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Thanks for the interest everyone! Please follow the prompts below and post your character(s) when you get the chance : ).

AGE (15-18)

Even if you're playing a canon character, please fill this out to the best of your ability. Feel free to use their wiki descriptions if that's easier as well!


Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Name: Daisuke Karasu


Age: 17

Club Role: "Damsel in Distress"

Daisuke fills a much needed niche in the Ouran Highschool host community: a male host who takes male clients. Daisuke is demi-pansexual, but typically leans toward and winds up with male clients.

As for his role as the club's "Damsel in Distress", Daisuke is a magnet for disaster. He's accident prone and often winds up in unfortunate situations. Daisuke isn't one to stand up for or defend himself, however, he will always stand up for a friend.

As for the "Damsel" part, he's regarded, often negatively, as a "pretty boy".

Personality: Daisuke is kind, sweet, and friendly, if a little timid. He likes to feel useful and helpful.

Unless he particularly dislikes that person himself, Daisuke is upset by being disliked. Typically, he's considered likable and easy to get along with. He's very much a people pleaser.

Daisuke has both depression and anxiety. While he's usually sweet and friendly, he does have his down days from time to time.

He's an introvert, but he joined the club to work on his confidence and social skills.

Background: Daisuke was adopted by the founder of the Karasu Corporation, Koichi Karasu. Coming from "new money" tends to come with some prejudice from his "old money" peers.

The Karasu Corporation primarily produces pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Before starting the company, Koichi Karasu was a surgeon.

Daisuke had a number of expensive health complications as a small child. Naturally, when he was adopted, Koichi had it all taken care of. Daisuke received a new heart. Now, Daisuke has weak lungs and takes immunosuppressants daily for his heart. He may need new lungs some time in the next five to ten years, but he struggles existentially with the idea of taking someone else's chance at life.

Daisuke is borderline mycophobic (germophobic). He has a compromised immune system and takes great care not to expose himself to illness.

Daisuke is afraid of rejection.

Being extremely empathetic, Daisuke is a wimp when it comes to movies with gore or extreme injury, though, weirdly enough, he's great at first aid and not very squeamish in real life so long as he has gloves if there's blood.

Daisuke considers becoming a composer or musician. He was classically trained to play both piano, violin, viola, and a handful of other instruments (none of which require lungs). He has a good voice for singing, but is self conscious about his lack of lung power for it.

Aside from playing instruments, Daisuke loves alternative music. If an acquaintance didn't pick up on it before, one look at his taste in music plus his usual sense of fashion outside of his school uniform would have them realizing that this kid be emo.

His favorite colors are blue and various shades of grey.

Daisuke has appetite issues, so he's taken up cooking and baking as a hobby and has come to enjoy it. His favorite recipe of all time is his aunt's apple pie.

Daisuke has a love for apples. Apple juice, apple pie, apple fritters, apple crisp, apple cider, etc.


Despite doing his best to get along with anyone, Daisuke has a strong dislike of many kinds of behaviors and people, including but not limited to: misogynists, queerphobes, toxic narcissists, animal abusers, and hypocrites.

Name brands and corporations. He's very conscious of the companies and brands that he buys from. He prefers to buy small and local. He values sustainability, ethical sources, and environmentally friendly things.

Frivolity and impracticality. Being raised as "new money" means he doesn't live in a huge mansion surrounded by lavish furniture and decorations. He lives in a modern penthouse with modern appliances and decor. He was raised by a man who doesn't care about owning dozens of cars or watches or yachts. They live comfortably, but not wastefully. Daisuke is down to have fun and buy some things he doesn't need, but he finds the things his peers throw away their money on appalling.


Diasuke is very sustainability and eco minded. He's flexitarian (vegetarian 95% of the time), believes in treating animals fairly, buying responsibly and sustainably sourced products.

He's very self conscious about bringing any of it up and doesn't want to be seen as obnoxious or self important about it. He just wants to be a reasonably normal guy.

He sees it as his own personal choice and it makes him feel better about living day to day, especially since he often doesn't feel like he's supposed to be alive at all.

