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Fandom Marvel: All New, All Different {Characters}



"[Spirit] Bang."
@Jhade @PlusUltra @ManyFaces @Kameron Esters- @MoonLegend101 @LittleBlindKitten @Rusty of Shackleford @Nubian_Legend @Sinulacrum @StormWolf @hira @Demonhunter @Killerclown @Crenando @Birdsie @Lena @Scatterbrain @BandTaku @DarknessSama17 @D. Rex @Phantom Thief of Harts @Mion @Jade Emperor

The character roster and CS template for this Marvel RP. Post your characters here, even if you've posted them in the previous signup threads for this RP. The character limit is one per player. I'm pretty strict on this rule, so make your claim count. The CS has an added section for OCs, so as to give myself less of a headache on integrating them into the RP. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but I'm going to need all OCs, new and old, to follow the new CS template. Canons are fine as is.

ManyFaces Tombstone
Kameron Esters-Scorpion (Flash Thompson)
MoonLegend101Doctor Octopus
LittleBlindKittenDoctor Strange
Rusty of ShacklefordSpider-Man (Peter Parker)
Nubian_LegendAmerican Panther (N'Jadaka)
Stormwolf The Punisher
Demonhunter Moon Drake
KillerclownTiger and Dragon
Crenando The Shadow
Birdsie Doctor Doom
ScatterbrainAwaiting Character Sheet
BixirAwaiting Character Sheet
MionAwaiting Character Sheet
Jade EmperorAwaiting Character Sheet

Real Name
Current Alias
Base Of Operations

Marital Status

Unusual Features

(Required for OCS, Optional for Canons)

Powers and Abilities

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The God-Emperor of Mankind
... I am more than amused by the prospect of a battle of wits ... though I fear that with you as an opponent... the struggle might well be brief.
Doctor Doom

Real Name → Victor von Doom
Current Alias → Doctor Doom
Affiliation → Latveria, Hydra, Intelligencia, Knights of the Atomic Round Table
Base Of Operations → Castle Doom, Doomstadt, Latveria; Latverian Embassy, etc

Identity → Public Identity
Citizenship → Latverian
Marital Status → Unmarried
Occupation → Adventurer, scientist, monarch of Latveria, leader of an order of Tibetan monks
Education → College studies in the sciences (expelled before degree completion); self-educated to graduate level and beyond in most sciences; self-taught knowledge of the mystic arts of magic

Gender → Male
Height → 6'2; 6'7 when armored
Weight → 225lbs; 415lbs when armored
Eyes → Brown
Hair → Brown
Unusual Features → So ugly it made Stan Lee panic when he took off his mask; severe burn (probably ectoplasmic) scarring on his face

