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Fantasy Paladins- Character Sheets



The Omnitopped Nachos.
1. All characters must be at least 17 years of age. You may however have younger NPC’s such as children, siblings, or otherwise.

2.Magic only exists for Paladins, there are no magic items out there, even for said paladins. This includes potions and alchemy. charlatans do exist however so feel free to make a phony magic user who just uses craftiness and shenanigans.

3. Even paladins have limits the strongest among us still cannot level a city or even blow up a medium sized building. Try to keep it within reason please.

4. The goal is to have fun and to keep that possible i must ask that we avoid power creep and try to resist the urge to game break. So if your goal is to make a godslayer or a conqueror to take over the world I humbly ask that you go elsewhere with it.

5. I reserve the right to ask you to make small edits to better fit with lore or scale powers down. Refusal to do so when asked will result in denial of ones character application. I will not be super critical though so i don’t anticipate this being an issue unless its pretty blatant that

Image: (if you have one, Pls no real pictures.)


Age: (Life expectancy is about 73yrs)





History: (Go nuts.)

Patron Deity: (Khann and Astra are not allowed.)

Title: (Ex. Belian the Shield…Spoilers lol)

Abilities: (See lore, You can come up with your own so long as they fit the theme.)

Equipment: (No magic items exist. There are some really good smiths out there though.)

Other: (whatever i missed)

Image: (if you have one, Pls no real pictures.)


Age: (Life expectancy is about 73yrs)





History: (Go nuts.)


Trade: (Whats your job?)

Other: (Anything you wanna add.)
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Name: Belian Wuuld

Age: 31yrs

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 167lbs

Personality: A simple man at heart Belian just wants there to be peace and happiness for the world around him. Even those who are deemed guilty he hopes will be able to redeem themselves, thus he will offer an ear to those who wish to explain themselves. However his kindness only stretches so far. His convictions will not allow unrepentant wickedness to go unpunished and while he Abhors violence is he very very good at it. Though he does not relish in such bloody affairs so when pushed to the limit he aims to end things quickly. Being that he was once a smith he does admire a well crafted piece of Steel, but his hammer holds close sentimental value to him.

History: Born in a small coastal town to the local blacksmith Dylan Wuuld and his Wife Brea Vhaul, Belian was the second of four children having an older brother, a younger sister, and a baby brother. Their family was happy with their place in life. Dylan would craft weapons, armor, tools, and Fortification bars for the cities. They made a good living and for a time it was peaceful. Belian made it to adulthood by the time that changed, but that change came with a fury. One night as they were starting to lay down for bed a rummaging sound was heard, his older brother thinking the Wild hogs had come back to drink from the quenching trough had decided to take his spear and chase them off again. Yet a mere minute after he had left the house he returned bleeding profusely and shouting about the blight. moments after his warning left his lips the twisted creature burst into their home and belian felt his fathers hand pull him away from his brother as he stepped forward sword in hand.

At his mothers urging Belian took his younger siblings and fled the town. To this day he wishes he had looked back, that he had took his mother hand and dragged her along. Yet amidst the chaos and fear she had fallen behind and he never saw her again. As he ran he made it to the neighboring town where he warned of the attack. He vaguely remembered speaking to a paladin, but the rest of the night was a blur of muffled voices and gestures of condolence. Before he knew it he had drifted off to sleep with his siblings, perhaps it was exhaustion, perhaps it was the trancelike nature of trauma either way he slept through the night and halfway through the next day.

In the two years that followed Belian was able to find work as a smith being gifted a Forge stall of his own by the local Smith Javier who had known his father. Soon he had his younger siblings working with him but there was always something he felt was missing, rather something he was meant to do that went beyond swinging his hammer at hot iron. Eventually his siblings would convince him to take the pilgrimage to the nearest Deity to find his answer. Yet he and they all knew what it was, the stories of blight attacks seemed to get under his skin too much, he needed his chance to strike back at them.

