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Story From Absolute Monarchy to Social Democracy. | A story by NesyCelvestian | Uptated 16th september.

Chapter 1: New beginnings, an introduction.

In the lands of fairy tales and in the lands of myth, there were four kingdoms that were once divided into 20 countries. Those kingdoms united to form 4 kingdoms for unknown reasons; Saura , Ardogan , Xerota and Lynexia. A world war has broken out between the united countries which resulted in people that suffered in environments that were exhausting and almost impossible to bare during that period. The previous warlords were ruthless with the intention of only caring for themselves, had no regard to others. Once those warlords died, new leaders was born into this world which put everything into an uneasy stalemate. It lasted for many years indeed, while the lords along with the folk faced the fact this war was pointless, they declared a ceasefire as a response to these tragedies. Everything fell into a long lasting peace, but that may not last for long as expected.

Now, "Social Democracy" or even politics are largely an unspoken topic in this world but most royals have heard the term "Democracy." before in their life but not Social Democracy. Of course people knew politics but such foreign concept was unknown and also unspoken of. Let's say they didn't know exactly everything about politics of course. However, except for one young boy in the 18's whose name was Nesy Celvius, 18 years old. He has dreams of uniting the four kingdoms but also has ideals that might surprise many people and even trigger them as well, so much as to trigger the lords because it is so foreign to them. Where does Nesy come from? Surprise surprise, he is from an other world where the year is 2020 but he got transported into another world because some weird freak accident happened. He couldn't remember what exactly happened there only that he got sucked into a hole. He is from Sweden besides!

So, It all began in Saura, the royal capital of Vixo.

Nesy's legs carried him through the streets of Vixo, he endured a tiresome walk, his sore legs shook as he longed to settle somewhere. Nesy wore a colorful shirt, trousers , it appears like a military-camouflage style ninja-clothes. He passed by rows of houses with roofs covered in hay with a path that lead to the plaza. A series of flags, clothes hanged on ropes above him, which obscured the view of the sky that gave of off feathery shadows on the ground. Windows were made out of wooden "Trapdoors." as he described it. To his surprise, as he passed by the people he was given looks of; "What the hell is this dude?" from behind his back because of the way he was dressed. His eyes settled on a group of people that turned to walk away, perhaps they were afraid of him? "What's up with these people?" In his mind.

He'd go through a hallway of shopping stalls filled with people buying things and talking about their daily lives. It was quite crowdy, shouting apologies as he bumped into people as they seemed to just look at him like he was completely foreign. "Oh...Seriously, Because I am a foreigner-" His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of a Tavern at the side of the road. "Finally!" He rejoiced at the sight of it, finally he was going to get some rest after a long journey in the wild! Nesy boosted through the loud crowds of commoners, he launched towards the tavern door, entering through the Tavern as he was embraced with a calmer atmosphere. "Whew." He was relieved to hear some music coming from instruments, chattering from other people who sat in tables.



They noticed a foreign presence, their chattering came to an abrupt end, directing their attention to Nesy , people stopped playing on their instruments which followed by an eerie silence. At the end of the Tavern there was a male who rinsed cups that people drank from in front a table who also stopped to stare at the boy in his 18's. Nesy's throat was dry, his heart pulsed out of his chest which followed by an electric sensation that traveled up his spine. A heavy feeling brought upon him as if time stopped, tens of eyes stared back at the boy that was motionless as a statue. On the side of him there were larger men sitting in a group that examined him, other side were other people he didn't know at all. His face turned slightly pale as a byproduct of the people watching him. He buckled up as he opened his mouth to speak.

But before he did that someone else overtook him which broke the silence. "Aye, what's with that outfit of yours kid?" One man rose up from the table who walked towards the pale dude. Nesy with a shocked expression was seen across the entire tavern and people indeed noticed his emotion. The man who called onto the boy walked away from the table and went to face Nesy. Whispers were filled inside of the bar, nearly inaudible. This prompted Nesy to speak, "Uh- Uhm... Hello? I uhm, I suppose that's my outfit yeah...Heh..." Nesy said to the man who awaited his response.

