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Help Multiple locations?

just wanted to ask, how does RPN handle roleplays with multiple locations?
i know theres like a tag you can put on top but say i wanted to make a massive rp spanning multiple locations.
is making that viable? or do we just input our location in our posts? tq in advance.

sorry if this is the wrong forum. thing. idk. im new ;D


Dannigan's Lady
It depends on how you want to handle it, really. For some RPs, just putting the location at the top works fine. (Especially if it's a temporary thing, like if a group is splitting up for a day but will rejoin later.) For really complicated RPs that have a lot going on, particularly over time and involving lots of people in each location, a Hosted Project might be needed. From the main page, scroll down to where it says "Enter Hosted Projects Here" (it's near the bottom) and click there to see the sort of things others are using Hosted Projects for.

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