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Roleplay Type(s)
1.) All reclaimer characters must be at least 18 years of age.

2.) You may have multiple characters, but one must be a Reclaimer.

3.) Mental illness and instability is to be expected given the circumstances, however the subject must be functional and must be able to play nice.

4.) No god mode. We are expected to struggle here. Yes we will be able to score awesome wins, yes we can kill monsters, but without some struggle it just seems bland. You want glory? You gotta work for it.

5.) i will not ask you edit something unless its absolutely required for the planned storyline. To spare us from spoilers i ask that you don’t make me give a reason if i request a change.
The Roles

King Boreal- Claimed- OmniscientBurrito OmniscientBurrito

The Noble Bloodlines

The Mimic Bloodline- Reclaimer Lord Moldoma Lord Moldoma , x3 Members.

The Scout Bloodline- Reclaimer dontPanic dontPanic , x3 Members.

The Warrior Bloodline-Reclaimer SirDerpingtonIV SirDerpingtonIV , x3 Members.

The Generator Bloodline- Reclaimer housegoat13 housegoat13 , x3 Members.

The Ghost Bloodline- Reclaimer SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles , x3 Members.

The Eternal Bloodline- x1 Reclaimer, x3 Members.

The Adept Bloodline- Reclaimer Ayama Ayama , x3 Members.

“The land and resources, Those you Take in my name…But the Glory and Reknown? Those you take for your own.” King Boreal the First

Height: (I have a BMI chart on hand if you need it.)
Weight: (I have a BMI chart on hand if you need it.)
Description: (if no image)
Psych profile:

Abilities & Unique applications:
(We all know what abilities a person from a particular bloodline may have, but the way they are used is unique from individual to individual. So give us a taste of how you use your powers both in and out of combat.)

Gear & Tech: (King Boreal has used the public lab for decades to produce a variety of items, likewise each inventive and scientifically minded individual in the bunker will use it for similar purposes. For particularly difficult projects, One can Ask the King for help, he has been known to dissappear into his quarters for days and even weeks at a time only to emerge with some new gadget someone challenged him to make. If he ever tells you no…just tell him its because he cant. Is it immature? Yes. Will it work? Also yes.)

What will you build: (Your Reclaimer characters have been educated (indoctrinated) to be one of the Reclaimers who will take back the world since the day they could walk. Im sure at some point in all that time youve come up with an idea of what you would want to build for the kingdom.)​
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Roleplay Type(s)
Image: (Bit of an old image from my Scott Pilgrim period. I'll draw her a new ref when I have the time.)

Carrol Dreemurr.png

Name:Carrol Dreemurr Mimic
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hair: Maroon/Crimson
Eyes: Yellow.
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 170lbs (Correct me if this is wrong.)
Description: N/a
Psych profile
: Carrol is remarkably intelligent and has an adaptive, creative, and problem solving oriented mindset. Her gifted mental abilities make her a prime reclaimer. Carrol is somewhat competitive among her peers, and can be overconfident to some degree, but is extremely loyal to her friends and allies. Carrol is often self-conscious in regards to how she appears in front of others, and while she'd never admit it personally, popularity among her peers is something she desperately craves. Carrol is extremely dedicated to exterminating the threats plaguing the outside world, and the thought never escapes her mind, even in her sleep. She is very protective of the bunker-dwelling people, and especially the fellow reclaimers, believing them to be the last hope for humanity.
Backstory: Carrol was the reclaimer child of the Mimic Bloodline. Her abilities are more intense than any of the previous generations. Because of this and the setting she was raised in, Carrol developed confidently, and gained a naturally high self esteem. Understanding how much rode on her from birth, Carrol insisted on beginning intense physical conditioning from a young age (10) and dedicated much of her free time to learning various forms of combat, self defense, and military tactics. Carrol wanted to make sure that she could take on the world outside. While she did a healthy amount of dabbling in literature and the arts, and studied a core doctorate of Mathematics and Architecture, she had made it her goal in life to learn everything she could about warfare and combat, and to harden and condition her body for the time that would come when she would face the monsters who drew forth the apocalypse. Though she was relatively average in her normal classes, in the military curriculum Carrol excelled, preforming leagues beyond expectations.

