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Fantasy [Lore] The World is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It


The Sleepy Prisoner
The World Is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It

Welcome to the world of “The World is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It”. The world is still called Earth. We just have a post-post-apocalyptic setting, mechs, mages, magical core-powered technology called magi-tech and magical talking AI-cats. You can navigate to the lore section you need by simply clicking on the subject below. It's highly recommended to read through this thread before applying.

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The World Is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It

About the world
The only organic form of sentience are humans. The closest other form of sentience are the highest grade monsters.
Most of the world is wilderness. While the Biodomes are very advanced in magi-tech, these Biodomes are still technically in the middle of the wild. There’s a reason why the mecha and their mages are necessary.
It’s the law that all need to submit the proper requests through the right channels to take trips outside the Biodomes. If the proper forms aren’t submitted and someone leaves the Biodome, none of the organizations of Pilot Mages are legally required to save them.
This is mainly so the government bodies know where the mecha and their pilots are and who is available for deployment. The Biodomes are highly organized and communication between the Biodomes and the Pilot Mages is extremely important.
All the Biodomes run under the branches of the main Central of Communications for comms. The Central of Communications powers phone lines and the communications of the pilot mages.
Outside the Biodomes:
Nature has reclaimed the land. The world outside the Biodomes is wilderness. Do not expect a porta-potty out here.
There are no major pockets of civilizations outside the Biodomes. Any people living outside of the Biodomes have chosen to stay outside the Biodomes and therefore accepted the terms that no assistance will come from the Biodomes.
There are not many spots of wasteland other than areas that have been ruined by extremely volatile and powerful Monsters. Ironically this is also where pilot mages are deployed to find Epic grade Catalyst Cores. You don’t want to be deployed here at C rank or below.
The most important resource in Under Maintenance are Catalyst Cores.

about biodomes
Our RP is centered specifically on the Biodome City-State of Sigma (Σ).
All the Biodomes are each individually considered City-States. They’re all named after Greek Letters. These Greek Letters are not an indication of how strong a City-State is.
They’re technically all separate governments.
They’re all under one union for mage research and have a treaty with each other. If you’re wondering what that treaty is about, that’s way above your payroll. Turn around and come back when you have the right credentials.
Each Biodome is protected by heavy-duty magic paired with magi-tech. The outside of the Biodomes are protected by mecha and their pilot mages.
Each Biodome is powered by multiple Epic Grade Catalyst Cores. They need to be switched out every 40 years. They don’t switch out all the Biodome Cores at once. They switch them out one by one at a reasonable pace. Usually the mission for replacing these Catalyst Cores are given to teams with at least one S Grade Pilot Mage per team expedition.

about catalyst cores
Catalyst cores actually [Redacted. Access denied.]
Catalyst Cores are extracted from Monsters.
Catalyst Cores lose their power over time and eventually disintegrate.
These Cores are assessed for quality by the stability and power output. The stronger the Monster, the higher quality the Cores usually are. The grades of the Catalyst Cores are separated by: Low, Mid, High, Special, Epic and Legendary Grades.
There is only ONE Legendary Grade Catalyst Core so far. This Catalyst Core is what powers the Central of Communications. This Core hasn’t been replaced since it has been extracted and no one can predict when it’ll lose its power and die. It hasn’t shown any signs of decay so far.
Low Grade: Lifespan is usually 2-4 months from start of use. It depends on how often you turn on the magi-tech device. General uses would be flashlights or nightlights for children or lighters. They’re not used for extensive use and are pretty affordable to buy.
Mid Grade: Lifespan is usually 1-2 years from start of use. Mainly used for items that see more use. They’re still pretty inexpensive and are used for magi-tech devices such as flip-phones.
High Grade: Usually last 3-5 years. Primarily used to power household magi-tech devices like lighting, stoves, ovens, etc. Their pricing is usually akin to our world’s electricity and gas bill.
Special Grade: Lasts around 10 years through the use of Chaining Theory*. Used to power: transportation within the dome, hologram enabled house to house communications, generally the sector power-grids. They’re very very expensive.
The Special Grade Cores are what MOST mecha are powered by.
Epic Grade: Lasts around 40 years give or take. Since these are almost never in private use, they’re usually monitored for their condition more carefully. Epic Grades Cores are mostly used to power the Biodomes but the S Grade Mecha also use one of these.
* Don’t ask what this is. Just know it helps save the lifespan of the Special Grade Cores.

