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Fantasy Flight of the Phoenix CS



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Note: Y'all can add whatever you want to this, I'm just only having the required bits for easy quick reference. If you want to have a written history or something like that here, that's totally fine


(Faceclaim and/or description)
(if phoenix, include species and activation status, eg: activated phoenix dragonfly)

Abilities: (Format it however you like and make it as brief as you like)
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Name: Luca Graymin (Gray)
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 36

FotP Gray.png
(Faceclaim by the wonderful, skilled, amazing, lovable Tapfic Tapfic )
Height: 6'1"
Wingspan: 13ft (tip to tip)
Wingtype: Activated phoenix dragonfly (Common whitetail)

- Regeneration: Works the same way it works for all pheonixes. When he regens, he goes back to age 24 without Gray hair and with a large gash across his forehead (which gave him the forehead scar he has today), various smaller cuts and bruises, and some lung damage from smoke inhalation. All of this damage heals over time, but some of it scars (as is probably obvious by the scar already mentioned).

- Heat Absorption: When making physical contact with something, Gray can take in the heat from it. This can reach to a point that he becomes hot enough to burn people and other things to the touch, but if he takes in too much heat he has to release it. He has no further control of heat beyond storing it in himself and releasing it. This also comes with a high heat resistance.
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Name: Levin Barran
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 20

lev ph.png

Perfectly unremarkable in all ways except the one's he's changed himself. Other than the scars, tri colored hair, and mismatched eyes he looks pretty boring ( particularly his face ). Even the change to his wings was pretty unremarkable compared to others.

Height: 5'9 ( but he slouches when he stands and ends up looking 5'7 )
Wingspan: A little under 11 ft ( Longest wing tip to tip )
Wingtype: Activated phoenix damsel fly ( He says Fragile Forktail- but so many insects share the wing appearance he isn't sure. )


- Undead Regeneration : Unlike most phoenixes; when Levin is killed he remains awake and mobile while he heals. The process takes about as long as average regeneration- but it will not revert him to his activated state- and will completely heal any issues he had prior ( though non-lethal wounds will leave a scar still) . Unfortunately, instead of reliving every previous memory he had of dying while his body heals; he will loose some of his memories of being alive- only the memories of the moment he died are safe from being forgotten. He's only died twice that he remembers- but just that was enough to have him completely forget his life prior to becoming a shipwright's apprentice.
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Name: Lan Clementine
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 22

Fotp V3.pngbasic ref.png
He has a small frame, long hair, soft features, and tiny wings with a glow that flickers like candlelight. Only one of his jackets has holes for the wings ( he has 5- all the same )- cuz they are small and best to hide. The wing jacket is only worn when he's molting and his wings are easily irritated. He likes to stick his hands in his pockets, or at his hips.

Height: 5'2
Wingspan: 2.5 ft
Wingtype: Activated phoenix owl ( Spotted Owl with notably stunted growth )


- Regeneration: Standard phoenix regen

- Healing Tears: When he cries, the tears will have a faint flickering glow to them. When they touch any person that is not Lan, the tears will heal any damage afflicting them. What the magical definition of "damage" is exactly is unclear- but as far as Lan knows they have yet to fail in healing any physical damage he considered dangerous to the person.
Just a single drop may regrow limbs, cure sickness and fatigue, or bring a person from death's door. They will not loose their potency until they touch the skin of a person besides Lan- but when they do they will loose their magic regardless of if the person is healthy already.
Unfortunately, Lan is unable to cry for any reason at the moment; regardless of how he tries or feels.
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Name: Raikarun "Riku" Kheptari
Pronouns: (He/Him)
Age: 14

Raikarun Kheptari - 3.png
Riku has a small frame even for his age - being very scrawny looking on first appearance though with slightly wider shoulders. On closer inspection however one would notice he has an exaugurated boneyness to his joints, shoulder blades and ribs from extra-skeletal growths which while often covered by clothing can still be noticeable. Riku's spine and sides of his torso also having chitinous plates.
His facial features are still soft and juvenile making him look younger than he is especially when combined with his small-stature - with naturally chocolate-brown hair though it is currently 'styled' and side swept by the teen and the large majority has been dyed a lighter blond with his natural colour only visible on the roots and a few stray hairs. His sharp wings are currently a dull brown and slightly translucent. (the more vibrant, iridescent and golden one on the right-side of the picture is for post-activation!) On his back reaching from his shoulderblades down just below his butt is his hard-shelled Elytra having a slightly iridescent red-purple sheen that protects and allows him to hide his wings when not in use.