Abilities & Unique applications: Carrol possesses the ability to gain adaptations or abilities from encounters with extranatural sources.
  • Spinal Tap: Carrol possesses the ability voluntarily enter a state of "overdrive" allowing her to perceive and interact with items as if time passed at 1/4 it's actual speed. This is not the true slowing of time, but the rapid speeding up of her body's movements and her reflexes via the overclocking of her body's reflexive musculature and brainstem. Assumedly, her Spinal Tap ability would allow her to contend with much faster opponents, dominate opponents of an average speed, or take advantage of the enhanced kinetic force to elevate her attacks. Spinal Tap doesn't come without it's weaknesses however: For starters If Carrol moves too fast into an object that's too hard for her to break through, or even just hard enough to stop her, she can seriously damage her body from the blunt-force trauma. Additionally, over usage of Spinal Tap will not only exhaust Carrol, but can cause headaches, and even bleeding of the nose. If pushed to it's limit, Carrol may pass out, immediately disabling her ability.

  • High Intelligence: Though not superhuman intelligence, and nowhere even close to King Boreal. Carrol is verifiably gifted and prodigal, though her singleminded goal, and willingness to dedicate her entire life to preparing to retake the world by force, was likely what led to her average performance among the reclaimers in non-military/combat related classes.
    • Intuitive Tactical/Problem Solving Skill: Carrol is a naturally talented tactician and logistician, she has a honed problem-solving skill that grants her strides in creative combat, something she will likely need in the soon-to-come future skirmishes with the monsters.
    • Mathematical/Architectural Knowledge: Carrol didn't spend all her time learning tactics, just any that she could spare. For the sake of requirement, she took up learning on the path to a Mathematical and Architectural doctorate. Though her performance was average among the reclaimers, considering that they were for the most part all properly talented and intelligent, that's not too much of an insult.

Gear & Tech:
  • "Gecko" Regenerative Stimulant: Carrol requested personally to be assigned a regenerative stimulant prior to her journey in preparation for the hardships she would face. The name "Gecko" is a nickname she created herself, since it's faster than saying Regenerative Stimulant, and you don't have to close your mouth to say it.

What will you build: "I want to build a world without monsters, one where people can return to the surface and live freely as they choose. I want to reclaim what humanity had before the apocalypse. I want to make arcologies that people can live in, and cities where people won't have to worry about what goes bump in the night."


Adriana Maite Mestari
The Adept Reclaimer
Female / Eighteen
Appearance: Short, light, and waif-like, Ria doesn't exactly possess the physique of a warrior. She's solid, but can be picked up or knocked down by most. When in the complex, she prefers to wear free-flowing dresses in light colors, but for training and combat she will wear more appropriate attire.

Height - 5'2
Weight - 112 lbs
Hair color - Light blue
Eye color - Cerulean
Skin - Rosy/fair
Marks/scars - One small scar behind her left knee
Piercings/tattoos - None
Distinguishing features - Her eyes
Body type - Slender
Attire - Flowing

Personality: Ria has a very active internal life, and as a result she's often lost in thought, daydreaming with her head up in the clouds so, if you need her for anything, you need to make sure she's focused first.

When focused, it will be almost impossible to break her concentration, to the point where she sometimes needs to be shaken out of it. This can result in her putting herself (or others) in danger, so it's generally recommended to keep an eye on her.

Other than this, she is rather sweet and childlike, lacking the maturity some of her older teammates possess, but compensating for it with a laugh that could cheer up anyone when they're sad and a smile that can light up a room.

Virtues: Cheerful, generous, and kind
Vices: Stubborn, immature, oblivious

Likes: Plushies, tea parties, ribbons...
Dislikes: Loud music, unpleasantness

Habits: Playing with her hair when she's thinking
Quirks: Tugging at her clothes when she's nervous

Hopes/dreams: To establish an animal sanctuary
Fears/doubts: Darkness and confinement
Place of birth: The New Kingdom
Family: The Mestaris
Allies: Her team
Enemies: The outside

History: Ria's story is everyone else's story- born and raised in the bunker, she's never known the outside world. This hasn't ever bothered her much, as their life is comfortable and they have everything they could need including friends, family, plushies, games- even pets. However, learning about the way the outside used to be, and the incredible variety of animals it used to possess, has made Ria long to see it, and discover what, if anything, has survived.
Abilities: The Adept bloodline can sense the chaotic energies associated with monstrous beings and manipulate these energies in odd ways. For Ria, this means she knows whenever a chaotic creature gets close and, for those she's been able to experiment with inside the bunker, she can read their thoughts and, to a certain extent, influence them. She's excited to see what kind of cute and monstrous creatures she might be able to make pets out of on the outside.

Skills: Gymnastics - She might not be the strongest around, but she's limber, dexterous, and has extremely fast and well-developed reflexes.
Sensitivity - Her EQ is off the charts.
Languages - She picks them up really fast.

