Now You See Me, Now You Don't. (Rp)

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  1. Lidia held the card in her hand as she walk down the side walk reading the street signs as she walked. She stopped in front of an older building, some of the windows are broken and it was hard for her to belive that people still lived here, but then again, she had lived in places worse than this. She pulled her deep green hoodie jacket closer to her as she entered the building. It was cold and glummy today, but that didn't bother Lidia, she loved cold cloudy days.

    A million of thoughts raced through her mind as she opened the door to the apartment building. Was she the only one that got a card? Why did she get it? There was no explanation on it, only to be here at this time. She made her ways up the stairs counting the numbers as she passed each door. When she finally got to the right door, the numbers were rusting and the paint was chipping from it. She knocked but when no one answered, she wrapped her cold hand around the metal door nob, a rush going thru here, excited to find what was hidden behind the door. Yet when she turned it didn't budge. "What the heck man?" she complained.
  2. As a bus pulled to a stop many inhibits got off bussling this way and that. A chestnut brown haired man stepped off last. Although he stood facing away as the bus drove off into the distance, his body langauge seemed to scream get back on. A sigh was breathed out as the hat on his head was pulled down more before he took a step that soon formed to long strides along the pavement. The man glanced every now and than at a sign, his face or what you could see was slack. Stopping as a few cars passed, before crossing a street. What am I doing? Even as the question bounced in his head, it seemed to have an uncertain self judging to it. As the wind picked up, the chestnut haired man made his strides brisker. Stopping at a worn down mess of a building a hand dipped into a pocket slipping out an odd looking card. He caught sight of his name first Lorenzo, or better known as Enzo.

    Yes, this was the place. A dirty little building that seemed more fit for a gang meeting. What am I doing here? His mind sounded again pushing him to think, but he already knew why, and it was laced with a deeper how come? His chioce, his action to come nevertheless was very irrational, and staring at the broken glass and stained brick, warning signs alarmed him to go back to the bus. But with a step foward he casted that thought aside, and with each step he pumpled it away to not disrupt him again. Opening the door, he entered. A musty sort of air hit his senses as his eyes adjusted to the dim light.

    Glancing at the card, even though he knew by heart what it said, he continued on his path. Reaching some stairs a figure at the top caught his gaze and he stifened, gaurd up. Moving with a careful purpose, he journeyed upward. His footing he made soundfull enough to be heard as he walked. The mysterious card in his pocket seem to grow heavier in his climb another warning sign it seemed, and as he got to the second to last step, seeing a woman there he voiced his thought in a unsure and fustrated tone, "What am I doing here?"
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  3. Remy

    A lank figure moved up the sidewalk, scanning the numbers clinging to the cracking ends of buildings with a sort of dethatched interest, eventually coming to a halt before a dilapidated building. The tall youth tilted his head back, looking over the building with dampened disappointment. His hands were tucked into the pockets of his black slacks, long arms half folded at the elbows with a lazy elegance, as if he had spent so long existing in a state of grace that it was now only an afterthought to be so put together. He certainly did not fit the profile of the area. His confidently slanted shoulders sat covered with a crisp white dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top, giving the impression of someone who lived perfectly on the line between comfort and class (a look he had spent quite some time perfecting). A close-fit black blazer accompanied it, unbuttoned but clearly tailored to his lean frame - not at all common to such a run-down part of town. His white hair fell loosely over his forehead in the way of the carelessly handsome - uncontrived and simple, very boy-next door. Friendly, approachable - human despite the carefully placed design he had put over the rest of himself.

    A slight smile tugged at the corner of his lips, the right side lifted up even as his eyes took in the worn-down building. Remy Lemont, son under the over-long shadow of his father's name and grandson of a tired but true old carnival magician, moved past the doorway and started up the stairs to the newest chapter that would help to form his own name, his own life, his own shadow to cast that would some day be far bigger than that of his father.