So he journeyed south assured by his siblings that they could handle the forge. His pilgrimage took him to the domain of Seraphina. While he was nervous he found it in himself to ask her for what he wanted, the pilgrimage had given him time to think and he knew what it was he needed. He asked her to grant him the chance to prevent others from knowing the loss he suffered from the blight, he wanted to be a shield to those in harms way, a hammer that could crush the things that threaten those in need. The goddess accepted his request and plunged her blade into his chest. Yet when she extracted it, his body had taken no harm. His soul however was pulled from his body and placed upon her scales. They both watched as the scales tilted and his soul was elevated. With a smile, the goddess returned his soul and Dubbed him her own. With that He had become a Justiciar.

Donning his new title Belian the shield He found that his body had become stronger than any steel even he could craft. He returned home to find that his siblings were visited by the goddess in a dream and had begun work on a project for him. A hammer they called Vega, Named after their eldest brothers favorite Hero from the storybooks he read them. What a hammer it was, forged from two anvils meshed together it weighed as much as two men. To their surprise belian took it in one hand and would go on to spend a last night with his family before beginning his duties the next day. Ten years would pass and “Belian the shield” became a name known to most within the western part of Theos.

Patron Deity: Seraphina.

Title: Belian the Shield

Nigh invulnerability- Since becoming blessed by Seraphina, Belian has not been scarred or marked by anything. Arrows and bolts shatter upon his bare skin, sword scrape off of his Flesh accompanied by a shower of sparks. Even having a Anvil dropped on him from a forth floor window only served to leave his faceprint on it, much to the amusement of his siblings who had pranked him so. To date he cannot seem to find ANYTHING that can cause him to bleed or even feel pain. That said he still requires breath, food, and water. Considering bad fish has once caused him to fall ill, and one time a surprise wave at the beach caught him off guard and left him sputtering and gasping, he finds that even his magical boon has its limits, nonetheless he remains fearless in the face of most threats.

Strength of Will- Belian is abnormally strong, his hammer weighs just shy of 500lbs and he can heft it around with one hand as if it were a turkey leg. To date his greatest feat of strength is pushing open the 13 ton steel doors of a fortress occupied by a cruel bandit. However this strength of his fluctuates with his conviction towards the task at hand. While he never has found himself lowered to the point of struggling to lift his weapon, He has still found it difficult to perform feats that were considerably lower than the Steel doors when his heart just wasn’t in it.

Equipment: Vega- A well forged hammer made of Two anvils and a solid Steel pole. It weighs as much as two grown men of great stature. A single swipe from this is enough to end most conflicts and he can throw it quite far.

Other: He has two younger siblings. Pherus Wuuld, his baby brother, and Milisandre Wuuld his sister. They are both talented smiths who operate a business in the town of Vilkas.​

Name: Aeldredus Khan

Age: 27 Years

Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 1in

Weight: 200 lbs

Personality: Aeldredus (typically just called Redus or Red) is as close as you can get to the embodiment of grit. He is well aware that he is not the strongest, fastest or smartest...but he is relentless. He does well at taking care of himself, but he has more care for the women, the old and children. Meaning that you can say pretty much whatever you want about him and, more often than not, he'll let it slide. However, you are very unlikely to get away with treating women, children or the elderly unjustly. And he will win that fight. He might get severely bruised, but he will win.

History: Redus was trained to be a hunter and a very fine one at that. He got his first bow around the same time most people get their first toys and he killed his first deer when he was but seven years old. For the next couple years, he would go out with his father to hunt and would always come back with a kill. His father was undeniably more skilled, but Redus was quickly catching up.
As The Blight crept in, their hunting grounds shrunk, but so too did the number of animals they could hunt. Things were getting desperate. So Redus, his father and other hunters put up a fight. As far as they were concerned, Blighted creatures were animals just like any other. A couple of the hunters died learning that you had to burn the creatures eve after clean shots to where the heart and brain should be. Once they learned this though, they finally started slowing The Blight from destroying their community. They were definitely still losing to The Blight, but they were losing at a slower rate and that was good enough for them.

