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Guardian Angel


You have been accepted into Heros University, a place where new heros learn to control their powers. This university will help you grow into the hero you weren't meant to be, along with teaching you many other skills.

Your dorm has been made and your roommate selected. Along with your new team members, that you will be learning and growing with.

Welcome to the University, we can't wait to meet you.
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Guardian Angel
Amilia stood at the foot of her twin size bed, she had been packing all morning. The cool morning breeze was long passed as she zipped up her third bag of things. Her first bag was clothes, second her blades, and third her guns and ammo, after all she didn't know what all she needed. She had signed up for the university a month ago to get away from her house, her parents had broken up years ago. She's never seen her mom before or at least doesn't remember her. Although her mother is absent her father comes to see her every two months since she was six. The thought of him brings a smile to her small plump lips, she knew he was proud of her and encouraged her to go to the university.

Once she was done she made her way to the university. It took her two days to get there but finally she arrived and many other heros were filing in. She seemed to stand out with her bright red get up and two bags worth of weapons and one of clothes. Her shoulder length locks blew slightly in the wind as she stood at the front gates. As she drew in a breath she felt a piercing pain boom through her body as a long spear made its way through her torso. Blood seeped around the weapon and splattered onto the ground as she stumbled a step forward. She examined the spear for a moment before standing up straight and ripping it out from her body.

Once removed she turned to glare at Vidar the son of Odin.
"Vidar if you toss this stick at me again I'll break it." The small girl spoke to the Norse God. She tossed the weapon aside as she walked angerly to her dorm. She could faintly hear Vidar snickering behind her. She had gotten her room number days ago and knew she shared it with a Peggy.

112, 113, ah 114. The blonde opened the door with her key and walked in quickly. She noticed she had gotten to the room first and smiled as she picked her bed and threw her bags onto it. The wound had since healed but she was still mad
that one of her suits had gotten damaged. Blood stained the front but she forgot about her appearance as she unpacked her things.

Lucas was completely unpacked and settled into his dorm days ago. His father Xavier was the principal of this school after being nominated by the other heros. After all his father had experience controlling and handling a school. The young mutant say in his bed reading his philosophy book, his outward appearance was his true one. His skin was completely blue and some areas were raised from almost scale like bumps on his skin like his mother. The only thing that differed was the short black locks he ran his hand through as he read the book in Latin. He was told he was to share his room with a female, he was also told she was the daughter of the Winter Soldier. He knew she would be coming today and straightened up the room slightly. After all he had never shared a room with a girl before.

The blue mutant had forgotten how late it had gotten when he heard the door knob turn. His head snapped up as a ripple moved over his body to cover his blue skin with tan. His skin now looked like that of normal humans. Thankfully he was wearing shorts after all his mom would go naked in her blue form since genitalia was not shown.


cUsToM TitLe
Kyle crouched at the foot of his bed, with his hands clasped together tightly, and a pleading look on his face.

His mother, Jean Grey, stood watch next to the door, curling her lip in amusement at her sons dramatic expression.

"Mom, c'mon. I am the safest person ever, I promise. I won't even go outside, I swear. Just please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't make me go to that school." His lips poked out and he tried as hard as he could to sound persuasive, but instead his voice came out as squeaky and obnoxious - Just like a brats.

His mother, Jean, didn't seem the leasr bit fazed, "Even if I wanted to, I can't stop you from going. The process is finalized and the limo will be here in an hour."

Kyle groaned and promptly stood up stretching his arms.

"Then that was pointless, I've made myself a fool for squat." His normally happy face darkened into a scowl. He grabbed his suitcase, which he had packed hours ago, and ambled over to his mom with a frown.

He completely towered over her and had to bend down to meet het face.

His mom smirked and flicked him in the forehead, "Don't fret honey.. You make yourself look like a fool all the time."

He grunted something incomprehensible before following hs mom downstairs and into the living room to wait for the limo.


Identified Wonk
Riley was not fond of the idea of her parents sending her out due to the mere fact that both her parents were always in danger. The thought of the them being alone with no backup made her sick to the stomach. But after constant reassurance, She managed to warm up to the idea of being able to learn about her powers and not causing damage to those around her. Cringing at the mere thought, Riley tossed the last of her bags onto the bed as her bedroom door behind her creaked open. "Looks like you got everything packed. Ready to go?" The sound of her fathers voice caused her to smile slightly, "More than ever dad. Does mom know I'm leaving already?" She asked. Before James was able to answer, Riley's bags began to float off the bed and straight into her automobile outside through the open window.