On his darkest days, he feels like a waste of life, that the heart he got should've gone to someone else. Being as low impact as possible and helping others helps him feel more at ease and less stressed about it.
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Burn My Dread
Name: Matsuki Takahashi

Age: 17
Role: The Flirtatious
Personality: Extroverted, straightforward, and caring. She likes to both tease and cheer up customers and friends, and has the social awareness to do it correctly, or at least that's what she thinks. Outside of school, she's rather tomboy-ish and likes wearing loose clothes like hoodies. A bit of a rebel.
Background: Matsuki's father is the CEO of the largest corporation of aftermarket car parts and mods in Japan. Naturally, this meant Matsuki grew up around lots of cars, quickly gaining a passion of her own in them. However, around when she was 12, for reasons unbeknownst to her, her parents got divorced. At the time she didn't really understand what had happened, but all she knew was thather mother was now living elsewhere. At first, it was explained to her that her mother would be visiting her on the weekends, and she did, but over time the visits grew more and more distant until one day she didn't return. It's been 4 years since her last visit, though Matsuki doesn't like to think about that. She spends most nights in her father's garage, sitting and inspecting her father's cars. He's not even home most nights, so on occasion she even sneaks out in one past midnight, where she cries her emotions out while driving in the roads near the estate.
3-5 Fears:
- Her mother. Matsuki doesn't know why her mother stopped visiting all those years ago. While part of her wants to know why, the reality is, she's scared of the answer. She has run the possibility of meeting her mom countless times in her head, and it's the only scenario she can truly see herself at a loss of words.
- The idea of an arranged marriage. Her father was a lot more distant after the divorce, and she feels like maybe he could use her as a business tool one day. Though her father is not a mean man, it's a fear rooted in the insecurity she has over her relationships with both her parents.
- The Ocean. Pools? Sure! Lakes? Fine. Rivers? Ehe, maybe not. Ocean? Nope. She struggles to wrap her mind at the sheer size of the ocean and how little we know about it, that just the thought of being in one gives her chills.
3-5 Likes:
- Cars, obviously. Her favorite car is the Honda S2000
- Cold coffee and tea. Seriously, it's 'bussin. She practices making them with the chef, both hot and cold.
- Pinapples and mangos. She's borderline obsessed with those 2 flavors. Bonus if it's tea, boba, etc.
- Music. This is the only attribute of her personality she contributes to her mother, who listened to a lot of jazz, inspiring her to learn how to play a saxophone. Though, she hasn't played it in a couple of years now.
- Anime, though if you ask her she'll deny it.
3-5 Dislikes:
- Piano. It was her mother's preferred instrument, so she cant help but cringe at the sight of them, or hearing piano solos. Even if she can objectively recognize the beauty in it she just finds it more difficult to enjoy.
- Steaming hot and spicy food. In her words "I just like to actually enjoy my food"
- Most fish. Kind of an extension of the ocean fear, it's just weird and gross to her. Edible, but not enjoyable.
- "Know it alls, so lame."
- She occasionally wears fake glasses as a hostess, which has led some customers to think she actually has visions problems, and that she just wears contacts most days. She just runs with it.
- Only uses mechanical pencils and pens to write. "It's the 21st century, sharpening it is a hassle, why bother."


Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Name: Haruhi Fujioka


Age: 16

Club Role: "the Natural"

Haruhi has a natural way with women. They get along easily with clients and naturally attracts them.

Personality: Haruhi is laid back and calm for the most part. They're friendly and easy going. Though they're a natural talking to women at club activities, Haruhi can be somewhat oblivious about certain things that come naturally to the other club members- flirting, for example. Haruhi has become close friends with the other members of the club, but is hardly if ever willing to indulge them in their shenanigans, often losing patience with them.

Background: Haruhi, to the fascination of their peers, is a commoner, attending Ouran on a scholarship. They live in a small apartment with their single father.

Haruhi is often flabbergasted and bewildered by the lifestyles of their friends, but hardly ever impressed unless food is involved.


Thunder. As a child, Haruhi was highly independent and often dealt with things on their own, including scary thunderstorms. In always dealing with it on their own in the same way, hiding alone, the fear was never overcome.

Haruhi worries about her dad overworking himself or getting hurt.

Haruhi is wary of clowns. It's not quite a fear, but they find them unsettling and unfunny. The club boys are in the clear as long as they don't start dawning noses, wigs, and horrible makeup.


