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Fantasy Misfits Pack Character Sheet



Below is the character sheet and my character as reference. A few things you want to know first.

-Beta's are generally the strongest aside from the Alphas. Beta's generally take care of most fighting and protection related issues. In layman's terms, they are the soldiers.

-Delta's are mainly the nurturing type. They are usually responsible for the general protection and care of the younger members of the pack. These members of the pack are often the most trusted as they are the last line of defense for the young who cannot defend themselves.

-Gamma's are generally the wiser members of the pack. While they are not directly responsible for the decision made, they are the ones who generally provide the wisdom for the alphas to make the decision.

-Omega's are the lowest tier on the pack life. In other packs they are treated cruelly, but in this one they are mainly responsible for the General work such as cleaning and helping to take care of the young ones. They are generally the weakest members of the pack and are usually well protected. While other members of the pack can fight at some point or another in order to earn their spot in the pack, omega's tend to earn their spot in the pack by taking care of everyone else. Much like nurses or caretakers to the entire pack.

Character Creation Rules:
  1. All relationships must be agreed upon by the other party.
  2. All relationships do not have to be straight relationships.
  3. Characters must be submitted to me in Private Messages to be approved before they are posted here.
  4. You may use code as much as you like, but be mindful of mobile users.
  5. You may add any other information you want, so long as the base information is filled out.
Here is the character sheet:
Pack Rank:
Mate (If applies):
Appearance (description and/or art):
Backstory (include how they joined the pack):
Theme Song (not required, but I enjoy it):​
If you want to be the other alpha, contact me so we can work out the relationship between our characters. That is a first come first serve thing. I of course will be the Alpha Male. I do not care if you want to create a male character to be the other Alpha character. Just know that the Alpha Characters will be in a romantic relationship.
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Sinbad Nemean



Pack Rank:

Lion Spirit

Jaxon Stenfield


True Form:

Sinbad is a relatively laid-back person. He doesn't particularly have too many stresses or worries in life. That is however, when he knows everything is okay. If there is even a hint of something that could cause harm to the people he cares about, he will become an obsessive worry wart. He takes no chances and prefers to know every in and out of every possible outcome. He has confidence in his ability to keep everyone safe, but that doesn't mean he is easily swayed from being worried. He always thinks about the what ifs in life. In his mind he is the one who is supposed to protect everyone in the pack, so he cannot afford to be prideful and lazy.

This attitude of caution for the people he cares about does not apply to him. He couldn't care less about what happens to him. This of course leads him to do irrational things. Most often putting himself in physical Danger rather than relying on his people to help him. This is why he has such a nonchalant attitude when he gets hurt. He knows that everyone looks to him and most of them see him as a father figure, but his own pride and need to keep everyone safe leads him to get himself hurt often despite how strong he is.

Sinbad knew very little of his father. He knew that his father was known as the nemean lion. Apparently shortly before he was born his father was killed by a man named Hercules. His mother on the other hand was a spirit. A spirit of the Stars to be specific. He was raised as any Spirit would raise their child. He was taught that he was stronger and he had a purpose. Of course it was up to him to discover this purpose.

Throughout his years he had been recognized many times. The Egyptians modeled the Sphinx after him. A long since perished African tribe worshipped him as a god. Even modern-day people knew about his Legend. The great star sign Leo was created in his likeness. There was even a man who wrote a series of books depicting an Adventure he had with Sinbad. Of course in that copy he was named Aslan. Throughout all of human history he was made into a Divine and a powerful being, but humans have a way of turning on people.

On more than a few occasions humans had turned against him. Each of them seeking the glory of killing the great lion or after his Pelt for money as it was just as indestructible as his father's. After many centuries he decided it was enough. He sealed himself in a cave atop the highest mountain in all the lands. His powers of white flames kept the mountain cold. He spent a millennia inside that cave. Devoid of any contact with anything else for the longest time.

It was around this time that a dragon landed at the mouth of his cave. At first Sinbad was very uninterested in whatever the dragon had to say. However, after listening for a moment he realized that the Dragon had created a pack. A pack for people and beasts of all kind who did not have a home for one reason or another to come together and be a family. Sinbad had often thought that the world was much too harsh on those who didn't conform to their species normal rules or aesthetic. It was then that he decided he would follow this dragon and help him create a pack for the Misfits of the world. It wasn't long after that the dragon died, leaving the pack in his hands and he takes his duty very seriously.

Theme Song:
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It's lonely in the deep
Vos’ Vescorageto
Vescor, Victor, Number 14
Pack Rank:
(Plasma/Storm Variant)

*May change to something slightly different.

Mate (If applies):
Appearance (description and/or art):

Vescor is a young dragon, still growing rapidly.