"You called?" Wanda's voice called out from the hallway as she poked her head through the door with a small smirk. "Wow mom. That entrance! I give it a ten out of ten!" Riley humorously replied which caused both of her parents to laugh. After having their small moment, they all headed outside and straight to Riley's truck. Before placing her hand of the handle, she turned around and immediately brought both of her parents into a tight hug. "Give them hell Riles!" Her father teased before he was pushed aside by her mother who sent him a teasing glare. "До свидания, моя любовь." Her mother whispered into her ear which caused Riley to grip onto her tightly. 'Goodbye, my love'

Saying the last bits of their goodbyes, Riley jumped into her truck and waved as she drove off towards her new temporary home. Her heart was aching from the sadness of leaving her parents behind, but she knew it was all for a good cause to help them later on in the future. What honestly was supposed to be a two hour drive, turned out to be an hour drive as she was now pulling into the parking lot. Turning off the ignition, she jumped out and grabbed all of her belongings before locking her truck with the alarm. Letting out a dragged and tired sigh, she began making her way towards her assigned dorm. Riley didn't necessarily bother checking who she was bunking with as she decided to keep it as a surprise.

Glancing up, she double checked if she located the right room and twisted the doorknob lightly as she pushed the door ajar gently. She was met with a very tidy space and a boy that seemed to notice her arrival. Sending a small smile towards his general direction, she dumped all of her belongings onto the bed and began assorting them into their rightful places. "So, what's your name?" She asked while briefly sending him a glance over her shoulder.


cUsToM TitLe
Other than the limo being a limo, the long drive to the University would've been boring. Awfully boring.

But the free soda bar, and the snack shelf helped him drive away the boredom. About three hours of gorging himself with chocolates and Mtn Dew, the Chauffeur finally stopped at the school.

Which was a humongous brick building covered in moss and stainless glass, with smaller expanses of buildings flanking it in both sides.

An iron gate seemed to be the only thing that seemed to be blocking anyone from outright walking straight inside.

They had to be buzzed in, and scanned by average sized human guards. At least they seemed to be average sized to Kyle who was a giant.

He was greeted with spotless italian marble, golden chandeliers, and massive silver fountains when he entered, which didn't suprise him in the least... The University reeked grandness and whoever thought up the idea and funded it, seemed to have had great taste and deep pockets.

As soon as he entered he was ushered into an elevator and lead straight inside his dorm.

As soon they brought him to the door, the bellmen or whatever they were exited and left him to his own devices.

So, as he entered he quickly chose a queen sized bed in the left most corner of the room and unpacked, making sure not to spill or mess anything on the other side.

After he finished unpacking he flopped back down on his bed, until a noise made him sit up again.

A greeting. He traced it all the way to a girl carrying a suitcase.

"Hey." He greeted simply, he wasn't much for greetings.

He gave her a curious glance before speaking again, "My name is Kyle."
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Undertale Trash
Peggy shoved her last shirt into her suitcase and sat on it heavily, trying to shut it. It snapped shut and she heaved a sigh of relief. Peggy spread her wings and strained to pick up her large case. She lifted it off the floor and flew out of the dark alleyway that she had called home for so long. Peggy soared up into the sky above the clouds and sped as fast as she could towards her destination. Her suitcase slowed her down, but she managed to fly all they way here, to the academy. She landed in front of the school and let her suitcase fall to the floor as she panted for a moment. She folded her large, light purple wings in and rolled the suitcase to the doors. Peggy took a deep breath, and stepped inside.


Lucky Laki Malakis
In the city a hooded figure appeared moving high up in between the tall skyscrapers as if flying. Though in truth, the man was web slinging, swinging fast one web robe to the other. In the process he span and somersaulted before letting himself drop or pull up when buildings became taller or shorter as he travelled. Quick reflexes prevented him from falling, firing an accurate web line on to a building before his momentum stop carrying him.

He absolutely loved web-slinging, the rush that came from the danger and speed, and the wind hitting his face. No acrobatic exercise, game, or hobby seemed to have the same effect as web-slinging, no other high or calmative out there. It also gave him a chance to think as everything is done with automated instinct. This was one of the things he thought about: He received extensive training from his mother of the years including acrobatics, fighting, web slinging. He wondered really whether he really needed extra schooling on all that stuff. Wouldnt have been better to go to a regular university focusing on proper study? Still his mother insisted and it wouldn't hurt to give it a go.

He neared the university so decided to land, swinging into a nearby alleyway and jumping on to a wall. He attached on to it almost immediately and crawled down to street level. He removed his hood and walked through the entrance of the school looking around.

Includes backpack



Undertale Trash
Peggy pushed her hair out of her face and kept walking. The university was huge, with hallways branching off in all different directions. How would she ever find her way?

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