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Fantasy Hileon Academy


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Saysul submitted a new resource:

Hileon Academy - School for supernatural people

A school for supernatural beings, whether they are humans with powers, half-breeds, descendants from gods. Anyone is accepted as long as they are out of what people call 'normal'.
You must read these rules in order to apply--please read all

1.) All RPN rules apply

2.) Please be active--if you can't, you can PM me

3.) No goddmodding, Mary/Gary Sues, etc., do not control other characters w/o their permission

4.) Maintain proper spelling, grammar, punctuation (does not need to be perfect, but must make sense)

5.) If someone is not replying and you need to move on, you can

6.) Romance is allowed--no sexual scenes whatsoever

7.) Be respectful--don't be a bully

8.) If you read the rules, put three *'s anywhere on your CS

9.) I will not be sending any 'accepted!' to anyone--anyone can join; if I have a problem with your CS, I will PM you

10.) If you are going to have a relationship, do not force other OC's unless it's all part of the 'act'--make sure to have their 'okay' first

11.) Please use the OOC tab, though messages in brackets that are in the RP tab are accepted

12.) Do not spam--if two of the same posts are posted, please delete one

13.) Violence is allowed, but you cannot kill someone without their consent

14.) Have fun~

Other Details:

-If you have a question, feel free to ask me

-I will have random Q&A sessions by PM just for fun because I'm not normal (I will ask your characters questions and they can answer)

-Anyone can start the RP--I don't have to be here, and you can RP without me

-I will reserve spots if you ask to

-After you post your CS, you can join right away
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Rome walked into the school. It was just another one in his long line of moves. He had hoped that this would be the last of his moves, but when he had met his new 'family,' they seemed nice enough, but they all did at first. Than the agent went away, and they showed their true colors.

That was not what was on his mind at the minuet, though. His mind was on the people he was walking past in the hallway. There were guys in high heals, there were girls with wings, but what shocked Rome the most, was the guys and girls down one hallway. They were dressed in appeal that looked like it came from the times of Gods and Goddesses. Some had markings on there clothing or on there stuff that identified certain Gods or goddesses. Rome thought maybe they worshiped the respective Gods and Goddesses.

I'll have to dig into that... I wonder what exactly is going on there... Rome thought to himself.


*A multicolored portal tears open in the middle of a field not too far from the campus that spits out gideon face first into the ground*


*he shouts as he comes flying out into the ground.

He slowly begins to get up and brush the dirt and debris off his shoulders and looks around at his new surroundings.

he pulls out a compass like device that begins to move tiny arrows,cogs,and runes in all sorts of directions,as his device tries to get his exact coordinates, he notices a school.

All arrows point in the direction of where he had set his sights on and looks at what the runes spelled out for him*


I wonder what a school is?

I bet there's tons of unused metals and oohhh....probably scrolls..and and...gah I cant take it!!!"

*He makes sure all of the dirt as come off him and begins to run toward the campus at full speed,his heart begins to race with excitement and anticipation as to what this so called "school" could hold in store for him.

As he approached the front of the campus, he read a sign that stood between him and the mysterious "School"*

"Hileon Academy?

Hmm...that must be what this area I'm in is called"

*he pulls out his journal to quickly jot down some notes of his new found surroundings and proceeds to explore the campus.

as he strolls through the hallways,he notices some people dressed in strange attire and some not so humanly beings also roaming amongst the crowd as if they belonged there.

He once again pulled out his journal to add a new entry about the residents of this "Hileon Academy" and his impressions on them and the area he is currently exploring.

He continued his perilous journey, when suddenly he is struck with fatigue and the stress of interdemensional traveling.

He finds a comfortable looking tree in the courtyard and runs to it, to climb up and set up a hammock away from any possible predators that may be lurking on the ground below*
Niran leaned against his locker and surveyed the crowded hallway. When he'd been told there was a school he could go to with 'people like him' not in his small village, he'd been skeptical. Now that he was there though, it was obvious he wouldn't even attract much attention. There was a whole group of people in togas wandering around somewhere, as well as a girl Niran was pretty sure had florescent tentacles.

With standing out no longer so much a worry, Niran's mind turned to the next most important thing: finding his classes and getting to them on time. Hefting his backpack a little higher on his back, he glanced at the school map he'd been given at the offices. How hard could it be to navigate school hallways anyways?


