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My poetry dump

Sombra Arcana

Wandering Vault Hunter

I will be uploading some of my improvised poetry here. The silence of the night, That sinless chatter of the stars which colors my life in hues of gold and white, That silence of the night, Freezes my blood cold with the soundless cries of thousands of lights That silence of the night, Brings me careless hope as the freedom of my life escapes my sight That silence of the night, Endless echoes and screams of not wanting back, Endless cries of giving up the fight That silence of the night, It was my doom since I reached hand up to the sky That silence of the night, Where no help was thrown to me, Where no one heard my cries That silence of the night, That silence I hate That silence I despite THAT SILENCE IN THE NIGHT, MAKE IT STOP AND MAKE IT GO, BRING HOPE AND LET ME SOAR, THAT SILENCE IN THE NIGHT, SOUNDS SO LOUD I WANT TO CRY, STRETCH MY HAND AND LET ME FLY That silence of the night, Get me out... ...before I die

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Sombra Arcana

Wandering Vault Hunter

In the eyes of the night I am none,

In its smile, I'm just one more child,

Hopeless, deprived of sleep,

Saddened by the rash sprites of reality

In the ears of the night I am nigh,

Just a poor boy who was tossed aside,

Just a lonely sight to kick around,

Just another burden to my own

As I lay down is when I seem

to see the sky and belittle me,

It is this time when I reveal,

the truth of my loneliness to see

I'm just another person to let go,

Toss me around, punish me some more,

Forsake my soul, Spit in my goals,

My dreams are shattered memories

Just let me know,

That in your memoirs,

I might be someone to you,

Just let me know,

That even though I'm gone,

I won't be forlorn,

Just let me know,

That when you think of me,

you won't let that memory go

Sombra Arcana

Wandering Vault Hunter

You used to call

You used to whine

You used to hear what I had to say

You used to talk

You used to cry

You used to mend our sorrows away

You used to listen

You used to chat

You used to lend your shoulder to me

We used to laugh

We used to fight

We used to look towards the sky

We used to be one

We used to be fine

We used to look for paradise

We used to sigh

We used to sing

We swore that it was meant to be

Now I am taken aghast,

Now I am lying here on the floor,

Looking back at our past,

Now I whimper in the snow,

Wondering what happened to us,

Now I'm "fine",

Now I'm "okay",

Looking back at what we used to be


Flowiest on deck, in the building, etc
A ode to tonight.

I saw the appropriate thread..

To type rhymes down from my head

So share the thunder with the one from down under

When I howl at the moon I wake people from slumber

Chop inhibition like lumber

And my words will ring true, if you can't sleep at night know that I can't to

If it's hard to stay awake, know I've made the same mistake

Once twice or more it was a walk in cake.

Not easy but messy,

To be a monster like nessy

Asking for three fiddy feeling shiddy that Im not that pretty

to rap sing and strip for money in the city.

Sombra Arcana

Wandering Vault Hunter
Shattered pieces

Is within the deepest fears of my heart

to be afraid to be in the dark,

to fill and drown my soul in regrets,

to her your voice break down my nerves

It's the biggest woe in my mind,

to seek an uncovered truth in which I lied,

to seek for the biggest lamentations

of the weary soul in depravation

I'm lost in thought and in distrust,

Like a little lamb seduced by wolves,

I'm so lost and in no shape to fight,

which has caused me to break my mind

The humble pieces of my self,

the soul which shattered from thy shelves,

Left alone to be barren and soiled,

Covered by grime and tears

I don't thinK I can recover

from the penance I have asunder,

I wish to stretch out my arm,

just to be bitten by the hounds of dark,

so then I retrieve into my shell,

just to call out...


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