    His steps made soft thumps against the steps as he moved his way up, pausing when he saw two others at the door.

    So I wasn't the only one summoned, he mused, the thought running lightly through his head as his eyes alighted first on the woman and then the man.

    "I see the party hasn't started yet," he said, his accent thick with the richness of the cajun dialectic as he moved to stand between the two. "Tell me, mes amis, are we still waiting for our host?"
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  4. She jumped a little as the first boy appeared behind her, asking a question, not knowing if he was meaning for her to answer or not but she did. "Why are you asking me?" she asked her voice coming out a bit The brown haired girl turned and looked at the boy. She could tell he was an educated man just by the way he held himself. She could tell by the faint outline in his jacket pocket, that he had a card as well. "You got a card as well," she said more of a statement than a question. She pulled out hard from her hoodie to find another Man come along. White haired. How many people were invited, and why were they all asking her the questions?

    She shrugged her shoulders. "The door is locked," were the only words that left her lips.
  5. Niobe

    "Sas efcharistó!" The cry, foreign as it was, sounded all too natural as it fell from the woman's lips. Lips the precise shade of a strawberry at the height of it's ripeness - a colour she had worked hard to match and attach to her features. Locks with the same sleek, deep colour of a crow's wing fell around her face, carefully pinned in waves of night to frame her olive-toned features. Similarly dark lashes outlined eyes a startling shade of jade, bright in contrast to the darkness of her hair and eyelashes.

    Niobe Lucia Zabat - named first for her soulful, sorrowful eyes that had remained dry for most of her childhood, second for her bright smile and childish pride, and third for her family - leaned forward in the passenger seat to press a kiss to the corner of the man behind the wheel. He turned in kind to catch her full on the mouth and she pulled back, a playful smirk gracing her features as she did so.

    "Ah- ah not until you pick me up. I'll call you, naí?" she questioned, already slipping out of the car and closing the door behind her. She turned, then, a frown crossing across her features for a moment at the sight of the building, before quickly being replaced by a neutral half-pout - couldn't risk frown lines, after all, or any lines, if she could help it. Her face would only last so long - such was the nature of the human condition - and she would do nothing to further it's deterioration. After all, as a woman her face was one of her most important features. No matter the ever persistent onward drive of feminism a looks were still a woman's greatest weapon and only source of security, and a fleeting one at that. She had been able to get herself out of every trap thus far, and she planned to do as well as she could to escape the ravages of time, as well, though she understood in part that that was one cage she could not free herself from. In which case it was surely best to make the most of what time she had in what was still a young and capable form. Besides, she had started from humble beginnings herself, why shouldn't this building have the same potential she has been born with?

    With that thought in mind she moved quickly across the distance from the car to the building, making her way inside and hurrying up the stairs. Her heels made a sharp crack against the steps, the rapport of the sound echoing in the narrow stairwell, a clear announcement of her presence. As she neared the top she spotted three forms, two male, one female - interesting, a perfect balance with her in addition - and caught the tail-end of their conversation.

    "The door is locked," the statement rang from the female in the group, and Niobe felt a smile pull at her lips, satisfaction blooming in her chest. The perfect job for someone with her particular talents. It wasn't exactly getting out of a lock box or from being bound and chained but the concept was similar - all locks were the same, eventually, and door locks were almost always disgustingly simple.

    "I think that's where I come in," she announced, shouldering past the group and flipping her carefully curled hair over her shoulder with one hand before crouching before the lock. She'd picked enough that had held her in, a door should be small change by comparison. She looked over it for a moment, lightly biting down on her lower lip in concentration as she moved the handle two and fro, listening to the sounds it made, then pulled three hair pins of varying sizes from her silky curls.

