"Lost Continent: Flight From Muurdaan" (BeckonCall's FNB!)


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@Bone2pick :


The labor was sufficient... but if not for the gold, progress would have been stifled. The original expedition had it's own difficulty climbing shearcliffs, but the ample scaffolds, built for minotaurs, turned out to be more than well-sturdy to transfer all their possessions, people and plans to the build site. The wealth for labor brought many Tyren workers -- who were insanely strong and surprisingly careful in their movements. With luck on their side, the GewGaw Party had things the way they were accustomed, which was exactly how they liked. Commanding a view over the entire colony from on high, they saw into the Gnollwood with a spyglass and saw seemingly how large that "community" was -- the forest east of the river was infested with them... it was good to know that the gnolls, if they did not outright fear the colonists, surely feared their capabilities -- for they were troubled not by the dog-men. The wealth hired a couple of handfuls of stouts, Tyren, and even some Ratkin who were dutiful and speedy laborers. By the end of the construction, from the Assembly hall which received a lions share of the "love and detail" bought with the wealth, the Invited could actually see a party worth having here. Quartz accents, Amber fittings, Zircon and Electrum finishing -- It was a damn sight above some of the squalid homes they saw in the platz and aptly named depression... and fabric and color brought on the expedition was used liberally to express the fire and the passion of the GewGaw. They had their settlement... and it was good.

Wool, Wood, and Warmth:

While the GewGaw were proud of their own warm-weather offerings of clothing, they quickly found they preferred -- among those who could afford it, the beautiful winter wear the highborn were producing. Both in tandem and the Party and it's followers would not freeze -- once coupled with the gathering of wood that could be found on the shearcliffs.
Initial maps showed it to be featureless, but there really were plenty of hills and a bit of forest -- though the trees looked brown and thin compared to the grasslands and forests below. It would matter not their aesthetics -- they would all burn lovely in a fire, as needed. Still, the surplus clothing went to market, and the clash of highborn fashion with that of the GewGaw -- which by commoners standards even lowborn clothing was finery -- They saw the poseurs, as they always did, taking on their garb as a costume's costume. Trite, but profitable.

GEWGAW HAVE MINOR ACCESS TO MARKET (1 wealth max) current market wealth =12 because of clothing production.



On clear mornings -- strange things could be seen to float beneath the meltwater reservoir... Examination by the black parade revealed no fewer than six great black-iron bells of some sort... like morning stars, they were chained to the bottom of the lake. They looked like torture instruments or items of war -- but old and perhaps dead from time... as no magic emanated from them, nor any harm come to them that searched them.

The silty bed of the meltwater was rich in shellfish and crustaceans, succulent and fresh on the palletes of the invited.
Still more interesting was raw Raegrass -- a potent herb that was difficult to cultivate out of the wild -- it was a key element in certain coveted narcotics -- such as Raigrois -- the fancy name to it dried and burned, and the more coveted Highborn narcotic, "Lumina" -- a shining powder or paste that was very hard to magically or chemically produce -- but had great value in gold and greater value to a folk like the invited. Raigrois was burned in hearths to celebrate it's discovery and great "siestas" were held in lodges to contain the smoke, visions, and appetites of the upper class... but real Lumina seemed out of reach... they had seen little but that in the rings and pleasure lockets of the highborn thus far... fully exploited, it not only might be a great export -- but a means to a more enjoyable way of life... Rumors were the Fennec had the knowing and the doing of such chemistries -- but it could still be done with great difficulty without them... @Bobisdead123 -- it was also not long after the GewGaw Identified the resource that Fennec began pilfering it for their own testing and enjoyment...

In addition to the Raegrass, the heights held another secret -- great tubers fat with water from the reservoir grew in the hardlands all around the water. Both sweet and bitter varieties, these unnamed roots were highly nutritious and foreign to the old world. The GewGaw could decide to line their larders with these roots and none might be the wiser (except maybe a spying fennec or two) -- or they might gain influence and profit from bringing these edible roots to market.

(Decision point -- GewGaw hoard food, or share with colony?)

Aside from that, some of the hills were riddled with burrows -- great fat rabbits, a source of fur and meat, had been repopulating in this area since their apparent stripping from the land supposedly not long ago. Evidence of larger burrows revealed that something -- perhaps even this cull that was spoke of, cored-out the heart of these warrens, but did not get all or some managed to escape and return. in one of these caves the black parade found a mantis-like forelimb -- as sharp as any sword -- as if to prove the worst fears be true. The blade however was light and of a scintillating blue, tempting one to try to fashion it into a superior edged weapon...

"Cull blade" found by GewGaws!


ゆうじん A
The Adventures of Tomaz and Jav


"Look Tomaz! I can see my breath"

"Yea, yea. I know Jav. It's bloody cold today. Even colder than last week."


"Fear my breath! I'm Dracos! Only if my body was a little warmer... it would look like smoke."

"You know Jav, for a few minutes... I was glad the rest of the lads were back... thought that we wouldn't have to go to the east anymore...now I'm stuck with you again on guard duty... bloody chickens need to hatch quicker from their eggs."

"Isn't it great? We don't have to march around anymore."

"Yea, and just spend the next few months staring at the snow."

"Well, at least we can watch the kids having fun. Doesn't it just warm your heart?"

"Not as well as a flagon of ale."

"You know Tomaz, I think you should stop drinking. For the kids."

"What bloody kids, Jav? You've been talking a lot about babies and kids lately ever since we brought those Mud Elf babies back with the Brood Queen."

"Don't you want a family? I want a family with a lot of kids. So, it's bad to be drinking so much."

"What in the name of the gods are you talking about Jav? I sure as the Cull don't want to start a family in these blasted lands, much less with you!"

"No, no, no... you're not elven! Those Mud Elf babies were kinda cute after we gave them a wash."

"Oh dear lord... those babies really did get in your mind... Jav are you feeling okay? Did any of those worms get close to you? I think you should go see the Doc. Besides, what kind of elven maiden do you know? Half the time, you're either with me or you're messing around with the annoying kids. Sorry bud, but ain't none of us getting close to an elven lady. You wouldn't even have a chance with the... ahem... Lady Champion."

"Tha-tha-that's just cause we're all so busy! When winter comes full blow. We're all going to be indoors. You'll see!"

"You better start washing yourself better then, Jav. Ain't no lady gonna come to you if you smell... do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

"It smells like smoke."


"Stop breathing on me you nit-wit! Your breath stinks. Look over there! There's piles of smoke coming from deep within the Mud Elf forest... call the boys. We're going to be on full alert. I hope it isn't another attack... we sent some expeditions out, but if its another army of Mud Elves... may the divines watch over them."



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Highborn orders: @Prince Vaethorion


Ten workers were not enough to complete the task at hand. At one elf per chariot requested, The highborn tasked with the job really wondered how long they were expected to take... or not to take, as it were. Still, they expertly assembled a Chariot, and it was blessed by the Planetar Angel. The highborn then reported back to ask for more workers. The expectations of the task were silly, given the manpower.

One Blessed Chariot Produced. Project has insufficient manpower.

Winter weaves:

Highborn textile and clothing production however, continued apace. Not only highly covetable and warm winter clothing, but loaded "jack" clothing that could protect against projectiles as well as the elements. The thread count on elven jack clothing was high enough to deform around a projectile, slowing it's penetration. Models filled with metal links, sand, and thick fiber were all tested and sold at varying prices. They became popular by the general folk and sentries alike.

Singing for our Supper:

The highborn were able to secure the help of tree-singers to stimulate their crops, but the tree singers were also busied with larger rites of winter in Harun'Taras. The singers made the plants more robust to the cold, but could not significantly increase their yield. At least the plants were safer for the trouble.

Local Caravan:

More successful was the initiative to build wagons and begin a circular trade route throughout the colony. With adequate labor and staffing, those who might be on the borderline for winter preparations had essential last chances to barter with the elves. Trade for clothes was particularly high, and the Highborn caravan quickly found it's way into the veins of the colony economy. (Highborn influence on market rises to up to 4 wealth.) current market wealth =12



The gnolls were unsteadily watching the border since the stoutmen slashed and burned a chunk of the forest, the gnolls hid well, their stench however did not. It was once thing to see so much wood flattened by the horned one -- but apparently free burning of the wood had left them uneasy. Still, they respected the boundaries -- and searching further east was possible.

Beyond the ruins of the Mud-elf town, seemingly melting under the weight of the rot that surrounded it, was the foot of the mountain range... crude valleys and passes could be made out in the heights, and closest to the cliff was a deep fissure that seemed to terminate with a glacier that wound up into the mountains. Where the glacier touched the rock (and was invariably cutting it) the ice slowly melted and drifted into cracks below the earth. One of the high passes went straight into the mountainside, while two, eventually joined, rose higher and higher into the mountains.


The tamer, with the work in tandem of the most intimidating cyclops, definitively ended who the leader of the alphas was (the one eyed giant) -- once the alphas stopped jockeying for supremacy in the pecking order they were slowly being shaped into worthy battle mounts. An impressive breakthrough indeed.

+1 influence Highborn!
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Minority of One

His mask was off. It was propped against a tin of body powder alongside a towel and empty wine goblet, all of which were laid out on a nearby stool. Kraucac, mesmerized by the lovely warm light playing across the mask, eventually looked away from the grinning jester in favor of a clear view of the fireplace. Its ceaseless crackle was soothing, as was the bath he soaked in. A servant filled the tub with steaming kettle-water half an hour ago and the Deputy submerged himself as soon as his flesh could stand the heat. His muscles—sore from today's fierce sparring sessions against carnals—appreciated every minute of tub time.

A gentle knock on Kraucac's chamber door was enough to break his meditation. Without stirring from his bath he invited in whichever servant had decided to disturb him — at the very least they could refill his goblet. But the guest that sauntered into his chamber was no servant. It was Niruna, wrapped from shoulder to toe in silk and fur. The wine would have to wait.

"I'm happy to make room if you'd care to join me?"

She couldn't help but smile at the Deputy's invitation as she closed the door behind her. Her eyes peered through the bath as she drifted beside the tub. When she was over his feet her right hand reached out from under her furry sleeve and danced her fingertips across the water's surface.

"No thank you. I've already bathed today and your water has cooled."

"So it has."