Powers and Abilities
- Magic: Doctor Doom was introduced to the mystic arts by his mother (who was of Romani and Latverian blood). He further developed his abilities by traveling through time and learning lost Dark Arts from individuals such as Morgan le Fey.
- Psionics: Throughout his history, Doom always searched for ways to augment himself. Due to his encounter with aliens and mutants, named the Ovoids and the Marquis of Death, Doom has evolved as a being, though it is not clarified how or to what extent. It is for sure though that he has acquired telepathic powers in the process. Those skills are the result of personal mental development and are not to be confused with magic.
- Super-Genius Intelligence: Doctor Doom's most dangerous weapon is his intellect. He is one of the top mortal minds on the planet. Doom has constructed hundreds of devices, including a working time machine, devices which can imbue people with powers, and many types of robots. His most frequently used robots are his "Doombots," exact mechanical replicas of the himself. They look like him, talk like him, and even act like him. Individually, Doombots have an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) so that each one believes itself to be the real Doom. As a safety measure, each Doombot has a dampener program that is triggered whenever the real Doom (or another Doombot) is nearby. These "body doubles" appear when Doom cannot be present or is unwilling to risk his own life, and are often responsible for Doom's seeming return from certain death. Another common type of robot used is the Servo-Guard, the police force of Latveria. Doom specializes in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, biochemistry, and time travel. He also has natural talents for leadership, strategy, politics, and manipulation.
- Master Martial Artist: During his time in Tibet, Doom was trained in martial arts by the monks. He is vastly skilled in many combat techniques, both armed and unarmed. He has been trained by the best swordmasters on Earth and can achieve very powerful nerve strikes.
- Peak Human Conditioning: Doom has trained his body to the level of the finest human athlete. He is well-built, fast and agile. He has also displayed great reflexes and equilibrium. His physical strength and durability surpass even those of Daredevil.
- Indomitable Will: Doom has a great willpower. He was able to resist psychic attacks from Emma Frost and the Purple Man using only his will, to reject the mystical armor that the Soulsword provides the wielder on sheer willpower alone and while he was tortured in Hell, he refused to let a single audible indication of pain exit his mouth.
- Highly Influential Connections: As Monarch of Latveria, Doctor Doom has access to technological and military hardware. He also has command of conventional military forces.
- Charismatic Leader: Doom is able to attract people's positive attraction, especially on the citizens of Latveria, even when his plans are failing. He is also a skilled politician and strategist and has occasionally been the leader of numerous teams, including the Cabal and the Fantastic Four.
- Diplomatic Immunity: As the leader of a sovereign nation, Doctor Doom often visits the United States or the United Nations for political reasons. He enjoys diplomatic immunity during these trips, and his embassy is considered foreign soil.
- Artist: Doom has shown himself to be a talented artist. He painted a duplicate of the Mona Lisa while using Layla Miller as his model.
- Pianist: Doom has shown himself to be a talented pianist. He has played various compositions of his own creation.
- Master Swordsman: Doom has been shown being proficient in sword combat, having been trained by the best teachers - until he overcame them all - and being able to out-duel Warlord Krang in swordmanship.
- Doomisms: Well known for badass quotes and proverbs.

Ego: It has been shown in the past that Doom can be manipulated by pandering to his sense of superiority, especially over Reed Richards. Spider-Man was able to gain his assistance concerning unknown technology by saying Reed could not figure it out. This ego is also the main reason for his vendetta against Reed, as he cannot accept that Reed understood his equations better than he did.


Devil's Advocate

Real Name → Lonnie Thompson Lincoln
Current Alias → Tombstone
Affiliation → Mostly Kingpin and Hammerhead, though as a hitman his services are available to just about anyone who can afford them
Base Of Operations → New York

Identity → Public Identity
Citizenship → American
Marital Status → Single
Occupation → Criminal
Education → High School Dropout

Gender → Male
Height → 6' 7 ft
Weight → 215 lbs
Eyes → Pink
Hair → White
Unusual Features → Albino with teeth filed into razor sharp points

Powers and Abilities ↴
Superhuman Strength:Tombstone possesses sufficient strength enabling him to lift about 6 tons.

Superhuman Reflexes: Was able to keep up with Spider-man and occasionally get the advantage

Superhuman Stamina: Tombstone's muscles produce less fatigue toxins than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to affect him.

Superhuman Durability: Tombstone's body is highly resistant to physical injury. He is capable of withstanding high caliber bullets, great impact force, and temperatures as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -80 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining injury. By his own account his skin is as hard as diamonds.

Also extremely skilled in the use of hand-to-hand combat and firearms.

Weakness ↴
Unlike his skin, parts like his eyes and other more internal organs aren't as invulnerable

Still needs to breathe

Not immune to any kind of mental attacks


"Everything is fine"

Real name - Lillian Lyre
Current alias - Lyre the Elf
Affiliation - None
Base of operations - Her apartment

Identity - Public identity
Citizenship - American
Marital status - Unmarried
Occupation - Hero
Education - Homeschooling ( High school )

Gender - Female
Height - 5'4"
Weight - 157 lbs.
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Dyed ( By herself ) pink
Unusual features - Pointed ears as well as tattoos

Bio -

Her grandmother was a Succubus, her mother was half Succubus, which makes her younger sister, Hailey, and Lillian both part Succubus. They were both raised to not use their powers unless truly needed to. And because she is mostly human, she doesn't have to live off of others energy.

She moved to New York at 19, and she has been there for three years. When heros became more popular she started to embrace her appearance, as she had been hiding it in front of people. She had also started to embrace her want for justice. This want had sprung up when her sister had died saving Lillian.

