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Hi everyone. I'm Shadowfax526 or just Shadow or Sf for short and I am new to this forum. I am, however, not new to roleplaying and have been doing that since 2008 so 7 years. I'm open to any topic/subject, romance/nonromance, and anything else in between so drop by and say hi or even recommend me to some rp threads that I might be interested in :) . *dashes off to play around more with my profile*
Hi friend! Welcome to RpNation. The moment I saw your profile name I thought of the Lord of Horses of Lord of the Rings. Love those movies; perhaps you are a fan? Anyway, I go by Shiro or El. Welcome again and have fun. Ask me anything if you think of something. :3

Welcome to RpNation!

I hope you have a great time here (
:P )

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