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Fandom Outer Realms - A Fire Emblem RP (Open)


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Hoshido, Post War

Our heroes have made camp within a shrine of the Dawn Dragon. It’s claustrophobic, with vicious vines blocking out the gray sky. It feels as if one wrong move could reduce it to rubble…

…Still, shelter was shelter. A band of lost souls sat on the broken marble floor, looking to lure new recruits for their cause.

“I still think this is a preposterous idea,” Forsyth grumbled, picking at grout between the cracks. “Oddly enough, I have a moral objection to luring innocent soldiers into a death mission!”

Xane sat cross-legged, humming so he could tune his lyre.

“It’s that, or the King and his mutt get their hands on ‘em. Your call, big guy.” Xane brushed a strand of long, red hair from his face. “If it helps you sleep at night, it wasn’t my idea. Talk to Mr. Strategist over there.”

“Oh? Well, I suppose that abhorrent name is cursed to be mine, since I don’t hear you spitting out any grand ideas,” Soren hissed.

“And we’re supposed to just not question whatever this random priss says?” Python grumbled.

“Right! Exactly as I thought, Python,” Forsyth said, before elbowing Python in the shoulder. He could feel Soren’s eyes on him. “Um, besides that priss nonsense, of course.”

Anna huffed as she’d sort the coins she had shaken onto the ground, sliding them into separate groups. “Peh, you lot are always bickering about this plan. We’re not gonna get anywhere just sitting here, y’know!”

Xane held back the urge to break every taut string on his lyre as they bickered. Someone had to control this unlikely group, and the dragonspawn supposed it fell onto him.

“She’s right,” Xane nodded to Anna. “While we’re sittin’ around thinking, people are in real trouble with the King sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Soren would know a thing or two about that.”

He glanced up at his emblem, his resolve unwavering.

“He’s a wanderer, like me,” Xane said. “Among other things. So, I trust him. ‘Sides, I made a promise that I’d watch over him - he’s not some random guy.”

Xane strummed his lyre. “I’m ready when you are, Mr. Strategist.”

Soren rolled his eyes as he opened his tome, extending his hand to call for ancient magic to glow around the lyre.

As magic pooled at the center of his instrument, Xane recalled a traveler’s song. It was an old tune that had been passed between different worlds. Frankly it was the only tune that came to mind.

Forsyth leaned into Python’s shoulder. He was stiff, but he had stopped fidgeting from the discomfort.

“I guess all we can do is wait,” Forsyth felt his eyes droop as the music lulled him. “And give anything that finds us a thorough apology.”

Suddenly, a commotion from outside shot Forsyth awake. The sounds of groaning and dragging against the ground surrounded their little base.

“Blast,” Forsyth cursed, reaching for his lance and shaking Python to rouse him. “Looks like we have unwanted visitors!”

As Xane made to stop playing, however, he was promptly forced to continue. His hands strung the lyre like a puppet, and his sight got foggier.

“We must bolster our ranks,” Soren reminded him. “Keep playing. The rest of them can deal with the Faceless.”

Xane grunted, forcing himself to continue as his hands cramped. Anna went to his side, looking on with worry. Xane’s eyes seemed to glaze over as Soren continued muttering to the arcane.

“Let ‘em be, Fors,” Python said, stretching out his arms as he went to fill his quiver. “Doesn’t sound like we’re completely surrounded. Well, not yet.”

“Right,” Forsyth headed for the shrine doors. “This is no different than scrapping with the undead in our old hideout. We can take them on!”


Leo and his cohorts are preparing to leave Castle Krakenburg. Leo wishes to pay Gangrel a visit, to once again bribe him into doing dirty work.

Blood dripped from the King’s hand. Life pushed through the cracks of the floor - abhorrent and all-consuming as they were, the Faceless were still alive - and Leo sent it away as soon as it came, to guard another faction of Krakenburg.

“That should be enough,” Leo returned the necromancy tome to its shelf and reached for the gauze at his desk. “Not even a gutter rat could sneak in without getting mauled.”

