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Fantasy Kingdom Death: King of Monsters (IC)

The Singers-Turn 2

Well. He knew the other tribes would show their true colors eventually. He didn't think it would be so soon. At least his choice in ally did not fail him, but now he must once again try to find a new home for his people. Anshara was badly hurt. She wants blood for her pain. But not yet, sadly. Soon


Still looking for a new place to settle.


Mossy hills under a cloud of flourescent insects, vaguely lighting the rolling terrain and soft squishy carpeted ground... well outside the camp of the Seimari to avoid spys and other prying eyes... Ashok, the Sephirah Sage representative for Seimari people, has arranged a secret meeting between the Hope, the hope of Sephirah and the chieftain of Seimari themself. Hope taps her feet impatiently waiting for the chieftain to arrive, and when the cheiftain is let through the barrier she wastes no time on ceremony to address him...

[warm, generous, stable] "Chieftan, My father is Dead, and a new aspirant to the lordship of my people is about to occur. My father... was a flawed man, but none so bad as them that would replace him, I make no apologies... and it shames me to consider the plan in motion for the throne of my people -- The last order of my father, I can only guess at his madness, will be the first new decree of the next Great Sage... The "great plan" is to use my fathers creation -- "The Sacrarium" -- to "concentrate" the power of the bloodline -- to put it in the hands of the few by... (stammers) benevolence... Liquidating the young, the old, any sage deemed "unworthy" to reduce the tribe from a people that have grown since abandoning the cresh... back into what it once was -- a small cabal of powerful and morally flexible psionics. He was killed for his treatment of his... of my people. However his plan is being carried forth in the name of madness and drive for power... Ashok says you have a proposal that could save my people, and stop what I fear is coming to pass..."

Kostis places his hands behind his back, inclines his head forward to show he is listening but does not interrupt her as she goes. Occasionally, the sash on his body slides and even, once, the clasp on the side of his toga nearly came undone which would have sent it tumbling around his ankles [Messy] but each instant, the small mousy woman would step forward without a word and correct it. Neither of them seemed to react to these motions, as if this constant care and correction was as normal as breathing.

"You father was a deeply flawed man and that plan is monstrous," [Spiteful] the large behemoth that was the leader of the Seimari said and glanced off into the darkness, "I am no stranger to monstrous plans, but never to my own people. If a leader, if a king, does not protect what is his, he is not one." [Passionatex2] "Despite what your father was, and tried to be, his passing is one I regret. We were not friends, but he had a vital role to play. Ashok and I do have a plan, but it is not one you will like," rather then a dramatic pause, as he tries to read his audience [Artist] he plunges into it, "Hope, the aspirant must fall by your hand."

"To be ripped apart by his cronies so another madman can take his place? Your plan seems as flawed as my father was, Kostis, besides... if I need someone removed I have Functionaries for that."

(zzyzerzazz looms in the background outside the barrier, his silver weapon hanging at his waist like a wand.)

"Explain quickly before I'm inclined to keep running chieftain, to get as far from here as possible and find sanctuary among one of the other tribes of the Suspension..." [Impatient]

"His cronies," Kostis raises a large brow and looks down at himself, his hulking form, "I, and my people, can handle them. [Bravex2/Glory Seeker] But it must be you that lands the killing stroke. They killed your father only for an even more deranged man to rise, do you truly think they would be able to handle it if someone like me were to march into their home and cleave him in two? [Spiteful] Do you think they would not splinter and flee? Do you truly think your people will not rise up and wash the land in a bloody muck if no one interferes? Do you think I am the only clan that has heard of this plan? If they interfere, your people will be wiped from this realm."

He looked to his left and motioned for Ashok to hand him a rolled up silk scroll, "It must be you. You are the daughter of your father, but you represent something the shamans had never had. You're a hero to them. You're bright, a warm candle in an otherwise cold life, if the shamans are to survive they must change. [Passionatex2] Their neutrality has brought them nothing but ruination and madness. [Deceitfulx2] I do not believe you will run. You have fought too hard to spread the dream that was your ancestors, of unifying the people through culture. Your free spirit is tethered by a large heart. If you meant to run, you would not be so desperate to find a reason to stay."

Kostis unraveled the scroll, "Your father and I signed a contract, trust me or not, I am bound by the magical runes he wrote, to provide a single act of assistance to him or his descendants. I will aid you in killing him. His shamans, through Ashok, will make him convinced the others plan on intervening, he will invoke this for my protection.. But instead you will have invoked it first, Hope, and I will ensure your blow strikes true."

The infernal attorney appears beside hope, before Kostis, and for a moment hope's demonic servant locks eyes with Napkin. Zyzzerzazz frowns at first, studying the contract... but by the end he is grinning... "my client invokes the contract for your assistance, taking your obligation from his successor and giving it to us." -- "This is, as the dirty crafters are fond of saying... 'delicious'"

"I shall provide my Client with an Infernal Kris Knife for the Slaying, immediately after which you will seize control of the situation and I will extricate Hope to a secure location where she will anoint Ashok, your puppet -- As the legitimate ruler of the Sages..." Zyzzerzaz trails off, as if hoping Kostis would pick up where he leaves the sentence hanging in the air...

No," Kostis says and raises his hand.

"If that is what she desires for the action, it shall be so, I cannot go against the contract. But what I desire, is you, Hope. You are the only one with the same ambition and dream as me, to see the clans unified. To see the people brought together. It was a dream so great that people only whispered it. My bloodline tried it once and we got close.. But it was not enough. The neutrality of your people must end, a nation must be forged. Culture is not enough, we require purpose. We require law," Kostis glanced away at hope to the demon well aware it sought to whisk her away out of some ill-placed affection. [Spiteful]

"But even more then your people, I need you. I can be feared. I can be respected. But I will never be loved. My bloodline has never mastered that skill, but you... The people adore you. You have what I lack. You complete me," Kostis will take a few steps towards her and hold out his hand, "I need you to step into the light you cast and become my queen." [Power Hungry, Passionatex2]

"The devil floats back into the distance and shadow behind hope, as if this talk of love and affection were a slide that carried him away at the hearing of it.

