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Thank you! I'm still practicing my art. (If it's even called "art") Your works are 5x better than mine! Keep up the good work!


Jumin's Bae
*Heavily breathes*
I heard you like Shin-Ae. That's okay, as long as you don't touch Jae-Ha.

btw awesome art


The Forgettor
Ohh wow your art is great!! I love those messy traditional sketches! <3. Keep it up!
Aaadkdmsks thank you! TxT)

kazu you betrayed me why didnt i know you had a thread
I didn't betray you I was keeping you and Giza safe from hurting your eyes

wow nice but i dont like manga
i'm sorry all i can draw are dorito chins my dude

I rate all of your art a solid 7/7, Kazoo

It’s gr8, m8
*cringes in pain*
it only gets worse from here on Lenny


The Forgettor
so i have a signature now
nothing special but woO-

and this man's name in initials is e c h (recommended by one of my siblings ShoUT OUT TO THEM)
hang in there bud you'll be put in the "rpg horror game ideas" list i like you

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