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Axel woke up in a haze, sprinting into the shower and turning it on with fluid ease. He was a boy of average height, skinny but muscular, with shaggy blond hair and piercing blue eyes. "Fuck, I'm going to be so late" he muttered, wrapping bandages around his upper arms and hands. He donned a black shirt, black pants, and black sneakers. He wrapped the kamikaze headband his father had given him around his forehead, letting his hair droop over the sun and kanji on the old white fabric. He dashed out the door, not stopping his sprint until he got to school.


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Irix was not the kind to shove others out of her way when she ran down the halls. Rather, she used her small form to her advantage, slipping between other students like a snake. She was trying to spot the easily recognizable form of her best friend, Niran. Over the crowd she finally spotted her friends pale complexion.

"Niran!" She called, waving her hand in the air in an attempt to call her to his attention.


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"SHIT" Axel exclaimed, crashing into Irix in the hallway, sending them both tumbling down. "I'm so sorry".


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Irix was thrust to the side by what looked like a blonde haired boy, but she knew better than to assume after being here for a few weeks. She steadied herself and tried to gather her thoughts before trying to speak.

"Oh no, it's probably my fault. I shouldn't run through the halls like that." She said with a smile and a shrug. She glanced up, trying to find Niran again, but whatever view she had of him seconds ago was gone. She hoped he could see her.

"I'm really sorry." She said, looking back at the boy she had collided with.


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"No no, it was my fault" he said, blushing with embarrassment. "I shouldn't have been running".

He paused for a moment, the presence of a girl making him anxious. Steeling his courage, he looked her in the eyes. "My name's Axel, what's yours?"


*Gideon opened his eyes for a moment as the noise caught his attention,he sat up and began to gathering his belongings to set forth on his journey of collecting information and any possible treasures.

After making sure he had all his things, he jumped down from the tree he was sleeping in and accidentally startled a few students that were having lunch under the tree.

He apologized profusely and proceeded to ask some questions about the area they were in,only to be given weird looks and rude replies.

Gideon sighed and jotted any little information they could give, he continued to walk down the hallways looking at all the interesting people that roamed carefree with books and scrolls in their arms*

'wait....was..that a scroll?'

* he thought to himself as he approached a seemingly innocent young woman and asked her about the items she had in her possession only to be greeted by her male counterpart with an angered look and foul language*

"ok..I can see you're really attached to those items, I apologize for wasting both our times, I hope you day continues on as happily as ever"

* He said with a smile as he continued on his way.

Unfortunately, the young woman's partner didn't see it as smoothly and easy going as Gideon did and decided to throw a punch while Gideon wasn't looking at him.

With unnatural speed,he melted into shadows and disappeared from plain sight only to reappear behind the young man with the blade of a scythe at his throat and his back to Gideon's*

"Now..that wasn't very nice sir....throwing a punch while I wasn't looking..that's just down right cowardly....I HATE COWARDS!!"

*he shouted as he retracted his blade and thrusted the back of his staff into the young man's spine causing him to be thrown forward and into a nearby wall away from Gideon*

"Now,I really dont want to fight anymore, I'm just here on business guys"

*some students gathered as they set their sights on Gideon*

"ok,i've had enough of this"

*He says as he pulls out a metallic sphere and smashes in into the ground*


*He shouts as gears and cogs begin to unwind wrap around him and make him disappear once more.

Gideon suddenly appears at another section of the school enveloped in smoke*

"well that's one way to make an enterance..heh"

*he scoffs as he writes down his recent battle and experience with the other students while walking down a new hallway with even more unfamiliar faces*

"I hope I find something decent soon, this scroll I took from that girl is complete rubbish....cosmetic magic?


don't they know the harsh side effects once that crap wears off??"

*he says to himself as he continues walking and puts the scroll away in his bag of holding*


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Bern limped over over to a blonde boy and a girl with white hair who was looking slightly startled. He smiled widely and slung his arm over the boy's shoulder. "Hey, I'm new here. The name's Bern. And who, pray tell, are you?" he said, leaning on the boy slightly and winking at him. It was his first day at one of many schools he had been at these past few years.


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"I'm Axel" he chuckled, the bandages on his arms shifting as he raised his arm to support his new friend. "I'm new here too".


*Gideon continued walking down the crowded hallways as he set his sights upon a peculiar trio*

'They may know something about where I am'

*he thought to himself as he started walking to them.

