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For the Love of Medieval Fantasy


Dusty Wanderer
Just a general appreciation thread for all things dungeons and dragons, knights and castles, swords and sorcery, and lords and ladies. Holler if you hear me.


"The ticket to the future, is always blank."
I hear you, always loved that genre. Been playing DnD & Pathfinder on and off for years and most if not all the videogames I play have those elements incorporated. You can adventure as far as your imagination can take you, or have fun sitting in the local tavern.

The Dark Wizard

I love fantasy, medieval fantasy in particular. Though I've been falling in love with gothic fantasy lately (partially due to Netflix's Castlevania, though you can argue that is Medieval Fantasy). I got started RPing big time when I was around 12 with DnD, its where my username came from. It isn't a reference to Harry Potter, or Final Fantasy, even though I love both of those settings, but to my very first D&D character.

I am particularly fond of Medieval Politics in RPs that do it well.


🦚 Feathering Fables
My favorite flavor of medieval fantasy started with Skyrim. 😍 That got me into LotR a lot more and with Norse mythology in general. It's such a fun genre.

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