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Looking for Roleplaying Partner


Magic Eight Ball
I am looking for a roleplaying partner who likes writing about fandoms and someone who is committed. I also need someone who is in the same time zone as I am which is NYC. My writing style is that I come up with a plot for the fandom and then write it out as roleplaying. If interested in writing with me I will tell you which fandoms I like writing about. P.S. I use Twitter when I do my role-play writing.


The Red One
Hello! I believe you'll want to post this in the section for interest checks. That's where people usually post when they're looking for roleplay partners. If you're looking to roleplay offsite, then I recommend going to the off-site section:

If you're looking to roleplay here though, then you can probably use the 1x1 section, if you're looking for one person to RP with, or the group section if you want a group RP:

Have a nice day!

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