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  1. The wind howled and the red sands whipped the surface of Korriban, it was the Valley of the Dark Lords and all of the Sith were standing in it. The Valley was filled with air so thick it was like syrup, the dark side made it this way. The sinking feeling it gave off reached for many Miles on the planet and seemed slowly ever growing. There was a shift in the air and suddenly the sand parted a column, and within: Darth Vosh. Darth Vosh was a pale woman, tall and beautiful, her garments were simple robes with the top part of her face being covered by a draping fabric to cover up her lack of eyes. The Darkside seemed so connected to her that they seemed to be almost symbiotic. As she slowly ambled towards the platform above the Sith she seemed to emit a very faint aura of purple, she stopped, gazed, and then spoke. Her voice came out thick and layered as if multiple of her were talking at once, "My... Children, we have for so long been in hiding, we were too weak, too frail, to come out of our shell, yet this time in hiding was not fruitless -NO!- for we are now in position to claim our power, our glory, what is ours by right!" she paused, not to remember the next line but to let the other soak in "At this moment the Rule of Two, a pathetic and damaging doctrine, has been forever silenced, At this moment the New Age of the Sith has begun, Gone is the need for cowardice! This Moment is ours! To Unify and bring Order to the Galaxy! And to stamp out all that oppose us."

    She paced for a few moments as the small crowd below her bellowed with cheers and applause, whether out of fear or admiration it was uncertain, most likely a bit of both. Her pacing halted as she stood in the center once more, and without any indication of movement at all her Saber Surged Forth a loud low growl that reacted when swung to point upwards in the air. Her voice Boomed "PEACE IS A LIE," the people began to chime in steadily over time "THERE IS ONLY PASSION. THROUGH PASSION I GAIN STRENGTH. THROUGH STRENGTH I GAIN POWER. THROUGH POWER I GAIN VICTORY. THROUGH VICTORY MY CHAINS ARE BROKEN. THE FORCE SHALL SET ME FREE!" as she uttered those words a large ship reminiscent of a Large Harrower Class Dreadnought took into the air thus beginning the New Age of the Sith, and the galaxy to come.
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    Trillions more credits were coming in, but this time, the Republic was saving up. Many successful raids have been done against Imperial convoys, and many stray Star Destroyers have been completely wrecked, and floating throughout space. Transports have been sent through these ships, and many officers were not hesitant to surrender. Billions of guns have been made since the fall of Vader and Sheev, and the Republic is almost ready to continue into the core worlds. With even more imperial dock building stations being stolen, and put into use, many ships, and pilots, have been introduced to the fleet of the Republic. Heavy blasters have been stationed all over planets under Republic control, meaning many destroyers would be needed to take out only one.

  3. Imperial Luxury Starship

    Chants took her position standing by the table alongside the other representatives, sitting down wasn't something she often done out of habit she guessed. Folding her arms and nodding vaguely as the new Emperor spoke of what they were here for. The Evasive Man would be most interested in hearing about this proposition, and he most certainly was. Listening in on the conversation through the mic Chants had brought with her so that he would be able to give his approval for any offers made in the meeting, a single buzz emitting from her pocket to signal that he approved of this offer. Chants speaking up in response, "The Conglomerate approves of this proposition and would be happy to wager in our support."


    Hades Prime

    All across the Conglomerate, plans were being put in-place for contingents of defense. With the increasing strength of other factions the Conglomerate's illusive leader has chosen to enact executive actions to bolster the military capabilities of his vast nation. Designs for a Hades II class Battlecruiser were being drawn up and the construction of a single SSD-class ship being initiated on Hades Prime itself to become the new flagship of the Conglomerate Navy. However this is expected to take a good amount of time, on most planets in Hades space orbital defense platforms were being built around them and the construction of thousands of new corvettes and hundreds of new Star Destroyers has begun. Troop recruitment has also spiked with new drafting being initiated on the populace.
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    They Responded. "We are the Charting Fleet of the Ki-Zair, our intentions are merely to explore this region of space and chart it out for our own peoples benefit. To this aim, any maps and charts you hold will be exceedingly useful to our cause." They then requested an in person meeting and if they could base their fleet anywhere to asses for damages and attempt repairs. This new information was then broadcasted back to the Ki-Zair Discussia Temple, its best communication centre. They then set out a shuttle with some Ki-Zair and the Grand Ki-Zair to dock should a meeting be accepted. @Fishman Lord
  5. Imperial Luxury Starship

    "Excellent. I am glad to see that we are in agreement on this matter." Slydian pressed a button and a hologram of the Rebel systems appeared over the table. "After the previous emperor's unfortunate demise, many worlds were led astray by the rebel scum. They were misguided by lies and the cunning of the rebellion. However, there is a solution." Slydian pressed the button again and a new object appeared. It was a new Death Star. "The Death Star. A weapon that truly reflected the might of the Empire. Even though this noble weapon was destroyed by rebel scum in the past, it showed its true power when the traitorous world of Alderaan was eviscerated. If we could rebuild it, we could remedy the flaws that allowed rebel scum to destroy the past attempts and we could destroy similarly tainted planets. Mandalore, home to barbaric 'crusaders' who threaten us. Mon Calamari, a world of rebels and one of the rebellion's greatest assets. These and more will face their punishment. However, we must undertake this together. Only working together may we achieve this. So, I ask, do you support this measure to ensure that the scum and their anarchist ways do not control this noble Galaxy?"