Strengths: Speed, agility, stealth, intuition
Weaknesses: Power and size, immaturity

Role(s): To detect any incoming threats
Fighting style: Any time she's engaged in combat, she has to find a way to use her opponent's size and strength, or the terrain, against them, influence stronger creatures to fight for her, or simply stay out of range or out of sight.
Weapon of choice: She's not overly fond of weapons, but carries a stun gun.
Gear/tech: Her greatest asset out in the field will be her suit. Skin-tight, adapting to temperature and weather conditions, it's strong enough to withstand claws, teeth, and Old World bullets, but breathes easily and moves as she does. Incorporated into it is a wrist-line launcher built by the King that allows her to easily climb almost anything, so she can be in an optimal scouting and scanning position at all times.

What she hopes to build: She loves all animals so, once they control the surface, she will want to build an animal sanctuary/park/zoo, where any creature she can find will be able to live out its days in peace.
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Roleplay Type(s)
Name: “King” Marcus Boreal
Age: 117yrs (collective)
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6ft 0in
Weight: 166lbs
Psych profile: Marcus is an eccentric and egotistical man. He does not like to admit when he is wrong, but his blunt brutal honesty force him to do so anyway. He likes his position and does not believe that he is doing anything wrong by declaring himself king and sending his loyal subjects to conquer the world. On the contrary, he does the world a great service by wiping away the filth that the old generation left and replacing it with pristine functional systems that give people purpose and satisfaction whilst keeping them safe and well informed. He seems to hold the old world in a great deal of contempt, and views the outside as unclean and dangerous…something he intends to fix.

Backstory: Born in the Early Nineties to a poor household Marcus was never expected to go anywhere in life, but he was blessed with something, a drive, a kind of ambition to push himself further. Even as a child he was extraordinarily competitive, but not with other children, no he competed against an imaginary perfect version of himself. Something he could never best, something he would always play second fiddle to, wether anyone else knew it or not. He did excellent academically, he even managed to join the swim team, all while he held down a job cleaning houses. The money from his job was always put into a savings account and after two years he had managed to gather 40,000$. Most people in his situation would’ve bought a car, or a house. But marcus turned around and invested that money into the house cleaning business he had joined, becoming a partner and hiring two more under him.

In five years he had turned the cleaning business into an industry, he managed to sell his partnership back to the owner turning his 40,000$ investment into nearly 3 million dollars. He took that money and immediately began investing in Real estate. He bought An apartment complex and with careful money management he was able to expand it, buying out the neighboring complexes, nearby houses, and small storefronts. His empire continued to grow alongside his wealth until by the age of 29 he was added to the list of American billionaires. With his fortune built securely on land that made money, along with large scale contracts with various companies to maintain the properties, Marcus began to invest his money in luxurious amenities, art, Music, parties, and his personal favorite, historical artifacts. Yet joyful as his 29th year was for him…Thirty came at him like a sledgehammer.

His parents died in a car accident on the way to one of his extravagant parties. He found out in the morning after waking up from a drunken stupor. Immediately he cut that part of his life out. Those indulgences had caused him issues and thus they were a weakness. He maintained his interest in Art and history, but began to develop an interest in the Occult and the Weird. Collecting artifacts turned into seeking them, and he became and explorer and treasure hunter. At age 36 a failed expedition to Antarctica would leave him with most of his crew dead, he was there when the large hadron particle collider exploded. Upon his return he seemed to have a fixation with preparing for impending disaster, not to mention a complete shift in mentality.

He commissioned his bunker to be constructed in Northern New york state. Invested Billions into AI, Neural Science, Genetics, and a fourth unknown expenditure. As the nations of the world began to collapse under the tide of Madness and Horrors, Marcus began to liquidate his assets and purchase supplies. With “The New Kingdom” completed Marcus’s other projects reached fruition. He unleashed a ravenous A.I on the worlds internet, it consumed as much data as it could before transferring it to a massive underground server complex several hundred meters from the Bunker. There Boreal was able to store the majority of the worlds internet. He would then search through several genetic databases and find the perfect couples with the genetic diversity to repopulate a good portion of the world. From there he would send out his Call to the young couples, each one with a child on the way. The bunkers doors would close and His Ultimate investment would begin.