"I accept your offer -- with the caveat that we renegotiate the contract. For my hand, my dreams... my love -- you will vow to protect me and my people not once, but bound by the blood of devils, and moreso the truth that I see in your heart -- a vow to love and protect me and my people as often as you are called to do so. I will sign your contract, Kostis -- if you will only agree to my terms as well..." [Benevolent, Warmx2, Stable]

"Your people will be my people, everything I do in this life is to further this goal, you have your terms."

The contract of union is brought froth from the Seimari, just as Hope's devil produces, with a tinge of reservation, a binding contract for Kostis wherein he wins the heart of the Hope of Sephirah. Hope kisses Kostis passionately while they both, without eyes to see the wording, signed the other's contracts. Once such formalities are dispensed with, Hope does something she has not done once in near a decade - she dismisses Zzyzerzazz and gestures for Kostis to send away his servant as well. Ashok is nowhere not to be seen, leaving the barrier ward behind to protect them from the horrors of the darkest wilds, and alone, for the first time, Hope reaches out and lets Kostis' Toga finally slip to the ground... [{Hope}Warmx2, {Kostis} Passionatex2] (fade to black)

Scene End

[ Sometime Later, Following the Battle of the Short-River ]
{Just some Fluff}

The conversation with the Shamans about what transpired was short and curt, thanks to the magical contract the Shamans mistakenly believed still held, they had no qualms about letting the Seimari bed down with them.. And with their own clan chief having been recently talked into an early retirement with a knife in his back, there was little in the way of an organized voice that would have been able to force them to leave anyways. [Spiteful] Kostis was uncharacteristically tired from the day, it had been... A long run, the smoke in his lungs still burned as did the simmering rage [Spiteful]. But it was rage he'd get over because such resentment would get in the way of the Old Kingdom [Power Hungry, Glory Seeker, Bravex2, Passionatex2] and, he had to admit, it was a fun and clever twist, one he had expected, but not to come so soon, the Yanmen would be useful in the Kingdom [Deceitfulx2/Artist].

Kostis wandered away from both of the clans, seeking, as his daughter often did, some time to be alone, time to ponder their next move. Gloom had just been assassinated, and his clan had been ambushed by five others, but he did not fear assassins, if an assassin had the guts to attack him then Kostis would be elated to show him those guts. [Bravex2, Glory Seeker, Spiteful]

As he turned around a corner, something small smashed into him at full speed, and despite his great size and strength, the unexpected charge nearly toppled him over and his large hands raised to smash whatever grabbed him into the stone floor, his body, long primed for survival, entering its fight mode when a wisp of black hair fluttered up and past his face and a familiar scent touched his nose, "Hope," he rumbled softly as he brought his arms down to wrap around the small woman latched onto him.

"You're late," she said in his stomach, her face all but burrowed into him [Impatient], "but you're safe.." [Warmx2, Benevolent]

"Was there any doubt?" [Bravex2, Glory Seeker]

Silence was her answer.

"How long do you have?" Kostis asked, breaking the silence, well aware she was being watched like a hawk. That madman's plan loomed near, and as it grew closer, the guards around Hope grew in proportion... No doubt fearing the Hope would do something.

"No more then an hour. Maybe two," Hope said as she slowly untangled herself from him.

Kostis lowered his hand to cup her face and leaned forward to place a kiss on her forehead, "Then lets make the most of what we have."


"I wish it'd be over already," [Impatient] Hope said, curled in his lap, her head tucked under his chin as their two followers were nowhere to be seen, smart enough to give them the space.

"It'll be over soon," Kostis said with a low rumble as he ran his hand down her back to sooth her [Passionatex2]

".... Is it true, what you did?" Hope ask, her voice strong but there was a tremor in it. [Stable, Warmx2]

"Yes," Kostis said, his eyes staring off into the darkness.

"Did you have to?" Hope asked, her voice cracking a bit more. [Warmx2, Benevolent]

"No.. and yes," [Deceitfulx2/Power Hungry/Bravex2/Passionatex2]," Kostis let the words hang for a bit, "I said I needed you, that was no lie. I-I do what I must for our people, but I am not a good man. My bloodline has always been cursed with people like me... I know this. Just as the Black Queens of the Old Kingdom had the Seia, I must have you, to be my heart especially when I am tempted and forget my way." He did not fear the SEG [Bravex2] but even he had to admit that so much power was dangerous...

For our people. They were our people now. Kostis meant every word of that. The Seimari and Sephirah Clans would be united, the Kingdom would take its first great step into formation.. And as he curled his arms around the small woman in his lap, Kostis had to admit there was another reason he wanted this union. Hope truly was beautiful and vibrant. If she stayed true, if the ritual proceeded as planned, Kostis would uphold his word till his dying breath, he would love her until the end came for them. His jaw clenched as a small fear slipped in. Fear was an unfamiliar sensation to him [Bravex2, Glory Seeker]. It was not the fear that this was another trap waiting to be sprung, by the Shamans or outside actors, although that thought had occurred. No, it was the fear that she was the trap, the fear that he was letting down his guard and about to be played by this small woman with her bright smile. But pain he could deal with, he would let himself be vulnerable. Just this once and believe it would pay off.. After spending so long in a dark world, he desperately wished that this small, fragile light in his arms was real. [Bravex2, Passionatex2]