Fancy Tuna. Haruhi is a sucker for good quality seafood. This is something the other members of the club often exploit.

Sales, deals, freebies, frugality. Haruhi is good with their money and essentially runs the household at home. They get pretty hyped about and hate to miss a good sale.

Cozy and comfortable clothes and furniture. It's the simple things in life. Who doesn't like to be comfortable?


Friends fighting. Little upsets Haruhi more than seeing their friends not getting along.

Sweets. Haruhi doesn't particularly care for sweets.

Stupid rich people doing stupid rich people things. (Enough said.)


Haruhi, though biologically female, may be gender fluid. When they wound up in the club and with a men's uniform, they didn't bat an eye. Haruhi has expressed that they don't care if they're seen as a boy or a girl either way, however, in order to pay back their debt to the host club (an all boys club), it must remain a secret to the rest of the school that Haruhi is biologically a girl.

The founding of the new club in music room 6 is bound to shake things up…


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Name: Kyoko Nishimura


Age: 16



Despite being fairly outgoing with her close friends, Kyoko puts up an air of aloofness around people she doesn't know well, coming off as intensely focused and competitive to a fault. She often challenges guests to tests of strength or wit, deriding them when they aren't able to best her. One on one, however, she is prone to show a more vulnerable side, divulging details about her past with her most dedicated guests. Despite these "confessions," even the guests she's closest with can get a sense that she's unlikely to share anything she actually doesn't want people to know, at least not as a host.


When she isn't playing up her tsundere tendencies, Kyoko is friendly but guarded. She doesn't go out of her way to be cruel unless she sees someone who needs to be cut down a few pegs (mostly male students). When she decides it's time to check someone's ego, she will do so relentlessly- she hates entitled attitudes of all kinds and, at Ouran, there is no shortage of that. She's fiercely protective of others and can, at times, have a bit of a martyr complex. Among her closest friends, her love language is sarcastic banter.


Kyoko was raised for the first few years of her life by her mother, Akane, the black sheep of the Nishimura family. Akane was a wild child, getting into trouble with her parents and the law fairly regularly. Kyoko was born when Akane was only 19, after which Akane vowed to clean up her act and, for a while, she had, holding a steady job and moving in with her partner, Izumi. However, Izumi passed away suddenly when Kyoko was only 8, causing her mother to spiral. This eventually led to Kyoko moving in with her uncle and his wife along with their three sons.

The gossip that circulates among the wealthy caused the circumstances of Kyoko's childhood to be fairly well-known, though not often brought up in polite conversation. Kyoko does her best to not let rumors or whispers get to her, but works hard to shake off comparisons between she and her mother, who she only sees periodically. Her family originally generated their wealth through the railway industry; however recently her uncle has gotten into the realm of professional sports management.

Losing her mother completely
Being helpless to protect those close to her
Fear of needles

Playing instruments (piano, guitar, cello)

Entitled attitudes

- She's fairly good at chess, however doesn't really enjoy it.
- Despite her aloof facade, she considers her "tsundere" persona to be a vast exaggeration of her actual personality
- The last time she saw her mother was 3 years prior when she had seemed to be getting better, but unfortunately it didn't last long
- She's comfortable exploring her sexuality, but prefers not to label
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Name: Kyoya

Role: The Cool

Kyoya's manner in dealing with clients is self-assured and charming


"Kyoya is a calm and logical guy who has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detached, and sometimes threatening when need be. He is a diligent secretary for the club and tracks continuous data on the club's guests and fortunes through his netbook, tablet or notebook"

He can come off as a bit machiavellian in the way he manipulates people and situations to benefit himself and the club. Despite his cool exterior, it is obvious to those close to him that he does care for the wellbeing of the club members, even if he has trouble expressing it.


Kyoya is the youngest child of the powerful Ootori family and must work extremely hard to live up to the expectations of his father. He has been taught from a very young age to be deferential to authority and, despite not being the heir apparent of the powerful Ootori family, he is expected to uphold the image of the Ootori family above all else.



Getting up early

Kyoya has hypotension meaning it is difficult for him to wake up in the morning and he can be prone to passing out and dizzy spells.


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* Rima Suzuki

  • req.