He noticed how friendly everyone was with eachother and thought that perhaps this encounter might be different from the one just awhile ago,maybe he can actually make some allies in this unknown place.

He finally approached them and tapped one of the young men on the shoulder*

"Excuse me,sorry for the intrusion,but do you happen to know exactly where we might be?

or of anywhere I might be able to find some useful information?"

*he asked with a gentle smile on his face*


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He greeted the stranger with a smile. "It's certainly not an intrusion! You, my friend are at the Hileon Academy. My name is Bern and I do believe that if we don't wish to be late to first classes, we should leave about, say, 2 minutes ago." He shifted his weight away from Axel to walk towards his first class.
"Irix?" Niran looked around at the sound of his friend's voice. It took him a few moments to spot her in the crowd, standing with three older boys off to the side. As he neared, one of them broke away from the group and walked passed Niran down the hall.

Nearing his friend, he gave Irix a small smile. "Thought I would never find you. How was your summer?"
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Irix looked towards where she thought she had heard Niran's voice with excitment, and she couldn't help smiling when she saw that it was actually him.

"I thought I would never find you!" she said, jumping at him and giving him a friendly punch on the arm before she continued. "My summer was pretty good. Mostly it was just hanging around at home and surfing videos of cats online. except when I hung out with you. So how was your summer?!" As she spoke Irix shouldered her cat bag and quickly unziped the largest container, drawing out a metal 12-inch ruler. It was the only thing that kept Niran from being a total grump, and she was prepared to use it if the situation called for it.
"It was good, Shalir taught me some more songs on the flute." Niran eyed the ruler warily, scooting a little to the side. As nice as it was to see Irix again, her ruler fwaping powers were something to be feared by all. Glancing at the hallway clock, his eyes widened slightly. "I believe now would be a good time to get to class."

Remembering he and Irix were not alone, he nodded to each of the young men.


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Irix nodded happily "Okay then," she said with a smile, "Where are you headed off to first?" She already knew she was going to her Astronomy class, but Niran hadn't told her his schedule yet and she was determined to find out what it was before he left for first period. "I get to go to Astronomy in D130. I hope I'll be able to spot meteors from the dorm roof by the end of the semester."

She turned to the other two boys who had joined her in the halls. "I hope you both have a wonderful first day!" she said to them as she turned to go Niran to wherever he was headed off to.


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Silvia McKenon knew two things. this school had too many weird auras, and she was completely lost. "Oh dear". She said to herself, clutching her headphones as close to her ears as possible. "So many bright colors, who are all these people. why am I here?" Ducking her head down and walking as if she knew where she was going. Thus she failed to notice the wall of lockers. Which she rammed into. "Owww....." She whimpered, "Whhhhy? And ooooooh what a pretty aura! Who are you?" She finished staring up at the strange boy above her.



*looks over at the girl that bumped into him with a worried expression*

"oh my,im sorry about that!!

I was too busy jotting some notes down to even realize I was standing in your way!!"

*he extends his hand to her*

"Please at the very least let me help you up,im Gideon by the way!

Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance"

*he said with a cheerful smile as his tail swayed to and fro,while his jet black wings opened a bit*


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Silvia blinked. Wings. Of course he had wings nothing else could justify that odd of aura. Looking up at him she saw it again, a strange flowing purple green and black pattern. and his hands.. She stood up. can i see your hands she said bluntly.


*he tilted his head abit in confusion but complied with the girls request *

"umm,yea sure...here"

*he presented his somewhat dirty hands to her,wondering what she could want to do with them*


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"Wow. first time anyone's ever just let me look.." Silvia muttered to herself as she grabbed Gideon's hands. They glowed brighter then the rest of his body and the swirlyness seemed to focus on them. She could praticly feel it crackle against his skin. "You.. make things. Right? She said, brow furrowing in concentration. "With magic I think?" She looked up at him.


*he lifted his right brow in curiosity*

"Why yes...yes I do!

I can make all sorts of things!!

You name it, I can make!!"

*He says with a huge smile on his face,only to stop and pull back his left hand to take out his journal and skim some pages to look for some of his old notes he had taken in the past*


here it is, you can see my aura or rather the energy my body is producing correct?

So am I correct in saying you're an auramancer or at the very least have some ability to read them?"

*he asked with a tilt of his head and a curious smile*

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