Kostis waited for her to speak again but the only sound was very soft breathing followed by a rather loud snore from the woman, the Leader of the Seimari, the hopeful future king, let a smile spread across his face even as the sash slipped from his shoulder [Messy] and for the first time in a long time, let himself relax.. and joined her in sleep with a single desperate plea, please let this be real.​

The Urjagar Tribe - Turn 2​


"Put up a decent fight at the River, so they did." -- "Fucking tired of eating fish..." -- "Bet I can throw a rock to the other end." -- "Not sure about that whole Mithril business, back in my day we used to hunt naked." -- "So, anyways, thats why I always keep an emergency chunk of offal under my pelts..." -- "Unga-Bunga, I tell ye, Unga-Bunga..."
The Urjagar were certainly buzzing as they hustled to set up their camp inside the massive remains of some unfortunate monster. They had scouted and cleared it out earlier, so they were finally a bit more relaxed. Everyone, except for their leader. Khopex Urjagar found himself unable to relax. His mind constantly racing, the eyes ever in movement looking out for an ambush or the next prey he seemed coiled to pounce at any moment, if only the moment revealed itself.

"Can you imagine? Can you imagine the beast that brought this big motherfucker down?", Haduwig quietly asked, as his gaze wandered to the other side of the bone structure they found themselves in. "We can slay larger foes...", Khopex scoffed, before meeting the Hopes eyes. "But its good that something prepared this one for us a long time ago. Makes for a good place to stay.", he analysed the situation much more soberly, before taking a few steps forward to adress the other tribesmen. A lot of work was still to be done to clear out their new home, but thankfully the debris piling up and plucking the gaps gave them a natural fortification already. Parading across the central spine, Khopex was quickly done shouting orders and he pitched in to make the new home an actual home. (Dedicated)

"Only lacks more trophies... those Seimari scalps are a decent start but we will hunt soon.", Khopex decreed to the surprise of no one. Indeed, everyone was happy to test these new hunting grounds. Ever since the Yanmen had claimed the deathblow on the mighty Bunyip, an eager passion to even the score had burned inside the Chieftains heart. The Urjagar would keep their allies and rivals close. (Overly Competitive)(Violent)

While the Khopex mused about the next killing, Haduwig took time to appreciate the new tools they had been provided to accomplish the desired bloodshed. He remembered working with Taas quite fondly, but did not wish to speak to anybody else about it. As happy as he was around her, the valleys of sorrow were deeper once his thoughts drifted back to how much of his talent was wasted here at times.


Action 1 - Ribcage Rumble (Coop with ThatWhichShouldBe ThatWhichShouldBe )
The Urjagar will explore the Ribcage with the Yanmen and settle there. After stripping it of its valuables and secrets (and slaying any monsters!), they will make it into their new home and settle there. They will focus on the locations defensibility at first as well as stockpiling their resources safely.
Daring // Dedicated // Strong x3 // Perception x2 // Sandstone/Darkwood Tools

Action 2 - Big Game Hunt (Possibly Coop)
The Urjagar set out to slay a large monster, hunting among the locations previously discovered by them while looking for a new home.
Talathel Talathel Tribe is invited to join.
(Hunting Ancestry x2, Strong x3, Perception x2, Dedicated // All Tribesmen have Stealth (30), Named characters Stealth (50) // Trap, Ambush and Missile Weapon Skill on all Tribesmen // Lore Monsters (11) // Passive Gathering (Praying for Liferoot)
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Kingdom Death: King of Monster

Clan Vivaldi

Turn 2

The Double Towers was the perfect place to settle to become not just their home, but a place for a cultural boom to these lands. Already, Vivaldi minor crafts have begun to circulate among the tribes and demand for Vivaldi weapons, armor and even buildings have far exceeded ability to output in a reasonable fashion.

Sure, they could be churned out all willy nilly. But no. Each one was to be an ARTISTIC MASTERPIECE of the highest degree. (OBSESSIVE). Each object was personally crafted with heart and soul. Each craft was given subtle works that could bring joy to its owners face or pure fear to their enemies.

Only by being true to oneself could they create the best items that would bring the Greatness of the Vivaldi to this region. Zaas would make sure that the Vivaldi name would be sung throughout this land. He had to leave a good building foundation for his daughter Taas.

He hoped that he could find a cure for her before it was too late. He’d heard rumors of Liferoot that could possibly cure her in the hands of a skilled medicine man.

But that is hard to track down. And he would need to track down someone who knew medicine which could be even harder.

He wanted Taas to live and one day have her own children to teach and leave things even better than when she found it. Just like he did. He was doing what he could for her and the tribe.

But would it be enough?


Taas was loudly sighing happily, laying over a rock near the forge as she played with a piece of Vivaldi Slag metal. Anyone else might be in danger of cutting themselves on its jagged edges, but the Vivaldi knew their way around it.

How did she ever manage to meet someone as wonderful as Haduwig? He was ruggedly, chiseled handsome and so kind and observant to just about everything about her. And he even wasn’t repulsed from her Black Consumption.

She had always worried that if she had found the right man, that he would run to the hills when he learned about her disease. But not Haduwig.

No. He stood by her and he cared for her. And she couldn’t put him out of her mind. Not that she would want to.

He was just so….perfect.


Fighting and death and battles. It was the way of the world. Zaas knew that. But to think that now the Sephirah were a part of the Seimari. That was something unusual. That was something to think about.

With the death of Adam, the leader of the combined group, reached out to Zaas. The Great Forge would be returned to them soon.

It was something to be overjoyed and something to be celebrated. It would be a wonderful homecoming that would ring through the skies and be celebrated for many days.

But another thought rang through his mind. He knew that the Seimari were healers from recent reputation. But could they cure his daughter? He had to ask.

