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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dearwolfy, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. I'm looking for animal crossing new leaf friends if anyone cares to hang out
  2. I read this thread just as I sell my DS :'(
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  3. Awe no why! Dx
  4. Helped me get money for my ps4 games
  5. Thought about getting Animal Crossing, but I got Smash 4 instead... I feel like I'd have been too late to the party if I got New Leaf. Ha.-_-

    Maybe I should get a little cash together and buy it, though. Seems fun enough.
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  6. It's quite therapeutic if you just need to escape reality sometimes xD
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  7. I would become your friend
  8. I just bought that game I would love to be your friend @Dearwolfy
  9. Woot Woot coolio Here is my friend code: 15025337344761687607535.jpg
  10. Here's my friend code guys
    1951 - 3315-7049
  11. What's your id I can't add you unless I have your Nintendo id @Tsutarji
  12. My ID.
    It's LightingAce12

    But shouldn't you just need to exchange friend codes
  13. IMG_3371.JPG
    Here's mine if you want to add me I can't find you @Tsutarji
  14. I'll add you as soon as I can :D
  15. That's cool just playing my game I got bored
  16. You have discord so we can chat :P
  17. What I'll post it again.

  18. Already added you :3
  19. tsut i cant seem to add you um w
  20. Maybe they have to add you and you have to wait .o. or your Wi-Fi must be on.

    Also you guys on discord? So I can add you because I know typing on animal crossing is a hassle
  21. Yeah sure it don't have it right now but I'll download later
  22. I'm down to play whenever you are free. How do you like the game so far?
  23. I pretty much Pokémon moon just got Pokémon omega and animal crossing but like the game we can play tomorrow I'm free
  24. I like animal crossing ..
    And zelda I think we can become friends when we meet at Wolfy place in the game
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  25. how i'm new to the game

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