    * n.name(s)
    ri ri. little angel. suzuki.
    * d.o.b.
    december 17th
    * p.o.b.
    * age




    #the angel

    * height
    * weight
    147 lbs.
    * build
    * hair colour
    * eye colour





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Emiko Sasaki

“The Princess”


Latifa Fleuranza
Amagi Brilliant Park






Emiko is an overly friendly, considerate, and sincere person, you would think that she is a lot younger than she actually is due to this. All that Emiko wants to achieve is for everyone surrounding her to be happy and healthy. She can be a leader, when necessary, but tends to really rely on the Vice President of the Host Club to help her out with certain tasks and planning. When she does put in her two cents on planning events, they are always over the top and typically out of their budget. What can she say? That's just how she was raised, in a very formal and traditional household. This did lead her to being a dependable person, she is always left to do her homework without fear that she would abandon it, the same for any tasks that she was asked to do by her parents. Though she does well in her studies, Emiko isn't a star pupil, but who doesn't love someone who is a little bit of an airhead.



Emiko grew up at first moving around due to her father having to travel for his jobs. As she got older, her father, Akira Sasaki, became more and more stable with work until they ended up where they are now. Her mother, Aiko Sasaki, worked as a fashion designer for the rich and famous, which would take her away from spending much time with Emiko. Seeing as both her parents weren't around her much, she would end up spending most of her time either alone, or with their butler. In order to make up for the lack of attention she was receiving from her parents, they would shower her with gifts from the places they would visit. This would become a routine thing that Emiko eventually fell in love with, but would also have loved to gotten some one on one time with her parents. When she began studying at Ouran, she felt as though she fit right in with all of the other spoiled teens. After visiting with the Host Club a few times, she realized how much she loved the attention. This would spark her to become the president of a Host Club that would be more attentive to male guests, if she couldn't get attention from her parents, then she would get it somewhere else.


♥ losing loved ones
♥ not succeeding in life
♥ being hated
♥ abandonment


♡ cooking
♡ spending time with friends
♡ doodling
♡ princess gowns


♥ being talked down to
♥ the dark
♥ being alone
♥ broken promises


has a love for all things soft
enjoys singing and will occasionally just break out into song
loves anything sweet

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Looking for a good Sci-fi SoL rp to join.

      Tamaki Suoh

AGE (15-18)
   Text goes here

      The Prince


Outspoken and naïve. He talks a bit too much but is never afraid to keep talking. Overall, Tamaki is a kind hearted person who is always willing to help after hearing a good sob story - or a bad one.


Tamaki is the love child of Yuzuru Suoh and Anne-Sophie de Grantaine. He doesn't have a good relationship with his grandmother Shizue Suoh but has no ill will against her even with the circumstances she set him in. Tamaki is the president of the Host Club.


His true feelings for Haruhi, not seeing his mother ever again, being ugly.


Piano, Instant coffee, ramen, soccer, commoner food.


Chrysanthemum food, The twins' tricks, and three.


- He is half French and half Japanese.

- His birthday is April 8.

the prince


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Looking for a good Sci-fi SoL rp to join.

      Naohmi Maekawa

AGE (15-18)

      The Devilish


Naohmi prides herself on her stylish background and you can tell from her punk, goth, D.I.Y. aesthetic. She's always been an oddball of sorts and kinda intimidating but after you get passed the tough aesthetic, she's actually... quite the arsonist. Students at Ouran Academy talk about her gun-tooting background and probably true "gangster" ways although she's never actually held one ever or punched a hoe out. Naohmi is fluent in both Japanese and English but likes to include English too much to confuse people.


The Maekawa family isn't a big name in Japan - unless you're a bit more fashion forward of course. Naohmi's parents met in New York City while attending Parsons School of Design and are climbed together into the underground high fashion world! Her mother is a lead designer for Vivienne Westwood and her father is a freelancer focused on raising his little girl. Naohmi's parents are not divorced but they are seeing other people since their occupation keeps them away from each other for a long time. Naohmi hops from living in London, California, and Japan every few years so she's a bit flighty on making friends. She is "new money" but actually got a scholarship to attend the school as well.


Moving away out of nowhere, her parents actually divorcing, butterflies and moths, and geese.


country music but don't tell anyone!, her starbucks tumbler collection, disney, dungeons and dragons, thrift shopping.