And they said they would do it for the low low price of the Vivaldi rebuilding the Ward to keep that God creature trapped.

Of course he would do it. It was to help his daughter.


CO-OP Action: Settle the Double Towers with Allies

I can fly, I have my dusk dawn ability which increases my perception, I can summon cherubs to help look, and I can use my order power to give us speed.

I have Lore Creatures, Place, Monsters, 5
Good Listener x2, Dependable x2, Driven

Me: Hardworkingx2, Obsessive, Alert, spoiled, smart, compassionate

CO - OP Construction
Build: Library in Auriel’s Tower
Mana Battery (To Help Build Civilization for Taas)
Training Yard for training Warriors and Monsters

Zaas checks in on Taas's Artwork construction and gives 1 unit of Obsidian and 1 unit of Silk for a new work
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Turn 2

Kostis [Leader]: Passionatex2, Artist, Bravex2, Deceitfulx2, Power Hungry, Glory Seeker, Spiteful and Messy
Hope [Wife]: Generous, Benevolent, Stable, Warmx2 and Impatient
Thaleia [Daughter of Kostis]: Passionate, Humorous, Tinker and a Pariah


A Momentary Respite


'Night', or as close to Night could be had in a land of constant darkness, had fallen over the Eke as the chaos of the 'day' had worn away. The Seimari and Sephirah were bedding down, some even together inspired by the union of their leaders. The strange mixature of adrenaline and exhaustion had taken into effect as their bodies were all pushed to the brink and yet their minds were too awake for sleep so a low buzz of constant communication spread through their Eke.. Congratulating one another of their victory, debating the sequence of events and the future, talking politics, it was a good sign for the union of their two clans as Kostis had always been worried it may not be possible with the Sephirah's dogged dedication to neutrality, but Hope, his heart, as he did, had a different view on the world and the clans.

"Grimmory for your thoughts?" a warm voice pulled his gaze back down to the small woman laying in his arms, the silk sheet draped over them in their new home, her chin rested on his bare chest as she gazed up at him with her deep brown eyes.

"Thinking about today," Kostis said as he ran a hand up and down her back to sooth both of them, "and on what a 'Sun' is supposed to be." [Kostis: Deceitfulx2]

"Sons are children who are male, I think," Hope said, a mischievous glint in her eye to accompany her tease, but the light settled and she let her head rest on his chest and let out a tired sigh, "I'm glad its over, I only wish it had ended sooner." [Hope: Stable, Impatient, Benevolent]

"Perhaps, I'd have liked to have taken Adam alive if only we could have punished him for what he did," [Kostis: Spiteful] Kostis said, a harsh end in his voice, his grip tightening on her as he imagined the creative horrors he could have unleashed on that man [Kostis: Passionatex2, Artist]

"Don't say that, its over and we're alive, leave him in the past, forgotten," [Hope: Warmx2, Generous, Benevolent]

"Yes, we are," Kostis said, his voice died off for a moment, before he spoke again, a mixture of bubbling rage and tinted sorrow laced it, "Don't you ever ask to die again, don't you ever." [Kostis: Passionatex2]

It was Hope's turn to be quiet but when she spoke, her voice was soft, "I didn't do it to hurt you, but I had to protect my people and stop him. No matter the cost.." [Hope: Benevolent, Stable]

"No," Kostis said, he curled his arm around her and pressed her harder against himself, trying to convince her body, if not her mind, that she wasn't going anywhere, "I won't lose you, if you die, I die. We are in this together, by demon blood and more.. I cannot lose you." [Kostis: Passionatex2, Power Hungry]

"Okay," it was a simple word, and it did not have all the promise he wanted, but it was enough for now.

They laid together in silence, enjoying the feel of each other in their arms as they basked in the moment before the silence was interrupted, "Lets get married," Kostis said as he lifted his head to look down at her surprised face.

"We're already married," Hope said, something almost dangerous in her eyes as she jabbed a sharp thumb into his ribs, "Or is there something you're not telling me? Should I leave and go find my bot fly again? I got rid of him because I have you, but if you're saying we're not then.."

"No! No, that's not what I meant," Kostis said, his jaw clenching, "I mean a wedding. A ceremony. We didn't have one, and I want us to have one. I want them to see us, together, joined.." [Kostis: Power Hungry, Passionatex2, Spiteful]

"Do we have to? We have a lot to do, and I'm not sure I want to bother, you're mine now, why wait?" Hope said, clearly not convinced about this [Hope: Stable/Impatient]

"That would be a waste. I already had a dress and rings made," Kostis said nonchalantly, "And I was looking forward to seeing you in them." [Kostis: Artist, Passionatex2]

"Y-You did? For me?" Hope said, her gaze fluttering down before they jumped back up with that same mischievous light, " Just wear it, hm?" [Hope: Warmx2, Generous]

"I had them made the moment you left my camp that night, there was never going to be anyone but you, Hope, no matter what happened, we were going to survive together, or die together," [Kostis: Passioantex2, Bravex2, Spiteful] Kostis said as pulled her closer, "And the only thing I look forward to more then seeing you in it, is taking it off you."