Losing fellow hunters almost every month meant the work for Redus and everyone else kept growing. One day, Redus bit off more than he could chew - he found himself surrounded by Blighted creatures. He fought them off (Redus wasn't in the habit of losing fights) but not before he got infected. He knew he couldn't go back to the settlement the way he was and so he was left with one option...find a deity or Paladin.

Redus ran. He ran as fast as his long legs could take him, literally trying to outrun death or whatever the Blight was. He had heard if he made it to a deity in 24 hours, he could survive. So sleep and exhaustion weren't luxuries he could afford right now. His run turned to a jog, turned to a walk. At this point, several hours had passed and there was no more sun in the sky, only the light from a crescent moon illuminating his path. The ground beneath his feet turned from forest to swamp, the entrance to Null's domain. Ironic that he should hope to find refuge at the deity whose paladins resist death as he tries doing the same. He had heard that he swamp claimed many-a-life but desperation and will beckoned him forward. By the time he made it to Null's domain, he was crawling on all fours; bow broken in two; covered in so many cuts and bruises one couldn't discern the colour of his skin.

Null asked his riddle and, with what strength he had, Redus provided the answer. At this point, the pain was so excruciating that Redus couldn't even see Null clearly and everything was out of focus. Suddenly, the pain seized and everything became clear. His mind was quiet. He was himself again...but better. He stumbled to his feet and looked at Null who smiled at him and named him a Seeker.

Patron Deity: Null

Title: Redus the Undying

Regeneration: A fitting ability for one whose doesn't know when to give up. Redus, like the Blighted, is able to regenerate from whatever damage he sustains. The time it takes to regenerate is proportional to the damage sustained. So smalls cuts heal instantaneously whereas a limb can take as long as a day to regrow. A shot to the brain or heart (has only happened once) will render him comatose for as long as the wound takes to heal.

Clairvoyance: In general, Redus has an awareness of things that others are unable to discern. For instance, malicious intent or emotional hurt. However, when his eyes glow golden, he is able to see as far as a day into the future. In one particularly amusing instance, a drunken man tried attacking Redus, who simply used his clairvoyance to dodge all the man's attacks life the blows were thrown by a child. Most of the time, however, he uses his clairvoyance to see incoming Blight attacks and defend the settlement or evacuate the people. As great a power as this is, he suffers a headache that gets worse the longer his eyes are golden. In addition, for as long as his eyes are golden, he is unaware of what is happening in the present, which is fine for looking ahead a second or two (like in a fight), but renders him rather vulnerable when he looks ahead to see potential attacks, as that usually takes several minutes.

Equipment: His main weapon is a bow called Crescent, much like the moon on the day he became a Paladin. It is made of wood that rivals steel in strength and its edges are sharp enough for it to be used much like one would use a blade in close combat. His quiver of arrows can hold as many as thirty arrows, which he keeps full most of the time and very rarely ever runs out.

He also carries a small dagger, more meant to hunting animals but still able to be used in a fight.

Other: Often concealed by his clothes are the dark tendrils on his back, a reminder of his battle with the Blight.​


Name: Akeem Stavi

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3’’

Weight: 192 lbs

Personality: Akeem comes from a troubled upbringing. Having to leave his home at a young age, Akeem has always appreciated what small comforts he had. Seeing the generosity of the followers of Mana did inspire him into becoming one. This thankfulness for everything has led Akeem to be a very pleasant person to interact with, always cordial with others. He also wants to share what he has with others, often giving away more than he should.

As per his title of Shepherd, Akeem loves animals. He is always at peace around them, often seeking them out in lieu of humans. He also can’t stand an animal hurt unnecessarily, rallying against excessive hunting or the mistreatment of livestock. But Akeem also views it as the animals duty to aid Mana, and as such doesn’t have a problem with calling on them for aid when he is in trouble.

The only thing that brings out true anger in Akeem is the Blighted. Having several terrible encounters with them as a youth, to seeing how far they have now spread over Theos, Akeem is loathe of the corruption of nature. Whenever he gets the chance, Akeem will destroy as much of the Blighted as he can.