Next to the bandages was a thin piece of chalk. He grabbed it and held it between his slender fingers, lips pursed.

“We’re heading out,” He glanced over to the men in his study. “Bring enough gold to subdue our new business partner. Oh, and the ring.”

As he mentioned the bulky, golden band on Niles’s finger, the spirit which haunted it appeared.

“What…what now…?” The apparition winced. “Where are you taking me…?”

Leo smiled. It chilled to the bone.

“Are you truly in a position to ask questions?” The blonde tilted his head. “You’ll go where I say.”

“My, my! Strong words for a puppet on strings,” Niles would rub his thumb against the cool ring with a cruel smirk, twisting it slightly as he’d watch the light hit it.

“Such a shame about that friend of yours, though,” He mused. “He would have been a much more fun toy for his highness to gift me. He put up quite the struggle while we had him, and I wonder how satisfying it would be to break him. To see his will finally worn down, and to then show you the former husk of who he was…really, that would’ve been divine.”

He’d smirk as he’d tip his head to the side, as if in thought.

“Though, we’re better off crushing that rusty bracelet that holds him. As fun as my little daydream sounds, that hunk of scrap metal is a liability.”

“You…” Ike growled, lifting his sword at his master. “I’ll kill you-”

As soon as the words were uttered, the game was over. He was removed from Niles’s finger to fall once again into slumber, handed off to the mad king of Nohr. Leo kneeled down, drawing a transportation sigil at their feet. He, Niles, and a man clad in red armor stepped into the circle - then, they were in the castle granted to Gangrel. Guards and castle staff made way for the king and his coterie as they roamed the familiar halls.

The castle sat just in Hoshido’s boundaries. No one but Leo understood why a man not of Nohrian blood - not even of blood from the continent - would be granted such status and luxury. However, Leo was a man who danced with risk for high reward.

“A well kept noble is an obedient noble,” Leo thought, taking a seat in the castle study as a maid approached.

“Shall I call the master in?” She asked.

“You needn’t trouble yourself,” Leo motioned for his associates - Niles stood at his side, while the man in armor sat beside him with his hands folded in his lap. “Lord Gangrel is expecting me. I doubt he will keep me waiting long, if he enjoys having his head attached to his shoulders.”
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Mia - Heroine

"Where did all these guys come from!? No, wait. The music probably lured them here... Honestly, this plan feels like something Soren would come up with but no one would ever actually have agreed to it... Well until now I g-Crap!"
Mia dodged an incoming fist and slashed the Faceless in two. "Out of my way you weird monsters! These things are so annoying." The song she was hearing suddenly had a few high notes and it distracted her, causing her to miss time her parry and take a punch to her side, allowing a few more hits to come flying from other directions. Luckily these only grazed her as she rolled away to get a chance to regain her balance. "I'm not used to odds like this... I never trained for this kind of stuff! Now I regret it!" She was thankful for the spars with Ike, though. Ike hit just as hard as these things did, possibly a bit harder, so taking a glancing blow or two wasn't a big issue. The issue was that she wasn't just fighting one, but an entire horde of Ikes!

"Ugh. There are way too many of these things... Time to make a run for it maybe? I could probably make it to where the music is coming from if I just focus on pushing through." Deciding to just go for it, Mia ignores defending her back and starts pushing through towards the music, only dodging and parrying blows that would knock her over or hit a vital spot. She took a few more punches, let other graze her sides the back of her shoulders as she stuck to making her way to the origin of the music.

It took a few minutes, but eventually she could hear the sounds of fighting mixing with the music. "Oh geez, finally. Let's hope they aren't bad guys." Mia pushed forward, doubling her efforts to reach the sounds of fighting, assuming that the music was also coming from the same place. Once close enough to be within ear shot she called out. "Heeey! Yall aren't bad guys, are ya?"

Forsyth's head perked up. He removed his lance from the chest cavity of a fallen Faceless, peeking over the hoard.

"I swear I heard someone," He nudged Python. "But where are they...?"

As muscular as Forsyth was, he was a good bit shorter than average. He skewered another Faceless on his lance, before hearing the voice again, louder this time.

