Help How Does Nation Creation Work On Here?

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  1. Hey, I just want to know how the nation creating rps work on here. If you know how it works I would like any advice you have. Thank you for your time everyone.
  2. May I suggest you check out the Nation Building section and see what sort of things are currently going on? There are several active ones right now.
  3. It's pretty simple. You fill out applications for nations or factions or groups, just like in a character based RP, and then you typically roleplay from the perspective of characters you make within the faction itself. Like it's leader, it's generals, it's people, anyone who advances the story of the nation or the plot of the RP.
  4. It's not as easy as you think. Nation building is very niche and requires a long attention span.
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  5. I had tried that but the way the people I looked through did things confused me more for the most part.
  6. I have that, as long as I enjoy something I can do it for a very long time.
  7. In time I like to revisit my Nation Building RP and hopefully this one will last longer than the first attempt.
  8. Like @Pat said most Nation Role Plays derive from the perspective of some higher Leader/Governor who has power over it. But not all NRP are the same as it may be slightly different for other role players. From my long days here i seen 2 of these being the most common:

    1.Perspective of there leader: You play as the nations prime leader or highest order and from there your character gives orders to the nation, for example. Your nation is contacted by some other nations messenger and such in your post you write how your, the leader, got the message and from there it gives its reaction and give orders, for you to write how the nation executes it.

    2.Omni Perspective: I have seen very few of these but it takes a more political approach with instead of you playing as the leader, you play as the nation itself. You detail how your nations is going on, its people, political awareness and so on so forth without actually playing as a character. Detailing economics and such.

    Those are the only two i seen but i recommend if you are interested in a NRP to ask its GM how will it e undertaken, its different from GM to GM but those are the most common i seen, hope it helps.
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  9. Alright, I hope you enjoy that when you do.

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