Niruna plucked his mask off the stool and stroked it gingerly with her fingernails. Her next words, spoke down into his public face, were not as playful as her earlier ones.

"Why strike a deal with the foxfolk for the raegrass? We could make more money on our own."

Kraucac sighed and snatched his faceplate back. He slipped it back into place before he answered.

"You've come to discuss business? That's disappointing... To answer your question, it's not certain we would be more profitable distributing the drug ourselves. The Finecians have established connections and a network of customers that trust them. And, as you can imagine darling, those take time and manpower to replicate."

Like a cobra spreading its hood the Deputy lifted himself out of the bath. He grabbed the towel and walked closer to the fireplace to dry off. Drops of water ran down his skin and puddled together around his feet.

"But more importantly partnering with the foxfolk provides us an economic ally. Every play has a lead, but they also have critical support roles. It's time to put together our supporting cast."

He attempted to tie the clothe around his waist but was blocked from doing so. Niruna was behind him, her hands exploring his torso.

"I have a role for you to play tonight," she whispered. Kraucac's eyes smiled behind his mask.

"You're in luck — I've mentally rehearsed the part all evening."


Name village — when the finishes touches were completed on the assembly hall the Gewgaws flew their party flag proudly over its double doors. Shortly after that a sign was posted just outside the village bearing the settlement's name: Loch Monsto, after its founding party master.

Raegrass — arrangement with Finecians to better profit from raegrass. The party—claiming the western Sheercliff Heights region—will harvest and process the herb into a narcotic. They will also sell the finished drug, but only inside Loch Monsto, their village. The foxfolk will then purchase the herb & drug (both forms will be available) at a whole sell price and sell it throughout the colony and any other market they can work into. Gewgaws being primarily the supplier, and the finecians serving as sellers/distributers. (this has been agreed to by @Bobisdead123 via PMs)
>> 20 peasants, 10 commoners, & 2 invited (supervisors) - to startup the raegrass & raigrois trade

Hardland tubers— the party celebrated the discovery of the moist vegetables, which they have come to call cliff carrots. With the tubers being identified as hearty and nutritious, their harvesting was made a priority. Most of the cliff carrots will be brought to market in the colony, but a portion will be pickled and stored to ensure the villagers eat well through the winter.
>> 20 peasants & 10 commoners - harvest, pickle, and sell cliff carrots at market

Rabbit farming — the party has plans to trap and breed as many of the rodents as they can comfortably keep. The rabbits should provide a wonderful source of quickly reproducing protein and fur. It's an ideal animal for their needs, especially for their lower castes.
>> 20 peasants, 8 commoners, & 2 hyena lashers (trackers) - hunt, trap, and breed rabbits

Village patrols — the Sheercliff territory, while their home, is still new and mysterious. Black parade and hyena lashers maintain regular perimeter sweeps to watch for danger.
>> 20 black parade, 2 hyena lashers, and 2 carnals - perform village patrols in teams

Cull blade — the suspected Cull limb is brought (by Deputy Kraucac & sorceress Niruna) to interested colony leaders for examination and discussion. Once everyone has weighed in on the artifact the Invited try and commission highborn bladesmiths to forge it into an expertly crafted sword. @Prince Vaethorion
>> 2 invited with accompanying servants
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The Stoutmen

The Remove East
With the residences finished, the Stouts were ready to leave the company of the Firebeard Dwarves. Thanking their host for their so graciously lodging them in the autumn, the Stouts loaded all that they had onto their borrowed wagons and set off across the bridge to their new settlement, which they dubbed New Harmony. Each family was allotted a house to themselves if it could be afforded, and if it could not typically the smaller families agreed to lodge with one another temporarily. The wives and children unloaded personal affects, and things were taken from the Anathema for a permanent resting on land. In the Governor's House, a slightly larger cabin than the rest, the steering wheel of the ship was mounted on the wall opposite the door (having been replaced with a handmade spare). When their leader returned, he would no doubt find the gesture heartfelt. Cooking pots and cutlery were unpacked, and the Stouts enjoyed home-cooking of their own making for the first time in a while, lifting spirits.

In the northeast of town, a ponderous spot of land had been laid out for the construction of a chapel. Although modest compared to the churches back in the Home Country, it would be the first meeting house of their faith in these new lands. All around the colony, as much green wood as could be found had been gathered to begin the construction of a wooden palisade wall to keep out intruders and wild animals. The woods, while depleted of large animals, still seemed forbidding and was populated by masses of pulsating worms that the Stouts feared would do harm to their children. To the south, the woods were barren and scarred by fire and timbercutting. The ashes soaked into the ground and would provide for a good harvest come next autumn.

After all the Stouts had arrived, Captain Gardver took temporary command over the colony and began to set down rules. He instructed that they were to only take two meals a day of the ordinary variety, or three meals meager. Most of the foodstores were commandeered by the guard and were put away in the warehouses, let out only by "reasonable request." This seemed an unnecessary measure to most in the colony, but some were afraid of foreigners stealing their goods and so the laws were enforced with little issue.

After two or three days of their having settled there, Captain Gardver was accosted by a clergyman, John Newman, that the burning of the land had caused quite a diplomatic stir in the community. He suggested sending emissaries to make contact with the gnolls and assure them of good intentions and a commitment to peaceful coexistence. Another emissary, he suggested, should be sent to address the colonial government and to make reparations for the political embarrassment.

The Expedition
Moving further west, the Stoutmen party decided to split up. Reverend Gallt led half the force to go investigate the nearby ruins of a school, while Reverend Kearney took the rest further into the ruins to locate the library.

Community Life
The Stouts celebrate the Day of Dying, an important holiday in which they reflect on the natural state of mortal life. They hold a townwide festival, complete with dancing, music, and they use a bit of their wealth to purchase several barrels of ale. The Kobolds, who are seen as welcome in their community, most likely attend and there are several pithy sermons which are meant as congratulations of the work they have accomplished so far, and preparations for the celebration of the World's Birthday. For the outlandish Day of Dying celebrations, there is also a large cake baked with what sugar and eggs can be scrounged.

Detailed Orders

1. Two Clergy and 10 Bulwarks remain in the Western Ruins on an exploratory mission.
2. 5 Draftstouts and 10 Stalwarts maintain the hunting lodge in the eastern woodlands.
3. 30 Stalwarts and 5 Draftstouts continue to fulfill their contract to the New World Trading Company.
4. 10 Stalwarts and 1 Draftstout are tasked with erecting a palisade wall around the colony.
5. 25 Stalwarts and 4 Draftstouts begin construction on the Church.
6. 4 Clergymen begin moving between houses functioning as tutors, making sure that young Stouts are maintaining their reading and writing lessons and know their Scriptures.
7. 2 Clergy continue performing rites and other public functions, and attempt to educate the Kobolds on the more specific doctrines of their religion.
8. 1 Clergyman is sent to the gnolls to apologize for not warning them about their burning of the forest, and to assure them that the Stouts mean them no harm and are a peaceloving folk. 1 Clergyman speaks before the colonial government and offers to pay for the land they have settled on, and reparations for the unauthorized burning. He explains that they had no knowledge of land claims from before their arrival.
9. 10 Bulwarks defend the settlement and perform garrison duty, and occasionally scout the surrounding woods.​



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Blooming lamb beautified and expands! @Bobisdead123

Continued Investment by the fennec has made the looming lamb the premier place to relax and dine in the colony, attracting quickly the attention of the GeeGaw Party @Bone2pick at least until they can come up with an equally comparable venue. It's said their assembly hall is something to see, but the splendor of the lamb takes the jewel in the crown!

+2 Influence Fennec!

Study of Strange proteins yields findings!


After months of analysis -- the study of three proteins found in the shell of a specimen of what is thought to be the cull proves finally fruitful. The three proteins, one crystalline in structure, one pliable, and one that unifies the two in an integrated matrix -- can be, at great cost, be disrupted. By disrupting the unifying protein it is shown that the carapace can be made suddenly though temporarily fully rigid -- which is thought will either paralyze a living specimen or cause it to move at the expense of it's own armor's integrity. The most encouraging news about the cull yet -- it requires fantastic labor and rarified and refined ingredients -- particularly the reduction of gold and silver. It is estimated a single weapon -- or 10 arrows would consume one full wealth to produce, and there is uncertainty at how long the distillation of any real quantity would take. Still, Hope in the colony rises!



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Raegrass makes a splash in town!

A new commodity, in variable levels of narcotic form, has begun to increase in popularity. Production and sale is centralized with the fennec, though it can openly be purchased in Loch Monsto. Talk of rumored fennec processing and labor expertise in this milieu promises a surplus of this good hopefully to be available to traders and sent back to the old world in quantity!

(Fennec and GeeGaw Access to the market increases, as many people spend petty cash on the recreational pick-me-up!) @Bone2pick @Bobisdead123

"Cliff Carrot" Added to the diet of the colony! -- a newfound root vegetable, these heavy edibles are discovered at just the right time before winter truly descends... while these elder specimens may be the first harvest and the last of their kind -- their smaller progeny will make up a permanent crop of the colony and a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamins in a generally protein-heavy colony fare. This, along with rabbit fur and meat, are celebrated additions.

(Health of colony increases! GeeGaw gain +2 influence as a nail is driven into the heart of the fear of hunger!)

GeeGaw Village Patrols --

The land above shearcliff is grey and forboding in places, in several areas on the GeeGaw side of the claim, ancient cairns built by gnolls mark caves and burrows in the ground. The caves smell awful, and some members of the black parade swear they can hear the breathing of great beasts within. Rabbit and fish bones scattered about the caves further suggest something wild resides within these lairs.

Also, the Shearcliff rise, or loose name given to the hilly ramp to the west leading up the shearcliff has seen patrols spying on Ravening Fish creatures being herded into the swamps by snakemen! Caught in nets and polearm restraints, the bipedal fish creatures are being actively ushered away from the colony. Gestures of peace have been made by withdrawing snakemen, but they are far too intent on their work (restraining fish beasts) to parley with outsiders. The reptile and fish-folk seem increasingly sluggish as the days grow colder.


The brutish Aymarans, a dangerous but staple part of the labor force have retreated underground to languish in heated pools until spring. It is thought this will coincide with a spike in Aymaran births come spring, but Aymarans are not swift to comment -- "Cold" many are remarked to say, with only the Lurker-breeds seen above ground to help in the procuring of sharks and the trade of goods at market. Well known and aptly named Scarred Aymaran "Scar-Scar-Scar" gives a formal statement at learners square. "Cold. We Sleep the Winter. Also, Cold."