    After some quick discussion, the Imperials replied. "You have permission to land. Don't try anything." As the Ki-Zair ships docked, they were greeted by Fleet Officer Daras, an official from Byss. "Greetings, from the Galactic Empire. I am Fleet Officer Daras. It seems that you may be from the Unknown Regions, I believe an exchange of information may be beneficial."

    @General Deth Glitch

    Corucsant Underworld

    The crime crackdown continues. Criminals associated with the Zann Consortium are now being publicly killed to get the message across. Deep-cover agents have been sent to the Zann Consortium to try and gain its secrets so that it may be eradicated.


    Border Systems

    With the spike in Rebel attacks, the fleet is patrolling and keeping the Empire safe. All entering ships and people are heavily checked before being let in, and patrols are now hunting down rebels and locking down entry points.

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  6. After a stray Tartan Patrol Cruiser was shredded like cheese before the Rebel heavy guns, much debate occurred in Kuat. It was evident that they also needed heavy guns to protect their most important planets, with Kuat Shipyards in particular being focused on. As trillions of credits flowed in, something did not seem right. There was an evident smuggler problem, but this wasn't just any old smuggler - this was organized. The Kuati Council, ruling while the Emperor was gone, ordered a handful of bounty hunters to investigate and eliminate the problem.


    "The Death Star failed twice, sir. I say we begin building Super Star Destroyers, so that we can have incredible firepower over the rebels, as well as the capability to launch fighters to fight their large amounts of fighters. It will cost much, both to maintain and build, but the results will be far better in our war against the Rebel Scum. There is also another matter I would like to discuss with you, Emperor Slydian, at a later point in this meeting. @Fishman Lord @Kazami42 @RIPSaidCone 

    With the Rebel threat imminent, patrol fleets have ten tartan patrol cruisers, two Imperial Freighters,  and an Arquitens Class Light Cruiser.
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  7. The Ki-Zair

    They followed procedure, docking where they were directed. Grand Ki-Zair Graey stepped onto the imperial vessel flanked by two more Ki-Zair, they wore long flowing robes unlike Graey who's beautiful clothes looked like they would not get in the way in a fray. The rest of the accompanying force remained behind incase they were needed. She smiled and pressed a button on the side of her neck before speaking, it translated what she said as she spoke. "Ahh, the galactic empire, we have heard a little of you, how goes your war with he rebels? Oh is that outdated? Is that old news? Have you already defeated them and I am bringing up a troubled past? Regardless, I am Grand Ki-Zair Graey, my role here would be best described as an admiral to the way I have heard you structure your government. I have been given control of this fleet to explore and chart your region of space, an exchange of information is in fact what I want more then anything. @Fishman Lord
  8. ILS:

    Marzoey only nodded. "With the rebel threat still on the rise, and the threat of our own demise, We will help with your death Star. But I also agree with this..... kuati here, on construction of Super Star destroyers. They overall are just easier to create on a schedule, and even if it is not completed, it might be operational enough to have working defenses. Then if we keep them around your death Star or to keep away any rebels, we can construct it in peace without the fear of it being blown up for the third time... Who would want to risk attacking a heavily guarded position, with possibly even an Armata of the empire's greatest ships? I think we failed at endor due to the lack of competent commanders, and not having enough firepower. If we had more of these, Then maybe we wouldn't of failed." @Albion @Fishman Lord @RIPSaidCone
  9. Imperial Luxury Starship

    "I understand your concerns, and they are valid. However, our research has discovered the weakness that destroyed the previous Death Stars. A useless vent was an inexplicable weak spot, perhaps even placed there intentionally by traitors. We can remove it and the Death Star could be unstoppable. However, this concept of production of Super Star Destroyers also intrigues me. I would like to know the opinions of all here on what plan to follow."



    "Unfortunately, the war with the Rebel Scum and those they manipulate is all too real. Let me bring you to our databases." There was a quick walk to command area and then a holographic map popped up, showing the known galaxy. "This is a map of the parts of the galaxy that we have charted. A copy can be sent with you. We are rather curious of where you come from as well, could there be any chance that you could offer data as well?"

    @General Deth Glitch
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  10. "The Death Star, while mighty, can still be destroyed. Besides, what if they disable the engines or get inside and blow it up from the inside? It seems a waste of manpower and resources when we could built mighty fleets to crush the rebels." @Fishman Lord
  11. ILS:

    Marzoey would think for a moment. "Super star destroyers. If we lose one it would indeed be a loss, however we would have many more to go by. Super star destroyers could also house hundreds if not thousands of fighters within, and is as this kuati says, "mighty". If we build enough of them we could possibly remove the rebels entirely. It would of course be timely, but it also has another advantage that the death Star didn't: They can engage multiple ships at once as well, and can also annihilate smaller ships. Due to it's immense size I believe it would also be the perfect ship to planetary invasions. However as far as I know of, these massive ships can only be built at kuat.@Albion @Fishman Lord @RIPSaidCone
  12. "We can build and sell you Super Star Destroyers at just above the costs, with a sort of loan deal where after the war with the rebels is done you pay interest on the ships. 2.5 percent annual perhaps."
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    Darth Vosh boarded a military shuttle, with only about 10 top of class troopers serving as her royal gaurd. She is heading into Mandalorian territory either to form an alliance or kill their leader, both would grant her more power and grow her Empire. Her shuttle jumps out of the hyperspace lane, above mandalore they go down to the surface to dock in the spaceport, when they arrived they went to go into the capital building.
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  14. [Guess I will shitpost.]
    "Of course, trying to bring the entire empire into a loan for some ships. Great idea you have there." She said.
    @Albion @Fishman Lord @RIPSaidCone [The shitpost is real, but I did this just to bring yo lazy asses back.]
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