    "Anyone got a credit card or something similar? I can do it without" obviously, she could do it without two of the hairpins, too, but they didn't need to know that, "but it'll be a lot easier to manage with it. Faster, too."
  6. Enzo took the two final steps to be on the same level as the woman he stared at the door in front of him, it was regular nothing special. His throat itched to tell her that this was indeed a rhetorical question seeing that the woman could not clearly answer that question, but her statement distracted him, about the card in his pocket, he slightly gripped it through the material of his brown jacket as her eyes skimming him, and in turn his deep blue eyes under the hat scanned her profile. Enzo stopped his silent surveillance to look over his shoulder than turn half way in time to step back a bit for a white haired man joined them.

    Party? This was anything but and what language are you speaking…? Brows scrunching up in thought before he could properly go through the list of languages he knew to compare the words, another sound stung at his ears, the sound of heels clipping along stone steps, and sure enough another woman appeared. Enzo felt the brick of the wall against his shoulder blades as he made room for the new woman crouched to pick the locked door, he watched with a bit of interest knowing this old trick, but never using it himself. Clearly the woman was in her element, she screamed know how. Eyes closed lightly as a few moments of silence ticked by Okay Enzo you are in a rundown building…putting it mildly with three complete and utter strangers, one who happens to favor hair dye, another who picks locks…and the last who has made little impression which could be a good or bad thing later…..right…..why in god’s name are you here? As the woman’s voice interrupted his own thoughts that came coming back to that singular question, he reopened his orbs and spoke,

    “You have a card yourself…..I presume?” As Enzo spoke the card in his pocket appeared in his hand between his thumb and finger, “But if not, use this.” Extending his arm forward with a slight lean off the wall he offered it to her, it was the only thing he would be offering, no stranger was getting a hold of his debt card especially when she displayed how crafty yet resourceful she could be.
  7. Niobe

    "Not one thick enough," Niobe responded, rolling her eyes and disregarding the offer for the stylised tarot card. Interesting that he had one, though - she had expected as much but it was still nice to have her theory proven. "That'd rip to shreds the moment I tried to use it," she continued, hands still working at the same collected place, dexterous fingers twisting one of the pins open before inserting it between the two ends of another already in the keyhole. Her brows furrowed in concentration for a brief moment and then with a light tch sound from beyond the metal of the door handle, signifying the release of the disk tumblers and the swivel of the cylinder. Satisfied, she stood up from her crouch, swiping the card with two fingers as she did so.

    "I guess it could work for looking for additional latches on the inside though," she allowed, sliding the card into the crack between the door and the paneling and sliding it down from half an arms length above her head to about the level of her waist. Thus satisfied, she turned the handle and pushed the door open, a satisfied smile crossing her features. She turned then, a quick half spin, and offered the card back to the man who'd offered it.

    "Sas efcharistó," she intoned, "but like you said, I already have my own - you might want your own calling card back. Thank you for sharing, very gentlemanly of you not to trust me with anything substantial," she finished, the slight lilt of her Grecian accent only lightly tinged with sarcasm - she wouldn't have shared out her own card either, had she brought it. As it stood she didn't think it smart to show up with all her means available for the taking when called to a strange location by nothing more than a card whose meaning changed when reversed and had left it with a reliable source.

    "With that behind us," she continued, a slight pause to look over her shoulder from the doorway and throw back that half smile that was already becoming so familiar to her features, "shall we?" 


    "Bon travail!" The words, French in origin, rolled off with a significantly more southern drawl to them the pronunciation far from the original tongue, but very much natural to the smooth-speaking dialectic of the Cajun man. He turned to their male companion, a lightly chiding expression over his features.

    "You shouldn't do her such a disservice - you might have offended a very fine lady with your mistrust, what luck that she's generous enough bypass your offense," he turned his attention then to their resident lock-pick, sweeping up her hand and placing a kiss to the back of it. "My apologies - it seems some of us are lacking proper courtesy. I would have offered you mine in a heartbeat had I the foresight to bring my wallet," a lie, of course, he'd spent enough time taking things from others out of both habit and necessity that he wasn't foolish enough to lend out his own goods to a stranger, but that didn't mean he couldn’t act generous after the fact. He made a mock tsking sound, clearly in playful mind and the air of good sport, towards the other man, then offered him a quick wink as apology for the gesture, his sense of aplomb as high as ever.