Hope let out a delighted laugh that was somehow a mixture of a squeal and a cackle as she climbed up to place a kiss on his lips, "Marry me again, Husband, soon." [Hope: Warmx2, Impatient]


Father Daughter Not-Quite Bonding Moment


Kostis stood in front of a small piece of polished Slag, using it as a mirror to double check his appearance. For the first time in living memory, he was.. sharp. Poor Napkin had worked over time, mending his clothing, cleaning him, fixing his normally wild and unshaven hair and even shaving off his stubble, although they both knew it wouldn't last long [Kostis: Messy]. He'd likely never do it again, but he could make the sacrifice for today, it was his 'official' wedding, after all, even though their souls and hearts were already joined by demonic contract, they both felt they needed something more 'real'. Something symbolic. Kostis had gone to great lengths to ensure he could impress her, to give her gifts befitting the future Queen of this realm [Kostis: Passionatex2, Artist]. He had to admit, he cut a dashing figure when he was all 'dolled up' like this, but most of his people did. They were all tall and their bodies were masterfully sculpted by their very bloodline, but still, he had no illusions who would have all the limelight. Hope was already one of the most beautiful women in the land [Hope: Social 30, Awe 2], even more so to him [Kostis: Passionatex2], and in that dress? She'd cut a figure likely not soon forgotten.

"So you're actually get married," a dry voice cut in from behind him, Kostis turned to see his daughter, dressed in her blackened silk, her eyes shadowed by the soot and herbal mixture she used to darken them, "I can't believe you found someone to marry you, must be something wrong with her. You didn't use those creepy weirdos to brainwash her, did you?" [Thaleia: Humorous]

A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, and warmth spread through his chest to see his only child had come home for a visit if only to see him be wed, "No, no tricks, this time. For some reason, she does seem to love me. This union will be great for our people [Kostis: Power Hungry/Passionatex2].

"And she knows about the whole, 'Hey, I used kids to murder their parents thing then fed them to spears?' thing?" Thaleia said as she placed a hand on her hip and quirked a dark brow. [Thaleia: Humorous]

"She does, she wasn't pleased," Kostis admitted a bit ruefully, "Don't think she'll allow that again."

"And she still wants you? Something must be wrong with her," she said as she tapped her lips with her finger in thought

"Do you not like her?" Kostis asked a bit concerned, everyone liked Hope, it was enough to stir some jealousy in his heart, "If you don't like it, we can change somethings." [Kostis: Deceitfulx2]

"No, I do like her, that what makes it strange," Thaleia admitted which was odd as Thaleia hated everyone. On principle. But Hope truly was a hard person to not like, it was almost a magic power, "Although her taste in men is shit." [Thaleia: Humorous]

Kostis threw his head back and roared with laughter that shook the small chamber they were in causing his hair to come undone and his toga to nearly slip to his ankles but Napkin appeared from.. somewhere and fixed them with a mechanical precision [Kostis: Messy]

"At least this time you took down a madman instead of being a madman," Thaleia said softly, there was almost a note of approval in her voice. Almost. [Thaleia: Passionate]

Kostis paused for a moment as he looked at his daughter. He had always encouraged her freedom. From the clan. From her duties. From himself. He hated his parents. And they hated theirs. So on and so forth... He had hoped that by giving her freedom, he could avoid so many pitfalls in his life, including all of his... flaws. He had half-succeeded. He had tried to maintain a distance to keep that but.. As he thought about his wife, and the warmth she had, Kostis swallowed the lump in his throat and crossed the room before wrapping his large arms around his daughter who let out a muffled sound in his chest that was something between a surprised hiccup, a cough and an embarrassed gasp, "Dad?" her voice said against his silk toga, her voice somehow both curious and distant [Thaleia: Pariah, Passionate].

"I love you, Thaleia," [Kostis: Bravex2, Passionatex2] Kostis said as he placed a kiss on the top of her head before he finally let her go and she wasted no time in hustling a few steps away from him, her cheeks red, "You didn't have to make it weird." [Thaleia: Pariah]

"Sorry," [Kostis: Deceitfulx2] Kostis said extremely unconvincingly.

Thaleia moved to the door to leave but paused for a moment as she looked back at her father, "... I know you do, dad." [Thaleia: Passionate] with that, she took her leave.


Free Action
Settle the Eke alongside the Argead and Silkander
[Kent did this with the Shaman's turn 1, but they weren't to get the loot from doing so until this turn. The Seimari have absorbed the Sephirath into their tribe and so is a free action to complete, both Jiwon and Croc have given me permission to settle the Ekes with them in Kent's place.]


1. A humble wedding ceremony will be held as Hope wears the first wedding dress made, a gold and silk perfect peerless piece of art, and exchanges the Glasswall Obsidian Wedding Bands [cultural artifact] with Kostis before their people to help unite them, usher in a new symbolic age for their people. As the ceremony is prepared, Hope will train under her shamans to bring out the power Adam left with her, so that she can finally step in as the leader of her people in every way to stand next to her husband to bring about their dream, the unification of the clans.

For the small ceremony, Hope has Social 30 to make the ceremony a banger. Necris Jelly can be consumed as food to ensure they, and their guest, eat well and eat something tasty [Willing to use 2 units for this if needed]

{Given permission to add the wedding ceremony to her training!}

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Sikander Troupe
Turn 2

"Again?!? Again our Ekes are struck by sneak-thieves and covetous scum!" Bion Sikander roared at those gathered, lazing upon a throne of puppets currently holding themselves together to seem more stately if eerie as a seat made of humanoid forms in their own robes. They had to be puppets, no Sikander would subject themselves to being a seat.. would they?

"Father, we have the bodies, just like your requested," Cleon said from behind his mask as his father raged in one of his fits of vanity. It was ugly to be snuck up on by outsiders. That was the job of the Sikander. His ego was bruised and raging at the indignity.

"Yes... the assassin and unfortunate Adam... both useful in their own ways. We will know if Adam plotted the death of Gloom. But more so... the true hand behind this...." Bion rasped more to himself, leaning forward as his eyes dart about the chamber, his face hidden by his mask. It was theatrics to be sure, but the rage was real. The Sikander had been insulted twice by others daring to intrude in stealth upon lands they viewed as having claims to.