She started out with stopping small crimes. Then she went to stopping high end robbery, shootings, things like that. Though she was no where near actually saving the world. She had actually gotten a machine gun on the job, as she had been using a rifle before. She even still uses the machine gun, as she likes the damage it could do.

Powers and Abilities -

Seduction - She can do what she calls 'Seduction'. Basically she can make men and women alike do what she pleases. This comes from the fact that she is not quite human. Lillian and the other have to lock eyes in order for it to take full effect. Despite how powerful it could be, she doesn't like using it. She will only use it if she feels as though she truly needs to. When she does use it her eyes glow bright purple.

Weaponry - Though not a power or ability, she welds a mighty machine gun. She as well normally keeps a bag with her to hold all her extra bullets for the thing.

Upper body - Again not a power or ability. Because she holds such a weapon, she has gotten plenty of upper body strength. So even if she doesn't have her weapon of choice, she still could hold her own.

Weaknesses -

Calmness - The thing about her power is that she needs to be fully calm to use it. Can't have a lot of emotion, just a state of calmness. But for her, that is difficult, as she is fairly an emotional person. That being said, it makes her using her power of basic manipulation an even more rare sight.

Speed - She holds a heavy gun on her most of the time, which makes speed a problem. She isn't very fast while holding it, though she could drop it but even then she just isn't a very fast person.

Hand to hand - Though, yes she could pack a punch, she just isn't skilled in hand to hand combat. She is much more used to using guns, if not then stick like object. Someone who is much more skilled in actual combat would easily take her down in a hand to hand fight.

( I'm actually quite proud of this creation of mine! )


Trying really hard to stay focused
I've never forgotten, old man. That... or the other things... like the day you brought me before the simian master and left me to be told what my life would be. I hardly understood what they were telling me-- but I quickly learned. We all did... They taught us all the ancient arts-- sword-play, karate, savate, wrestling-- at first, we thought it a game-- a game with deadly results. Then they pitted us against their own champions... and I took pleasure in battling them. I was given a name-- at first it was said mockingly. But I cherished it-- Ape-Slayer!

Real Name → Jonathan Dozer
Current Alias → Ape-Slayer
Affiliation → Freemen
Base Of Operations → Mobile, formerly Staten Island

Identity → Public Identity
Citizenship → American
Marital Status → Single
Occupation → Rebel leader, former gladiator
Education → Self educated

Gender → Male
Height → 6'1"
Weight → 185 lbs.
Eyes →Blue
Hair → Red
Unusual Features → Jonathan Dozer coincidentally closely resembles Jonathan Raven AKA Killraven (Earth-691)

On Earth-7481, a group of apes known as 'The Masters', who embraced science rather than shunned it like their fellow apes, enslaved a pocket of humanity still living in the ruins of Earth's cities. Human scientists, brainwashed to work for the simians, acted as a controlling force known as 'the Generals', while war machines known as drone tripods enforced their rule. The Masters captured and brainwashed a scientist named Raker, making him a tyrannical General and placing him in charge of gathering human youths to fight for the apes amusement as gladiators. Despite the simian's control, Raker secretly plotted against them, searching for a youth with the potential to throw off the yoke of slavery and defeat the apes permanently.

At some point, General Raker captured a boy named Jonathan Dozer and sent him for gladiator training. Over the next five years or so, Jonathan excelled in swordplay, karate, savate and wrestling under the tutelage of a cruel ape named Warlord. Besting all his opponents and even the ape's champions, he earned the name 'Ape-Slayer'. Eventually, he escaped the apes, injuring Warlord in the process. He would spend the next twelve months foraging for food and studying old books before making his way to Staten Island aboard a homemade raft. There, he met a resistance cell called the Freemen and lived among the them for the next six years, eventually becoming their leader.