    Remy's loose posture held, comfortable and casual as his entrance as he tipped his head first to the raven haired woman and then to the dark eyed brunette, whose name he had not yet gathered, then offered a light, barely-there bow, one arm extending itself in front of him in a sweeping gesture of welcome, though he had no place to do so.

    "Après vous, ladies first mon chou."
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    As the woman denied his offer, Enzo leaned back once more fully against the wall yet still held the card at an angle in which he could study it, he turned it to the side running a thumb up the side to estimate thickness hmmm, rip to shreds…well then. As the defined click was heard that signaled the door had been picked, the card vanished from his grip into the woman’s grasp. Enzo let his hand gently fall to his side as she indeed used his card for a different purpose, he watched yet again attentive as she completed the task of unlocking the door. Her body spun as her hand offered the card back, Enzo might not have understood the language she spoke first off, but he did catch the tinge of evident sarcasm in her words, he gripped the card gently pulling it lightly back to him,

    “Well, I am glad it could be of use to you, despite all else.” His voice was natural in speech holding off any emotion for the moment.

    Enzo gave a subtle nod to answer the strawberry lipped woman’s question about entering, but looked over with a mild confusion as Mr. White hair throw in his quite dramatic two cents. A noise in the back of his throat was given as the man inquired courtesy into the matter. Pff! he imploded courtesy offering up something, and it was proven useful. Foresight not to bring your wallet good one… was hardly to believable especially going to a place that you don’t know what could be required and if true, well that’s just idiotic. If the tsking noises and wink stood for something other than to annoy him further, it did not work, the twitch of his eye was the only indication of his feeling towards the man,

    “I am glad no offense was taken as it seems to be assumed I have more than I offered, and on notes of courtesy since we are all here, for the same reason it seems, introductions should be a nice place to start, allow me, my name is Enzo nice to have all your acquaintances.” Leaning off the wall completely he stuck the card back into his pocket waiting for the two woman to go through and to hear replies reach his ears.
  9. "Well it's nice to meet you all too, My name is Lidia. you all seem like..." she poused thinking to herself for the word. "Like dissent people." She said no smile , but there was a spark in her dark chocolate brown eyes. She then slipped into the dark room and her hand wondered the walls for the light switch. One of the light bulbs let out a aggressive spark, burning out, Lidia squeeled not expecting it. She then walked in deeper to the poorly light apartment. Seeing a flower next to a filled vase, that was on the floor, and a card that read 'Now You Don't'. 
    Her eyes ran across the paper a few more times than turned it to the back, it was white and didn't see anything other than those words printed in black. The inside of the apartment looked even crapper in the inside than it did in the inside. No one seem to be home, it looked like no one had been here in years.
  10. Remy + Niobe

    "Remy," the name was offered with the same carelessly amused tone he always spoke with, perhaps naturally borne with his accent as much as with his permanent devil may care air. "A pleasure, I'm sure, mon freer Enzo, ma belle Lidia, and..." he let the ending hang, one snowed brow raising into a fine arch as he looked over at the black haired woman.

    "Niobe." Her response was quick, almost sharp in it's speed of response as she followed after the other woman - Lidia, as she had just been informed. Moving into the room she looked over their new surroundings, a frown tugging over her finely crafted features. What a dump. It was to be expected after the outside of the building and the stairwell and yet…

    ...and yet somehow she had been expecting something… more. Something that carried with it the ambiance of the mysterious card that she had received. Not some run-down hole in the wall more suited to rats then people. Her disappointment evident on her features she crouched by the set up in the middle of the floor - the only place of any interest. Gently biting down on the front right corner of her bottom lip she bent down to finger the flower, careful of the thorns. An English rose - half opened, and fittingly so for the performer. After all, a half budded red English rose was known as a 'Curtain's Rose' or 'Theatre Rose' and was the classic bloom to present to someone after a show.

