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The Cutest of the Damned


have you noticed that you are different? and not accepted by society? are you looking for a safe haven?

well...we have the place for you!

Ordinary is far from what you are, it's a word that you've never really been called in your entire life. Freak and abomination sound more like what you're used to being labeled as by others. But what if I were to say that there is a place for those like you. A place where you are considered, ordinary and normal. A safe haven for where you can be yourself and learn like every other kid. This is ___ Highschool. A school for those who are neither pure human or animal, but a mix of the two. Here is where you can live a normal teenage life. Make friends, go to school, and learn. You will have no problems with being different. For here, we are all the same. we hope we see you in school this coming year...

~headmaster Lumos

so this is sort of a reboot of a previous roleplay I had done that never worked, please show your interest by commenting below!

have a great day! I am looking for a decent amount of role-players but not too large of a group, I'm looking for active and semi-literate writers.
Co-dm are @SmallSailboat @Elizabeth Ashreel
Credited to @xXSpaceMoonBabeXx
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