High End Fashion Shopping, cosplay, violins, bad rice/meat ratio.


- She is half American and half Japanese.

- Her father mostly designs for drag queens and kings in Japan.

- Her favorite fruit is melon, cantaloupe specifically.

- Has really bad handwriting.

- Was raised by her father and his mother. (before her grandmother passed)
- Says she's from "Oakland" which gives her street cred.

the devilish


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Stitches and Patchwork

The Cheese Knees

“Every design begins with an even better story.”
-Lorinda Mamo

Hatsumi “Sumi” Fujisaki

Tsukimi Kurashita- “Jellyfish Princess”


The Girl Next Door

During first meetings, Hatsumi is a friendly and intelligent yet awkward individual. Being someone who greatly desires emotional acceptance from her peers, Hatsumi does her best to be polite to others, doing all she can to please others… even if it means staying out of the way. Yes, despite the general kindness she shows others, Hatsumi often gets easily nervous when with people she is not fully comfortable with as she easily overthinks things in her mission of being emotionally accepted, making approaching strangers and acquaintances a bit of a struggle for her as she often keeps to herself unless she is approached or something about a person attracts her curiosity or interest.

That said, when she does grow comfortable around someone, she blossoms into a much more energetic bubbly and sweet girl. She still suffers from social issues. She is quite clumsy and while rather intelligent, Hatsumi can be quite dense, especially on social situations, and slightly gullible at times, being easily tricked as much as she hates to admit it. And while not a terrible liar, Hatsumi had a habit to always tend towards speaking about her mind initially, causing her to be accidentally blunt. She never truly means no harm. Just sometimes things slip out. But she is a kind individual who truly cares about those around her and always happy to make a new friend, especially due to being a bit of a lonely outsider in the past. She is an optimist as well, always trying to look on the bright side of situation with a creative and imaginative mind as she does her best to remain determined, positive, and hopeful about her dreams. Even if she may have some insecurities she doesn’t like talking much about.

However if one is to describe Hatsumi with one word, it’s passionate. Hatsumi takes her interest and passions, especially when it involves fashion design, extremely seriously as even the simple mention of these topics is enough to get her to ramble and rant in front of strangers, her passion causing her to ditch her initial social awkwardness for a moment. She truly cares about her craft, putting her all into her work. However, she sometimes can get so easily absorbed into her work that she ignores the world around her, even ignoring her own well-being at the time when she gets into the zone. But she still is here to try her best. No matter what.

The Fujisaki family is not a well known name among Ouran. And for good reason. After all, similar to Haruhi, Sumi comes from a middle class family who don’t have much exceptional wealth or status. However, if one mentioned her mother using her maiden name, Chiye Koizumi, that should certainly attract some attention.

Chiye Koizumi was a former starlet who had risen to fame at a young age as a child actress and remained a famous figure in the public eye for years. That is until a few scandals led to her falling from grace and going into hiding. Only to find a happier life as someone who was virtually unknown as she met and married Sumi’s father, Yosuke Fujisaki, who currently owns a small cafe he had inherited from his grandfather, became a hair stylist, and had Sumi.

Everything was mostly peaceful for Sumi’s family as thanks to age setting in, the last name change, and some dye jobs, Chiye was virtually unrecognizable to the public and she, alongside her husband, did her best to create a warm and loving atmosphere for Sumi. And although her general shyness led to Sumi having many social shortcomings which led to her being a generally lonely child, she did have an overall happy childhood thanks to her parents.

But that did not stop Sumi from having big dreams. And at a young age, Sumi developed a great interest in the fashion industry, dreaming of becoming a professional fashion designer. Chiye initially attempted to subtly and gently discourage these dreams, afraid of her daughter getting wrapped up in similar scandals and issues as she had. However, upon seeing her talent and passion, Chiye reluctantly supported her daughter’s dream, giving her a piece of key advice from her acting days that she has followed until this day.

When you truly care about something, dress to impress. Because if you don’t bother to do your best to make a good first impression, no one will bother to see how you’ll do your best in your craft.

Sumi had followed this advice as she continues to pursue this dream, enrolling into Ouran Academy thanks to her high grades, in hopes that Ouran Academy would provide her with a way to get her name out there in the fashion world. Only for her to quickly find herself becoming an outcast in the Academy. She was a clunky, clumsy, and socially awkward commoner who got easily nervous and quickly found herself hiding in the shadows.