@Prince Vaethorion

Angel Gate(s): The Highborn lords training with the planetar angel has yielded new fruit -- the possible potential to form stable gates using the ways! While how this means of rapid travel might be dangerous or exploitable is still in debate, the highborn find the possibility of stable portals in and out of the ways to be a very promising avenue for adventure and development. Despite the literal terrors at loose in the ways great magic and treasures are known to be lost there, and a means of stable portals to areas normally far or difficult to travel between may lie within reach!

More events and Stoutmen process to come!


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The attolians had done their homework. Help from the mage guild gave their constructs "seer stones" -- eyes that would allow them to know what their stone constructs "saw"... they mounted one of these gems on a construct and sunk it off of a small craft over the middle of one of the shark holes.

Down, Down, Down it went, an anchor wrapped around it as it sank through the deepening gloom and the spiraling or progressively larger sharks. Upon hitting the bottom of the sharkhole, the construct threw up a great cloud of sediment sending sharks darting away in every direction. The construct untied itself from the anchor-chain and the seer-stone lit up. Cassandra and attendants could now see what was happening. The murky gloom. Only the biggest sharks were down here... the water looked cloudy in places, even after the sediment settled... it was blood in the water... strange milky blood... as the construct lumbered along the bottom toward the source of the clouds.

There, in the darkness, was "The undrowned one" -- a miserable thing, looking like a pathetic whipped dog of a humanoid, though great in size for a man -- nearly thirteen feet tall, with shackles on each of it's legs bound to the sea-floor and it's arms chained to great posts, the chains looking laughably small compared to the massive moorings for the restraints. One of it's eye sockets was empty, looking clear into the pathetic being's skull... it just looked tired... perhaps noble at one time the source of the "God-Rot" - the staple food of the sharks, lay apparent in the alien light of the construct.

The sharks continually ravaged the restrained man-thing -- so pale, so pink and white, gaunt and resigned... and every time a shark tore a piece off of the pathetic prisoner it would heal, instantly. The construct watched. Over time -- he could see the creature seemed to shrink infinitesimally, and just as immediately the chains from the great boltings to the floor and hanging from the great poles shrank as well, keeping the creature bound. Perhaps centuries or more this process had unfolded -- the seer stone led to speculation that when the undrowned one was first bound here, it was massive -- large enough so that it's great pilings for it's restraints might have barely contained it. Now, it was a defeated and shrunken husk of what it once was -- it's tiny feet standing in it's own massive ground-deforming footprints... footprints so deep the construct dared not approach closer lest it fall irretrievably into them. Footprints like the one of the sandslope.

The construct lit the seerstone around from the edge of the footprint, to rest on the face of the shrinking rotten "god."... and as if to answer it turned it's one eye up towards the distant sun above the sharkhole and let a single bubble rise from it's mouth... a single, pointed... scream?

The bubble fizzed at the surface of the water, broken a thousand times, like perhaps the undrowned one itself... but the construct could not get closer without further instruction -- so it rewound it's path back to the anchor and re-tied itself. the sharks continued to circle and bite again, stopping only to steer clear of the light from the construct... and it was hauled forth back to the surface.

The greatest of the sharks were humungous, lazy-swimming goliaths... growing giant on the mass of a god that shrank with their every assault. This thing was being punished... that was the last thing Cassandra could take away from the visions before the construct rose and broke surface tension and was hauled back to shore...


Minority of One

Handsaws buzzed and hammers cracked. Planks of pine and oak were hauled out of flat carts and stacked over autumn-browned grass. A pyramid of cedar logs, each one sanded and treated against water rot, were piled near the lakeshore. It was a cold Shearcliff morning yet there was a warm smile on nearly every laboring face. The one exception, a party-masked Gewgaw noble, pouted behind her shimmering faceplate.

Her mask's afterglow twinkled with wisps of lavender and silver mana. This was the mark of Qrirish magic. All sorcerers & sorceresses require a party-mask to channel spells through. It's one of the reasons the Invited are always dressed in their infamous face covers. To be without it would be to disarm themselves of their most capable weapon.

Niruna had recently performed an incantation to boost the passion of her workforce. Majordomo Virding, the highest ranking unInvited party member, clicked his walking cane as he strolled next to the beautiful young sorceress.

"They move like eager bachelors working for the favor of a lovely maiden. Such energy and enthusiasm. They'll finish the build in half the time with nary a shortcut," he beamed. His hearty greying mustache framing his flushed nose and cheeks. She yawned into her gloved palm in response.

"I'd rather them move at half the pace and not tie up my time. I should be down in the colony with Ollerrol."

He turned towards the lake so his smile could melt out of sight. As the leading administrator of the party Virding had been trained by the Invited to resist suggestive magic; out of habit he had suppressed Niruna's spell. He leaned into his cane and eventually refaced her.

"It was the Deputy who arranged the meeting with the Attolians. It's only natural he be the one to accompany the Party Master."

She sneered and batted her shaded eyelids. Her mask's shimmer had started to fade.

"If we're going to structure the party according to what's natural, then I should be the Deputy Master. I'm a sorceress after all."

Virding cocked a single bushy eyebrow in response. Compared to other Gewgaw aristocrats Niruna had always lacked a measure of subtlety, but even he was surprised at how blunt she was this morning.

"Magic or not Kraucac's talented. There's no disputing that... And he's never needed a spell to make the party love him."

Her eyes narrowed and her jaw clinched. She remained tense for several heartbeats before she rolled her slender neck and relaxed her posture.

"What does it matter who the unInvited love?"

The question was as friendly as a viper's strike. It was a reminder of his place. His status. The Majordomo was an important party member but he would never reach its highest rung. Thankfully for him, the insult failed to strike a nerve. Virding had weathered Qrirish snobbery for over half a century. He was well accustomed to how the game was played.

"It has its benefits. Furthermore, by my account, most of the Invited are smitten with him too."

She shook her masked head and giggled. Of all of the Gewgaw Invited Niruna's laugh always dripped the most condescension.

"We're ceaseless actors Virding. Our social cues are usually camouflage for our real agendas... I would have thought you were wise enough to not swallow the lip service."

Mana no longer twinkled about her mask. And once again her insult missed its mark. The Majordomo shrugged and continued.

"I may be a fool Niruna, but even a fool can see that Deputy Master Kraucac is on course to be the future of our party. And if you've been positioned like I have, with an ear turned to catch rumors, then you'd have heard them whisper that he just might be our present."

Her nostrils flared above her scowling painted lips.

"I won't require your company today Majordomo. You're dismissed."


Gather stone — wanting to protect their new community, the party will harvest masonry rocks from the Shearcliff hills and mountains to build a rubble stone wall (6 ft height) surrounding the village. Note: this is not the construction phase, merely the stone gathering phase.
>> 30 peasants, 10 commoners

Construct boathouse & pier — a building on the edge of the lake with a modest pier for several small fishing and/or transport crafts. It will have room to unload cargo, disembark passengers, as well as a station to sort and clean fish.
>> 20 peasants, 10 commoners, & 2 Invited supervisors

Raegrass trade — believing the herb will become one of their most profitable exports, the party continues to work to bring it to market.
>> 15 peasants, 15 commoners, & 2 Invited supervisors

Diplomacy — the party feels it's time to get familiar with the colony's government and discover where exactly the Gewgaws will fit in. To do this they'll try and have a sit down with the Attolians >> 2 influence spent to suggest the Gewgaws are ready for a role in colonial government with Attolians. They'll also make time for a social stop with Finecian leaders at the Blooming Lamb before heading back north.
>> 5 black parade, 5 carnals, & 2 Invited (Ollerrol & Kraucac)

• Leverage market — for 1 wealth & construction materials for the boathouse

Village security — armed and vigilant teams patrol the grounds to ensure the party's safety.
>> 15 black parade, 4 carnals, & 3 hyena lashers

General work and maintance — hunting & gathering, food prep, road clearing, and other necessary village upkeep.
>> 20 peasants, 5 commoners

Resting — a new order to show that a portion of the party (rest time will cycle through the population) are given time to recover & tend to personal affairs.
>> 15 peasants, 10 commoners, 5 black parade, 1 carnal, 1 hyena lasher, & 2 Invited
Continue building Chariots:
Labor is increased to 10 Skilled laborers and 20 unskilled to build additional Blessed Chariots.


Cull Blade

The Highborn craftsman took this request very seriously and employed their best craftsman at the Blacksmithy to work lovingly to craft a sword from the part of the Cull. The Smithy used the finest materials to make the sword not just exceedingly sharp, but also magical. An appropriate sheath, pommel, and grip was affixed to the sword. The materials were polished to make them seem metal like.The now magical sword was dubbed "Cull Slayer".

Order: Craft "Cull Slayer". 5 very skilled laborers, 5 unskilled laborers.

Fennec Request Building in Theater District
Despite some Highborn Reservations, the Fennec have seemed to move in the right direction of improving their standing in the Colony. The acts of bravery, the displays of cooperation, the contribution to defending the colony from the Mud Elf attack and their additions to the comfort levels of luxury of the colony has help ease the defensive posture towards the Fox Folk. Upon careful consideration, the Highborn consider to grant this request to the Fox Folk, as long as their interests to do not conflict with Highborn interests. The Highborn seek clarification of why the Foxfolk would like to be in the theater district?


Mana Recharging Center

The Highborn have an idea to make the mana field beneficial to the Colony. A Magic mill/mana recharging station is proposed to be constructed. One which Tears of Divinity could be possibly recharged along with magical items and magic users. This technology would be a combination of Highborn High Magic plus the other Mages magic, based on the various kinds of Magic. Earth, Nature, Astral, Fire, Air, High etc. (with the exception of Blood and Dark magic). (This would be a Massive endeavor, one which the Mage Guild's and Colony's full cooperation would be needed. The Highborn Prince and the Arch Mage presents this idea to Caleis and the Mage Guild personally.

The Prince, the Arch Mage and the Cleric take Blessed Chariot and 5 Mounted Elite Spearman on Runners and present idea to Caelie and Mage Guild. Labor, materials and wealth to be decided upon and shared by Colony. Mana crystals are to be used to help focus the energies and replenish mana.

