realized that he was standing a little to close to the son of Boreas. He had forgotten that Damian creates an aura of cold around him much like how Noah can create an aura of drowsiness. Noah smirked as the two other campers were overtaken by the contagious yawn. He prided himself in being able to put most anybody under a drowsy spell.

    "I would get more sleep, but Chiron says that we aren't productive enough with any sleep over 10 hours." Noah said to Jay with disappointment in his voice. "For me, a good 14 hours would suffice." That would leave an entire 10 hours in the day to do things but contrary to Noah's beliefs, that isn't enough time to do things. Noah sighed wistfully at the aspect of sleeping for as long as he wants. "Anyways, if you need a good night's rest, you know where to come to." Noah said encouragingly to Damian. "There isn't a bout of insomnia that I can't fix."
  16. [​IMG]

    She nodded her head side to side at Damian's comment about him always being cold. "Yeah. I guess you're right, except I'm always cold." She replied matter-of-factly. Then turning to Noah, she shook her head. "Ten hours of sleep? I'm fine with just 3 hours and I'll still be like a little ball of energy." Just as she was about to say more, she felt a small tugging on her shirt and looked to find the source. A group of small kids had found their way over to where she was, possibly the orphan group she had helped earlier that day. Smiling at them, she picked up the one who was tugging at her shirt. "Yes little one, how may I help you?" Looking at the boys in front of her, the little girl hid her face in Jay's shoulder before whispering to her. Jay nodded in understanding, the girl wanting some food to eat as well as the three others that had followed her. "Gotcha." Jay turned to face the Noah and Damian before sighing. "Duty calls. I'll see you guys later." She told them before grabbing two other kids hands and letting the last latch himself onto her leg.
  17. Damian Westerian
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    A smile played on his lips at Jay's comeback. "Oh, so not even my chill can make you shiver huh? Nothing less from the child of Zeus." It was rather true. Zeus, after all, was above all four wind gods, including his own father. His smile only grew wider when Noah decided to put on his two cents about his sleeping habits. "Hey, Noah's a special case isn't he? I don't think being awake and being the son of the God of Sleep goes hand in hand." He commented rather jokingly. Though to be honest, he didn't really expect anything else from Noah. The dude usually walked around camp drowsily, if he is even seen at all. He nodded gratefully at Noah at his offer. "Hanging outside your cabin is enough to make me sleep but I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

    It was then that four children had appeared. They were very young from the looks of it. The girl didn't seem to like them too much since she only interacted with Jay and even hid behind her when they made eye contact. Damian rubbed the back of his head rather awkwardly, looking away from the girl. He only looked back when Jay began to speak. "Sure, sure." Once Jay was a little bit away, he added, "Oh, uh, good luck!" He turned back to Noah. "I don't know how she gets all that energy..."
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    Jessie awoke, she was so tired right now, and she was awoken by the smell of burning oil. She sat up, and looked around. Hephaestus's cabin was a complete and utter mess. She sighed, and stood. She changed, and stepped outside. She saw all the other campers up already. It wasn't like her to sleep in, but she felt she had deserved it. The night before she was working on a new project. It was a small metallic tiger. It was no bigger than the size of her hand. It would jump around and pounce when it was done. She was proud of her thinking of it.
    She could see Cathal and Gwen heading after a odd metal moving object. She decided to follow. It wasn't like she had anything better to do. She ran up to them smiling.
    "Hey guys what's going on?" She asked the both of them.
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  19. Syrill Adams

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    The ravenette twisted and turned, hearing the buzz of all the other campers outside. What in the name of Olympus is happening outside? She thought in annoyance to herself as she threw the covers off herself. She waved her hand and the window opened up, letting the bright sunlight flood in. Why is everything is so alive? She mused herself while standing up to change. With another flick of her wrist, she closed the window and got her outfit. A black sleeveless hoodie, a tank top, a white pair of yoga pants and brown combat boots. The whole cabin was empty, the other campers already up. Syrill walked outside the cabin, inhaling fresh air, in that case also inhaling the wonderful scent of Cathal's cookies, Following the smell, she ended up in front of the cabin, only a few campers in sight. Right. Welcoming. But where are the cookies? The scent stilled lingered, but the cookies were no where. Her stomach grumbled in disappointment. "By the gods, did I miss Cathal's cookies?" She said, coming up to the two males.

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  20. Noah Drear

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    Some kids had approached Jay but not Damian nor Noah. Was it the fact that she was a girl? Or was it that Damian wasn't exactly welcoming with a cold aura or the fact that Noah looked dreadfully half-tired? Either way, Noah was partially glad that he didn't have to deal with the children. Every now and then Noah would lose track of people if he dozed off. As Jay walked off, Damian wished her best of luck before commenting on her energy.

    "Certainly is astounding." Noah agreed. How anyone could function with less than 10 hours of sleep was beyond Noah. A disappointed Syrill showed up. Dismayed at the fact that she lost out on the opportunity for cookies. "Ah, hello Syrill. You just..." Noah pauses to yawn again, "...missed the cookies unfortunately. I believe Damian here ate the last of them." Noah smirked to himself. Didn't Cathal make the cookies for the new campers? Yet most of the campers helping, or avoiding help, were the ones eating them. Heh, ironic.
  21. Damian Westerian
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    Damian nodded and crossed his arms. As he watched the children and Jay walk away, he was reminded from when he first came to camp. He began playing with his necklace that had been gifted to him by his father when he arrived at Camp Half-Blood. It was a weapon, of course, a saber made of Celestial Bronze that could reduce its size to a mere pendant to act as an accessory. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard another voice pipe up.

    Syrill, child of Hecate. She looked like she had just woken up. What was it with people and sleeping in when it was welcoming day or whatever the hell this was called? Ah, but he couldn't blame them. Sleeping is quite a blessing after all. When she inquired about the cookies, Damian looked back at the plate and noticed that it was empty. Oh. Oh did he just? Oh... Noah confirmed it with his statement and he internally groaned.
    "Sorry 'bout that Syrill. I swear I only took two and I've been dealing with them since earlier on." He gestured towards the remaining new campers. "Didn't really notice that it ran out."
  22. Syrill Adams

    |The Sorceress | Hecate's Daughter

    Syrill sighed as she looked over the empty plate of cookies. Following her sigh, she blew her side bangs up in habit. "Its fine," She chuckled lightly as to lessen his guilt. "I know how incredibly hard it is to resist Cathal's cookies." She smiled, almost drooling at the thought of those heavenly sweets. It was a real wonder on how the man had managed to male them so delicious. It was truly the food for the gods. Reality seemed to only hit Syrill right then and there as she noticed the two boys were the sons of Boreas and Hypnos. Her eyes widened at the realization. "Did I wake up that late for you to be awake?" She looked at Noah incredulously. Her back felt the sunlight hit it, however, she felt coolness on her side who happened to be Damien, She moved a closer to the male. "What a gift you have. You mustn't ever feel the ridiculous heat the sun gives." She sighed in relief as she felt Damien's cold. Sorry Apollo.

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