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My Hero Academia- Specific Plot Search


1. Please be at least 18.
2. Be active.
3. Be alright with short responses. But they're not one-liners!
4. PM me if interested and include in your message to me your favorite color. If you can't PM yet, then please wait to contact me. I don't want people posting here.

I play: Katsuki

Options for who you can play: Deku (maybe even one where he never got One for All and so never got to go to UA), Eijiro, Katsuki's mom.

Plot: Katsuki had his quirk taken from him when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains. He's taken out of the Hero Course and isn't the same Katsuki as before. It's hard for him to accept that he'll never be able to use his quirk again.

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