"Now I'm certain I'm not hearing things," He waved his lance in the air, trying to get the attention of the mysterious fighter. "HEYYYY!!!! WE'RE OVER HEEEEERE!!!!"

Without a thought for his own wellbeing, Forsyth barreled towards the voice, pushing past Faceless and making quick work of them in his excitement. When he finally found her, he felt the wind return to his lungs.

"Thank goodness you are unharmed! These monsters are something else," He then cupped a hand over his mouth, turning to the archer with the sense to stay behind. "HEY! I FOUND THEM, PYTHON!"

The man in green armor only noticed his screaming was attracting more Faceless when a posse shuffled up from behind.

"Blast! Apologies," He held out his lance defensively as they were surrounded. "Oh, um, I'm Forsyth! That blue fellow there is Python, and then there's- EEP!"

Forsyth dodged a punch from a Faceless, ducking and going for the kill.

"There will be plenty of time for introductions later," Forsyth said. "...If we make it out of this alive."

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Mia heard one of the guys scream and thought: "This guys just going to attract more of these things!" As she fought through a few more Faceless, she heard what she thought at first was a bull charging towards her direction, only for it to be the guy that had yelled earlier. "Oh geez, you're-" She was interrupted before she could tell him to stop yelling. The guy yelled at the top of his lungs again only to realize too late he just attracted even more of the weird monsters. The man then introduced himself as Forsyth, and also gave the name of the Archer before being interrupted by the mass of Faceless he attracted. "Geez, you remind me of someone; not a compliment by the way!" Mia slashed out with Alondite, sending a magical wave to help clear a short path. "Come on, lets get back over to your buddies before we get overwhelmed."

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Gangrel brought his axe down hard on a training dummy. With the strength and frustration, he put behind the swing, mere wood and straw give little resistance to the giant axe head. It cleaved straight through, bisecting the poor thing almost completely. It did little to ease his frustrations, just as the other three training dummies he had gone through. Training like this was in no way still as satisfying as the joy of real battle, the fear in an opponent eyes as he bored down on them, hewing them with reckless abandoned. He was stuck in the castle too long and he was stir-crazy, made worse by the fact he was ordered to stay.

"Ordered!?" He yelled out in anger as he brought the axe down on the next training dummy, destroying it as well. He was a king! More so, he was the Mad King! A warlord, feared in his continent! Doing what he wanted and how he wanted. Now relegated to hired help. He could barely remember how he got here, any attempt to think too deeply into his past seemed to tire him. Only the image of blonde female with a brand on her forehead with those damn pity and kindness in her eyes.

The thought made him more and more angry as it confused him. She hunted him since he got here, in his dreams and in his mind eyes every quiet moment when he sat his axe aside. He had a feeling that she was important... Someone of his past, but he could not place it. More than that, there was a feeling of guilt followed. What followed was a feeling of dizziness until he picked up his axe again and his mind eased. He was almost tempted to resist the urge to pick up his axe, but the urge was too strong. There was something there... Someone was keeping him from knowing something, and he needed to find out what.

Seconds became minutes. Minutes became an hour. The air in the room was tense as Leo held up a hand to stop Niles as he headed for the door.

"Perhaps I pegged Gangrel too smart of a man," Leo said. "I will retrieve him."

He slipped Ike's ring on his finger, perusing the halls in a manner less of a man searching, and more of a man reminiscing.

This castle sat at Hoshido's throat. It acted as a suitable base for Gangrel to play border guard, but Leo knew he had to unleash this beast from captivity eventually.

The sound of a blade meeting wood and straw removed Leo from his musings.

"His forces are stationed at the border, are they not?" Leo thought. "So that's where you've scuttled off to..."

The king pushed open the doors leading to the indoor training grounds. He was unamused, leaning on the wall as Gangrel made a mess of the pitiful dummies.

"Are you not tired of this game, Lord Gangrel?" Leo called out. "Taking your rage out on training dummies pales in comparison to what I can offer you."

At his side, the apparition of his emblem came into view.

