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Realistic or Modern Mrs. Hangley's School of Espionage Lore


The school is located in New York City. To regular civilians it looks like a regular boarding school, those who are a part of the world of crime know the truth.

Students live on campus in dorms. The only time they really leave is to go on missions or when they are given permission to leave. Students can also sneak off campus but they have to be careful not to be caught.


Missions will be done in groups of 3-5. If the mission is a success your character will be rewarded if the mission is unsuccessful then your character will be punished. Depending on how many times you're character has had an unsuccessful mission your character can be cut from the program.

Characters who are in their senior and junior year will be assigned more missions than those in their freshmen and sophomore year.

Since the freshmen are new to the school they will only be able to assist on missions. Sophomores are given their own missions but they are supervised by a teacher or senior.

No Escape:

During their freshmen year, students are branded by a tattoo and a microchip is inserted into them. So the school knows about their whereabouts at all times making it almost impossible for them to escape. Picture of Tattoo

Social Hierarchy:

Students who have a background in crime prior to entering the academy tend to be more respected by their peers. A background in crime can include: them coming from a crime family, their parents being criminals beforehand, they committing some type of crime, etc.

Students who do not have said background can gain respect by completing missions successfully, thriving academically, or by competing in school events.

School Rules and Policies:

1. Students are not allowed to leave the premises without permission. If they do so and are caught they'll face severe punishment.

2. Students are allowed to fight however the school would prefer if they settled their disagreements in a deathmatch. Deathmatches are duels between two students which normally results in one of them getting killed or seriously injured.

3. If a student fails three classes in a row they are immediately cut from the program.

4. Students are not allowed to disobey their teachers. Disobedience will result in the student being punished however the teacher sees fit.

5. Students are to do whatever is required to finish the mission even if that means killing another one of their fellow students.

6. If a student tells anyone in the outside world about the school they are immediately hunted down and killed. In some cases, their family may be killed too.


The school has a variety of events each very dangerous in its own way. While it is very risky participating in these events the payoff is even higher.

Hide n Seek:

This event is strictly for juniors and seniors. The assassins, spies, and future agents tend to take part in this event. The students are the seekers and the school's enemies will hide. The student who kills the most targets will win.


This is strictly for freshmen students. This is a chance for them to showcase their talents. They go head to head against each other. Unlike the deathmatches, the goal isn't for any of the students to battle to the death.

Sophomore's Battle Royale:

Similar to the tournament, this is a time for Sophomores to showcase e their talents. This event normally takes place over the course of three days. And the sophomores are asked to perform different tasks. This is more intense than the tournament and it is used by the school to assess the abilities of the students. Unlike other events, sophomores do not have a choice and they are forced to participate whether they like it or not.

The Ball:

In addition to students and members of staff attending the school also invites world-famous criminals, high-ranking officials, etc. This event is incredibly important for seniors because it gives them an opportunity to network with future employers so they can get jobs as soon as they graduate. It should be noted that the ball is very dangerous and something always goes wrong.

Sports Day:

It is a day when students of all different programs come together to take part in different events that test their physical prowess. Sabotage and cheating are not forbidden which is why this day usually ends in drama, a fight, or someone getting badly injured.

If you have any ideas for other events I can add pm me or put your suggestions below.

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