"Huh..." The man had a name, Oscar. He was in his 20's, wearing a simple shirt with some trousers but the distinct future of him is that he was quite muscular. He acknowledged his strange accent which definitely was outlandish to him. "You sound like you're... Ah... You are new here kiddo." He also noticed that Nesy had a shocked expression but when Oscar was going to say something, he was interrupted by a female voice. "What? Never seen people before, kid?" Following by a snickering from the group behind them. Oscar furrowed his eyebrows and turned to lash out at the woman, it appeared she wore a black robe to cover her identity. "HEY! Cut it out, kids new and I don't want you to embarrass the younger kiddo." Oscar defended Nesy while people recoiled to the yelling from Oscar, including Nesy.

The female laughed, a crack sounded from her as she stretched. "Aawwhh, is the little choid embarrassed-" She coed back at him to belittle Oscar and Nesy, the laughter grew louder, she had a foul attitude but she did sound like she was in her 30's. An argument broke out, Oscar versus her. The way the woman was dressed creeped him out to his core. However the male barkeeper suddenly interrupted by yelling. "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Following with a slam on the table. "IF YOU DON'T STOP HARASSING THIS KID! I SWEAR TO FREYA, I WILL THROW YOU OUT OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT." The barkeeper threatened the woman, he had enough of her bullshit already.

"Alright alright, chill...sheesh." She said in a more childish tone. "Asshole..." Oscar thought, he exhaled in relief and turned back to the dude while unaware the woman had her ears on them the entire time. Oscar invited Nesy to sit with him, he lead him to the barkeeper. The barkeeper looked towards the two people coming to sit in front of him and he prepared two glasses. "What can I do for you two?" The barkeeper Dorian asked Nesy and Oscar. Dorian felt like these two needed some cool after the heated argument with the woman that wore the black robe.

Nesy watched Oscar order his drink from Dorian and they both seemed to be very civilized people. "I'd like some ale please." Oscar asked. Nesy felt calm around Dorian and Oscar because they seemed quite lovely people. Everyone else resumed to doing their business, their main topic was Nesy as they made conversations which definitely will turn into rumors soon enough that will spread like wildfire. Dorian turned his attention to Nesy as if he has forgotten him entierly. "Hey there lad, anything I can get you?" He leaned over to Nesy to take a closer look at him, not too close at least. In reality he was curious to where he was from, he saved the questions for later. "I'd...I'd like some water." Nesy stuttered at first but regained control over what he said. Nesy thought that he might have acted too nervous but Dorian understood the younger boy very well, even how he was feeling as he was quite good in reading people's emotions as a barkeeper.

Dorian nodded in reply with a smile on his face as he went over to prepare some drinks for the two while others were also ordering things from him too as they seemed to want to drink their day off. Oscar turned his face towards Nesy to speak to him. "Hey, kiddo. What's your name? Name's Oscar" He couldn't call him a kiddo all the time, maybe he could ask his name to get to know each other better. Oscar would reach his hand out for a handshake.

"My name is Nesy." He replied to Oscar with a handshake back. He became less nervous and more happy because Oscar seemed friendly, reassuring and a quite easy to talk to, mainly how he defended him back there. Surely it was crazy because this argument was about to make him insane.
Oscar nodded, "Cool name you got there, that's what i'd call an epic...Name yeah." Nesy chuckled at the response. "Thanks Oscar, your name is decent too." It reminded him of a Swedish name which was quite pleasant. "You're welcome Nesy. Never thought I'd meet a cool lad like you walking around in this outfit, like come on do you know how awesome you look?" He'd pat him on the back. "I don't know, aahah.." Nesy replied back to Oscar with a smile that formed on his face.