Elite Runner Riders

The Highborn best riders of the Sword Masters begin to Ride their now broken in Alpha Male Runner Mounts. The Alpha Mounts are armored to make them more protected. Five Mounts are developed to begin with with more to come. (note: Highborn Riders are better armored, this one in the picture is training)

Order: 5 Skilled Laborers and 5 unskilled Laborers make armor for 5 Mounted Alpha Runners. 5 Elite Swordmasters are bonded with their mounts in a Bonding Ceremony. (note: this is an ongoing process and the intent is to build up a force of 20 over time) (note: @Beckoncall Let me know if this drawing is suitable it was the closest I could find.)

Gambling Hall at the "Shining Eagle" in the Theater District
Among attractions in the Theater district. The Highborn Will begin to offer Upscale Gambling in the backrooms at it's venue and will up It's dining game to compete with the Bloody Lamb. The Highborn will assign one skilled Highborn to be the Innkeeper. The Highborn search out to hire the best chefs of the colony. The Highborn improve the atmosphere to draw the most upscale crowd with fine materials like quartz. The Highborn insure no petty theft occurs like at other venues. Lindar the Bard plays for the Crowd and the Highborn hire actors to play in the nearby theaters.
Current Menu:
  1. Braised River fish, sauteed water plants and Blueberry Tart, Glass of Whiskey
  2. Smoked Capy, with roasted potatoes and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Ale
  3. Steamed Shark in garlic sauce and Dried Cherry, Glass of Wine
  4. Baked Runner with Nutmeg and melon Pie, Glass of Cherry Brandy
  5. Stewed Vegetable Sausage in spices with Onion, Tankard of Mead

    Some of the Games to play:

    Mud Elves Eye, Beat the Cull, Pass the Barrier, Escape from Slavers (these are variances of Card and dice games).
    The Highborn Put 40 percent of Gambling profits to the Colonial University and into educating Colonist.

    Order:15 skilled Labor and 20 unskilled labor work to improve Inn and Gambling, one wealth point spent. One influence point spent to draw customers to gamble and to dine.

    With the Amaryan workers going into hibernation, The Highborn see the need for a centralized labor pool. An Employment agency/Temp workers business where the various factions can go and hire workers directly. This would be a far more efficient means for dividing labor among the colony. The Highborn would charge a small fee. The Highborn would engage in contracting out laborers, both skilled and unskilled to those who needed them. The Highborn will engage all the guilds to arrange apprenticeships, over see training. The Main office will be an office at the Highborn district with the main pick up location being in the center of the platz near the Attolian district, and market with additional pick up and drop off points for laborers by the Haruntaras, passing the farms, East of the River and the Capital building. The Route could be expanded as needed. (if for example the Stoutman needed labor). Runner pulled wagons dedicated to moving about teams of labor will pick up laborers at the beginning of the Day and drop them off at the end of the day. The Highborn linguist will be directly involved to overcome any language issues. A small team of Highborn will be involved in this daily. The Highborn will pay fair wages and do not intend to exploit.
    The Highborn use their influence to attract laborers and their organizational ability to disperse labor efficiently around the colony. Besides going directly to the Labor office for work, the laborers and employers can show up by the Provision store to be hired.

    Order: The Highborn set up Labor pool, Temp workers, Contracting business. (10 skilled and 20 unskilled laborers with the intent to hire other non factions to work with labor pool) The Highborn spend an influence point to get word out.

    Selecting or Building a Building for Bank
    This needs to be a priority for the Colony



    The Prince intends to send a party into the Portal, but more study needs to be done.

    The Highborn leverage 3 wealth from the Market.

    Updated Post: (forgot to add)
    @Heyitsjiwon @Beckoncall

    Order: Exploration of the Eastern Mountains passes.
    The Highborn send an expedition East to the Mountains pass for an extended exploration. This will include the Spy Master, Tactician, 7 Countryman, 5 Sword Masters, 8 Elite Spearman, 5 Archers, 10 Springborn Spy apprentices, 3 Skilled workers [Elite Spearman}) with knowledge of minerals, mining and Geology. with provisions for extended exploration, cold weather. mapping and assaying the lands. The Attolians are invited for this exploration and the Highborn request the help of the Attolian Geologist in particular as this venture will be intent on discovering minerals, resources (gold, diamonds, silver, metals iron, nickel, copper and any other value resources including food stores). The Highborn are also seeking Eagle nests in the Mountains for Mounts.
    (the Highborn send extra provisions, very warm clothing, shelter materials, ropes and crampons for ice/Glacier climbing, the Highborn send the Eagle Eye magical item to be able to scout ahead when scouring the mountains for passes)

    (ooc: sorry these are orders only and not RPG. It took me much longer than I thought considering)

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Sir Bors was intrigued but a bit disgusted at the Gnoll Camp. They had certainly fallen from grace as it seemed that the total war that they waged against the Horned One took its toll in the quality of life among the Gnolls. However, he expected things would change soon. Regardless, he came here on a mission to trade the Mud Elf heads, and was determined to improve relations at the same time. Thus, he simply decided to trade the heads for treasure as the food didn't seem needed and labor was not a priority.


Upon hearing the advice from Walks-In-Cull, the Attolians realized the opportunity that presented itself. Like the Mud Elves, they could don bone armor and try to fool the Cull. However, unlike the Mud Elves, there was no Horned One to provide the blessing of death... however, there was still his legacy. The Magical Workshop was done and could harvest the air and more importantly the death magic that was naturally produced in the Blasted Hearth. Thus, an experiment began. Could the Attolians imbue the bone armor with a signature of death from the death magic? The Attolians and their two magically inclined experts were immediately put towards this task. A call went out to the Colonial Government for any additional aid, especially from the Mage's Guild to help with this experiment. The Colony knew how to make weapons that could kill the Cull, but now they needed a way to get close without awakening it.


In the bustling Attolian Housing District, if one listened very carefully, one might be able to make out some sort of sound. What it was hard to discern as it was faint and muffled. However, if you were able to follow the sound, you would find yourself going into a small warehouse with a cellardoor. Opening the cellar door, the most notable thing would be that the air from the cellar was even colder than the air outside. Down the stairs, the sound becomes clearer and clearer. The sound... no sounds are not mere sounds but a gossamer of voices. Light and enchanting... if you weren't careful, then you might find an hour slip away, listening to the voices. The Attolian Ice House had been converted. Not into a mere choir room, but into a crystal growing room. The ice was evidence of how successful the project had been so far. Now, it was time to take the next step. To grow other, perhaps even magical crystals. Perhaps it was a foolhardy endeavor, but the sirens were passionate in their symphony to uplift and force these crystals to rise. After all, it was a nice challenge as they knew that they could make the soul of a mortal ascend with their singing.


It was a queer day for Caelis, but a week ago one of his Halberdiers, a certain Corporal Jav, walked right up to and asked Caelis personally what would happen to the Mud Elf babies. The Brood Queen was a guest of the Government and was now temporarily housed in the Capital under close observation. However, the question did raise many questions. These babies... and ultimately other children. What happens if they do not have parents? Many had perished in these dangerous lands, and if they had kids, then who would look after the children? So far, the Attolians had brought the babies to the Healer's Guild, but this was a half measure. This was the future of the Colony at stake and the fact that Caelis did not have a solid answer bothered him. Thus, the idea came to him. What if the Colony had a central place for all kids? A place where they can have fun together and learn? Thus, Caelis set off to have the Colony's first daycare and orphanage established. The babies can be raised there by dedicated staff and other children can be brought here temporarily while the parents went off to work. Thus, the kids would have the ability to make friends, have fun, and learn instead of just staying home all day in the winter. Thus, Caelis dedicated a lot of skilled labor and wealth to see this project come to fruition.


With the first expedition caught up by the gnolls and the Stoutmen... they only came back to report that they had found a glacier, but did not explore the rest of the mountains. Thus, Caelis ordered for a second expedition. This time, it was well prepared with many dwarves, experts of the mountains, and they were fitted with Capy clothes to keep warm, and Sharkskin gear to help them climb if need be. They were also given some of the pitch found in the battle to assist them to melt some of the ice and have a source of heat if need be.


In addition, there was the Depression. For long, there was little oversight on what had been going in and out of the Colony. However, this would have to change soon as the Colonial Government needed the ability to know what is being sold and bought in the Colony and to tax these trades. In addition, unfettered access to the Depression meant that if attackers from the sea were to come, then there were no defences in place to hold them. Thus, the Attolians began an ambitious project to build a military checkpoint that would serve both purposes. It would funnel trade and allow the Colonial Customs to examine any goods and keep track, but it would also provide fortifications that would help stop anything trying to enter the platz by force.


With the Colony growing with even more new arrivals, it was becoming more obvious that laws were needed to keep the peace and unity of the Colony. Thus, Caelis came to the Capitol and presented to the other Colonial Government members several proposals. Among them were:

1. The Formal Establishment of a Colonial Garrison. It requires each member to provide at least 10 soldiers to form the core of an elite quick reaction force. These soldiers would train with each other constantly, and only be deployed in the event of an attack on a member of the Colonial Government or war. Such an organization would have likely helped the Reinen and saved many lives as the time needed to muster all the factions' forces led to the complete destruction of the Reinen settlement. Ultimately, the purpose of this force is not to win the battle but to quickly deploy and effectively fight to buy time for the rest of the Colony to deploy its soldiers in force. This force will be led by the most veteran and skilled soldier among the soldiers given. However, this position of Commander is a permanent position and will be full time. Meaning the Commander cannot be taken off duty unless a proper replacement is decided by the Colonial Government.

2. All drugs must be sold through and approved by the healer's guild. Meaning that no one is legally allowed to sell drugs intended as medicine unless it has been condoned by the Healer's Guild (kind of like a pharmacy system). Clearly, this means that the Attolians will willingly give its entire supply of Opium to the Healer's Guild as long as the proceeds are returned to the Attolians.

3. Any further major and significant construction from this point on in the proximity of the Colony will require approval from the Government in the interest of city planning and zoning. Otherwise, we face numerous independent settlements with little sense on how infrastructure is built. (Major construction would in general be things that would require changes or addition to the map that Beck makes.)