Yet… it quickly occurred to Hatsumi that she was making no progress through this way of life. So, upon hearing about the Hostess Club, she entered, hoping that through it, she could finally start making connections and prove that she belongs there just like everyone else. And maybe… make some friends in this new chaotic environment.

•Being Disliked/Disappointing Others
•Public Speaking

•Fashion Design

•Her Stuff Being Touched or Messed With
•Feeling Alone
•Being Pulled Away or Distracted from her Work
•Laziness/ Apathy
•Spicy Foods

•Good Student
As one would expect from a commoner who had entered Ouran Academy thanks to her grades, Sumi is an exceptionally bright students. She is one of the top students in her class but she is rather humble about it, doing her best but knowing her priorities lie elsewhere.

•Alter Ego?
While Sumi’s regular appearance is a bit more disheveled and casual, when serving as hostess, Sumi is often seen quite dressed up. Thus, due to how different her everyday appearance and her appearance as a hostess are, many people have confused her to be two separate people with her life as a hostess serving as an alter ego of sorts. One that Sumi is unaware of as she has not noticed how differently people perceive her when she is serving as a host and when she is not. In her eyes, she’s still just herself. Sumi. She’s just dressing to impress when she is a hostess.

Sumi is quite near sighted and thus, is often seen wearing glasses. However, she does often wear contacts during club activities as not having glasses in the way makes it easier for her to do her eye makeup.

•Too Dense for Her Own Good
Despite having watched and read many romance media (she usually looks at this stuff to get inspiration from the outfits but… the plots are nice), Sumi has no romantic experience and thus, romantic advances can easily go right over her head. When she does get them, she get easily flustered, but most of the time, she is too dense to notice these attempts and tends to see them as nothing more but friendliness.

•Other Tasks in Hostess Club
Due to her interest in designing, Sumi could possibly help design some of the clothing for certain events the club holds. An offer she shyly made early on as her attempt to get her designs out there.

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Stitches and Patchwork

The Cheese Knees

“Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within when one has the power to let go.”
-Doug Cooper

Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin- “Ouran High School Host Club”



The Little Devil Type Host
He shares this spot with his twin brother Kaoru

Embodying the type of host he is meant to play quite well, Hikaru is a mischievous and crafty individual as he greatly enjoys messing with others alongside his brother for his benefit. While he and his brother seemed to be in perfect unison however, the two vary greatly personality-wise behind closed doors.

In general, Hikaru is the more aggressive twin out of the two, leading him to often be named the “leader twin” out of the two as he often plans the twins’ tricks and is the one to speak first in a social situation. Alongside this confidence however, Hikaru is temperamental, moody, capricious, fickle, and a bit bossy.

Despite this initial bravado, Hikaru is ironically less emotionally mature compared to his twin, leading to him being quite dependent on Kaoru as a result. He specifically struggles with a shorter temper, quicker to angrier or anxious, especially when he is separated from the calmer Kaoru. This causes Hikaru to get snappy and intent on taking out his frustrations on those around him. In general, after a lifetime of allowing himself to become twisted and pushing everyone but Kaoru away, Hikaru can sometimes struggle with empathizing with others and understanding how to really genuinely befriend others without Kaoru by his side as he can’t help but have a few trust issues as he believes that everyone sees Kaoru and him as the same person. However, he is learning.

Should one manage to break through his walls and befriend him, Hikaru is shown to be extremely loyal, caring, and protective of those he loves, willing to jump through hoops and even risk his own life to ensure they’ll be okay. And while he struggles to form genuine bonds, he is quite charming and witty, especially when working as a host, as he is more then capable of charming others and flirting with the best when he puts his mind to it. But often, these actions are more or less insincere as his charm is often just an aspect of his host persona. When something honestly touches him, that fades away as when he truly ends up caring for someone, Hikaru tends to be more blunt, quiet, and more prone to speaking through his actions rather then his words.

Born to a fashion designer mother and a software company manager father, Hikaru was born as one of a pair. Specifically, he was the older twin with his identical twin brother Kaoru being born shortly after him. Since birth, Kaoru and he proceeded to be inseparable with the two often being seen playing together in their own world that no one else seemed to enter as they enjoyed their lavish lifestyles together.