    " point letting you die, naí?" she questioned, more to herself then anything else. With that she moved the bloom over to the glass, dropping it into the vase it was clearly intended for. As she did so the water from the vase began to drain and she quickly stood up, stepping back to clear the way for whatever this elaborate set up was to bring.

    "Ma foi," the words this time came from the cajun's lips, a lightly reverent sound as he watched the water's travel through a pattern that was clearly becoming apparent on the floor.

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  11. The room started to fill with think fog that only rose up to there feet. "Dry ice," she said, that was what was making the fog, magitions used it a lot.She looked around, There was no other person than them to take credit for this, was it one of the others?

    Lidia followed the sight of the pattern that was now covered by the fog but still visible. She walked and it leaded into another broken down room. But this time something else happen the water seemed to trigger something off and magnificent, and expensive looking object appeared on the floor and the projected what looked like blue prints. She studied them in aww. They were brilliantly clever and made out. "Its a show," she mumbled.

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    Enzo felt himself nodding lightly as the dark eyed woman gave her name Lidia, hmm that was a Greek or origin name. Enzo felt a smirk come and vanish a moment later at the squeal that fell from Lidia’s lips as one of the light bulbs died. Stepping in after the other three, he became known to their names, Remy, which would explain the French but the southern drawl made the accent a bit more curious. Last, but not least was Niobe. The first thing that came to mind was a Homer’s Iliad of a Greek mythology tale a woman came to mind who had a terrible fate of turning into a stone whose name was Niobe.

    Shaking this odd hobby induced knowledge from his head slightly, Enzo hovered near the back taking a look around the damp and dank room. The voice in the back of his head yet again urged him to entertain the stupidity of being here. Yet a stubborn thought not to leave blew that thought out the door. Enzo kept his face slack as he looked at Niobe and Lidia watching them make the first movements to the display in the middle of the room.

    Niobe’s actions caused the first reaction, deep blue orbs flicked to the floor watching as the performers rose was placed in the vase watch began to drain trickling long the floor creating patterns. Enzo silently admitted that it was a nice trigger, as the fog came, Enzo stepped more forward to the other male’s side, “Cliché effect, but alright.” He stepped forward following after Lidia following the fog infused pattern into another room. As the projection happen it formed expensive looking items and an odd yet very clever blue prints. It was Enzo’s turn to squat and peer at the projections pushing up the brim of his hat for the first time to reveal his deep might night blue eyes fully. Finally he stood again. A nod was given towards Lidia as well as a noise of agreement, “We are in the right place after all.”

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  13. Remy

    "A show? No, it's… so much more," the tone of awe that had been masked by his usual ambiance was fully voiced now, a sort of tenderness in his words as he stepped toward the hologram, reaching out and stopping just sort of the magnificent complexities in blue that hovered before them all. His eyes, normally casually sparked with a sort of constant but half-dulled amusement, lit with something far brighter. The flames of passionate anticipation filled him, a burning ambition as he scanned over the elaborate blueprints before him - before them.

    "It's a legacy," he breathed finally, white hair taking on the tint of the blueish projection giving the illusion of something ethereal - gave them all the look of it, he thought. As if something otherworldly had taken over them, inhabited the group, lighting it with this strange purpose, they mystery of it taking hold of them… or at least of him. He couldn't speak for the others, but if they were in any way as deep into the world of magic as he was…

    "With how detailed this is… ma foi, it's almost like real magic - can you imagine? We'd be..." he trailed off, unable to find the right word to fit to the magnitude of this finding.