Boreal would spend nineteen years running the bunker, experimenting on the children of the founding families and Cutting out any genetic abnormalities he could find while meticulously modifying what he could find in the {Redacted} genetic code. When he died he would pass the reigns to his first clone, one he had designed to have nearly twice his own brainpower, he had downloaded his memories into, and left a list of tasks he himself could not accomplish. This clone would modify the Bunker with a variety of designs, and would go on to craft countless tools, gadgets and weapons for the crew. All of this was made easy with the clones added brain power, but it seemed that such boons came with a severe drawback. Boreal Jr. as the clone had taken to calling himself was doomed to die young. The added brainpower was putting stress on his neurons and he noticed them beginning to break down on his 23rd birthday. He would only have two years to solve the problem before his neural capacity began to degrade. Luckily this was plenty of time, and the next clone, whose brainpower was even further boosted, had more neurons added to mitigate the damage and give him a normal lifespan.

Upon awakening the next Clone Boreal the Third, Boreal Jr. asked The third to kill him, calling it a mercy as he did not want to experience his mind, the thing he valued most, slipping into insanity. The third agreed and would treat Boreal Jr. to a peaceful day before casting him down a flight of stairs without a warning, and without a hint of remorse. Boreal the Third would reveal that he was a clone and that he and those who came after him would in fact he the eternal Kings of the New kingdom, he decreed the formation of the Reclaimer program, where seven children from the royal families would be raised within a program structured to produce super soldiers, and Loyal zealots to the New kingdoms tenants of progress, unity, and functionality. In the most recent year he has relaxed on the strict management of resources and has allowed all within the bunker to have as much fun as they can, they will need it, as the horrors they will face in the outside world will cause even the bravest to question their very reason for being.

Abilities & Unique applications:
Inhuman Hyper-intelligence- Marcus Boreal was a genius on par with the likes of Tesla, Einstien, or Hawkins. Marcus Boreal Junior, Was more than twice as intelligent as his original predecessor, with his brain operating at 211% of the originals. Boreal Junior Driven by his own Fading lifespan and intelligence would then Push that to 300% of The original. While also mitigating the negative side effects. However this brain power is not just his ability to solve problems, the rate at which he processes information is so far beyond a standard humans that it seems to him as though everything is moving in slow motion. Furthermore his imagination and creativity were likewise bolstered to the point where he can with almost 99% accuracy predict every word and action a Person will take. Unfortunately he struggles to explain things to others often as the pieces to the puzzle of his plans tend to be an entire puzzle of their own to the standard mind. Even other gifted geniuses find themselves often feeling almost like a child in a school room when working beside him.

Gear & Tech:
Mind of Many things- King boreal utilizes his incredible intellect and his insanely well stocked laboratory to create new gadgets and tech for himself and his crew. To date nothing seems out of his capacity to design.

The Kings Control- A chip implanted into each clone. It allows for the complete control of the New Kingdom Bunkers Systems with only neural interactions. In other words he can open doors with a thought, and just as easily lock them.

What will you build:
A world where everyone can live in peace, in safety, with purpose, and without the evil in the hearts of man being allowed to corrupt the world again.

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A Campfire at the End of Time
(Very Heavily WIP. Just taking up a slot here.)

Height: (I have a BMI chart on hand if you need it.)
Weight: (I have a BMI chart on hand if you need it.)
Description: (if no image)
Psych profile: Faithful, brave, ignorant. _____ is the ideal soldier, loyal to the cause and willing to sacrifice much to see it through. Although he is intelligent, able to come up with battle strategies, oversee missions, do competent research and solve problems, he is profoundly gullible and unwise. He accepts and obeys without question, like a dog. He is of sound mental character, and has proven a strong and reliable friend to all within the bunker, a rock that all the other Reclaimers can rely upon as he charges headfirst into the fight. ____ likes to imagine himself as a knight in shining armor, come to free the world, to fix it, to make it better under King Boreal. Were it so easy.

Ultimately, he is a blunt instrument. A weapon. A tool. He serves that purpose well.

Abilities & Unique applications:
(We all know what abilities a person from a particular bloodline may have, but the way they are used is unique from individual to individual. So give us a taste of how you use your powers both in and out of combat.)

Gear & Tech:

The Longsword

Despite appearances, the Longsword is a simple, straight forward piece of technology. A massive suit of thick steel, equipped with servos and machines in order to aid with movement, though the suit mostly relies on the raw, superhuman strength of its user, making it inoperable by anyone other than ___. The most combat-oriented of the Reclaimers, much time and effrot was spent into making the Longsword, the primary tool of its user, more than capable in combat.