And the world seemed intent on keeping things that way as the years passed with Hikaru noticing that even to his family, he and his brother seemed to come as a matched set that lacked an independent personality of their own. No one bothered to differentiate the two and as a result, the twins further blocked out the world, only focusing on each other. That had not stopped them from having hopes that someone would see them as their own person. However, after one maid who promised she would try to tell them apart in return for the key to the safe betrayed them, stealing the key and escaping with her final words being a declaration that the twins were too similar that no one would like ever be able to tell them apart, Hikaru found the fact that he would always be seen as one half of a pair locked in with future experiences cementing that. As a result, Hikaru proceeded to be nothing but bitter and antagonistic to the world, refusing to bother to befriend anyone as he remained stuck in this world with his brother.

That was until the second year of middle school where a new student, Tamaki Suoh, managed to convince him and Kaoru to join his host club when they got to Ouran Academy.

•Being forcefully separated from Kaoru/ Being Alone in General
•The Supernatural/Ghosts (secret)

•Physics, Chemistry, and Math (Class)
•Super Spicy and Italian Foods
•Maple Syrup
•Pranks and Tricking Others
•Rock Music

•Foreign Languages (classes)
•Having Nothing to Do/Boredom
•Bitter Foods and Drinks
•Being Tricked or Lied To

Since Haruhi had joined the club, Hikaru has slowly grown more comfortable with being more independent. While he still naturally tends to stick with Kaoru and is usually in a better mood when he is around, he had began growing a bit more comfortable with not being around him constantly. Doesn’t stop him from being an absolutely menace.



recovery vs relapse ||previously shadowmoses||
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Kaoru Hitachiin
The Little Devil
he shares this spot with his twin brother Hikaru


Kaoru Hitachiin
from Ouran High School Host Club



Kaoru Hitachiin is the younger of the Hitachiin identical twins. He is just as playful as his identical brother, but is a more insightful and easy-going person. This leads him to understand that their co-dependence is unhealthy and they should become their own people later on. Being the more calmer and mature of the two, Kaoru becomes a pleasant person when alone, acting in a selfless and serious manner, but when he is with his elder twin, he reverts to being a scamp-like individual. Although the twins have spent the majority of their lives interacting only with one another, Kaoru demonstrates an understanding about social interactions and innate self-control.

As children, Hikaru and Kaoru are inseparable and dislike everyone with the exception of their personal maid, whom they adore. This is where the Guess Which One is Hikaru game started. They promised to give her the code to a safe with all the families riches if she can get it correct. She never does and ends up stealing the code to the safe and not only breaking into the safe, but breaking Hikaru and Kaoru's trust. The maid tells them that she couldn't tell them apart and nobody will be able to, this leads them to only trusting and befriending people who are able to tell them apart. The two only ended up joining the host club even though Tamaki couldn't tell them apart, but because he recognized their individuality, which made them trust him. Due to his constant monitoring of Hikaru's emotions, Kaoru becomes adept at figuring people out. This especially comes in handy when engaging with customers during Host Club hours.

~Losing Haruhi to to Tamaki
~Losing his brother, Hikaru


~Playing the 'Which One is Hikaru' game with his brother
~Modern Japanese literature
~Italian food
~Anything super spicy


~Only being known as Hikaru's twin
~Not having independence
~Social Studies
~Bland food

~Refers to Tamaki as "Idiot" or "Boss"
~Has an orange rose in the club​


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Looking for a good Sci-fi SoL rp to join.
NAME Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka
FACECLAIM (you know how he looks like lol, sorry on mobile)
AGE 17
ROLE IN THE HOST CLUB The Strong and Silent Type
- Observant
- Caring
- Protective
- Loyal
- When tired, talkative.
- Generous
- Dependable
- Blunt
- Part of the Morinozuka clan.
- Close to Honey (they are cousins by marriage)
- Satoshi - younger brother
- Supportive to Haruhi
- Dishonor
- Being told he's scary
- Honey being hurt
- Kendo
- Katana
- Old samurai movies
- Mochi
- Black sesame
- Overheating
- Long queue lines
- Rollercoasters aka decapitation simulator
- A Taurus, obviously
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