Height: 6’ Weight 134 lbs: Eye Color: Variable
For his human disguise, Vescor takes the appearance of a thin man in his mid twenties. He has shoulder length dark hair, and a patch of fluff on his chin. Vescor’s eyes remain slit-pupiled, and more often than not a few stubborn scales refuse to disappear completely. His skin appears more heavily marked in this form, with thick bands of scar tissue encircling his wrists and neck.


A true survivalist at heart, Vescor is defined by his resilience to hardship and innovative resourcefulness. During his short tenure with the Wandering Pack, he’s proven himself to be clever, quickly adaptable and able to remain calm under pressure. Vescor is confident in the pack’s ability to weather whatever storms come their way.

Being a more recent addition, Vescor thinks highly of the Wandering Pack’s ideology, but sometimes struggles to follow their example. He’s very uncomfortable around strangers, and still getting to know all the members of the pack. However, he’s very good at reading faces and picking up on non-verbal clues, giving him an uncanny ability to read people. Unfortunately, having been raised in an environment where cruelty masqueraded beneath a kind face, Vescor is paranoid—especially by well-intentioned outsiders. In addition, he has a particularly strong resentment towards undead creatures—vampires in particular.

Vescor is finicky about trust, but fiercely protective of those who’ve earned it. He values freedom above all things and will fight to defend it for himself and members of the Wandering Pack. Given the opportunity to pursue his interests, he is most likely to be found studying, tinkering with new discoveries and strange projects, or flying someplace in the distance.

Backstory (include how they joined the pack):

Vescor was raised in captivity as part of an underground dragon-parts trafficking scheme. He was eventually freed from confinement, by a group of supernaturals working to disarm a series of interconnected blackmarket organisations across the country.

As soon as he was fit enough to leave, Vescor flew to the far north. He spent several months of self-imposed isolation in the rocky mountains, before encountering the Wandering Pack. After a few weeks of careful observation, the dragon initiated first contact in order to discover more about the group’s intentions in his forest. Intrigued by the answers he received, Vescor started spending an increasing amount of time in their camp and eventually joined as an official member when they decided to leave the area.

Since joining the Wandering Pack, the young dragon has proven himself a fierce combatant with a keen mind for militant strategy. Despite initially joining as a Beta, it became clear that Vescor possessed a very intelligent mind, and emphasis on his responsibilities shifted towards Gamma.

Theme Song (not required, but I enjoy it):


1. Vector’s scales and eyes change color according to his moods.

2. He enjoys flying in storms and foul weather, and has a nose for sniffing out different kinds of minerals.

3. Vescor is claustrophobic and afraid of entering confined spaces. He doesn’t react well to the sight of restraints or surgical instruments; resulting in a very poor reputation amongst the healers of the pack. He’s infamous for hiding injuries and going so far as to perform his own medical treatments whenever possible.


New Member
Korinetsu Drenaid (Kori or Netsu for short)

777, considered young adult/ teen


Pack Rank

Greek-Mytho Griffin


Griffin form

Human form

Korinetsu is a pretty nice person who respects all members in the pack. He’s pretty chill and has a little bit of social anxiety.

Kori was a part of the pride/ flock of Griffins who lived in the clouds with the Greek gods. All of the Griffins had pure white feathers and blue eyes, which they prided themselves on.

Korinetsu’s mother, Setina, was a single mom who was looking after her egg. When it hatched Setina was horrified, her son had black feathers and dark red eyes.

The griffin’s mother knew she couldn’t keep him, in fear of him being executed, and took him to the spirit river at midnight.
The river connected the Earth to the Clouds, and that was the only way Setina knew here son might have a chance of survival.

As Setina was about to say goodbye to her son, a guard pulled her away and the baby griffin flowed down the river before they could catch him.

Korinetsu was caught and raised by an old couple of eagles. Of course, the young griffin outlived them because of his long lifespan.

300 years later Kori was wandering the Earth in search of somewhere to belong, after he saw all of his loved ones die or get killed. He tried to steer clear of humans and other vicious beasts. One day Kori found a pack who was looking for creatures like him; The Misfits Pack.

Additional info~~
Kori has always been a beta in the pack because of his good fighting techniques and ability to blow hordes of enemies away with his wings.

Theme Song
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I am confusion
Age: 179
Gender: Female
Pack Rank: Delta
Species: Elemental (Snake)
Appearance :
Human (middle): 1.6m, 45Kg. Has pointed ears and can turn her skin into wood. Prefers to wear more ornamental clothing rather than modern casual clothes.
Elemental (Snake): 7.3m long (Variable), 520Kg.