When they gathered enough men, Dozer and the Freemen decided to breach Raker's defenses and kill him for his atrocities. Making his way to the General's office, Dozer fatally injured him breaking the simian's hold over him. He thanked Dozer for freeing him and revealed the secrets of his past. Raker told Dozer that he had chosen him for a reason and that by killing him he had proven that he was finally ready. He also told him that he had a special power that would allow him to defeat the apes but unfortunately perished before he could tell Dozer what it exactly was. With this information in hand, Ape-Slayer and his Freemen swore to take the fight to the apes in earnest and finally free humanity from the ape's enslavement.

Powers and Abilities
Powers ↴
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Ape-Slayer's body is in peak physical condition. Having been trained to fight as a gladiator since childhood, his strength, speed, endurance, stamina, reflexes and agility have been honed to the level of the finest human athlete.
As a result of an unknown power, Ape-Slayer also possesses the following:
  • Telepathic Immunity: Ape-Slayer's mind is shielded from mental influence and manipulation.
  • Technological Invisibility: Ape-Slayer can mask his presence from ape scanning technology.
Abilities ↴
  • Master Combatant: Ape-Slayer has years of gladiatorial training and experience, making him a master of several unarmed fighting styles particularly Karate, Savate and Wrestling as well as most melee weapons, particularly swords and his silver stars. He has also demonstrated an ability to engage multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Superior Acrobat: Ape-Slayer's years of gladiatorial training and experience have made him a highly skilled acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist. He often utilises these talents in combat for both evasive and offensive purposes.
  • Accomplished Tactician and Strategist: Ape-Slayer is an accomplished strategist in guerrilla warfare. He is capable of quickly formulating battle strategies as well as adapting and improvising an appropriate tactical response should the situation change.
  • Charisma: Ape-Slayer is a natural, if aggressive, leader, able to command absolute loyalty from his men. He can also sway women with no effort at all; the effect is so immediate it has been likened to hypnotism.
  • Non-Superhuman Physical Conditioning: As Ape-Slayer's powers do not give him any kind of superhuman physical ability, he is as susceptible to physical injury and disease as any other normal human, often having to rely more on strategy than strength when up against a superhuman opponent.
Paraphernalia ↴
Equipment ↴

  • Warrior's Uniform: Ape-Slayer initially wore the garb he used as a gladiator, but has since discarded it in favour of a simple set of bullet-proof armour and chain mail looted from a destroyed museum.
Weapons ↴
  • Edged Blade: Ape Slayer has been known to use many weapons as they become available, but he most often relies on his proto-edged sword, a blade he looted from a partially-destroyed museum.
  • Silver Stars: Though Ape-Slayer seems to have discarded most of the gear from his gladiator days, he has maintained a cache of "silver stars." The five-pointed throwing stars have razor-sharp edges and can cut through flesh or hide.
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Pencil Neck Geek
Whose ready for a character that was only published through Marvel once that isn't even reprinted through them anymore? I know I am!


Real Name →Kent Allard
Current Alias →The Shadow, Lamont Cranston, John Harverson, Et Al.
Base Of Operations → The Shadow's Sanctum, New York

Identity →Secret
Citizenship → American
Marital Status → Single
Occupation → Spy, Aviator, Socialite, Janitor
Education → Unknown college education

Gender → Male
Height → 6'0"
Weight → 178 lbs.
Eyes →Blue
Hair →Black
Unusual Features →A large nose and unsettling laugh. Despite these features, he seems to blend in anywhere when wearing his disguise.

Powers and Abilities
(Copied and pasted from "The Living Shadow" wiki, as is the style right now, it seems.)
  • Hypnosis: he can "cloud men's minds." With the sight of his burning eyes, his foes become intensified with fears, causing them to reveal or confess to a case being investigated by him. This persuasive power can also sway the masses to his will, but to what extent is not fully known.
  • Disguises: Kent Allard is a master of disguises. Of all the skillful tactics adopted by him, none is more subtle than his method of keeping his two personalities entirely distinct. No one has ever mistaken Kent Allard for Lamont Cranston, or vice versa. The Shadow also portrays himself as several other personalities as well. As "Fritz, the janitor" he is able to listen in on conversations at Police Headquarters. Other disguises include: businessman "Henry Arnaud," elderly gentleman "Phineas Twambley," "George Clarendon," "Clifford Gage," "Terry Blake," "Portuguese Joe," "Northrup Lucaster," "Justin Oswood," "Jose Larribez," and "Louis Revoort," to mention only a few.
  • Languages: he has the ability to read lips and has an amazing mastery of a variety of languages.
  • Codes: being a spy from World War I, he can deduce secret codes in an instant. He also speaks in code to his agents by pronouncing certain words with emphasis. He often writes with special disappearing ink, when giving directions or information to his agents.
  • Invisibility: the Yogi priest from Delhi also taught Cranston a "mesmeric trick" which causes people to be blind to his physical presence, and gives voice to The Shadow.