"These others... these Lesser Condordat.... I shall pursue them if you wish, Father," Dion offered as he stepped up to be by his brother. The twins hold hands a moment in their bond before releashing it to look upon the raging robed figure of Bion sikander.

"Yes, pursue the thieves, the takers of things. The UNINVITED! Seek all their secrets while we hunt this assassin. We shall learn and when the time comes, we will remind them of their folly... Yes..." Bion throws his hooded head back and laughs, clapping like a mad man. He was getting quite good at the mad king bit.

"Our payment has been received as well from the Seimari. As promised and provided. Lovely silks, gold and even leather," Cleon offers to soothe the bruised ego of Bion more.

"Yes, what lovely things. Soon to be used to make ME.. I mean US... more beautiful in our hidden forms. Lovely silk robs and golden masks with jewelry... Leathers... We should gift those to the Argead... The only reliable ones..." Bion mutters as he ponders that and stands. The throne behind him eerily disassembling itself immediately to return to an array of standing figures. Were some of them breathing? Panting? He seriously hadn't been sitting on people... right?

"We have your permission to proceed?" Dion asked with a tilt of his head to their father.

"Yes, go forth and use those beautiful minds for our people. Seek assassin and thieves. Seek the interploers so we may make them know their games are not so secret. I will deal with getting our new home settled with the Argead. A new lair from which we can do more," Bion laughs again dramatically and swoops away with a flip of his robes. The throne component people following after him.

"Into the Darkness, brother," Cleon said as he turned to Dion.

"Into the Darkness, brother. Let us find these problems," Dion agreed as the pair interlocked fingers again before parting for their mutual duties.

-Feed the bodies of the assassin and Adam to Necrosoul to delve into their knowledge to seek various information (Cleon + Puppet)
-Seek the thieves of the second Eke incident, out into the Darkness and beyond (Dion + Puppet)

Settle (Coop with Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon )
-The Troupe move to settle their discovered home, eager to see what lurks within with the Argread and possily Seimari (Bion)

Sikander and Puppets will contribute to each action as needed.

-Granting Scaled Leather to Argead as a Wedding Gift.
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Hesitation's FinaleTurn 2 - Karak
"There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for."
J.R.R. Tolkien

  • 1720574824413.png
    Karak & Karan: The Raven & The Wolf [WIP]
    [Post Theme] - [Outside the Double Towers]

    "Did you know your father was two, Orphea? That, there once was more than one of him? Have you heard... of Karan?" Rowan laid on a cushion, enjoying rest within a small cave. His skin and blonde hair glistening with sweat. Long day it had been. Traveling searching, managing resources and mana. House Xygaras had much to do and many great plans. As with the ancient bubble and Jozef's Shepard Republic, Xygarans knew they were capable rulers and state crafters. While the arts may be lost, they knew that they did it once. Thus, they could do it again. But, time vast before then and now limited what could be said.

    He looked over at Orphea who decided to be with her fellows to listen to stories and so forth. But, the worry and concern on her expression showed that this was not one of her usual visits. Something... was amiss and she rocked back and forth thinking of it (Orphea: Deranged). She looked up slowly at Rowan, her hair covering herself as she sat, back against the cave wall. They were alone. With the others nearby, but out of earshot.

    "Why is it now that I am told about him? Wouldn't my father tell me about him? For this whole time, I thought my father was an only child. Why hasn't the fact he had a twin brother not relevant? Does he not trust me? It certainly sound like him." Orphea huffed, rolling her eyes. (Brutally Honest) (Karak: Dubious)

    Rowan reached out to a table in the center, taking a cup from it, "Nothing is ever simple. And Karak would never be like that to you. Your father... is not an easy man to understand. I can tell you know other facts about him that I do not. Ones that are not comforting. And I will admit, even I know not every depth of him. Perhaps it is time you divulge what you know Orphea."

    Orphea crossed her arms, her eyes narrow at Rowan, "No, that's stupid and I'm too scared of what will happen should that secret get let out." (Brutally Honest)

    He smiled, "You still love him after all these years. But, of all of our tribe, I can keep this secret. Especially for my beloved, for your father."

    Orphea growled, "I always love him. He was good for me... its just knowing what I know. I can't look at him... he just scares me."

    Rowan drank from his cup, raising an eyebrow as he watched Orphea.

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- II -
Tempest Horizons
~ The Sage Collective ~

~ Grand Sage Enyo ~


Ancestry 1 - Mindforce

Chief - Chief Sage Khaoul
Ancestry 2 - Mindshield

Hope - Grand Sage Enyo

- I -
Bound By Blood

The Ciun Arena had been alight with fervour and avarice.

It seemed most tribes were interested in the allure of a promising bet, hopeful greed still sparkling in even a dusked land as this. Grand Sage Enyo watched over the sages counting the new inventory with a sly chuckle, satisfaction in a successful gamble gleaming in his eyes. There had been a moment where it looked like violence might have gripped his people. No matter; a small fear, a smaller price.
-[Gambler, Sore-Winner x2, Sadist]-

Ears pricking, his head turned to the side as he noticed a familiar presence approaching.

Chief Sage Khaoul approached the makeshift skin-tent, the two guards bowing to him as he passed. He stopped by Enyo and observed their winnings.

"That was a risky wager, Young One. I have faith in your talents, but our lives are of far greater value to Rafael's Vision than the trinkets won. Do not make habit of this."
-[Narcissist, Level-headed, Gruff]-

"Be calmed, father," Enyo laughed, waving away his concerns dismissively, "There was ne'er a doubt of victory. It was taking deadwood from low-swamp."
-[Narcissist x2, Sore-Winner, Gruff x2, Grand Mind]-

Khaoul shook his head and stepped forward, gesturing to the tent's entrance,
"It was not without reaction. The nativebloods are rankled by their loss and bear us ill-will. We must now placate them."