Aesia is quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. She is tends to very calm and peaceful whenever she is by herself. She believes in the good of people, that they can always improve, and tends to help other pack members. Despite being close to being 200 years old, she still acts like a teenager during her day to day. She has a dream of exploring and learning about the world, but her natural form does not easily allow this. She is also very lazy, often doing the bare minimal work and using her spare time to photosynthesize. If she is feeling particularly energetic, she might go exploring. She is fascinated by humans just as much as nature, and will often try to study both.

Although she is made of wood, she does not fear fire. While wood can burn, it burns slower and does less damage to her body than to a normal animal. She does however, fear disasters and has acute senses for detecting them. Once one is near, she becomes disturbed and agitated.

Aesia grew up lonely for almost 50 years in the forests of Alaska. At this age, her body mostly resembled a 7 year old girl in human form. She had a curiosity for almost everything, which often led her to get hurt. During such a occasion after attempting to approach a bear in her human form, she had lost an arm and deeply scarred her face. Instead of bleeding, fractured wood could instead be seen in her wounds. The commotion attracted the attention of a couple that lived nearby, that later found her stumbling in the woods.

The couple, albeit frightened by the sighting of Aesia in that state, decided to approach and talk to her. Scared, Aesia turned herself into her Elemental form, but was unable to fight. The wounds had left her extremely weak, which then lead her to fainting. The couple rescued Aesia, and nursed her back, which allowed her to fully regenerate her lost parts. Aesia learned how to speak and most human customs. She didn't leave their side for almost 25 years, and stayed as a friend and as a protector of the couple.

Although she liked her life there, she wished to explore the world, and decided to leave. After drawn out good-byes, she left the couple behind. It didn't take long for her to learn how cruel humans could be. After another 50 years, over 200 people attempted to have her killed. Even other creatures, such as dragons and Harpies, tried to chop her down, some believing that her friendship with humans was dangerous. She stood firm however, and kept going.

It was around this time that she was approached by a dragon, that told her he had created a pack. A group of the ones that can't quite fit here or there. A group of misfits. By now, she was over 175, but she accepted the offer, and went on to live with the group, even if temporarily.

Theme Song:


"Happiness is the highest good"- Aristotle
Augustus Rennius

2,100 years old


Pack Rank:


Mate (If applies):
None Currently

Appearance (description and/or art):

Being a Hellhound, he can overprotective, especially with the young. He's as stubborn as it gets, not backing down even if he's wrong. He's not afraid to fight but prefers not to, the sight of blood is one that he is not fond of. It's hard to earn Augustus's trust and respect and will often be dismissive of those he deems unworthy of his respect. Being over 2,000 years old, you'd think he'd have good judgement but he acts before he thinks. He has an anger that has been simmering in him since the Fall of the Roman Empire and that can cause explosive outbreaks of anger. He never raises his voice around the young ones and acts like a total different person around them. He tries to seem as non-threatening as possible and is very caring to younger members of the pack. His gentler side can expand to those who he cares about.

Backstory (include how they joined the pack):
Augustus was born during the time of the Romans, he grew up not knowing who his parents were or had anybody to depend on. He was said to be a descendant of Cerberus, a 3-headed Hellhound but he doesn't know for sure. After wandering around for a while, a Roman farmer came upon him one day and decided that he was something the emperor needed to see. He was brought to the emperor and was treated like a pet to him. He didn't care as he was treated like a god by those around him. He learned Latin very quickly and became an integral part of Roman society, staying at the side of every Roman emperor. A dark day happened when the Roman Empire fell, throwing society into chaos. Augustus began to grow apart from humans, those who came after the Romans treated him as a hostile and tried to eliminate him. He fought back to his dismay and killed many of those who tried to rid him from this world. He wanted no more violence so he retreated to the Alps and resided in a small home away from civilization. He slowly began introducing himself into society and the surrounding human villages adored his presence. Once society progressed into the medieval era, their feelings changed about him and deemed him a spawn of the devil. Augustus retreated once more back to his isolated home and stayed away from society for centuries. Eventually his house could no longer be kept a secret because of the ever increasing presence of humans around his home and had to reside in a cave. A few more centuries passed and he couldn't keep his sanity bottled up in a cave and ventured into the world. It was a cruel world but he persevered. Augustus quickly came to the realization that his existence had been erased from all history books regarding the Romans, likely due to how dangerous the implications of his existence had. This saddened him but he had to find a purpose in this ever changing world. Through many years of roaming, he came across the pack and was offered to join it by a Lion. He joined it reluctantly but decided to give it his all as he just started a new chapter in his life. He then became the most recent member of the pack.

Theme Song (not required, but I enjoy it):


He was named after the Roman Emperor, Augustus
He can speak fluent Latin, Italian and English.​

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