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The World Is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It

about our magic system
We are sticking to a four element magic system.
This means we have fire, earth, air and water.
Subcategories exist such as electricity falling under fire, ice under water or plants under earth. Please practice common sense and be guided by traditional RPG magic systems.
KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.
Please don't do bullshit such as "well technically this magic is both fire AND water." Pick an element and stick with it.

about mechas
Mechas were originally made as mobile defense systems to protect Biodomes.
Their purposes eventually developed to include exploration and escort as civilization progressed.
They are roughly 7 to 10 meters in height, although small deviations are possible due to inherent differences on how a pilot’s magic translates.
Mechas are literal blank slates when first made, taking on a generic humanoid form.
When a pilot is first given their mecha, there is a period called ‘calibration.’ The calibrating pilot is not sent on any combat missions and is always escorted by a full-fledged pilot when going outside.
The mecha during this time slowly transforms according to what best suits the pilot’s magic. This can be a physical change (ie. a mecha starts humanoid but may end up with 6 legs or something) or it can simply develop new weapons or appendages. It might ask for more resources.
To put it simply, the mech is kind of like the pilot mage developing another organ or muscle.
The AI cat mechanic will be invaluable during this time. This AI is in charge of maintenance and repair, informing the pilot of what is necessary for any repairs or new developments (in case of calibration).
While the cat AI can place your mech into repair mode at any point, it shouldn’t be in repair mode during a mission outside the safety of the Biodome. When a mech is in repair mode, it’s unresponsive to magic, making it dead weight.
Most mages can do simple on-the-fly repairs of light damage such as scratches and small dents. These usually don’t need to be properly repaired by the AI in the hangar, but will be checked to see if it’s working at 100% capacity.
Big dents, holes and detached appendages require additional resources and the help of the AI to be repaired.
However, you can have a magic specialization that allows you to “heal” on the field.
Heal is a relative term, as you’re essentially holding any injuries back with magic duct tape. They’re temporary.
Once you’re back on base, those “heals” disappear the moment repair mode is activated.
Mechs are magical and designed to adapt to your magic, but the mage pilot does have some input on how it’s designed and cockpits tend to be the same for everyone.
If you have some fatal design flaw, that’s your own fault. Worse comes to worst, they won’t let you on the field until you fix it.
The mechs are less like cars and are more like amps to a guitar or wands to a mage. They strengthen and finetune a pilot mage’s existing power.
Mechas can get permanently damaged and deemed unusable. In such situations, the mecha is decommissioned and a new one is given to the pilot should they still remain active. The pilot has to calibrate the new mecha, basically starting from square one.
Please avoid damaging mecha to this point though. Reckless damage may get you demoted.
You have to keep track of your own mech’s maintenance. Make sure to file your paperwork on time when the cores need to be switched out. Not doing so will put a mark on your record.
Catalyst core (especially to the minor cores that are only connected to the main core) can be damaged during missions. You will not be penalized for this. Just put it in the damage section of the mission report.
Weapons for pilot mages vary. Some choose to get more physical with sword arms or a magic-based club. Others are more ranged, using missile systems or even straight up channeling their magic to their environment. Get creative.

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The World Is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It

about pilot mages
They’re not police or military. They’re essentially rangers and delivery men with weapons of destruction. They do technically work under the government but they don’t do much with the governing. Their purpose is purely dealing with the Monsters outside the Biodomes.
All pilot mages have to graduate from the Academy of their respective Biodomes. The minimum age for graduation is 19 years old. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
Pilot Mage Ranks range from D to S.
For the purposes of our roleplay, everyone has to be at least C-rank.
We'll expand on this further in the PM Rank section below.
PM Rank will increase only with practical experience and skill. There’s a minimum number of missions you have to successfully complete as a pilot mage before being qualified for a promotion.
Coop grades are part of every non-solo mission. This grade is the one rank that you’re allowed to have an average of grade of S in without taking skill and experience into consideration.
Coop grades are split into D, C, B, A and S as well. There is the individual mission grade and then there is the Coop average grade. This is essentially the pilot mage version of a GPA. Good luck.
Individual mission coop grades are determined by the mission debriefs with your teammates.
If you get multiple Ds in post-mission team grade assessments, you go back to training/probation.
General breakdown of Coop Grades: S - everyone wants you (might need to run from smoochies), A - you get donuts but no kisses, B - no one hates you, C - you’re on thin ice, D - wtf are you doing?