Height: 4' 11" (150cm) What? No, I'm like 5'2 and definitely not on tiptoes right now!
Wingspan (Single pair): 10' 10" (330cm)
Wingtype: Pre-activated Phoenix - Ruby Goliath-Scarab

Pre-Phoenix Abilities:
Photogeneration - Riku can channel his Mana to make his wings light up, and not only glow but shine a bright light on command. There is no control over the color of the light when he does this, however he does have control over the overall luminosity able to provide power from a simple soft-glow up to a practically blinding spotlight.

Scarab Strength - Not strictly an 'ability' and merely a notable anatomical difference - despite his small and featherweight physique, Riku is incredibly strong and like many digging beetles and certain other insects species is able to lift and haul incredible masses with ease. The associated extra-skeletal growths present across Riku's body and joints providing reinforcements to his human anatomy and giving additional support for muscle-connectivity. In short the boy can lift many times his own bodyweight with complete ease and can even sustain flight while carrying these extreme loads, though his quad-wings provide far from the most manoeuvrable form of flight - sharp turns are not his friend.
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Name: Hale Thrikominak
Age: 19
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Wing-Type: Activated black vulture
Wingspan: 25 ft
Height: 6’2”
Flight-Type: Thermal glider

Physical Description: Lanky but muscular and slightly underweight. Pale skin, messy black hair shaved down on the sides and slicked back into a high bun on the back of her head. She favors dark, simple clothing in heavy utilitarian styles and fabrics. Her wings are heavy and feathered in varying shades of black, now with an almost iridescent flame toned edging marking the larger flight feathers.

Personality: Easily frustrated by things she isn’t immediately good at or doesn’t immediately understand. Defensive. Tends to lash out when confronted about things that she herself feels insecure about. An outward thin and easily cracked veneer of pride and independence over the reality of insecurity and a need to be accepted. Somewhat lacking in the social skills department.
Likes: Pickled fish, warm breezes, sunning, the feeling of freedom that comes with flying long distances
Dislikes: Sleet, criticism, large groups of people, reading, pyrophobic

Regeneration: Same as other phoenixes, if killed Hale will regenerate to 19 years old, various singe marks of varying seriousness scattered across her person.
Fire resistance: Hale is not harmed by extreme temperature, and does not experience the effects of overheating. Most normal flame temperature cannot burn her, though if the fire is hot enough it can still cause damage
Heat redirection/concentration: She can pull heat from the surrounding area and concentrate it, resulting in a general temperature drop in the area as heat is conveyed to a single point. How hot the point gets depends on concentration and effort put in, being easier to do with direct heat sources like fire, hot water, or magichemical reactions and harder with pulling heat vaguely from the surrounding atmosphere. If she concentrates enough into a single point she could cause spontaneous ignition or conversely freeze whatever she’s pulling heat from. She can concentrate the heat on herself, causing her person to become incredibly hot to the touch. Limited by line of sight.

Hale grew up entrenched in the life of a phoenix hunter. Her father made a living through hunting, and since Hale’s mother wasn’t around, she was along for the ride as early back as she can remember. Her father tried to train her in fighting and self-sufficiency skills, but she was still just a kid and ended up less of “confident little terror” and more “kid dealing with feelings of inadequacy,” always needing to prove herself.
As she grew up, she became more useful in the trade, and she and her father gained a small bit of notoriety for being an effective hunting team. They were able to take on leads for more difficult or dangerous targets, and though she never seemed to be able to quite live up to what her father asked of her, Hale was good at what they did in her own right.
It was on one of these harder leads that things went to hell. Informants spoke of a particularly tricky peregrine phoenix, a volatile and destructive creature that had managed to evade capture so far thanks to its speed, unpredictability, and incendiary skills. They managed to track it to a dockyard where it seemed like they’d successfully cornered their prey in a disused warehouse. Of course it’s usually when you’re confident in your success that things go wrong.
It quickly became clear the rumors had more truth than not, and as their target fought back for its freedom, the abandoned, dried out goods left in the warehouse went up like tinder, and soon they were more focused on getting out of the labyrinth-turned-inferno than on trapping the phoenix. As they tried to make their way out, the ceiling of the portion of the warehouse they were in suddenly collapsed creating a massive backdraft. Hale threw herself over her father to try to shield him as the burning building came down around them.
They were both surprised to come to relatively unharmed as the fire died out. But it was immediately obvious as to why, as they picked themselves up out of the wreckage and the new colors adorning Hale’s wings shone even through the grime and soot.
She could’ve stayed. Tried to work it out between them somehow. He was family. But Hale had seen enough to know exactly what would happen, family or no, and the look twisting her father’s face said enough. She ran, and she hasn’t stopped running since.[/spoilers]
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It's time for tri-muse suffering