  • The Temple Bells of Neban: can dispel his powers if they're chimed by one who is familiar with their ancient mysteries.

Pink Gorilla

Local Agender Queer
(If there is something I missed, need to change, or need to improve let me know :) )

Real Name → Taara Samaan
Current Alias → Shaman
Affiliation → None
Base Of Operations → Her home in the Highland forests of Scotland

Identity → Public Identity
Citizenship → Scottish
Marital Status → Single
Occupation → Mostly just a healer for the local village
Education → Educated on healing practices and such at home by her parents.

Gender → Female
Height → 6'1"
Weight → 165 lbs.
Eyes → Green
Hair → Dark Brown
Unusual Features → A small, strange pattern that seemed to have been carved into her inner arm

Bio ↴​
Taara grew up in a small home inside the forest where both of her parents were healers for the nearby village. They taught her their ways and she excelled at it. Since she lived in the woods, she constantly was out in nature exploring. She discovered that she was very attuned to nature. Because of this, nature strengthened her powers and taught her new abilities.

Taara was praised for her powers and the village went to her constantly whenever they needed help. She loved helping her people, but she would rather be out in nature. Though, one day, strangers came to the village drunk and began wreaking havoc. When Taara's father tried to intervene, the strangers murdered him him. Distraught, she ran to the forest and begged for curses to place on the strangers.

Nature was reluctant, but they showed her a small booklet that contained dark arts. She used this to place the curse, but after seeing its effects, she vowed to never use it again. From then on she only used the arts she was taught by her parents and nature. When she turned sixteen, her mother gifted her with the ritual book they used to heal and Tara has kept it close to her ever since.

Powers and Abilities ↴​
Psychometric: Through objects, Taara can read the past of the person who was attached to this item or possessed it. However, she can only see back around 48 hours.

Medium: She can communicate and sense the presence of spirits. These could be the spirits of dead people and animals or spirits that never obtained a physical body. She can also banish dark spirits through purification rituals and practices.

Ecological/Animal Empathy: Taara is connected with nature and animals and can feel their emotions and they also provide her with focus and clarity. She can also call upon animals to help her when she needs it.

Soothsaying: She can perform a ritual or use an object someone owns to see a possible future for said person.

Aura Detection: She can detect people's aura's that in the vicinity around her, even if she can't see them.

Dark Arts: Taara has the ability to place curses on people and use other dark spells.

Healing: Taara is adept at being able to use shamanistic healing. She can use different rituals and gifts from nature to heal herself and her allies.

Well-Rounded Fighting: Taara is well able to defend herself in a situation if it were come down to a physical altercation. She's also very adept at climbing and using her environment to fight.

Since Taara is so attached to nature, being taken away from it and being in a city, for example, makes her feel disconnected and is hard for her to focus. This makes her psychometric and medium powers less effective. Also, if someone is able to suppress their aura, she will not be able to detect them spiritually. Taara's knowledge of dark arts are very limited so she does not have much experience or strength in that area. To heal someone, she needs time and focus because it is not instantaneous so it leaves her vulnerable.​
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Three Thousand Club
Real Name → Deimos Weinberg

Current Alias → Moon Drake

Affiliation → None really?