4. All goods and beings entering and leaving the Colony must be subject to examination by the Custom's Office. The Custom's Office is currently largely an Attolian led endeavor, but other members are requested to provide aid as well. There are significant defenses and fortifications up, but little of it is manned other than by the Exiles.

5. The Colonial Government formally adopts the Pantheon and encourages the freedom of religion for all Colonists.


a. Sir Bors trades the heads for treasure with the Gnolls.

1. Use the advice from Walks In Cull to imbue Mud Elf bone armor with death magic from Blasted Hearth to fool Cull with help from Mages Guild.
Nicholas, Cassandra

2. Crystal growing project for magic crystals, tears, magical arrow/ballista heads (from the silo).
30 Sirens, 4 Units of Magic Crystals, Astral Tear, Depleted Tear, the fire and ice missile heads from the silo

3. Build an orphanage/day care at learner's square.
Architect, 10 Skilled Workers, 20 Skilled Dwarf Workers, 25 Unskilled Workers, 1 Wealth, cranes

4. Explore east of the Stoutmen/Expedition to the mountains with the Highborn.
Falconcer, Geologist, 5 Halberdiers, Dwarven V Skilled Cartographer, 10 Dwarf Soldiers, Captain Rickter bon Dragor (Dwarven Tactician), 3 Elite Dwarf Soldiers, Hound, 1 Unit of Pitch, Capy fur and shark skin clothes and equipment

5. Expand Customs Office by building a checkpoint/inspection station at the narrowest point in the depression that leads to the beach.
1 Sundered King, Castellan, Engineer, 2 V Skilled Dwarven Engineers, 2 Gnome Engineer/Crafter, 15 Skilled Workers, 20 Skilled Dwarf Workers, 5 Halberdiers, 25 Unskilled Workers, 2 Dwarven Guardians 4 Units of Brick

6. Caelis brings several proposals to the Colonial Government
Caelis, 2 Influence to push the ideas

Other Continuing Labor Delegations:

Colonial Capital Project
Architect, Castellan, cranes, 50 Freedmen, 40 Kobolds, and all the building materials available, 10 Skilled Workers

Policing/Guard around the Platz and Depression/Port
1 Sundered King, 20 Halberdiers

Trade Mission
Lothar, Shipwright, 10 Unskilled Workers

Ruins Expedition
Falconer, 5 Halberdiers

Kobold Language Study
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Stoutmen orders!


Reverend Gallt was a brave one -- breaking himself and 5 bullwarks off of the western ruins expedition to seek the site of the school. The fennec hitmen for a while followed both groups, but deciding that the larger force going to the library was the more fun of the two missions, opted to leave Gallt and his men to their own devices. Crossing the threshold from the purified Agora and Theater districts into the Lyceum district was obvious -- the dead were everywhere. Skeletons lay in the streets, leaned and sat against almost every broken pillar, low-ruin wall, and piece of tumbled stone. It being day, they didn't move -- mostly. The contrast between the sullen and deluded longdead and the eccentric "Twiceborn" skeletons that occasionally visited the colony was striking. These undead were truly haunted. Occasionally one or a group of wandering longdead scholars would mill down a dusty road, often pantomiming the reading of books or thumbing the husks of burned texts. It was at one such dusty road that Gallt and his men turned down that they saw the pit that was once a school... and immediately regretted ever coming here. The school, or at least the basement of it, resided squarely in the heel of another giant footprint, as great in size as the sandslope, in burned with an eerie blue flame. The coals seemed to shift and boil, Gallt remarked to himself... until his eyes adjusted to the light -- they were not coals at all -- they were the tumbling and roiling bones of what might have been a quarter of this ruined city's children... and Gallt and his bulwarks looked into the fire, and the fire too, looked into them and screamed in an agony and fear that no living thing could muster. The voices of thousands of children shrieked with the pain of millenia of burning torture -- and for a moment, Gallt felt as if he was staring through the doorway of some hell itself. The spirits of nurses, attendants and teachers scrabbled at the walls of the basement, trying to clamor with their flames into the cold dust of the crater... but could not. The Bulwark would not flee -- it was not in their nature -- but Gallt was the one who must decide what to do... was there anything to do but flee from this horror and spend the rest of one's life trying to forget it?


Meanwhile the rest of the expedition sought the Great Library -- and find it they did. Countless ghosts swirled around the building like moths around a flame. The entrance to the great library was blocked by a great barricade of bones and tattered effects -- it seemed many, many townspeople had attempted to find refuge in the still-standing structure trusting on it to perhaps save them... but the expedition could see that the door was barred from the inside. A massive throng must have killed themselves trying to get in, a layer of broken and trampled bones covered by a legion of skeletons that were pressed so tightly neither age nor corruption had allowed them to fall they were packed so tightly. The windows of the library were broken and their bars pitted to nothing in the ravages of time, but to look inside was to see ghosts scurrying along every surface. Strange red lights glowed from pits in the floor -- the shine of metals and glimmer of crystal, and not the promise of fire -- to truth it seemed that the ravages of flame had spared the library -- through the windows the stacks remained standing -- though exposed to the elements and ages. To proceed would be a brave endeavor. It would need to be stated who planned to proceed.

DECISION POINT: @Shireling must decide what to do at the site of the forsaken school.

DECISION POINT: All colonist players on expedition must decide if they dare to proceed into the ruins of the library.


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The hunting lodge was quickly completed, but the full extent of the boons had yet to be seen... today the stoutmen caught a Moose! -- a young one, but fat off the land and worthy meat and fur. The largest wild animal seen to date, nonetheless the cages were brimmed with birds for roasting, and the hunting of small game subsidized the food stores so much of had dwindled from what was leftover from the journey or that which must be bought at market.

The Pallisade went up quickly and efficiently, with the "Blasted health" nearby so full of fallen spiky wood and the clear-cutting of the stoutman claim. The Worm masses quickly learned to stay away from the alert hunters (though they had to be vigilant to keep the worms from gaining access to traps) -- and now they would quickly learn to stay away from the stoutmen claim -- it only took only rolling mass of worms to tumble and be cut apart on the spikes for the worms to stop any attempted encroachment entirely -- and noticing this was more disconcerting than it was a relief -- did they share a consciousness? The masses were weak, but were not above seemingly stalking folk alone out in the wood -- this was tested rather than fumbled upon -- the worms were not a threat to the wary or the defended... but one wondered what the masses might do if they happened upon folk hurt or lost in the wood...

The Stalwart Church would be completed soon. The Stalwarts were seen to fall asleep at their work only to rise again to tackle it once more. The length of it was completed in merely a handful of days, with the upper vaulting part and chambers soon to follow. Wood elves from the colony -- sent by the Tyren as a sign of goodwill, "Tree-Sang" the wood of the chapel into stronger more supporting shapes -- not just held together by intellect and nails the church would rest upon it's own bones, showing impressive load-bearing the stoutmen were only able to appreciate in degrees of awe. Once their rites were done, a Tyren Delegation came to the stoutmen -- lead by Bruul... some kind of minotaur warmage.

"Forgive the posturing and stiffness of some of the rest of the Imperial government, and consider joining the colony government officially by placing your own sigil on the colony flag, as we have. We Tyren and our woodelf brothers are fiercely independent and valuing our freedom -- but we encourage you not to alienate yourself from the whole. Foes mightier than all of us roam these lands -- even now our great chief, Orm -- slumbers under the weight of his injuries. We are here to help you -- become a part of the whole... before something too big for you to face singularly befalls you. Do accept our rites of tree-singing as our gift of goodwill, and feel free to walk the paths of Harun'Taras as long as there is only peace in your heart. The Tyren welcome you."
Many matters had to be dealt with at the Colonial Government as message after message seemed to arrive. The Firebeards sent a proposal. During discussions over the message. Caelis made clear what his stance was.

@General Deth Glitch (Beckon added for mention)

"The ballistae are under the ward of the Highborn, and thus I will defer to them as to how they should be deployed although, more defenses for the port certainly would be appreciated.

As per the, Garrison. The idea is generally something that we have all agreed to act upon although the recent attack by the Horned One has disturbed its execution. If anything, however, the battle should serve as evidence that the need for a standing army is crucial and all members should vote in the affirmative and commit at least 10 soldiers.

Finally, the Attolians are firm on their stance that they will not approve entrance of the Firebeards into the government until they sign the charter and non aggression pact that we have spent precious time drafting. The Attolians appreciate the help that the Firebeard have provided and are willing to even help stop this Mother Fisher as it threatens us all. However, the last thing that the Colony needs is to make the Empire think that we are harboring rebels and are outwardly hostile to them. As much as it pains many of you, we are dependant upon trade with the Old World. If the Empire finds out that rebels are a part of the Colonial Government... I shudder what our future will look like even if we do defeat the Cull. In fact, death by the Cull might be preferable..."

When word from the Stoutmen arrived, Caelis continued to present his stance. "The Stoutmen, with their apology, have shown a well appreciated remorse and offering of remittance. However, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. Thus, the Attolians propose that they simply recooperate what was lost in the flames. Wood will be in great demand for the years to come. Let us request that the Stoutmen designate a task force to maintain these woods and replant trees that will be lost over the years. Let this offer of apology serve as the foundation for the Colony's forestry and conservation of the woods."
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The Stoutmen Expedition
Western Ruins

When beholding the site of the pit, Gallt was immediately stricken by horror at the sight he beheld. He touched his head, his lips, and his heart in a sign of peace before closing his eyes; but the image was permanently tattooed on his brain. The soldiers who accompanied him grimaced under their helmets, and turned to each other with wide eyed looks.

"What is your command, your grace?" Said the most senior of the soldiers, putting a gloved hand on the back of Gallt's curraiss where the two plates were fastened at the shoulder.

Gallt reached in the pocket of his vestments and withdrew a holy book of hymns. He turned to the sergeant and said, "Cans't thou not see these souls trapped in worldy torment? Let us sing and put them to rest, brothers, then we shall leave this place."

Gallt turned to the 23rd Psalm, a Psalm of Dying, and they began to sing. The song was said to put tormented souls to rest, and perhaps it would work in subduing whatever abominable force or entity kept the spirits thus entrapped.

