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    I'm planning on entering into the Game Informer art contest with a "Character Select" Picture titled "Choose Your Racer"
    Obviously I need FAST characters. Suggestions?

    I'll add them to my list!

    Spartan Kelly-087
  2. Spartan Kelly-087 from Halo, who has hit bursts of 62 miles per hour ^^
    Or the yellow bird from angry birds...
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  3. Mario knows his shit in a kart.
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  4. Maybe.... I'm looking for fast on the foot.
  5. Hmmm. Fast on foot... Yoshi maybe? Not quite known for speed, but he would fit in with other fast characters.
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  6. The Flash perhaps? Sonic the Hedgehog?
  7. If we are talking strictly about footspeed alone, without any superpowers or advanced tech, I'd say Scout from TF2. The weasel runs 9 meters per second (11.7 with optimized loadout). The only way to stop him is with a Sentry gun. Or a rocket. Maybe a sticky... Or a sniper headshot... Charged Heavy... Or normal Heavy... Another Scout... Sometimes a Pyro...
    But Medic probably won't put a Scout down by himself... Unless he crits...
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  8. The Original Doomguy is fast enough to outrun his own rockets.
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  9. Dude. The Flash. (I'm sorry xD) Seriously though, how about Samus??
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