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mama and the mothman

what this is /
- an experimental staging ground where i beat up code
- a place to test codes out of the private workshop to make sure they're site & mobile friendly

what this isn't /
- a code shop
- a dedicated resource page
- a collection of codes ready to use (tho i will index those that are)

feel free to /
- use any of the codes here, provided the credit remains
- message me about the accessibility of any codes (wonky colored text, codes that aren't mobile friendly, etc.)
- edit the code to your heart's content, pls just keep the credit

pls don't /
- remove any credits
- message me asking if you can use any of these codes, bbcode is cc

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mama and the mothman

artist credit: currently unknown

code by listener

i dunno wat this is!! once i figure out tabs i may tweak this but yeah,,, feel free to use if u can figure out a use for it



mama and the mothman

natasha sokolov

Oh how the north wind blows...

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code by listener
scroll snippet by uxie

,,,i don't know wat the heck im doin,,, help


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