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Aryn Harris

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You've graduated High School! Congratulations! The only problem? Now you have to go to college, pick a major, pick a minor, and hope you don't drop out. This will either be the best four years (or more) of your life, or they will be your worst. You can decide that outcome. This is the place where you can make friends and be independent from your parents. Now you have to make your own decisions. Are you ready for the real world?



Dorm rooms:

College housing for Sophmores-Seniors:

Follow all of RPNations rules!

It's college. There will be romance and hook ups. Fade into black please! Or continue the scene somewhere else!

Have decent grammar. Please! I understand a few mistakes. I will have a few mistakes because I type fast and I am bound to mess up. But please please please! If you notice an error (Grammar or spelling) before you post it, can you please fix it? It bugs the hell outta me when I see a mistake. I don't know why. I just always have to correct people and I don't wanna do that to you because I know how annoying it can get.

Have fun!!!


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Kyler stood alone in the admissions office, sipping on a slurpee waiting for her dormmate announcement. She glanced around the room at the other people, sighing.


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Jordan stood at the gates of Newbrooke surrounded in all her luggage taking in the scenery of things. Letting out a deep aspirated breathe optimism she gave a small smile. We'll Jordan here's your new home for the next fours years with that sitting into her mind for the first time since had gotten her acceptance at the university, she made way into through crowds of club and welcome booths, as well as parents saying good bye to their kids, yet all she was concerned about now was the growling in her belly.

Aaron QUintern

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TJ stepped out of his old beat up Cadillac and looked at the building that would be his new home. He took the final drag off his joint and threw it to the ground. “Here goes Nothing” he thought to himself as he walked through the gates and pass the crowds of “Stupid Frat Boys” and Clubs. He walked into the admissions office with a slight drag not wanting to have to grow up, But after the death of his parents he has to figure it out. TJ signs his name “Tiberius Jacob Franklin” to the sign in log and stands off to the side getting a sneak peek of every female that walks by and waiting for what ever happens next.


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Margo and Will arrived via Will's motorcycle. Their luggage was strapped in an old fashioned side car, and when they parked the berrating continued.

"We just HAD to take your motorcycle. Never mind that everything would have fit fine in my lesburu, no, you needed to make a statement." Margo teased him, jumping off the motorcycle and taking off her helmet, shaking the curls free.

"Really, you're just worried because now with your helmet hair you're probably going to look like mufasa." Will pointed it and Margo jumped on his back, making him drop the luggage he was holding and throw her over his back on the grass. She laughed and Will helped her up, then she smiled and kicked his legs out from under him, watching him land on his back with a satisfying thump. "Ohhhhh I hate you." he rasped, the wind knocked out of him and Margo snorted and started getting out her luggage. "You're a dufus." she told him, and the two grabbed their luggage and set to walking. They had applied to live together this year, but even though they were family it was tough to get co-ed dorms, so they still weren't sure where they would end up.

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Claire rolled her suitcases in through the entrance. Many students have stopped her to ask if she was interested in their clubs. Claire ignored many. She signed up for a few. Claire took a deep breath as she officially entered the campus.

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