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Name: Nadhoron Auardir (Only goes by his first name)
Race: Shadow Elf
Sex: Male
Age: 143

Hair: Deep-blue
Eyes: White, aglow
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 95 kg

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Nadhoron is a generally kind individual but he doesn’t interact with people needlessly. If he’s greeted by someone who recognizes him he might not answer if he believes it to be a distraction without cause. He is always inside his head reflecting on the best way to approach a certain situation, while remaining meticulously aware of his surroundings. Because of this he’s seen as unapproachable. He is also quite the taskmaster when it comes to his students, some of whom don’t much appreciate his demeanor.
Power: Master sword-fighter that uses elemental water and air magic to enhance his fighting abilities.

Nadhoron was born into a family of lorekeepers in southern Eldshaw. Both of his parents spent their lives procuring and preserving knowledge for their elven lords. Because of this, Nadhoron developed a prolific reading-habit as a child. He immediately became fascinated with the frontiers of knowledge - the unknown, and studied the most interesting concepts and legends in great detail.

His parents weren’t the most actively religious people in the community. They didn’t actively encourage their children to participate in rituals, something which Nadhoron - as a result of his fondness for the divine - would come to resent. He developed a close relationship with the followers of Ashura in Reindir - inquiring on various legends or rituals that he’d read up on. He eventually became a devoted practitioner of the faith, maintaining for the rest of his life that Ashura must be the one true god, or at least the head honcho. If The Maker was real, which he doubted, he must be subordinate to Ashura, he was sure of it. Nadhoron based this belief on history. How the elves had been able to live free of the ills that human domination had brought for such a long time. How their faith in Ashura had been so richly rewarded for so many years. This, he had deducted, must be a sign that the faith was favored by the divine and thusly correct in its assumptions.

Coupled with this he maintained that the only way the world would prosper, especially the natural world, is through elven dominion. Most of the foul happenings in history could - in his opinion - be traced back to the rise of human rule. Nadhoron became convinced that the Drakkar invasion could have been quelled without the aid of the humans, and that the impulsive, fool-hearted nature of humanity would create an intertwined series of events that could disrupt the world to an unrecognizable extent.

He kept this notion mostly to himself for a couple of decades, only discussing it in the confines of the elven community in and around Reindir. But eventually his concerns began to manifest, and in such a way that he was forced to consider action before his prophetic theory would be realized. After a yearlong consultation with his superiors in the local temple, he decided to find secluded living conditions in the forests surrounding Lake Wyn. There he would remain, with only the occasional visit with the local lordship to promote his ideas. His counsel was respected but mostly brushed aside. Why would the lordship disturb the alliance upon which the stability of the continent had rested for so long?

In the forest he began preparing for his quest, training traditional elven sword-fighting and studying the elemental magic that was so deeply rooted in his surroundings. He would remain in training for 30 years until he had mastered his skills to the point where he could teach others. He participated in local operations to maintain the peace in South Eldshaw but resisted calls to fight for human commanders. Most of the following 40 years was spent teaching his techniques to promising elves sent to him by his superiors in Reindir.

His abilities were ultimately put to the tests during the sorceress’ invasion of Asgard. The desperate situation called for him to go against his principles and serve in the asgardian defence of the continent. He immediately stood out among the regular soldiers and as the war progressed he became somewhat renowned within asgardian military command. This carried over to the resistance after the war. As the war entered its final stages he could see, like many others, that defeat was imminent. He therefore decided to return to Reindir, regroup and consult his superiors.

He has since the beginning of the story remained in and around Reindir, training elves the air and water element, as well as sword-fighting, most of which have ended up in resistance ranks. His feelings towards the resistance are mixed. He’s supportive of their existence and is adamant about the removal of the sorceress, but he’s worried about humanity's dominant position within the movement. This worries him both because of how human judgement could affect resistance decision-making, and also for what comes after the sorceress is removed from power.

As chapter seven begins, Nadhoron has received an invitation from Resistance HQ to participate in an upcoming war council. Most likely because of his accomplishments during the war against the sorceress and the number of trained recruits that have come out of his program at Lake Wyn. He has just arrived at the headquarters as the story begins.

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