History: Born the first son of a farming family, Akeem would live just a few miles away from a massive forest. Raising sheep and other small farm animals, the Stavi family was going through hard times. The land around them was dying, something blamed upon the Blight. Looking for more fertile areas, the farmers of the region would begin chopping down the nearby forest as the land there seemed perfect. However this would go in the face of the goddess Mana, who it was said the forest was her domain.

This would anger the followers of Mana who declared the farmers heretics. Conflict would erupt, resulting in the arson of many of the farms. No longer feeling safe, the Stavi family would flee their homeland, looking for better prospect in another part of Theos. However, they would find no such place, quickly becoming part of a traveling band of refugees.

Akeem would grow up in many different temporary camps, his family barely squeaking by. Ironically it would be followers of Mana who would help them, their dedication to their goddess making them extra charitable. Akeem would appreciate that, the notion of being good in a world that wasn’t always so.

This lack of goodness in the world would show itself through no city being willing to take the refugees, claiming that they were packed enough as is. So the caravan would keep moving, wandering the outer reaches of Theos. Then the inevitable happened. A swarm of Blighted creatures came upon the caravan, and began to slaughter the unarmed refugees.

In the chaos of it, Akeem was separated from his family, as he fled into a nearby wood. Akeem would hide for a whole day, before going to look for his family. However, he would find no trace of the refugee caravan, save some corpses and other discarded goods. It was in that moment that Akeem felt the most alone in his life, standing among the ruin that the Blight had brought.

Akeem would then look for civilization, though he lacked a map of the area. So he tried just following a large river, thinking that a town must be nearby it. Akeem would follow the river for a few days, living off the fresh water and foraged plants that he knew were safe. Right as he was running out of energy, Akeem came across a small forested village.

Akeem would be immediately given sanctuary by the villagers, giving him a bed and proper food. It would turn out that he was actually in the forest near his birth, and that the villagers were followers of Mana. Once more Akeem felt thankful of the goddess, as she had saved his life once again.

Akeem would decide to live in the village, told by the elders of it that the Blight could not enter the sacred forest. And so Akeem would spend many years there, learning the ways of nature. He would prove to be good with animals, quickly becoming in charge of all animals kept in the village.

It was here in this village that Akeem became an adult. He surprised most by not taking a bride, though he said he would do it when it felt right. With his physical growth, so too would grow Akeem’s faith in Mana. As such when several villagers planned a pilgrimage to the domain of Mana, Akeem immediately insisted on coming along.

So a group of about a dozen villagers would make the trek across Theos, heading for the great northeastern mountain. However, not even a week into their journey, the villagers would run across the Blighted. Once more Akeem could do nothing as his companions were killed, Akeem barely escaping with his life.

Embarrassed over his cowardice, Akeem contemplated what to do next. He felt he couldn’t face the other villagers, so he didn’t wish to return home immediately. Wishing that he had the power to fight the Blighted, Akeem made the impulsive decision to try and gain the power of a Paladin.

Finishing the journey to Mana’s mountain, Akeem came across her trials. With the skills taught to him over the years, Akeem was able to pass through the first few trials with some difficulty. By the time he reached the trial of air, Akeem was feeling pretty worn out. By the final trial of ice, Akeem felt like collapsing, but thoughts of the goddess Mana allowed him to push on a little further.

And with that last burst of energy, Akeem was able to complete the trials of Mana. The goddess herself then appeared, bestowing the power of a Druid Paladin on Akeem. Specifically she gave him dominion over animals and an attuning to nature in general. He was dubbed Akeem the Shepherd.

Akeem would then return to his forest village, apologizing for the death of the other pilgrims. He would be forgiven by the elders, but instructed to spread his gift throughout Theos. So Akeem would begin wandering, trying to embody the values of Mana by helping out all those he came across.

Akeem would maintain this Paladin role for many years. During the time he spent in service to Mana, Akeem would discover that one of his younger brothers had survived the Blighted massacre all those years ago. It would be a heartfelt reunion, but they couldn’t stay together as the brother had a family to take care of, while Akeem had his mission.

