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In medias res - kill the madman (OPEN)

(OOC: Let's jump right into the action. Feel free to drop a simple character description and start pounding at the opponent. He's not too strong, so I trust that you would be using a character around his level. Magic is enabled but not mandatory.)

Under a starry night-sky, the ruin comes into a vivid verisimilitude of life as the distant firelight cast a orange mantle over the crumbled stones. Driven by the fire, a dark figure shambles into the open atrium, abandoned ages ago and now overtaken by low, shaggy vegetation. Nervous villagers held tightly onto their torches as they confront the cannibalistic menace that stalked their homes and feasted on no less than four of their kinsmen.

Hunched over, the madman came forth into the open area on awkward gaits, his disheveled head hanging at a height at least twice that of an ordinary man. Threadbare rags singed by fire draped around his shoulders and waist, and in his right hand is a large rapier with an extended handle for opportunistic two-handing. Worn and laced with nicks it might be, the blade endured many services, both as a weapon of war and as a tool of savage slaughter. What's more is the fact that a crystalline ridge is embedded in the metal, and even at this moment, a dark crimson nimbus exudes from it--the implant allows for the infusion of magic in its usage.

Presently, the madman raised his filthy head, and the deathly glimmer of his vacant eyes shone through the curtain of overgrown dark hair. Villagers at the scene gripped more tightly around their torches and pitchforks, trying hard to suppress the knowledge of their futility against someone who could split a man in two from head to crotch in a single swipe. The creature groaned hungrily, saliva drooling from its teeth-baring jaws and eyed the retreating crowd with confused curiosity. At this moment, however, a frightened congregation parted and someone stepped forth from the gap.

(OOC: thanks for reading thus far. I'm not sure if this will work with multiple heroes, but I'm willing to try.)


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( Crehn - A noble boy of 15, he has a shortbow, a knife, an iron shield, and a steel will. He is a knight in training, and while he may not have super strength, he is quick and agile. Crehn knows basic fire combat spells. Ever since the beast devoured the resident warrior of the village, he has been the local champion.)

Crehn stepped forth from the crowd and looked up at the beast's cold stare and gruesome, unforgiving maw. He glanced at the cruel sword and shuddered, before returning his gaze to the beast's grotesque face.

Raising his shield, he shouted, "Aye, beast! Look here, I will slay you before you can even touch another soul, you foul cannibal!" with all of the malice and threat that he could muster into his voice to hide the small stab of fear he just felt.

His hand ignited with a small flame, and he cast a quick burst of fire at the madman's head.

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A man in a black cloak walks around the corner of a building. He spots the massive humanoid being and beckons it to attempt to kill him. The man simply stands there as if he is waiting for the hit to happen.


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A tiny Eevee would begin to approach the action. "Heh, so what's going on here?" He'd look around, trying to figure out what was even happening in the first place.

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