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Fantasy Living Waste of Mekhallah (OOC)



Ball of Meat
A quick little OOC thread for the Living Waste, too tired to throw up something more grand for the time being :p

Hope everyone is well!
For those that have asked: This setting was mostly inspired by a TTRPG world I crafted with a pal of mine, that campaign recently concluded after a couple of years. The general idea to make that world a non-Western fantasy was very loosely inspired by The Throne of the Crescent Moon series, which a friend and I read and enjoyed. Would recommend it for folks looking for a non-traditional fantasy setting.
Thanks for the recommendation! Making steady progress on my CS- I'll post on here when there's an update to report.
Iโ€™ve only got to do the backstory on my character, then Iโ€™ll be finish up. I might add code after wards if I feel like torturing myself a bit.
Very good stuff! Iโ€™m sorry I hadnโ€™t gotten to it for a bit, Iโ€™m not getting notis for the threads Iโ€™m following very consistently..
Just finished up my secondary character, more of a common lad to counter Mubarak's POV, and am planning to have an IC introduction either late this evening or tomorrow morning before the holiday weekend!
Are all of us a part of the caravan or will some of us either come on our own or be in the city already?
Are all of us a part of the caravan or will some of us either come on our own or be in the city already?
Nope, you are all free to be where and when you wish โ€” Tasia and I chatted about Nina traveling with the caravan as sheโ€™d have reason and background that made it make sense as an introduction, but anyone else is free to do anything!
Wooo okay, hopefully my response makes sense.
Liking the posts, y'all. I'll try to get my intro done as soon as I can, but I'm still traveling so it might be another couple days.
I deeply apologize for the long delay in posting- things here have not slowed down at all x.x Hope the post was okay!

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