Sooner or later, the barkeeper arrived and slammed down two cups for those. "Cheers." He backed away as he took orders from other customers. Nesy continued the conversation with Oscar. "So uh , Nesy." Oscar paused to say something. "Where ya from? You talk in this strange accent, like... I like it but it's strange because where do you people talk like that?" He asked Nesy and he replied with. "...I'm well... It's quite hard to explain but..." Nesy tried to think of a reasonable response. Oscar rose his eyebrows while Nesy spoke, "What? Something the matter Nes?" Oscar said to Nesy. "...I'm from Sweden. It's not from here, or its neither from this world either." So, Nesy explained the story about how he got here and what he experienced throughout his journey.

"...Wait...Wait what? Are you saying you're from another world? What's it like there!?" Oscar raised his voice, he actually wanted to know what his world looked like.
Nesy explained... "Well, there's a veriety of societies across our world, I'm sure you know that. Where I am from we actually have long skyscrapers which are buildings that has multiple stories, it's highly technological. Our political system varies, but from where I am from it's a Social Democracy." Nesy stopped at the word, "Democracy".

Oscar raised his eyebrows. "What...What is Social Demo..cracy?" Oscar's confusion was visable to Nesy and he explained. "Democracy is where people have a say in the governments actions. There's two types of democracy, Direct-democracy and Representative democracy. Democracy is where the people rule the country, it can be either be done for them by electing representatives to do things for them or directly by the people themselves. There's many types of democracy, as apposed to monarchy or dictatorship. Now, Social Democracy is where private means of production is regulated with a social safety net that seeks to aid the poor and distribute health. It also seeks to reform capitalism instead of replacing it like democratic socialism. Where means of production is collectively owned which is Socialism."

He explained to Oscar, he seemed to be quite surprised but also confused. Oscar replied; "Sooo... It's all about different regulations with means of production... So private means of production; capitalism with a safety net that acts like a counterweight... You sure know your stuff Nesy, where the people can get to do decisions. Problem is that it's ruled by a monarchy, an absolute one. So you wish for a democratic society? Nice, I like that kind of society. However, people are largely uneducated and are not able to do any political decisions, since education is only reserved for the higher ups but knowledge is also accessible but political theory is rare. Man, I believe you are from an other world...Perhaps you were chosen." He said with a chuckle. "I'm sure it was a coincidence... Anyway, I like the way you think Nesy." Oscar gave a thumbs up to him.

Nesy snickered, "Ahah... Yeah, complicated stuff." They both fell into a round of chuckle. "You know Nesy, I enjoy being with ya kid." Oscar said to Nesy but he got an idea that might be fun for both of them. "Hey, Nesy... I would like to tour you around here, I'm certain it would be cool with you." Oscar offered, his eyes fixated onto Nesy like a computer awaiting a command. "Of course!" Nesy replied while his eyebrows perked up as he nodded to Oscar, they both rose from their stools thanked the barkeeper and strolled off towards the door while people anxiously looked at the two strangers who walked out of the Tavern. Nesy grabbed the handle while offering Oscar an exit. Oscar nodded to Nesy in thanks and back to the streets they went.

"Hmph..." The woman from before scoffed as if their conversation was meaningless to her, but she acknowledged that he was from this "Sweden." Surely this would be interesting. Without their knowledge, she watched them leave the Tavern. "That boy think he knows everything. I'll show him..." She'd smirk under her concealed face...

What would happen next?


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Chapter 2: Attacked

There was a bright sun in the sky, feathery clouds scattered the sun rays into the ground while it obscured the blue heavens. Nesy and Oscar walked outside, the light warmed their skin up and the warmth made them smile. "It's quite a lovely weather out here." In an early afternoon, the wind was cooler while the sun warmed them up. "Yeah it is." Oscar grinned at Nesy's statement about the weather. He thought about what to say to Nesy as they continued their walk through the streets. The city-exit was at the end of the long rows of buildings were in sight and Oscar had a very good idea. He found out what he would say to Nesy.