In recent times, Akeem has found the Blighted to be much more populous, greatly increasing in number from how many were about when he was a child. Though he still gets great satisfaction in slaying them, even if it’s barely making a dent in the sheer volume of the Blight. He also continues to help all those in need he comes across.

Patron Deity: Mana

Title: Akeem the Shepherd

Abilities: Animal Dominion - The goddess Mana granted Akeem the ability to control all the animals of Genesis. As such he has a telepathic connection that spreads out several miles. All animals within this area can be sensed by Akeem, even if he can’t see them. He can send out commands to these animals, which the animal must obey. The animals can talk back to Akeem, but it is generally just a single word or simple idea. Animals connected by Akeem’s telepathy can talk to each other, even if they are wildly different species. For example, a bear could converse with a falcon. Akeem can also sense when an animal is injured or killed, feeling the pain in his mind. As he swore an oath to protect nature, he will always try and save the animal.

Body of the Earth - Akeem’s body has been changed to have the strength of earth. This means that he is resistant to most attacks, blunt weapons not leaving marks, and blades not being able to pierce the skin. However, he is still weak to magic, whether that be a rogue Paladin, the Blighted, or even a god. He also possesses much more strength than the average human, being able to easily carry several hundred pounds. Akeem also has great balance, being very hard to knock over.

Equipment: Akeem can usually be found wearing a leather belt lined with pouches, each one full of some coin and useful herbs or other edible vegetation. Akeem always has on him a mighty staff, known as the Star of Mana. Forged from the wood of an ancient trees over the years by Akeem, he only finished it three years ago. While essentially an ornate walking stick, Akeem feels that holding it brings him closer to Mana.

Weapon wise, Akeem has both a longsword and small dagger that were gifted to him by the elders of his village long ago. While relatively plain looking and not amazingly forged, they are reliable and Akeem has kept them throughout his journeys across Theos.

Other: While Akeem comes from a large family, the only surviving member is a younger brother named Jairn, who now has his own family. Akeem is slightly well more known than other Paladins simply because he’s been doing it a lot longer. Akeem greatly injured his left leg in battle, which is the actual reason he has a walking stick.
Leona  screenshot.png

Name: Leona

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 166 lbs

Personality: Leona is focused, rarely breaking her attention from what she's doing. She empathizes more with wild, predatory creatures, and detests any that kill or take more than necessary. Otherwise, as long as one respects the wild, she is content to stay hidden. However, she's also very curious and cares little for titles.

History: Leona was born and raised in a nomadic community, moving from place to place ever since The Blight. As a result, her community focused on procuring food through hunting and gathering and were always ready to leave at a moment's notice. As they had left just about everything behind, and any weapons of steel became harder to maintain, Leona's people had to learn to use animal bones and stones to craft tools and weapons.
When Leona was twenty-four years of age, it just so happened that her tribe had made camp close to Mana's trial grounds. Out of curiosity, and against her elders' wishes, Leona unwittingly took part in the trials of Mana. While she did not intend to participate, she stubbornly decided to finish what she started, displaying endurance, persistence, resilience, and animalistic agility throughout. By the end of the final trial, Leona had amassed a collection of bruises, burns, cuts, and scrapes all over her body.

Patron Deity: Mana

Title: Leona, Guardian of the Wilds

• Beast Shift; Leona was gifted the ability to change into any predatory creatures, partially and completely. (Currently stuck partially leonin as her default form)
• Hunter's Senses; Leona's senses are permanently enhanced.

Equipment: Preferring to feel the air on her skin, and able to physically adapt to different situations, Leona is scantly clad in leather. While many would see this as disadvantageous, if not improper for a young woman, as I said before she can change her skin to scales, grow feathers or fur. Her attire is purely functional, despite the potential for "wardrobe malfunction" she doesn't let anything interfere with her hunt or fight.
Leona keeps an Obsidian Dagger from her tribe for more sentimental reasons than practical. While it is certainly functional, she prefers to use her shape shifting in place of any held weapons.
Other: (whatever i missed)

Not quite finished yet. Let me know if anything needs to change.​
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