Farewell and ado, ye souls lost in worldly vice
All's well that ends well with thee
Take heed unto the saints' strong advice
Prithee tak's't thine leave of me

Release them, oh Malignity from thine beatings
And harry no more the souls of the dead
Thy victr'y o'er them is fleeting
And no more shalt thou stand in Maker's stead

Maker dearest take hold of them
With thy might and thy great form
Carry their shades cross't the mortal rim
Carry them to their divine home

The Library
At the library, the situation was much different. Reverend Kearney surveyed the front of the church and, taking stock of the fact that there was probably very real danger inside, he thought that it was worth the risk to press onward. Seeing as the door was barred from within and hardly accessible, they would find a different way to gain entry. The most likely candidate seemed the windows with were no longer barred thanks to the rest of ages. With them, the Stouts had brought a peace of strong rope which they affixed to a large fishing hook that they had brought for such a purpose. After several attempts to throw the hook onto the windowsill, the grappling hook found purchase on the sill and, after testing it with their whole weight several times, the Stouts began to scale up the wall and into the window onto the first floor landing with the highest-ranking Stout soldier going first and then Kearney, and then the other soldiers who would toss their weapons up to them from the ground as they ascended. Finally, after the last Stout was up, they extended their aid to anyone that would like to ascend with them and the soldiers looked around to take stock of their surroundings.

Governmental Actions and Society
In response to the Attolians and their statements in the government meetings, the Stouts establish the Forester's Guild. The Forester's Guild is headquartered in a cabin in New Harmony, the Stout settlement, and accepts members of all races. The express purpose of the Forester's Guild is sustainable logging and hunting. Given their ability to police the surrounding forests, the Stouts declare that anyone who desires to hunt must receive a writ of licensure from the Forester's Guild and furthermore that any poachers caught by guards or proper hunters will be subject to a fine not less than 10 shillings and not more than 50, or twelve hours in the stocks.

Furthermore, the forest immediately to the west and north of New Harmony is considered protected by the Stouts and is ineligible for clearing except in small degrees for cart paths or roads. For all other clearing, Stouts must receive a writ from the Forester's Guild and the colonial government before clearing. Trees smaller than 15 feet tall or three hands wide can be cut down without permit for firewood as needed. These laws and regulations at their inception apply only to Stouts and the woodlands surrounding their settlement.

The ten Bulwarks who were hitherto assigned to police duties in New Harmony are pledged to the Colonial Government as the Stouts' tithe of men for the common defense. In their stead, ten of the Stalwart workmen are appointed Sheriffs. Armed with clubs, staves, and short bows and little to no armor, they are not as effective at defending the settlement as professional soldiers but are adequate for police duties and patrols.

In response to the Wood-elves assistance in the construction of the church, and the hospitality of the Tyren delegation, the Stouts agree to become formal members of the colonial government and provide a mark to represent them to be placed on the colonial flag. The symbol consisted of two circles meant to represent coins that met on their left and right sides respectively. On one coin was a stylized Sun with a V superimposed atop it. On the other was the figure of the Moon, with a V embossed above, but inverted in such a way that it resembled a downward facing arrow. When the sigil had been drawn on paper by Captain Gardver it looked thus:

Stoutman Sigil.png

Detailed Orders will follow at the completion of the processing of other actions. Mentioned: @Beckoncall @Bobisdead123 @Heyitsjiwon

Upon hearing word of the Stoutmen and their actions, a letter was swiftly drafted to the Stoutmen.

"Hail Neighbors,

While the Attolians appreciate the Stout's excitement over recuperating the costs of burning the woods, several things should be noted. This was a mere proposal to the Colonial Government and not an actual decree. Secondly, the Stoutmen expanding their claims in the woods and passing legislation is concerning. The offer of reparation was for the woods lost and land taken in the Stoutmen's settling in the woods and subsequent slash and burn. The promise to maintain the woods with no other gain is what the Attolians see as proper restitution.

The Colonial Government sees the rest of the woods as still Colonial Government domain and the proposal was for the Stoutmen to provide labor to maintain the woods. However, so far, the Forester's Guild appears to merely be nominally established with no designated labor attach to its supposed founding. Finally, the Colonial Government has typically voted to allow new members into the Government. We appreciate the Stoutmen's eagerness to join, and see few if any impediments in the Stoutmen's acceptance as long as they are able to provide evidence of their colonial charter. May, this all mark a period of mutual friendship and prosperity.

-Lord Caelis Wolff of the Kingdom of Attolia"


(TLDR, we're putting the cart before the horse. Let's take the proper steps to get everything resolved.)


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Upon hearing word of the Stoutmen and their actions, a letter was swiftly drafted to the Stoutmen.

"Hail Neighbors,

While the Attolians appreciate the Stout's excitement over recuperating the costs of burning the woods, several things should be noted. This was a mere proposal to the Colonial Government and not an actual decree. Secondly, the Stoutmen expanding their claims in the woods and passing legislation is concerning. The offer of reparation was for the woods lost and land taken in the Stoutmen's settling in the woods and subsequent slash and burn. The promise to maintain the woods with no other gain is what the Attolians see as proper restitution.

The Colonial Government sees the rest of the woods as still Colonial Government domain and the proposal was for the Stoutmen to provide labor to maintain the woods. However, so far, the Forester's Guild appears to merely be nominally established with no designated labor attach to its supposed founding. Finally, the Colonial Government has typically voted to allow new members into the Government. We appreciate the Stoutmen's eagerness to join, and see few if any impediments in the Stoutmen's acceptance as long as they are able to provide evidence of their colonial charter. May, this all mark a period of mutual friendship and prosperity.

-Lord Caelis Wolff of the Kingdom of Attolia"


(TLDR, we're putting the cart before the horse. Let's take the proper steps to get everything resolved.)
(I took the Tyren's offer to join as a formal invitation. So my bad. But as for the Forester's Guild, they're basically not going to get approval for that anyways. They're taking it upon themselves to impose laws around their claim.)


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The Ballad of Thomas Cleary

(Stoutmen Sideplot)​

There was always a flurry of activity in New Harmony, but on this particular autumn evening the world seemed to hold still for young Thomas Cleary. Sitting at a grindstone, grinding wheat for bread, he watched as nimble hands of Rebecca Planter worked a set of crochet needles, spinning wool yarn into a pair of red gloves. She looked up from her work, blue eyes icy and the lightness of them contrasted by her almost black hair, and smiled knowingly. This had been the extent of their courtship thus far, but in both their hearts dwelt the ready signatories of a marriage contract.

"Thom, my boy, your hands. They're still." Came a gruff voice from his right. It was Mr. Planter, exhausted from a day's labor putting up the palisades which Thomas had left just an hour earlier to begin preparing the bread for supper. Thomas looked down and noticed his hands were still before smiling sheepishly and muttering, "Sorry, sir. I was just looking at a lark."

"Mhm." Replied the old gentleman tiredly. His daughter put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle at her courtier's expense.

Thomas smiled at Rebecca then returned to grinding. Mr. Planter wandered into the house and collapsed on a rickety old wooden rocking chair with a veritable squeaking of old wood. Goodwife Planter, of whom her daughter was the spitting image, strode over to him from the camp stove and brought him a beer stein filled with water. They talked and talked about this and that going on in the colony. In the background, Thomas could barely pick out their conversation until the topic turned to Rebecca, at which point fortune chanced him to hear their exchange:

"The boy has eyes for 'Becca, you know."

"Who? Thomas? Why, it was bound to happen I suppose. What am I to do, Sarah? If'n that be'n true, she'll be right hostile to any arranging."

"We weren't arranged, sirrah."

"No, that much is true. But that was when I was poor."

"I loved you as much then as I do now, dear husband. Dissuade yourself from this foolishness, and if the boy show enough stones to ask, consent to the union."

A long sigh. "I'll make a deal with you, Sarah. He's a good kid, but not the sort that can woo my daughter. He hasn't proved he's that caliber a man. Let him show me afore the winter is out that he's a true Stout, and then I'll consent."

"What would you have him do? He's served this family faithfully for two years. He nearly died of fever on the voyage over. And he works so hard."

"Any may work hard; that's the way of the world. But Rebecca's the sweetiest lass in the New World. And she's a Planter. An' for that, I won't have 'er marryin' anythin' short of a real, bonafide hero."

"There you go again, talkin' like someone from one of those books Reverend Kearney is so fond of. Well, alright. I think he can do it."

"Then it's settled. Now, call them all to---"

The conversation was cut short by the sound of the town bell and the distant hollering of others. "To the Government Houses! Everyone!"

Surprised, the whole four of them found one another in the garden and walked anon through the grass and wagon ruts to the Government Houses, a small square of cabins on the eastern side of the village. A large crowd was gathered, and Captain Gardver, the provisional leader of the settlement, was standing with the ten newly-appointed Sheriffs, leaning on their staves or pikes.

"Hark! Hark! Settle!" Cried the old warhorse as he presented a grief-stricken couple before the crowd. "I'm sure many of you know Mr. Tassel and Goody Tassel."

There were some accents from the crowd, with one solitary voice near the back crying, "Get on with it!"

Gardver straightened his tie beneath his chestplate. "Aye, moving along. It pains me to inform you all of this, but it appears George Tassel, a lad of nine and the only son of the Tassels, is missing. He was last spotted picking wild berries near the edge of the clearing in sight of the western walls. We haven't the foggiest idea where he went."

Muffled, concerned talk ensued.

"We can't spare any of our guards, nor can we spare the men in construction. I need to know if there is a volunteer to search the western wood for George Tassel."

Dead silence. While Stouts did not generally consider themselves cowards, the dangers of the surrounding woodlands were not underestimated in the community. Already, wild theories were circulating about witches and black masses on the full moon. Going alone? No man with children would risk it, and most without children loved their life far too much. The silence continued for some agonizing moments.

"Here," shouted Gardver, "will we not have a volunteer?"

Thomas clutched and unclutched his fists which were sweating to a small extent. He glanced over at Rebecca, her alabaster face drawn in the shape of the kind of grief one feels for their own lost child. She turned to him, and frowned, but then nodded knowingly.

His hand flew up. "I volunteer! Me!"

"Who speaks?" Gardver demanded.

"Me sir!" Thomas said, elbowing his way to the front of the crowd. "I will undertake the quest."

Gardver looked astonished. Not particularly brutish, Thomas was not the first choice for an adventurer. But, he did volunteer. And no one seemed to want to join him. The faces of the crowd were a mixture of relief and fear for Thomas's life.