    "We'd be legends," Niobe finished, her tone very matter of fact. She moved around the holographic blueprints of what would indeed be a truly magnificent show - number of shows, it seemed - her heels making sharp clicks along the floor, business like as she looked over it, her own ambition rising. This show, this plan… this trick above all other tricks, if they could do it (and they could do it, now that she had seen it she had to complete it, had to make that legend of herself, had to bring this new almost audacious level of magic to the world, had to be the one to do so)… they'd be one of the great acts. One of the ones that people remembered years, decades after they were gone. One people talked about, tried to figure out, wondered at and were amazed and awed about for their entire lives.

    "I don't think even Copperfield or Houdini have done something bigger - to pull all of this off..." She trailed off for a moment, looking across the others from face to face, "We are doing it, right? No one's backing out or not up for it." It was a statement more than a question.
  14. Lidia's eyes studied the idea for a couple extra seconds. She wasn't sure, this could change everything for her, for them. They would always be remembered that's what she wanted right? To be remembered... She didn't know what to expect when she came here but she came anyways and this is what she got. She barely met this people, but from what she could snece they were harmless and she could tell if they were about to do something. She argued to herself back and in forth until she finally said, "I don't know about the rest of you but I'm in," with a sly smile at the edge of her lips.

    There would be sever consiquenses if they were to get caught. She guessed she just had to cross her fingers and pray to God that they didn't. She was so in, this was going to be amazing, but there was still one question that was on her mind, and from what she could tell the rest of there minds too, WHO? Who is it that made this, and chose them for this. For all she knows the person could just be plying them and trying to get them caught, but that was unlikely. Who would go through all this trouble? Who was so clever to make this? WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO?

    " Who?" she finally putting the word out there. "Who invited us? Did any of you see him or her?"
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    Enzo stepped forward going to the other side of the hologram. He walked around it, his shoes make a gentle thump along the floor as he trailed. He inclined his head forward letting his eyes flow over the blue prints, if was something of glory. He listen to the others speak, Remy saying the most, peicing together words what he was thinking, it was obvious by the tone, he was captivated as well. Than Niobe challenged the question out stating they were going to be legends, it was an extreme ablity... yes, no other magician had ever came to this magnitude.

    These thoughts and facts rushed tumbling as he continued to look, watch, and read the hologram it became even clearer that they would be like something the world had never seen. Scientist would be baffled, reporters would be vultures, people would be impossible. That single thought made him shudder a bit. Yet, with this, this magic, he could be untouchable, by certian humanoids that plagued him already.

    The brunette listened to Lidia watch the sly smile cross lips. He switched his gaze to Niobe, whose mind seemed already made up, as did Remy. Of course before Enzo spoke, his mind as well traveled to who and why...he came up empty of course. Making a decision was never to be done rashly, but all of today had been on pure implusion with a few instents of rational thought...what is the worse that could happen? A danger questions for most, but this dealt with magic after all...right? Performences magic was based heavily on what the mgician with a clearing of his throat, Enzo stepped back before giving his answer,

    "I never saw a person, but whoever this person is....must have chosen us...why and who are unknown, but I do know that I as well am in." He let a little emotion in his voice in a way of securing his spot. Shifting a bit, Enzo nod just once before waiting to see the next step in this plan.
  16. Remy + Niobe

    "I saw no one," Remy confirmed, still more or less focused on the blueprints more than his fellow magicians. After a moment he stepped back, looking around at the rest of them. His brows drew inward in a thoughtful furrow as he tried to piece together the curious puzzle that was their invitation to this strange place and this glorious plan.

    "I found my card in my pocket hours after a performance - I didn't even feel it slide in, didn't notice it for a while after I got it. Whoever does it has fingers cleverer than my own, and that's saying something, my hands can raise anything," a bit of a boast, perhaps, and acknowledged as such with a slight wink in Enzo's direction, and then a smirk lifted for Lidia and Niobe's benefit - let it not be said that he wasn't an equal opportunity man. Quite magnanimous of him, really - but how could he not share his affections among three such lovely personages?