A brief light glinted in Enyo's eyes as he turned to face his father, the promise of righteous violence spurring before calming as quickly as it had arose, "You are true. We are at no fault, but this does pose some threat. I will mend this wound, father. You will not soon be disappointed."
-[Sadist, Patient, Narcissist x2, Cultured x2]-

The two departed and made preparations to follow the Ciun. The journey was led by the Sanguine Clutch, thieves in their own right and true to their name - Enyo had detected their light-touch lifting some of the Ciun stores. He told the Ciun of this event, telling them the Sanguine viewed this forced-transaction as payment for their guidance. To risk a fois-pas now would be fatal. The envoys pressed on.
-[6th-Sense, Cultured x2, Patient, Calm]-

They soon reached the collective camp of the Landlocked and Abyss Hearts. The talks were brief: it seemed there was a compromise to be had. A lantern's worth from each tribe to live amongst them, of which their spawn would later return to the fold. The deal was deemed acceptable, for Enyo's sharp eye could tell the Abyss Heart's blood was worthy of mixing with the Sage Collective. Certainly not because he believed his scheme was at fault...
-[Narcissist x2, Patient, Cultured x2]-

And so the Sage Collective allowed their kin to journey with the Abyss Hearts. In short time was the threat of the monstrous SEG made known to them and they revealed having received vivid dreams of the terrible beast shortly after the New Tribes had arrived. It was an Omen: Rafael's Vision - warning all bloods of the horror awaiting in the dark. The Abyss Hearts would ally with us, brothers and sisters in arms united against such an undeniable threat.

- II -
Take Me To Church

"Is it here?"

"Yes. Now, we wait..."

"By Rafael's Will."

The Sage Collective had left the Ciun Arena, eager to depart from 'cursed' lands (as the Sanguine put it) and seek out more permanent lodgings. It had not been long since Grand Sage Enyo had returned with powerful relics and a tale of an infant god and a daring newly-wed couple he had saved.

In telepathic dreams Chief Sage Khaoul had communicated with the Black Shepard, sharing ideals and plans of mutual prosperity in these coming times. The Archons were endeavouring a grand construction and had invited his sages to live nearby in an abandoned chapel. No better hallowed grounds would serve to house the lord and saviour Rafael.

It was overrun with vermin now, but they possessed monsters of their own to employ. The Sage Collective had but only to wait.

Summary - Turn 2

  • Co-op Action 1: The Sage Collective join the Ciun in repairing the damaged relations with the tribes present during the Arena Tournament - [Social 20+]
  • Standard Action 2: At the advice of the Black Shepard, the Sage Collective ventures to the Chapel. They will observe the grimmory attack on the Giant Rats then clean up the rest and settle the location - [Everything on my cs basically]
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The Pallane (Turn 2)

The tribe's search for a home had found two potential places to settle: an eerie ghost town and a mysterious location in the shadow of two giant cubes. Chief Eurymedon decided to establish their settlement in the ghost town, but true to his ambitious nature, devised a plan that would allow him to exploit the resources of both sites. Having noticed signs that the two cubes had been in the process of being transported, he intended to complete their journey by moving them to the town.

As the tribe investigated the ghost town, they were immediately confronted by a swarm of vicious grimmory. Eurymedon, armed with only a sharp stone and lantern, engaged their massive leader and, with calculated precision, decapitated him, sending the monsters into disarray. The tribe, hungry for glory, attempted to kill the rest of the monsters but only managed to route them. During the battle, Patrigenos fought fiercely, his every move aimed at impressing Periboia. His strength and skill were undeniable, and he dispatched two monsters with brutal efficiency. Yet, despite his efforts, Periboia’s attention remained fixed on the battle itself, her feral instincts driving her to fight with a primal fury. She moved with an otherworldly grace, crushing monsters underneath her heaving bosom, much to the envy of the young prince.

With the immediate threat dealt with, the tribe settled into the ghost town where they discovered a broken forge and well, among other things. Recognizing its potential, Eurymedon drew up plans to repair it so they could begin crafting tools, weapons and other items essential for his ambitious plan to transport the cubes. As the rest of the tribe established themselves in their new home, Eurymedon, Patrigenos and Periboia travelled elsewhere in the Suspension to participate in a monster tournament.

It was a grand event where tribes pitted their horrors against one another while the chiefs negotiated potential alliances, including marriages to strengthen ties. Eurymedon was all for it, true to his ambitious and glory seeking nature. He sought the power and glory that such unions might bring, and he saw an opportunity for even greater prestige if Periboia's monstrous prowess led them to victory. Patrigenos, however, was vehemently against the idea of marriage. He had no interest in anyone except Periboia. Despite his son's defiance hindering his plans, Eurymedon managed to make contact with one of the other tribes, the Idafouda, and they agreed to cooperate in hunting down the grimmory that attacked the Pallane in exchange for resources and weapons.

Eurymedon’s plans inched closer to fruition. The dream of a thriving settlement, enriched by the resources of the cubes and free from the threat of monsters, seemed almost within reach...

