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Digital Goji's Fanart!


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Hoyo peeps!

Nerissa Ravencroft is one of my favorite VTubers. There's just something about her design I really like, and it doesn't hurt that she's an amazing vocalist with an angelic voice. I'm a musician, so I kinda go gaga for beautiful voices. They just melt me every time.

Anyway, she asked for fanart of her as Yor Forger and Biboo as Anya from Spy x Family, so here we are! (and yes, Rissa will be wearing Yor's signature black tights).

I hope you like it!

P.S. I'm going to color it soon. But my brain and wrist need a break. XD

Aaaaand, they're DONE!!!

Goji's hand falls off at the wrist from exhaustion

I hope you like them!

Nerissa Ravencroft and Koseki Bijou as Yor and Anya Forger from Spy X Family!!

Nerissa and Biboo 2.png
Got another one!

Nerissa and Biboo, once again as Yor and Anya, this time in Yor's assassin outfit and my favorite Anya facial expression!


Assassin Nerissa.png
Obviously, I love VTubers! Lol.

This is one of the sweetest moments between two of my favorites, Zentreya and Henya The Genius. Henya's always been incredibly shy and withdrawn. So, Zentreya took it upon herself to help her open up and become friends with more people in VShojo. She's been a true big sister to Henya, and when Henya was feeling down and said "I hate myself" on one of her streams, Zen popped in during her stream on a call and scolded her for talking like that, and reminded her that "small steps first" is the way to go, and that she and the others love Henya and have her back.

It brought me to tears, so I had to draw my interpretation of it.

(Also, yes. I'm aware I drew both Henya's latest model, as well as her original. I thought it'd be cute to show both of them, lol)

I hope you enjoy!

Henya and Zentreya BFFs Resized.png
Say "hi" to MamaRissa, mother of Nerissa Ravencroft who's one of my favorite VTubers! She was finally introduced on stream after Rissa reached 600K followers. Congrats to her! All the jailbirds went gaga for her when she arrived. It was glorious. Lol.

I hope you enjoy!

Dang, you have quite the talent, Goji! While I knew you were a writer/roleplayer, I did not know you were an artist AND a musician. Kudos on the lovely artwork!

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