    "I found mine in the lock box I had just gotten out of - when I unlocked it to pack it up," Niobe added, "As far as I could see no one went near it other than me, but whoever it was they managed to slip it in fully locked and without my noticing." It had been quite the bafflement for her, to be perfectly honest, and as intrigued as she was by the invitation there was a touch of nervous, practical fear that there was someone who so vastly out-matched her in talent pulling the strings. Still, she supposed that that was imply one more risk on top of the magnitude of this task, one more thing they'd all have to manage to pull this off.

    "Does it matter? Our mystery patrón has set a stage for us and we all seem inclined to play on it. Whoever he may be I doubt it'd stop us from this - it's simply too tantalising a task to pass up," Remy's smile grew across his features as he looked again over the faces around him. They'd build a legacy together, he and these three, and he couldn't wait to grow with each and every one of them. "It's the closest we'll come to real magic, whoever our benefactor is with these plans… I thank him and take on the task whole heartedly. Bon couer - with courage, with heart, and with pride."

    "A nice speech," Niobe's comment was dry, a match to her rolled eyes and ever so slightly bored facial expression that she had taken on during the Cajun's speech. "But I have a feeling your energy is better put to actions rather than pretty words. We have a lot of preparation before we can put this on. Maybe we should focus on that, naí? Naí. Now who wants to help figure out how to rob a bank?"
  17. Enzo let his hands casually slip back into his jacket pockets he leaned back a bit sliding a foot back a step to distribute balance, he listened to Remy tell his story of how he got his card, the boast at the end secured one of Enzo’s eye rolls and a few words to be swished around his head that were not so kind. It was just bad timing, rotten luck that his blue orbs seemed to connect with green right when one closed in a wink, a slight yet noticeable jerk of his shoulders made his foot slid a bit before he swiftly readjusted himself. A sharp breath was inhaled as well and exited through a nose. His mouth curved into a hard frown for a moment as Niobe told her tale of how she came to possess her card. It was a given the gesture had taken him aback, and to know his fail to disclosed such a reaction sent a wave of unwanted emotion crashing along his body, ones he was even too rattled to identify. He swept his eyes around coming back on focus at the end of the Niobe’s story. Taking another deep breath, fully composed now, a distasteful glance was shot the white haired man's way before Enzo moved forward a bit to look upon the blueprints once more. His mind still slightly spiraling, was he trying to flirt? That was what an eye wink meant....correct? He had done it twice now.....These thoughts made him uncomfortable instead he switched to focusing on what he was looking at.

    Enzo’s own encounter with the card receiving had been similar to the rest in the fact that someone being invisible while leaving the card, but the brunette had no interest in sharing with anyone of that story as Remy had stated, who cared how? They had it now, time to utilize it. Blue orbs looked over a map as the man that frustrated him went on with his speech…how could a person be so infuriatingly confusing yet made a lot of sense in so many flourished words? Show off seems to like to talk. A smirked twitched on his lips as Niobe comment his similar thoughts with her words, tone, and a quick glance.... facial expression. Enzo brought his hand up to rub his chin a bit of an old fashion gesture for one his age, thinking quietly to himself not even about the risk of robbing a bank, but the plan itself, he was not profound at unlocking doors, but, he had talents in other places, illusions in a sort was his game. He looked again at the three people he now would indulge with in this trip to immortality in a sense, he felt the twitch of his lip stretch into a thin line, I just have to help, be there when needed do my part, like an illusion do what I am meant for than vanish.

    “I think, I could help play a part in the bank robbery.” He spoke back in his neutral tone of voice wearing a reserved expression inclining his head lightly for others to take the floor and set this all in motion something came to mind about this building despite its location and upkeep it was perfect to hide something like this…not many would go searching maybe stupid children on a dare…but that was unlikely right? “What do we do about the hologram? Unless we just stay here or someone here has a picture perfect memory….” As the sentence trailed the slight tinge of shrewdness in his voice told he had no beliefs for any of them having such recollection.

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