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Request Looking for Ghosts

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I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with, and here's a few disclaimers before I begin:

I am not looking for a long-term partnership, just a few simple doodles.
It's not a huge project, you could probably knock it out in a few minutes.
I am not going to lie and say I'm paying you "with exposure", but the project won't make money and I can't pay you.

Now that that's out of the way, the project in question is a music video for a piece I've made, a kind of ghostly version of I'll be Home for Christmas. The plan was to animate a ghost sextet in Christmas hats, singing the song. However, I'm not a visual person, and I'm having some difficulty making a ghost design I like. Here's where y'all artists come in. For this project, I would need as little as two drawings of a ghost, one with hand out and mouth open, and one with mouth closed and no arm.

Ideally, I'd have a separate design for each of the six ghosts, but I'm not trying to ask for that much work from anyone. Heck, I'd be able to work with as little as one ghost drawing.

The ghost I'm looking for would be cartoony and simple. The inspiration specifically would be Louie Zong's Ghost Janitor (linked below), but I won't steal his design (even though I accidentally stole the concept of his Ghost Choir).

If y'all have any quick, cute ghost doodles lying around, I'd really appreciate it.


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