"Hey, I am actually going home and uhh... Bringing my stuff and maybe something for you as well. We're going hunting." Nesy cheered at what Oscar said, he loved to try out new things. "WOOH! Yeah, let's do some hunting." He said to Oscar and that prompted him to smile. "Yeah! My home is like in the outskirts...Uuhm.. How do I explain it..." Nesy interjected Oscar by saying. "Outside the castle walls?" He seemingly wanted to finish Oscars words. "Oh, yeah.... Darn, you're quick." He gave a sign of approval, signaling Nesy to sit on a bench as he would be right back. "Don't do anything bad while I'm gone!" Chuckling at Oscar, he sat on the bench to wait for him to come back, he had a lot of patience as a young adult. "Absolutely! Just don't trip over a rock or anything." He joked.

While he sat on the bench that faced the bushes, he swore he heard something that rustled from behind and he turned his head around to see nothing. He faced back to the crowded streets. The thoughts spiraled in his head, what happened? Are there any animals in the bushes? I certainly don't hope anything might sneak up on me. He shrugged while he continued to wait for his friend to arrive back with the equipment. Suddenly a puff of air blew behind him with a yellow light that grew brighter which caused Nesy to jump towards the side. The entire street lit up in orange as Nesy got almost cought in an explosion of fire. "WHAT THE HELL?" He screamed while landing onto the ground to avoid the blast, people fleed from all sides as they had no idea what happened.

A familiar voice not too far away from Nesy. "You pathethic little boy!" Nesy squinted to see the woman that he once he meet in the bar who still was concealed. "I'm going to fucking show your fucking place, PEASANT BRAT!" She'd conjured another bolt of fire to incinerate Nesy on the spot but she missed because Nesy jumped to the side before the firebolt hit Nesy, but he was sent flying to the side as he heard a manic laughter from the mysterious person. "Aaaahh! You fucking idiot!" He quickly recovered, stumbling to the side as he made a run from the insane person trying to kill him. "You absolute communist scum!" He insulted her.

She went quiet for a moment, ".... No idea what you're talking about...BUT YOU'll DIE ANYWAY!" She conjured a huge ball of fire to throw at Nesy. Was this really the end? "I wont ever see your petty little face again and with your little...Co-Commiuni-sm?" she couldn't spell it. Nesy made a sharp turn to the left and into the alley. "OH SCREW IT!" She'd threw another one, hoping to hit him from the back but it missed because he came out of sight. "UUGH! GET BACK HERE!" She chased after Nesy, a pursuit happened that was to chase Nesy down.

A group of mages also were on the chase to try to stop her attack on a random civilian that were dressed in a strange outfit, they noticed her fireballs from a distance and called in the guard from the watchtower to only task is to watch for enemy attacks but the guards happened to notice the explosions. Meanhile, Nesy boosted through the alley like a labyrinth-rat trying to find the cheese while it ran away from the huge cat. His thoughts were interrupted by an explosion not too far away which blew up one of the grain bags that was sent flying everywhere, causing Nesy to cover his face "EE- Woah!" While the bombing intensified behind him he turned to the right. Meanwhile Oscar came back to hear explosions, screams of people. "What the hell?" His thoughts ended abruptly by Nesy jumping out of the alley while calling to Oscar. "HELP!"

"What the fuck happened Nesy?!" Oscar ran towards Nesy while he carried a greatsword on his back. Nesy noticed his weapon and said. "Woah! That's a crazy weapon-" A few guards ran past the two. Oscar grabbed Nesy by the hand and got the hell out of there, he had no idea what happened to the person who chased him but he hoped she was gone. "I WAS FIRE BOLTED!" Nesy yelled, running as fast as his life could bear him. "By...W-ho? Slow down Nesy!" Oscar couldn't keep up with Nesy's speed. "By that same freaking person you argued with!" Oscar and Nesy stopped running after a while so Oscar regained his breath, the sword was quite heavy which strained his movement. "Are you kidding me? Agh, damn it." Oscar shook his head in disappointment while he realized the bad timing. "Maybe I should've brung him with me." He cursed to himself.

...TO BE CONTINUED. (New content will be added)
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