Base Of Operations → His parent's attic in Brooklyn

Identity → Public Identity

Citizenship → American

Marital Status → Single

Occupation → Works at the Brooklyn Library

Education → High School Education, Currently a Literature Major at Brooklyn College

Gender → Male

Height → 6 ft 3

Weight → 312 pounds- dragons have thick bones and his wings are HEAVY

Eyes → Blue and shaped like snakes

Hair → Brunette with light highlights

Unusual Features → Wings with a 25 ft wing span from tip to tip. They are large, heavy and have a secondary wing set that tuck up under the primary pair (are only 10 feet in span and are only used for quick direction change in flight. Often go unnoticed)

From the back view and when folded against his back they are black and plain... but when spread, the underside glows in a brilliant display of bio-luminecence that looks like modeling of stars against a night sky. These patterns seem to shift as he flies and glow much brighter as he casts spells.


Powers and Abilities ↴

How Deimos is Useful in a Fight: Deimos has 2 different fighting styles. He must choose which he wants to use pre-fight or have his team buy him time to change forms. He can remain in his more human form, where he acts more as a supportive artillery mage. He has the ability to heal, and shield allies while blinding, burning and stunning opponents as well as outputting a decent amount of damage himself. OR he can become the greatest example of epigenetics ever and turn on the otherwise vestigial half of his dragon DNA. Meaning he gets to be a real dragon, a 20 ft tall monster that is essentially a fire breathing, moon smiting fighter jet armed with teeth claws and horns. His skin is so thick low caliber bullets cannot penetrate and he is fireproof meaning close quarters fights can get ugly for enemies... and friends who get too close.

Human form:

Innate mage: Dragons are born knowing how to use their magic, meaning he never had to figure out how to used dragon magic, he just knew... making fast spell casting possible. Although this is SOLELY to dragon specific magic. The dragon's breath spell (literal blasting fire), smite (concentrated moonlight blasting enemies blinding if their eyes were open and burning any exposed skin, and ethereal chains (a very short stun) can all be cast at will. The problem... he must stop to cast everything except the dragon's breath and they are pretty telegraphed (his wings light up brighter when he's about to cast a spell... basically making himself a huge target).

Spells he can cast:

+Healing- can fix damage done to allies. Can only heal one person at a time and amount of damage reversed is fully relevant to how long he can sit and heal them. This when done in battle makes him a HUGE target as he is immobile, focused on what he'd doing and must fully disengage whoever he's healing to fight back should need be. CANNOT HEAL HIMSELF.

+Shields- Blocks one attack off an ally. Only. One. And can only be cast on the same person twice after 2 minutes.

+Smite- Strong and painful concentrated moonlight shines down from him to the enemy in a laser-like ray. Can be cast during the day but is not nearly as strong as at night. Damage done by the spell depends on the concentration at which it is endured. Just looking at it is enough to cause some temporary blindness. Taking the brunt of it for a few seconds results in some skin burning... enduring thirty seconds is the equivalent of standing in an open flame, burning skin and doing permanent eye damage. This spell is easily his most devastating but he is immobilized while he casts it and he has to aim the ray accurately and move it accordingly. It can also be obstructed by the environment. This spell is also incredibly telegraphed as the undersides of his wings shine bright like stars making him a very visible target.

+Dragon's Breath- All dragons, regardless of type are born with this spell. He literally blasts fire like a flame thrower in front of him. This is his only spell that isn't incredibly telegraphed and can be cast while moving. Although it's not wise to use as a main weapon as fire once it leaves it's caster is uncontrollable in his human form and he could torch those around him or himself. This is more of a zoning tool (closing off escape routes for enemies) or a self-peel tool (getting enemies off him if they get too close.)

Learned Magic: Learned magic is just as it sounds, learned not instinct. These spells are useless in battle, however he can pull many tricks to alter every day life like hiding his wings from human eyes, revealing invisible objects and detecting other sources of magic. However there are other things he can learn how to do such as rituals, excorsisms and tracking spells if given the time to figure it out and the ability to attempt multiple times.

Dragon senses: Deimos isn't much stronger than a human but he does have a better sense of smell and hearing and he has night vision.


Dragon Form:

As a fully unleashed Lunar Drake Deimos becomes one of the most terrifying creatures of this dimension. He is able to take some damage without getting badly hurt and can dish out damage to multiple enemies. His fighting style becomes more of a hybrid between a brawling monster, leaping on larger enemies and using his strength to take them down and a stealth bomber that flies silently and bombards with rays of lunar energy out of no where before disappearing into the night.

