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Answered new year's baby title for some reason and its gonna bug me if i dont find out why


hi so my little custom title changed to new year's baby for some reason and idk why it happened like within the last two weeks and i didnt change it also when i go to change the custom title it says there isnt one already

so i assume its the new default

but like why new year's baby

mine used to be member or something

anyways ya this is gna bug me so some one helppp
Special titles are like 'easter eggs', hidden among titles like "New member', "Member" and such and are there just for fun and a little surprise, there is no special meaning for them. They will change once you get more posts.

You can always change to your own custom title in Account Details.
hahahah ok
so it was just a mod being random basically ? or like its just how the website is coded?

also am i like the only person who has this easter egg title

very curious, ty for the fast reply btw
It's dependent on how many messages you have, so when it hit 365 (the amount of days in a year), it said new years baby. And when you had 366 (the amount of days in a leap year), ot said leap year baby.

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