"What's your name lad?"

"Thomas Cleary, I'm aged seventeen, milord."

The Planters looked on astonished, Mr. Planter most of all.

"Well, by the Godhead, seventeen is old enough my boy. Everyone, give a congratulations to the young Mr. Cleary, valiant is he!"

A round of cheers went up, and his name was repeated several times. A chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" went around thrice before most decided to take the celebrations and the praying to be done back to their hovels. When the crowd thinned out, Gardver and the Sheriffs were left with young Thomas. Night was fast approaching, and the old captain instructed him to get a good night's rest and return on the morrow.

After a troubled sleep and a heartfelt goodbye to all the Planters, most especially to his love, Thomas embarked heavy hearted to the barracks. Therein, he was given what accoutrements could be spared. For protection, he was arrayed in a black leather coat and matching trousers, a pair of leather boots with fur-lining for more comfort in marching and in rough weather, a slightly rusty iron cuirass that was a tad large on him but would suffice, and a bronze morrion embossed with the Standish sigil (the Sun and Moon Coins). For weapons, he was given a notched, antique iron sword and an equally old scabbard slung on a leather belt and a wooden buckler to serve him in combat. For provisions, he was loaded down with several pounds of unleaven sweetbread, wine, and a large canteen. All this he carried in a leather bag slung across the shoulder. As a sort of favor, Gardver had taken the time to paint the family crest of the Clearies on the buckler. Thomas's ancestors were known in the Home Country as great archeologists and explorers. Perhaps he would serve their legacy.

After a hardy breakfast, Thomas was led to the western gatehouse. Giving thanks to God, they all blessed him and he began his journey west. It wasn't long until he disappeared behind the dense undergrowth and his quest there began.


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New Housing District : The Fennec-sponsored project of stoutmen day labor is an outrageous success -- so much so that fennec almost en-masse relocate to the outskirts of Harun'Taras to live and commute by runner-cart to the old operations as required. Living conditions in the excavations weren't poor, but they are pathetic compared to the new housing development in the Tyren Hills. Some say this will have negative consequences for security in the excavation -- but those people haven't accounted for trolls and fennec hitmen surveillance. Morale of Fennec folk rises significantly, and Tyren cultural acceptance of the fennec due to proximity rises. Some fear the natural proclivities of fennecs will cause unrest with the Tyren... but this remains to be seen.

Fennec Morale Increases! Fennec Cultural Acceptance rises in the northern melting pot!

Even if Colonial government frowns on the winter festivities, the use of propaganda and public zeal overcomes indirect sanction -- Winter is here and it's time to celebrate! Though the price of glass remains high, the proceeds from the festivities not only raise the spirits of the colony but allow leverage of the market to secure glass for greenhouse manufacture.

Fennec get their greenhouses built despite shortages! public opinion of festival overrides condemnation for frivolities! Food security in the colony falls slighty, but morale improves!

Cultural enrichment garners +1 influence!

Comrade in the Shade

Ours is not a caravan of despair

Dwarven shacks east of the Platz
(joint post with @General Deth Glitch)​
Joreus Anaedael and his band of elvish rangers arrived in the lands east of the Platz where they had scouted earlier. In the early morning light, they found a hastily constructed shack next to the imposing gates of the dwarven domain. Joreus glanced around his men as though to ask, "what intel do we have on this situation?" With no immediate response from his men, the young elf pushed ahead.

He had fond memories of the dwarf kingdom that cohabited the mountains which bore his families name. Of course, their dominion lied deep beneath the high valleys and frosted peaks of his father's kingdom but the two peoples were closely connected by trade and the exchange of knowledge. Joreus hoped that his experience with these dwarves would be similarly fruitful, if not pleasant.

The band of elves approach the shack and saw over two hundred dwarves living, working, and eating in the ramshackle dwelling. They took great care to express no hostility and kept their hands from their bows and swords. "Hail," shouted Joreus. His breath hung in the chill morning air. "Hail noble dwarf lords. My name is Joreus of House Anaedael. We are newcomers with House al-Turbansk. We seek to introduce ourselves and extend a hand in friendship. May we speak with your leader?"

Many of the dwarfs looked at them with curiosity, a few with suspicion and some with simple smiles and welcoming expressions. One, hunched over a table writing at the time, looked at them with a wry smile and spoke. "Aye you may, but you must speak wi' all o' us here first." he said to which many nodded. "I am sure you will tired from ya' journey and travellin's to dis world o' opportunity, please take a seat." and as he said so dwarfs stood and offered their chairs to the band. "I suspect ye heard our message den? We all extend a 'and of welcome. We will 'appily provide what we can, but what we can provide is limited by t' thing doon dere." At this point many of the Dwarves remembered the importance of some of their tasks and got back to completing them and the background noise rose back to drown out the silences. Despite his many more stayed and listened. It was then that he noticed how careful they were being about their weapons and in which movements to take. He understood that it was meant as a gesture of respect and didn't think anyone would see it differently but dwarves saw weapons as what they were, tools. Tools that aid in the action of killing perhaps, but tools all the same. Just as an axe fells a tree or a pick mines a quarry, both can kill swiftly and so he attempted to ease their caution. "Worry not aboot ya' weapons. And worry not if ye' see anyones hand resting on their axes. If they dinnae trust ya' oor want ye' dead it'll be in their faces not their 'ands." he said, moving into a morecomfortable position, in the process of which he put down his writing tool and resting his hand on the axe that was suspended from his hip.

Joreus nodded accepting the seat. "We did receive your message. The hospitable group you sent us mentioned a dwarf leader named 'Grimdr.' I presume you are he. From what we have gathered, you, fine people," Joreus waved his hands to address the dwarves who were still paying attention to the conversation, "my family and yours have much in common. We too are exiles at the hands of a cruel, arbitrary Muurdaan emperor." The venom in the elf's voice at the mention of the emperor was dripping. "I hail from mountains that reached high to scrape the sky but beneath them was a proud dwarf kingdom. I have fond memories of the councilors, merchants, and engineers that came to my father's court from that kingdom. Of course, no dwarf is like another, but I must admit, I feel a sort of nostalgia being here among you good people."

From a concealed pocket inside his leather gauntlet, the elf pulled out the map given to them on the beach. Setting it on the table he said, "shall we talk business? My people hope to cultivate these lands east of the Platz. We would not dare to occupy any territory you have claimed, but hope we can dwell together here in harmony. As a gesture of our goodwill, we," Joreus motioned to the men around him, "are an expeditionary force here to respond to your plea for help. I assume that plea is related to what you mention was 'down there.'" Joreus made a conciliatory face. "I know too well how tragic it is to be separated from your rightful home."

"Aye. Well noted of ye'. We hide nothing from each other and I am only leader in so much as one must leader. But call me leader if ye wish. Ye' can feel free tae settle them lands, however if you dig more then three of your peoples height down we ask you discuss it with us first. I do not see us stopping any actions however some land is more important then others, not in value and mineral but in essence. In purity. Such spots we will help you to avoid and thus avoid giving us all bad luck and opening access for the Dark ones." he responded and looked at the map. It was very similar to the crude ones he had been using that his own kin had made "We welcome all enemies of the Muurdaan as friends however such talk is to be discouraged in this blasted colony. Far too many still live in fear of those distant tyrants and could act against our kind were we to be to brazen with our opinions. Make nay mistake, all know of our distaste for those thrice fouled beings, but they perfer us respect their choice so as not to bring their ire. Personally I would challenge them today. The sea is too rough for them to send too grand a fleet and the cliffs too steep and sheer for any weaker force to threaten our bold defenders. No matter. My kin are in the minority on this and so fer now we keep to ourselves and I feel they be respectin' of that. As for... the threat we currently face, it is indeed the demon I mentioned lurking below. Many other in the colony have offered support, often in return for other promises I have made but nothing unreasonable or unfair and so your number will be extremely valued alongside the host we gather to quench the gleam of darkness that lurks in those caverns."

"Understood," Joreus responded to the dwarf's advice on limiting critique of the empire in the colony. The elf rapped his knuckles on the map. "We are grateful for your accommodation and sharing of lands. We will, of course, consult with you before expanding into any of the lands important to your people. Al-Turbansk hopes to demonstrate our commitment to tolerance and affirmation of diversity here in the colony. Our families know that working together is the only way to tame a mountainside or cultivate a desert."

Joreus then turned to his small band of rangers. "The last of our order traveled with House Anaedael to this new world." Turning back to Grimdr and placing his weapons on the table Joreus continued, "we are skilled with a bow and quick with short swords. I hope we will be of use to you. My rangers are not used to battling in caverns but instead nimble skirmishes on mountain cliffs and thick, pine forest valleys. Still. You can count us in. There are 20 us protecting our people. I can pledge all of their bows. But, like any good commander, will need to know the enemy - and the plan of attack. Please be sure to share any information and keep me informed as you make preparations."

The meeting went on for a short while longer with the brief exchanging of pleasantries before coming to a natural end. Joreus thanked Grimdr for his precious time and returned to his father-in-law to report.


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With the Fennec and Al-Turbansk building ambitious greenhouse projects (in addition to the attolians who are ahead of the shortage) -- the run for glass in the colony is fever-pitch. It's a great opportunity for workers on the projects (much coin to be made) but daunting costs to cover DRAIN ONE WEALTH FROM THE FENNEC AND AL-TURBANSK to maintain greenhouse production. As it is heaping crates of sand are being loaded by trolls, and the glaziers guild works overtime, with all the help that can be afforded or spared -- and still the greenhouses go up too slowly.

The impressive winter crops of the Al-Turbansk are in danger if they don't get at least the humblest of shielding, same can be said for the Fennec... if only there was a simpler solution...

Asma joins the healers guild and is immediately introduced to a wealth of lores from other cultures and -- dozens of wounded from the war with the horned one. Bringing her own gentle hand to the table, those thought to recover will find greater comfort in her expertise.

+1 Influence for Al-Turbansk!

Saynir does not awake with all of Helysoune's wealth, but does arise with a threat-deadly hangover. The reverie took the rogue from top to bottom of the colony, into the arms of a stranger who grew quite familiar before sunrise. The lady hero is not to be found anywhere near Saynir's room at the blooming lamb, but a note is left that reads "You may drink at my Oasis anytime, sand-lander." Pleasant memories come flooding back...