He is armed to the teeth with biological weapons, one of which is is actual teeth that are razor sharp and curved backwards, ensuring whatever he bites, does not escape with whatever limb he grabbed, horns that can be swung into metal and puncture deeply into the belly of a tank. and his claws can cut to the bone. If he feels crowded by multiple assailants, they will find he has a very effective way of forcing them off by either lashing out with a heavy wing of a quick spin, lashing his tail out and introducing them to the very generously endowed thagomizer on the end.

He can still cast both Dragon's breath and his Smite... except his smite becomes much more powerful, burning skin and bones on contact and acting like napalm: Sticking to targets and causing more damage over time.

Weakness ↴

+Squishy Human Form- Most of Deimos's offensive abilities are designed to keep foes away. However is one jumps on him, he doesn't have too much to get them off other than his dragon's breath and once that's been taken from him (via impeding breath or forcing him to the ground face down) there's not much he can do.

+Cold Blooded- Deimos often dresses to conserve heat as the cold can influence his internal body temperature. This makes him sluggish and in extreme conditions, could kill him.

+Telegraphed- As aforementioned, most of his damage dealing abilities have a great deal of forewarning, giving enemies time to avoid taking them to the face if they're paying attention and realize what his wings lighting up means.

+Sensitive Wings- Grab his wings and you can force him into submission fast. The slightest squeeze is enough to reduce him to tears.

In Dragon form

+Whistling wings- Deimos's favorite tacit is to dive bomb large targets like ships, facilities or planes and smite on the drive by as he can move with it in his dragon form. This is a devastating move that can destroy unprepared enemies. However there is a telltale, high pitched whistle off the tips of his wings as he dives. this gives a few seconds to find cover... and pray.

+Blind Spots- being so big means you can't see around some places and he has quite a few large blind spots... one of which is directly behind him and right underneath him. Get in too close and Deimos can't do too much to get them away.

+Tight Combat- Deimos can't well fight contained either by the environment or fear of hurting allied combatants. Force a friend too close and they might catch a tail to the face on accident.

+Getting up- When a beast is that large, getting knocked on one's side takes a bit to recover from. It takes a good deal of thrashing to get back on his feet and anything can happen in that short period of time.

Bio ↴

Deimos's story begins in a lab, where a man, hungry for power, striven for perfection. The scientist's name was Dr. Jame's F. Crowley. Dr. Crowley managed to get his hands on an ancient artifact made of the bones of a beast and was able to perfect rewriting it's entire genetic code and clone whatever the beast was... What he got was the first ever resurrection of an extinct species, Dracconis Lunaris or- the lunar drake. She was monstrous, she was ferocious, and she could turn human at will. Her name was Silithia. Dr. Crowley, although cruel and horrid, considered her one of his greatest accomplishments, aside from his 'dog', but still she had more to offer than just her existence. She was to provide him with offspring to experiment upon.

After the deed was done and Silithia realized she'd gotten pregnant from the ordeal she realized she had to escape, for her child sake. It was time to break free or die trying, anything to keep them from experimenting on her baby. She managed to break free from her cell and burn Crowley's lab to the ground and fly off into the night, Delivering Deimos is a corn field, alone 2 months later. From then on they were nomadic, seeking shelter wherever they could and just trying to escape as Crowley's prize experiment, a beast nicknamed 'Crowley's Wild Dog' had been sent to drag them both back.

They were on the run for 8 years, Deimos was taken from town to town, living in warehouses, under bridges and in forests to hide. But their luck eventually ran out. It was a rainy night and Silithia had stopped at a creek for a drink of water when she was ambushed. She ordered Deimos to run as she fought him. It'd be the last time they saw each other. Deimos ran into a New York town and was picked up by a police car that was making the rounds and brought to the police station and eventually put up for adoption, which granted him two loving parents in Brooklyn who even gave his real mother a proper burial. Their names were Tim and Grace Weinberg, an older couple who were patient enough to comfort an 8 year old who had just lost his mother, as well as teaching him to read treating him as if he were their son. He is thankful for them, but he would give anything to have Silithia back and to wreak havoc on those who took her from him.
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