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Fandom Looking for new roplay partners


Loner Raven5885

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Hello, I am looking for new partners who are interested in roleplay. I like fandom and original rps.
My preference for writing is paragraph possibly more. I don't like one-liners. I get some people who may be busy with life or uninterested at some point. if so please tell me, don't just disappear.
Original we can come up with together I like romance and horror mystery adventure thrillers
the following is what I won't do:
  1. Vampires​
  2. Werewolves​
  3. Witches​
  4. Furries​
  5. Scifi(stars wars theme or star trek, basically anything that is outer space is not in my roleplay interest, though I don't have anything against it in general)​
  6. Anything with the past(like the victorian style or anything else)​
  7. Harry Potter( l like it but not enough to roleplay)​
Fandoms I would love to do :
  1. BBC Sherlock
  2. umbrella academy
  3. Supernatural(TV show)
  4. Stranger things
  5. Corpse Party( video game, manga or brief episodes on youtube works)
For fandoms, I would like the other person to be the canon character as I don't really have much practice and don't want to butcher them.
I am open to group roleplays
Bonus if you like Korean dramas
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