Joreus found the dwelling of the dwarfs but the firebeards were largely mum and out of sight -- of the tree of bones, all rumors lent themselves to the true -- it drizzled the bones of small birds, and an antler fell while they watched. They took a sample of bones, laid in thin strata that would seem separated by the fallen leaves and needles of a few years each. Layers down, larger animals and skulls of humanoids could be found... and it seemed at the deepest levels, where the bones were packed under the weight of them all, were countless human, elven, minotaur, even a strange metal skull. The tree was as high again as the cliff was tall -- and the tree of bones was, unlike the other trees, filled with an orb of black energy, it looked like a static-covered bee-hive that was spun in the heart of the canopy above. more bones trickled down, and unease and a desire to report overcame the elvish rangers sent to assess.

Fatima and her agents finish dissembling the Junk and true to work, assist in the construction of the attolian housing district. Stairs led to higher levels and split-level homes, and the withering planters that decorated the houses were replaced with decor and charms of clay and quartz. The folk of the Sultan were fast welcome, and fast friends.

+1 influence Al-turbansk!

Mirnil did not find all they had hoped in the explored ruins -- but the Stoutmen apparently did -- evidence of a school and a library in the next district west, and deciding to team up, with their other faction allies in tow -- they headed out to see if their hints could hit at pay-dirt.... (expedition moves into the fabled "Lyceum District!") Shireling

+1 influence Stoutmen for sharing their find and teaming up!

Healer's Guild

Asma (exp: herbology & alchemy) worked tirelessly for the victims of the war with the Horned One. She went to great lengths to make sure the soldiers, regardless of creed or race, were comfortable and recovering. She took copious notes on her patients. Many presented challenges and anatomies entirely new to her. In the hours she wasn't working a shift or sleeping she spent making friends with other members of the guilds and sharing her knowledge from Turbansk and Anaedael. Despite a seemingly endless reservoir of energy that came from her youth, Asma consistently returned to her cot exhausted, but deeply satisfied. She found the work incredibly fulfilling.

The talented young healer saw the influx of opium and herd leaders of the guild discussing a potential law granting them the authority to regulate medicines in the colony. She was wary this potential development and the idea of new medicines flowing into her patients. To the master of the guild, she inquired, "my family is skilled in research and agriculture in addition to my talents, honorable master. Would you allow me to take samples of the medicinal herbs and plants used by the guild for study? Of course, we will not seek profit from the strains you provide. I simply wish to contribute to our guild's knowledge with standardized trials and experiments This should certainly sweeten any decision to grant the guild regulatory authority of medicines in the colony." (OCC: Is this for @Heyitsjiwon to decide as the dominant faction in the guild?)​

The Blooming Lamb

Sanyir had spent an entire day nursing his hangover but the night was now in full swing at the Fennec Festival. He left his room largely ignoring most people who were not already drinking and being merry. Finally, something did catch his eye, a Tyren. The young elf had never seen such a creature. He decided to buy the Tyren a drink. The night went on and the Tyren, being much larger than Sanyir, was throwing back drinks quicker than the elf could keep up. But Sanyir heard stories of the Tyren people and their projects - particularly the mages guild. All the information was fairly shallow - as any conversation will be after many drinks - but the Tyren made an impression on Saynir. He would have to remember to check out the mages guild in the future. It could be an opportunity to gain more power, learn new magicks, and show off his own talents.

Properly toasted after a couple hours at the bar, Saynir made his way outside the inn/tavern to the festival. Despite being sidetracked, he was on a mission. Saynir searches for magical beasts and their masters (perhaps performers or street stalls of dubious legal status.) He also keeps an eye open for the friends he has made thus far for leads and/or more merriment.

The Great Library
Mirinil had followed the expedition with her two elven rangers. When the party decided to split, she sent word for more men to assist the party. She had chosen to follow the others to the library and when they arrived, her defensive forces grew had grown to include 6 elven rangers and 4 of guards of the Sheik's Own. The elven mage surveyed the scene and saw the large pile of bones still pushing against the barred doors. The Stouts acted first climbing through an open window. Mirinil agreed to follow and ordered her men up the rope and through the opening. Before she climbed, she set defensive wards on herself, her men, and the party at large. The magic she wove should allow advance notice of creatures approaching with malicious and some basic defense to passive, evil magicks. Once she had climbed the rope, she placed one last ward on the window itself. It would not due to get trapped or ambushed from behind. "We are ready to enter the library," Mirinil said to the Stout leader. Lastly, she attempted to cast a sensory magic to survey what lay ahead of the party.

East of the Platz
Atiq was unhappy with the progress being made on the greenhouses. Fatima (exp: blacksmithing) was ordered to assist in a great push to complete the project. She brought with her the journeymen (skilled workers) to assist in the endeavor. Atiq would not jeopardize all of his winter crops - especially the dyestuffs - without first ensuring the construction of the appropriate shelter.

Total workforce for greenhouses: 2 chars (combined exp: blacksmith, agriculture, and engineering), 18 skilled workers, 32 unskilled; 1 wealth already invested.

When/if the greenhouse project is completed, Atiq will approach the colonial government and express interest in acquiring a charter and joining the council.

(40 unskilled workers remain to assist the Attolian District)

Joreus with a party of 14 elven rangers will attempt to stealthily collect as much of the bones beneath the tall trees and the cull using runners offered by other colonist factions. Upon returning to Atiq (exp: agriculture) Al-Turbansk will attempt to manufacture fertilizer from the bonemeal and apply it to their winter crops.
East of the Platz

Smelly Business
In the north, the Tyren received an interesting offer from Sheik Atiq:

Dear neighbors,

We are newcomers to these lands but hope to establish good relations with all peoples. In the interest of Al-Turbansk business, and the food supply of the colony at large, we propose a business venture. Teams of our labors shall collect manure from your fields, corrals, and feedlots lots freeing you this unsavory task. In return for the access to this, for lack of a better term, product, Al-Turbansk will freely share enough fertilize for Tyren sustenance farming.

Forever yours,
Atiq Affan Al-Turbansk

It did not take long for the Tyren to respond: a single runner with a cart full of manure. "This one is on us," chuckled the Tyren.

2 Journeymen and 8 Followers begin transporting manure with lizard runners from the Tyren pastures to the lands east of the Platz being developed by Al-Turbansk. Then they will process the manure to convert it into proper fertilizer to be applied to Al-Turbansk crops. They'll throw up a simple shack ample distance and/or upwind of any living quarters to be as respectful as possible.
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The Falconer and the 5 Attolian Halberdiers stood before this massive library. The Falconer couldn't help but think how the Victorians would be downtrodden when they find out that they missed out on discovering such a find. Although he himself wasn't much of a scholar, the Falconer was used to mingling with nobles and the intellectual types. This was a grand find, but the path seemed dangerous. First, he set off his birds to fly and see how they reacted as they flew around the area. If there was something that bothered them, then the Falconer would know instantly. However, this expedition was... a motley crew at best. Compared to the group that set out to pacify the Theater District, this group left much to be desired. Thus, the Falconer spoke "Perhaps, it would be prudent to set up camp and send word back for more aid before we venture forth into this building? The Attolians have the misfortune to have lost 5 of our well equipped and trained Halberdiers in an expedition similar to this one. It would be prudent to get more help." However, if the group would venture forward, then it would be cowardice to leave them. Thus, the Attolians expressed a clear concern to the rest of the Ruins Expedition before they entered the Library.



The Falconer uses his birds to see if they detect anything that disturbs them

The Attolians suggest setting up camp and sending word back to the Colony for more aid before they venture forward


A Servant of King and Country
Letter from Captain Gardver, Provisional Governor of the Standish* Claim

I regret that I have not had the time to make a personal trip to the capitol in some days. I assure you, it is not out of a disdain for the Council's authority but rather because I have been ill for some of these days with a horrible consumptive malady which I receive treatment for when it becomes necessary, this treatment being a great detriment to my natural immunities, my physician Reverend Sharp requires I do no travel.

More to the point, I believe the Tyren delegation who departed us some days ago has brought back word of their invitation for our joining of the colonial government. This letter confirms the acceptance of the Tyren nomination, and prithee send word back at the next possible moment in regards to the vote and if we be considered members. I have sent with this messenger the original copy of our Royal Charter to confirm our legal right to settlement.

I understand there have been stirrings in recent days about steps we have taken of our own accord to preserve the surrounding woodlands. The Attolian delegation had made a suggestion of such, and we agreed with their motion thus we executed our own legislation pertaining to our own people. The recent ban on timber-cutting and unlicensed hunting is only to apply to Stouts, unless the Council seeks to impose its own legitimacy on the laws, which we in no way require nor necessarily endorse. And the creation of the Forester's Guild was taken of our own accord to keep the land we have settled on fit for future generations of Stouts.

Some on the Council may worry that we Standish are too independently spirited and seek to usurp the authority of the Council. I can assure you, nothing is further from the truth. We merely ask that the Council respect our rightful duty to regulate the conduct of our own. Our settling in these lands without express approval was an accident of a regrettable proportion, as we labored weeks under the assumption that no part of such land was laid claim upon.

I remind you that we are a fiercely devout people. We accept the friendship which the peoples of this colony have so graciously extended to us, but we must preserve our own practices, bloodlines, and culture if we are to be a beacon of hope to Stouts back in the Home Country who labor under the yolk of an Empire that despises them; that robs them of their well-gotten gains, the security of their children and the infirm, the practice of their Faith, and also more egregiously that is known to slay father and brother, and defile mothers and daughters. I caution some to understand that the Empire's ways are not always just, and to exercise the Cardinal Virtue of charity in thy proclamations.

Holy Godhead, bless your minds and bodies. May he grant you strength to withstand your foes and intellect to know their guiles.

Captain Eric Gardver, Provisional Governor of the Standish in the New World

*footnote, Standish is the adjective term for the culture/civilization of the Stouts.

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To the Aid of the Dwarves
Having dedicated the 10 Bulwarks who were guarding New Harmony to the common defense, the highest ranking member of that contingent suggests that they march to aid the Dwarves. Assuming that they are granted such assignment, they march to confront Fisher Mother in the Dwarven halls and aid the Firebeards who gave them shelter in the early days of the autumn.

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