"I have a new task for you. One that will finally let you out of this gilded cage," He turned on his heel. "You would have known that, had you bothered to show up for the audience I'd requested today. Shall we walk and talk?"


When Ike awoke once more, it was in an unfamiliar castle. As an emblem, he was forced to attune to the emotions of his holder - and the foul, depraved emotions he usually drew from Niles were not to be found. Instead, Ike felt...sadness? A sense of regret? He couldn't quite pin down what this feeling was. Still, unlike Niles, the feelings didn't drive him berserk. He was able to watch on, observing the strange looking man. His lips were tight as he gave the man a once-over.

"A...jester?" Ike thought. "...Nah. I've never seen one with that much fight in 'em."

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Gangrel heard the door open, and he turned quickly, still in fighting mode with his axe ready on his side. He seemed disappointed when he saw Leo there, that little princeling upstart was hardly his favourite person but it was the reason he was disappointed. Though there was some potential to get one of two things he truly wanted. He watched silently hearing Leo speak his piece. Regardless he chuckled, the little pipsqueak voice was annoying enough but noting his annoyance at being made to wait made up for it.

"They make better company than I have had so far here." He retorted, seemingly ignoring the apparition that appeared behind Leo. The implication of this show was not lost on him though, and he suspected he would be give a fire emblem at some point... Well, given or taking one for his own from friend of foe. He wasn't sure if he wanted it, though, the power would indeed be nice but never like the idea of having a constant companion with him and be reliant on it. Not mention, he knew a bribe when he saw it, and he was annoyed that he was considered so easily bought.

"I was curious to see if you would get off your throne and come and see me. Only appropriate that I am the elder king her, and you are still a princeling despite what you call yourself...." He replied before smirking cheekily. "I had enough exercise, I don't need to go on a walk. Tell me here and now"

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Leo (Part 1)

Leo's patience wore thin. He clenched and unclenched his hand around Siegfried's hilt - a stress tactic developed in lieu of tearing his hair from his scalp.

"What a difficult man you are," Leo thought. "Some gall you have, for a king with no land in sight."

Despite his boiling rage, the act of holding Siegfried quelled him. He had nothing to fear, after all - With his and the late Xander's relics at his hip, in tandem with the emblem, removing Gangrel's head from his shoulders would be quick work.

"You there," He called to a passing maid. "Have my escorts join us in here."

After sending the girl on her way, Leo turned back to Gangrel. His eyes alight with something fierce.

"We have an infestation issue," Leo explained. "Doubtless, you're aware of those lousy pickpockets who disturbed my court."


Ike's head snapped up at the mention of pickpockets. It became clear why Ike had regained consciousness - Leo had wanted him to hear this.

In times like this, Ike had to wonder what Soren would do. If Soren was here, he'd keep his mouth shut to be privy to the discussion. Ike was not that strong willed, however.

Before he could raise his sword and inflict his wrath on every man and woman in the castle, however, Ike felt himself disappear into nothingness.

Leo (Part 2)

Leo removed the ring from his slender finger.

"Distracting," He explained, speaking as if he was commenting on the weather. "It's almost funny - this hunk of metal claims to be a war general."

Leo held the ring between two fingers, letting Gangrel have a closer look.

"Those thieves stole this emblem's pair," Leo explained. "It's no cause for concern - the last person who used that emblem used to be a member of my army. He's little more than compost for the plants, now - no one, not even myself, had been able to wield that emblem without consequence."

Leo tilted his head towards the door.

"Things have changed," He admitted. "But I doubt that a lowlife thief and a handful of soldiers could carry the weight of an emblem."

He pulled the emblem away like a fisherman pulls away bait.

"We're willing to pay you handsomely to retrieve the stolen emblem," Leo explained. "And you will be able to shrug off those pitiful border guards you call an army. I will provide you with troops, as well as one of my escorts."

Leo tilted his head as the doors behind them were pushed open.

"I'm sure you've met General Niles?" The grin Leo wore was wicked. "He and Emblem Ike have...let's call it a bond. He will accompany you on your mission."

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