What will you build: ____ is a true believer in the cause. Although his purpose is mostly to crash through monsters and those who would resist King Boreal, ____ envisions a future free of pain and suffering. He believes that the Noble Families of the bunker will rise from beneath the Earth to free all humanity from eldritch beasts, and rule as benevolent Kings in a new world.
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Name: Liam Mauve Gunriech.
Age: 22yrs
Hair: Black (Mostly Gone)
Eyes: Green
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 149lbs
Psych profile: Liam struggles with trusting others especially if they happen to be an authority. He tends to seclude himself and avoids social interaction opting to instead spend time honing his skills and prowess. With all that said, he does seem to hold his fellow reclaimers in high regard, and views the other members of his and the other six noble families as the very reason for his existence, while he knows the Reclaimers are an advanced assault team, in his eyes he is a defender and guardian of his people, he just kills the threats preemptively.

Backstory: Liam like most others was born in the bunker, however he was very clearly different from his fellow Gunriech’s. His first tooth was lost four times before it stopped growing back. It was clear from even the age of 3 that he was the possessor of the Most potent Eternal Gene in the entire Family, and thus he was a sure fit for the Reclaimer program. Unfortunately each of the programs were tailored to bolster the abilities of the individual undergoing it. For others that was reasonable, and Likely far less hellish. But i ask you…how does one test and push the limits of Regeneration? Why By dealing damage and Letting it heal.

Liam spent the majority of his Training, honing Cqc skills, Masteringn the art of the firearm, and undergoing consecutive “Breakings”. He would find himself training in a sealed room, which would be filled with flames and find himself incinerated, only to regrow from the smoldering ashes and tested to see what all he remembered. Over the course of 18 years of the program Liam has “Crossed the Light” or died over 1,000 times. While this has certainly bolstered his abilities, granting him regeneration that is more than tenfold the speed and capacity of the next strongest member of his family. It has also caused him severe mental turmoil. Like an abused puppy he finds himself flinchy and Paranoid, fully expecting that death waits for him around every corner…it just doesnt like him enough to move in and tie the knot.

Abilities & Unique applications:
The “Waterman” Gunriech- dubbed this by his cousins due to his ability to heal light wounds almost as fast as Water recovers its shape. Liam has displayed the fastest healing factor on record to date, wether it be a member of the bunker or even a monster. While he is not immune to Any form of damage, his healing has gotten so fast, things like acid, poison, fire, diseases, radiation, and a variety of other Damage over time sources seem insufficient to deal with him. He is able to feel the effects still, but they are so dulled after being exposed so many times that it hardly cripples him but still allows him to identify the type of threat his body is having to deal with. He calls his own ability the “Here check this for poison” power. And a long list of other cynical phrases.

Gear & Tech:
The Shredder- a portable 3-d printer designed by King Boreal with a built in Shredder that can break metals down into a fine powder, while spitting out the non metallic materials, then stacking the powder and flash baking it into the desired shape. He uses this to forge a variety of materials from tools to replacement parts for his weapons and even occasionally small trinkets and sculptures which he will leave in random places for others to find.

The Stapler- a Large Three barreled Weapon that has an enclosed handle and is worn like a Megaman cannon or a Power cannon from Samus Arran. It holds 12 shots and fires 24 inch long sharpened “Rods” with barbs that are able to pierce a human sized target, and pin it to whatever is behind it. Like a cross between a coilgun and a crossbow it uses spring retention, A magnetic field and Rod tension to propel its projectile well beyond the speed of an old world Rifle bullet.

Tooth & Claw- a pair of Twin Short Glaive Machetes crafted put of a specialized alloy by King Boreal. These weapons are nigh indestructible, even having explosives detonated ON them does not cause so much as a crack, though the handles needed to be rewrapped. These are good for Liam as he often looses other weapons to whatever attack blasted him into A human Chili recipe.

Air Filter/Ionic trace detection system- The helmet and gas mask that liam has is not made to protect him. On the contrary, many of the chemicals and toxic substances out in the world were not there before the fall of the old world. As such countermeasures do not exist. As such this mask and ITD system allow liam to serve as a test dummy in a sense, exposing himself to a toxic substance and allowing the Mask and vital monitoring systems to keep an eye on the effects so that countermeasures for other less…gifted…individuals.

What will you build: Liam doesn’t want to build a damn thing. He wishes to cut a swath of death through the otherworldly creatures that caused his existence to be required. Then maybe dive into a volcano, or vat of molten steel. Either way, he seeks to “build” a world where men like him no longer need to exist.

If all that fails, and he finds out he actually CANT die. Well he might open a shop selling sculptures and figurines.

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