about pilot mage ranks
Trainee: Academy grade. You essentially don’t have a grade since you’re not in the organization of Pilot Mages. You don’t even touch an actual mech here. You primarily work with simulations and look at the mechs of other pilots in the hangars.
D grade: They get a generic mech that isn’t really being calibrated. It has no special features and the core in it isn’t the same quality as the ones they use to calibrate the custom mechas. It’s like comparing a go cart to a fully customized Rolls-Royce.
You’re babysat throughout your missions. If you want to use the bathroom in the bushes you have to ask a C rank or above. NONE of the missions will be particularly dangerous. They’ll all be in controlled zones of Monster populations that are regularly surveyed by higher ranking pilots.
The core used in the generic mech is later on used to power the cat AI mechanic.
C grade: You got your Rolls-Royce. Don’t break it or OoPM will break you. Early C grade days consist of calibration and missions that’ll help with the calibration process. Basically data gathering and acclimation stage of your mech. Average C grade days after the early C grade days consist of more team missions and more of what would be considered the stereotypical pilot mage life.
Late C grade days is where you’re working the hours to be qualified for pilot mage B grade promotion.
C to B grade promotion testing includes running a handful of lower ranked team missions as a team leader and then as a team mate. There will be a supervisor watching to make sure nothing goes wrong. These missions are not included in your flight hours. You either pass or fail. You will also be handling a few solo missions that aren’t too dangerous. These are mainly testing your discipline and limits of your diplomacy.
B grade: Re-Calibration might be happening at early B or late C. Usually the promotion is put on hold until re-calibration if there is any. B rank is expected to have decent co-op grades on average. After promotion, if they show lackluster co-op grades they may be filed for demotion. B grade pilot mages can be granted more solo missions compared to a C grade. In team missions, B grade pilot mages will be seen in more difficult missions.
B grades will also see pilots with more specializations. The abilities of the pilot mage and their mech are usually more developed the higher the rank as expected.
A grade: Minimum age 30 due to flight hour requirement. The skill set of A grade pilot mages are deeper than those of B grades. This is because by this point, the mech has gone through SEVERAL re-calibrations and upgrades.
While A grades are not S grades, A grades are still heavily respected in both the pilot mage community and the public. Diplomacy-specialized A grades are often known by name like S grade pilot mages. However, some A grades have stellar reviews on their missions so they may gain fame that way as well.
Expected to have stellar average co-op grades. The older the co-op grades, the less it’ll be taken into consideration.
Therefore, pilot mages with ambitions for an A grade should aim to have a good recent record.
This is because A grade pilot mages are expected to have more responsibilities.
Some A grade pilot mages may file to apply for a sub-specialization in diplomacy.
S grade: Access denied. Locked until further notice.

about demotion and discharge
Possible reasons for demotion:
You didn’t listen to your team’s captain and put others in danger.
You put so much damage on your mech that it had to be decommissioned.
Someone died during your mission and evidence from investigations show that it was partially your fault.
Your recent co-op grades were so terrible that not even the Divine Hammer would have been able to save you.
You keep running away from your yearly physical examinations.
Tardiness - Ties into responsibility and ability to follow orders.
Multiple missing mission reports in recent missions. (The administration's office will not give you a warning until you’re in danger of demotion. All pilot mages are expected to be and act like adults.)
Delinquent pilot mages are put on probation and community service hours. The length of time before approval for clearance can vary depending on the severity of their misconduct.
They’re not asking for saints. They’re asking for decent co-workers and minimum damage to lives.
Possible reasons for being discharged (aka fired):
You failed your psych evaluation and could endanger your teammates. They'll cover your treatment.
You got someone killed in your mission due to misconduct.

about living arrangements
Pilot mages have the option to live on-site in a barrack-style arrangement, in housing provided near the base, or completely separate in a different part of the Biodome.
Each option comes with their own perks. Living on-site means they have no rent, utilities and necessities to pay for. This does mean living in close quarters with many others, hearing general noise from training drills and being blasted by the deployment alarm if their assigned bed is unlucky.
In detached housing, pilot mages have discounted rental fees but will have to pay for their own utilities and necessities (although they could always just run over to the canteen for free food). They’ll also have housemates, but it’s around 4 to 6 people in a house with their own cramped (but private) rooms. A shuttle takes people between the housing district and the base regularly.
Separate housing means living away from any government-provided housing and taking care of their own transport, rent, etc. Pilots who have their own families and most other staff of the base opt for this.


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