  • Name: Jet Kadoshi
    Pronouns: He/him
    39-looking??? (Old. He's old.)


    View attachment v21 Jet human.png

    Clothes not accurate to the image
    Jet usually wears the uniform associated with his temple. It's a mid-calf-length robe set overtop a thin tunic and trousers. The robe is secured by a single cloth band that denotes an individual's rank in the temple. Jet's is a light blue similar to his markings.

    Visibly, Jet's wing traits are far more high-content than most others. Under his clothes, the feathered crest that takes the place of his hair runs all the way down his back, ending around his waist. Claws—hooked and very sharp—tip every digit, trailed by almost scale-like plating to the second joint of each digit. His teeth are all curved and forward-facing, the canines even slightly serrated. Even his eyes take on the attributes of his wing-species, being slit-pupiled.

    Height: 7'6"
    Wingspan: 72ft
    Nonphoenix skimmer gryphon.

    Jet's built for two things: stamina and stability. He can fly for hours—maybe multiple days if he could stay on course—should he wish. He can also flight through storms well, though with some difficulty.

    However, he is quite average speed for a seabird, and very slow compared to a passerine. Active flight is not his strong suit and will wear him out quickly, as will trying to fly in close confines.


    Jet's only ability is being able to absorb and redirect some amount of electricity. He can still get hurt by electricity—if he got struck by lightning, he'd have a similar chance of survival as everyone else—but not by the amounts that he releases.



indiscriminate sloth

Name: Arcadius Bastinion
Pronouns: He/him
Age: Twenty-one years old

Appearance:batwingarccloseup.png five feet and nine inches tall. warm brown skin with pale yellow eyes. fangs fangs fangs. ivory white hair with a chestnut brown at the roots. ear piercings on both very big and pointy ears. goggles babey. missing one of his wings and uses a prosthetic he made himself, it's not that great.

Wingspan: i don't fucking know
Wingtype: BAT, not a pheonix

Personality: Bastard bitch boy. Keep him away from fire, someone will get ignited and he's not an exception. Asks "ayo, you gonna eat that?" but already has your food halfway in his mouth. Plays a fun little game of "how many jokes can I make to repress my emotions". Cheeky little trickster. Absentmindedly affectionate with no concept of personal space. Flirty, although it ranges from: Winks, finger guns, then slams face-first into a wall or "if you were a booger I'd pick you first. Kachow." Lies to see how long it takes before the person figures out he's lying. If they never figure it out then he just rolls with it. Will jump off a bridge and drag you with him. Very friendly but also very petty. Can only be given so much praise or compliments before he can no longer act like a cocky bitch and turns into a flustered pile. Emotionally constipated. Avoids talking about genuine feelings like he's tokyo drifting. Stupidly confident. Your #1 hypeman, your ride or die, your sleep paralysis demon. Will not stop bugging you until you give him the attention he deserves. Does things good on accident and pretends like it was on purpose.

Being fucking annoying.
Quite creative and inventive, there's just a 50/50 chance that it'll result in a fire somehow.
Making hyper realistic sketches.
Photographic memory.

Feels more comfortable with his feet grounded.
Isn't very good at flying so he tries not to go for long distances.
Typically has to repair his prosthetic wing once every three weeks. It requires a bit of magic.
For someone who loves fire, his eyes are quite sensitive to the light.
Art enthusiast and makes several charcoal sketches, even paints whenever he can find the right supplies.

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