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Fantasy Ninjagakure: International


The offspring of all things

Earth World

The world we live in yesterday is not the world we live in today, everyday the world changes and grows and changes as if it is evolving. World exclusively consists of extremely dangerous environments that most humans cannot occupy. World is now home of powerful wild beasts and plant's as well as extreme climates that change suddenly and can differ greatly within just feet of each other.


Humans have grew and changed by the skin of are teeth by finally we have attained a constant population who no longer suffer from the diseased, aggressive, evil, etc atmosphere. Those who have gained more than resistance have gained powers unlike any other powers that rival the other ferocious organisms. The story goes ape like creatures took advantage of humans 100 of 1000 years ago spreading there powerful genes through there bodies to pass down, not pretty but it may have saved the future.

Humans abilities have no limits from element manipulation to minor reality manipulation they can be physical or mental.


Ninjagakure is a company that will take any job because it is there job to protect the world from creature, disease, war and much more. There job is to send out there employee's to solve your problem and seeing how the company loses employee's by the second and people with power are hard to find and those with power fear death it's not easy finding replacements. There is no true order to the company but that should be understandable seeing as a plant built and runs it, he is known as Mr.plant he doesn't say much well he can't talk but Connie found him intriguing and became his voice about a week ago. Together they signed a contract with the national government's as one to fight for there world and people.

The team/prologue:

Seeing as Connie is not the strongest in the world he needs a team usually they die very fast but he is
determined to find a team that he can work with and develop a friendship and trust with as well as luck. He usually meet's his team on the roof of the giant building he will be waiting with a smile.

This rp shall be


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