  • Free Action (DM permission): Fix forge using 1x Quartz
  • 2x Commerce Action: With the help of the Idafouda ( Twist Twist ), use T9 purestone forge to make gathering tools (as well as other tools/items necessary for first action) using 1x Quartz and 1x Shadow Bone, 2 sets of weapons using 2x Wyrm Bone and 2x Life Root, 1 set of armour using 2x Spiked Leather, 1 set of armour using 2x Scaled Leather and 1 set of darts using 1x Shadow Bone. [Apply Imaginative and Innovative if applicable]
  1. The whole tribe will attempt a journey to the "Two Cubes" and endeavour to drag both of the cubes back to their settlement. [Apply Overambitious, Extremist and Mind over Matter if applicable]
  2. Co-Op Action: In exchange for potential future resources, the Idafouda agree to help hunt down the remaining Grimmory. [Apply Gloryseeker, Extremist, Mind over Matter and Camouflage if applicable] [Use Grimmory head to aid hunt if applicable] [Apply following from Twist Twist too (if applicable): Creature lore (15), Suspension Lore (15) used by Idafaoda to aid hunt (Quirks: Audacious, Chaotic, Amoral, Blindly Obedient | Perks: Gallant (x3), Intelligent (x3) | Quirks: Brutal x2)
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The Argeads - Turn 2

The Eke bustled with activity as the three tribes worked hard to settle their newfound home. Among the tribes were the Argeads in their Eke with Chieftain Antipater holding the Lantern of the Third Eye for his tribe to see in the darkness and directing the settling and construction efforts. However, on the edge of the Eke, a figure approached the tribe from beyond the safety of the settlement. A young man, among the settlers noticed and silently walked towards the approaching figure. One was a charming young man, who despite his physique was covered in patches of mud (Dirty and Messy Quirks). However, this young man would not leave a visitor to wander around lost or waiting. (Principled x2)

"Welcome, Lady Ceridwen. I did not expect you to arrive so soon. Pardon my appearance and that of my tribe. Recent events have left us... a bit behind schedule and disorganized. (Dubious Quirk) I believe the union is intended to take place after our settling as a celebration, though admittedly, my father did urge me to meet with you before the ceremony took place."



Action 1 COOP: Settle the Triple Ekes with Sikander and Seimari

Cooperative Perk

C) "The Screen" -- Individuals or groups (the power magnified with number of adherents) become resistant to all forms of damage and gain stealth and invisibility as long as they eschew aggression and intend to disengage/flee from danger. This is not something that can be used for static defenses, but for fleeing, scouting, or otherwise non-violent travel it can be very useful. Gathering can be done under the "Screen" to increase yields because you can gather more not distracted by dangers.

Action 2 COOP: Union/Wedding/Post Arena celebration with Tribe Ciun + Guests

Free Action: Lysander and Ceridwen Adopt Unge

Pobl Ap GwaedTurn II


The candlelight flickered across the closed petals of a flowers bud, surrounded by five figures who stared intently at it. At the forefront of the group stood a robed man, a stone crown in the shape of thorned branches dug into the flesh of his head. He was flanked by two figures each side, each one, one of the quadruplets he had sired. Each was an extension of himself and their loyalty was without question.

The thorned crown sat on the head of Gwyn Ap Gwaed and his softly wrinkled face sharpened with glee as his eyes caught sight of minor movement. The petals of the flowers bud began to twitch, the time was approaching.

“My daughter's…it seems the time has come…we are to be blessed with the true birth of the Scarlet Aeonia.” He moved his face closer as his daughters crouched next to him to get a better look themselves. “We have waited for this moment…bask in its glory and accept everything it has to offer…the Scarlet Aeonia will lead our people to the ascension beyond mortality.”

With his last word, it happened. The petals of the bud began to glow, illuminating the unique complexions of those watching. Soon the tops of the petals began to curl outwards before slowly opening to reveal more and more petals. What unfolded for the next few minutes was the beautiful dance of the Scarlet Aeonia. Petals seemed to dance around each other, it's glow brighter and brighter with each passing moment. As the event reached its climax, small wisps of spores began to spread from the center of the flower.

Gwyn leant forward further, as did his daughter's. Each inhaled deeply, welcoming the spores within their bodies. They rushed through to their lungs, entering their bloodstream and sending a rush of comforting warmth throughout them, head to toe. In that single moment, Gwyn knew that his family and his people would be safe amongst the darkness…with the Scarlet Aeonia they would be safe.


⦿ Tribe:
• Lanterns

⦿ Chief Gwyn:
• Mindforce [2] / Heroic [3] / Loveable [2] / Clever [1]
• Crown of Ancients [T9 - Purestone]:
You can communicate with your constructs better with this crown, and perhaps interact with secrets of the ancients better too. It gives Inspiration +3 (higher morale in battle) and the skill "Legitimacy" (Culture value), It can, once a season, release a 2d20 AoE or single-target crush ability. The thorns reflect 25% damage inflicted on you.
• Social:
+7 Social
+10 Fear

⦿ Hope [The Quadruplets]:
Gwen | Gwennan | Gwenyth | Gwenllian
• Duty
• Mind
• Heroic [3] / Dutiful [2] / Creative [2] / Violent [3]
• Social
+5 Social
+10 Intimidation
+10 Fear

⦿ Horror [Scarlet Aeonia]:
• Breath Weapon [Spores]
• Emanate [Spores]
• Poison [15]
• 5 Tentacles [Spread Spores / 2D6 Max Martial]
• Very Fast Healing Factor
• Spore Typed
Blight/Bloom is basically debuffs/buffs on chosen individuals. It is presently dormant until generation 2, but people can willingly inhale its spores or be exposed to them violently as an attack.


• Information about local tribes:
You have good relations with two tribes, cold relations with one tribe, and poor relations with a fourth tribe.


⦿ Actions:
• Solo Action 1:
Begin ritual prayers with the Aeonia Bloom, basking in the glory and gifts that its spores provide so that the people of the Ap Gwaed can grow strong.

• Strained Solo Action 2:
Attempt to interact with the secrets of the ancients using the Crown of Ancients.
• Free Solo Action:
Search surrounding areas for food sources and building materials. Searching specifically for livestock and crops to allow a renewable source of food along with any suitable building materials.


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